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Chapter 470: Fighting Fu Ao

Xiao Yan gently patted Xun Er’s head before he slowly turned around. The darkness on his face had swiftly disappeared as he indifferently looked at Fu Ao on the opposite side. He softly asked, “Shall we begin?”

“Hei, you have courage…”

Seeing that Xiao Yan really dared to fight, Fu Ao could not help but shout in a somewhat astonished manner. He immediately laughed, “Alright. Today, let me see whether this leader of the new students, whose name has caused an uproar within the Inner Academy, is really as strong as rumored.”

Seeing the big battle that was about to begin, all the surrounding observing students hurriedly took a few steps back. They had also heard quite a lot of rumors about Xiao Yan. They were naturally extremely happy now that they could judge him with their own eyes.

“I wonder if that Xiao Yan can contend with Fu Ao. If he cannot, I’m afraid that he will really lose a great amount of face.”

“Hee hee, it is rumored that Fu Ao has already advanced into the three star Dou Ling level one month ago. This Xiao Yan may be able to defeat Luo Hou, but it is still very difficult and dangerous to fight against Fu Ao.”

“If he is careless and loses to Fu Ao, he would not only lose face but also lose his own woman… it would be really funny.”

Xiao Yan ignored the numerous private conversations around him. He slowly took a step forward, and his hands swiftly formed some strange seals. As the seals were formed in his hands, wisps of green-colored flame suddenly surged out from the vortex in his body. Finally, it followed a somewhat strange route as it began to swiftly circulate.

When the green-colored flame completed circulating through this strange route once, the green flame could not help but began to seethe a little. Waves of wild, violent energy spread out and finally spread to each and every corner of Xiao Yan’s body!

“The First Change of the Sky Fire Three Mysterious Changes, Green Lotus Change!”


The hand seal suddenly stilled. Powerful green-colored flames surged violently from within Xiao Yan’s body, wrapping him and causing him to become a green-colored fire person.

The fire soared for a moment before it swiftly shrunk back into Xiao Yan’s body. When it shrunk back, everyone could sense that Xiao Yan’s breath was climbing higher and higher. It was actually about to reach the stage of a strong Dou Ling!

“He actually forcefully raised his strength. No wonder he was able to defeat Luo Hou. However, this kind of Secret Technique is ultimately a disadvantage. It cannot last for long and will instead cause enormous damage to his body. Xiao Yan, is this your trump card?” Fu Ao was initially startled when he saw Xiao Yan’s aura becoming stronger all of a sudden. He immediately came to an abrupt understanding as he coldly laughed.

Xiao Yan was still blissfully silent when faced with Fu Ao’s cold laughter. His hand held the hilt of the Heavy Xuan Ruler beside him, tilted his head toward Wu Hao and said faintly, “Keep an eye on Bai Shan’s group.”

“You can rest assured. Hand that offal to me.” Wu Hao nodded. He hesitated slightly before whispering, “Be careful. This Fu Ao is stronger than Luo Hou.”


Xiao Yan nodded slightly. He turned his gaze toward Fu Ao who was smiling coldly opposite of him. Xiao Yan’s feet slowly lifted. After which it fell suddenly, and an energy explosion immediately sounded from his feet. Xiao Yan’s body turned into a black shadow and directly charged at the latter.

“Hmph, today, I will let you get a taste of what it means to be a true elite Dou Ling! Unorthodox means cannot be considered the right path!” The black shadow swiftly grew in Fu Ao’s eyes. He let out a cold snort and clenched his fist. Blue light flashed. A blue-colored trident, that was nearly five feet long flashed and appeared.

Holding the trident in his hand, Fu Ao pierced toward the black shadow in front of him. A faint blue glow was flashing on the tines. There was even some blue-colored light, which appeared in the space which it passed through.


The black shadow suddenly paused. The huge black ruler on his hands came whirling over. It collided heavily with the trident. Immediately, the sound of metal colliding carried some sparks as it flashed and appeared on the battleground.

“Your strength is quite great.”

Fu Ao’s body shook slightly. He took half a step back as he let out a surprised laugh compared to Xiao Yan who had taken a step back. Immediately, he once again charged into close proximity. Under the cover of the blue-colored Dou Qi in the trident on his hand, it was like an evil shark in the sea, rolling and rising. The force was thick and cold as it carried a faint fierce force.

Xiao Yan’s face tensed as he eyed the trident attack that swiftly followed. He shook his hand gently as he directly waved the ruler and went forward to meet Fu Ao without even retreating a little.

Blue-colored Dou Qi and the green-colored flame each occupied half of the sky above the battleground. A faint white-colored fog repeatedly rose. Two ghost-like human figures were flashing and shooting about within the fog. The speed caused even the surrounding crowd watching the fight to be only able to hear the sound of the heavy ruler and the trident colliding and see some sparks bursting forth.

Powerful Dou Qi collided in the battleground, bursting with loud energy sounds. Those energy ripples that repeatedly expanded caused the surrounding crowd to have no choice but to repeatedly step back.

“Can Xiao Yan beat that fellow?” Hu Jia’s eyes stared intently at the human figures flashing in the faint white fog. She could not resist clenching her fists tightly as she asked Xun Er and Wu Hao beside her softly.

“I don’t know.. I cannot see anything now.” Wu Hao shook his head and replied in a deep voice.


The instant when Wu Hao’s words sounded, an explosion that shook the ears of everyone until they felt pain was suddenly emitted from the white fog. Immediately, two human figures shot out of the white fog. Their legs were dragged along the ground for over ten meters before they finally came to a stop.

“Hee hee. Good. You do indeed have some ability. No wonder you dare to be so arrogant.” Fu Ao placed the trident in his hand heavily onto the ground as he panted intensely, and spoke with a cold smile.

Xiao Yan’s heavy ruler was inserted into the crack line on the ground. His breathing was similarly a little hurried. After using the ‘Sky Fire Three Mysterious Change’ to forcefully strengthen himself, he was able to contend with Fu Ao head on without losing, and was even able to beat the latter by a little in terms of strength. However… all of these had a short time limit. Once the effect of the increased strength of the green lotus change faded away, he would have difficulty continuing to fight with Fu Ao.

Fu Ao had also clearly saw Xiao Yan’s weakness. He laughed sinisterly as the trident in his hands suddenly shook. Immediately, the blue-colored Dou Qi on it suddenly soared. Following the increase in the density of the Dou Qi on the tridents, Fu Ao’s face also became a strange blue color.

Sensing the swiftly agglomerating Dou Qi energy on Fu Ao’s trident, Xiao Yan’s expression changed slightly. He could sense the degree of strength of this attack of Fu Ao.

“Let’s settle this with one blow!”

The trident in Fu Ao’s hand abruptly rotated before it was immediately pointed at Xiao Yan. The former parted his mouth and smiled. His feet stepped on the ground and his body turned into a blue-colored shadow that shot out explosively. As his body did so, the blue-colored Dou Qi on the trident swiftly rolled. Finally, it actually faintly formed an energy shark that was completely agglomerated from Dou Qi.

The blue energy shark widened its mouth and its sharp teeth were set off by the blue-colored Dou Qi such that it reflected a dark, thick, cold glow. It resulted in people having not the slightest doubt that they would definitely receive a fatal blow if they were bitten by it.

Dou Qi agglomerating into objects, the mark of a Dou Ling. It was a specialized ability of a strong person at the Dou Ling class or above, just like the Dou Qi cloak of a Dou Shi, and the Dou Qi Armor of a Da Dou Shi. The lethality of this kind of Dou Qi agglomerated item would undoubtedly have an extremely powerful effect when used in combination with Dou Techniques.

A Dou Qi shark, over ten feet long, shot explosively toward Xiao Yan. His gaze passed through the somewhat transparent Dou Qi shark, and was able to see the incomparably sharp trident hidden within its stomach.

Xiao Yan’s eyes stared intently at the shark which was swiftly being enlarged in his eyes. The bloody wind that was pouncing at him caused Xiao Yan’s face to become increasingly solemn. His arm shook a little. Green-colored flames passed through his Qi Paths and surged out, finally covering the entire dark black ruler within it. After finishing this action, he held the ruler’s hilt with both hands and slowly raised it above his head. The Dou Qi within his body was being circulated until its limit at this moment!


Xiao Yan’s eyes abruptly shrunk. A deafening cry was shouted out from Xiao Yan’s throat. Immediately, the heavy ruler, which was wrapped in the dense green-colored flames, was abruptly hacked downward, just like it was splitting a mountain.

As the heavy ruler was hacked downward, one could see that the surrounding air had become a little distorted. The high temperature evaporated all the water that had been lodged in the ground around him.

Under the observations of everyone around, the heavy ruler that was wrapped by the green-colored flame heavily collided with the Dou Qi shark.


The moment the two came into contact, a muffled explosion sounded. Fog that permeated the air began to surge out with a hissing sound from the point of contact. A water wave that contained some fluctuations of the green-colored flame seedling formed a ripple shape as it spread out in all directions. It rinsed all of the things above the ground wherever it passed.

Fu Ao’s expression was a little ugly within the fog. He eyed the trident that was locked by the heavy ruler. The green-colored flame that was rising on the latter was not only not extinguished by the energy water shark, but rather had instead caused the energy water shark, that was agglomerated by Dou Qi, to instantly boil into vapor that permeated the sky the moment that they came into contact. This sudden situation was something that Fu Ao had never expected.

Fu Ao’s hands held the handle of the trident tightly. His arms shook as he felt a little fear from the great strength that was transmitted from the heavy ruler.

Xiao Yan’s face also became completely flushed. This was an appearance caused by having displayed his strength to its limits. His eyes stared intently at Fu Ao who was only two feet from him. A dense arc was suddenly lifted from the corner of his mouth.

Xiao Yan’s throat rolled slightly. A strange voice repeatedly brewed within his throat. Following the brewing of the voice, Xiao Yan’s mouth also bulged. A moment later, he lifted his hand and opened his tightly shut mouth.


As Xiao Yan opened his mouth, the thunderclap-like sound of a lion roar mightily surged forth, causing those people observing from the surrounding to hurriedly do their best to cover their ears, which were shaken until they felt pain.

Since even the ears of the surrounding observers were still in the throes of pain, it was an even heavier blow for Fu Ao, who was less than two feet from Xiao Yan.

While Fu Ao had felt that something was amiss before the sonic wave was emitted, he did not immediately pull back. Hence, he completely received this ‘Lion Tiger Gold Shattering Roar’ from Xiao Yan head on.

Fu Ao’s hands trembled rapidly. Under this roar from Xiao Yan, which was like thunder from the clear sky, some blood traces seeped out from Fu Ao’s ears. It appeared like bells and gongs were ringing in his head, turning into a complete mess.

The moment Fu Ao was shaken by the ‘Lion Tiger Gold Shattering Roar,’ Xiao Yan released his heavy ruler. His body turned and appeared on Fu Ao’s left side in a ghost-like manner. His face was dark and solemn as his tightened fist carried a sharp wind sound from having cut through the air and ruthlessly smashed into Fu Ao’s face under the watch of numerous shocked gazes around him.


The fist collided with flesh. A soft and low sound caused the hearts of all those observers around to leap. Immediately, they saw Fu Ao fly like a kite with a broken string as his body rolled a couple of times in midair before it heavily smashed and landed on the ground dozens of meters away. No one knew if he was still alive…

The instant that Fu Ao’s body smashed onto the ground, the surrounding audience became deathly quiet!

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