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Chapter 469: Wager

There was a large group of people surrounding a certain part of the interior region of the new student residences. Among this crowd, there were two groups of people who were facing off as they looked at each other in a covetous manner. One group had more people, while the other only had a little more than ten people. However, the situation in the place appeared to be one where the smaller group held the advantage.

“Xun Er, Hu Jia, don’t be stubborn. I have already said that this ‘Pan Gate’ of yours would definitely not be able to rise within the Inner Academy. The new students are essential new blood of the numerous factions in the Inner Academy each year. It is impossible for the factions to sit and watch you hold all the new blood in your hands.” The one leading the smaller group was a young man wearing white clothes. His handsome appearance was such that it was extremely easy for him to attract a favorable impression from women. However, Xun Er and Hu Jia on the opposite side did not display the slightest favorable impression because of it. Instead, they did not hide their expressions of disgust and disdain.

“This is our matter, there is no need for you, a person who abandons his companions, to worry about it.” Hu Jia laughed coldly.

“If you don’t have any other matters to deal with, please leave. Our new students’ residency does not welcome you here.” Xun Er glanced at Bai Shan before she spoke indifferently.

The attitude of these two people caused the corner of Bai Shan’s mouth to twitch involuntarily. His face, which was originally filled with smiles, had also become a lot darker and colder.

“Bai Shan, why do you need to say such nonsense. Directly attack and crush their haughtiness. At that time, there will naturally be people who would choose to follow us and leave.” Laughter was suddenly emitted from a young man with a strong build by Bai Shan’s side. When this man spoke, his eyes would occasionally sweep over the graceful curves of Xun Er’s and Hu Jia’s lovely body.

“Ke ke, Brother Fu Ao is right. However, the opposite side are girls. If we were to fight just after we come, it is unavoidable that others would say that we don’t have magnanimity, no?” Bai Shan did not dare ignore that young man. The latter was one of the three strong Dou Lings within his gang, other than his cousin brother. Therefore, he hurriedly replied with a smile.

“Hee hee, you are right.” Fu Ao laughed when he heard Bai Shan speak in this manner. His gaze once again turned toward Xun Er and he smiled as he said, “Junior Xun Er, that Xiao Yan may be powerful enough to be able to lead you all to victory in the ‘Fire Energy Hunting Competition.’ Unfortunately, he does not have the qualifications within the Inner Academy. You can also stop having delusional thoughts about his courage and resolution. Maybe in a day or two, after he has suffered greatly, he himself will disband this ‘Pan Gate’ of yours.”

“There is no need to worry about that. As long as Xiao Yan ge-ge has not opened his mouth, this ‘Pan Gate’ will not be afraid of any faction. You can try if you want to forcefully disband us!” Xun Er looked at him while speaking in a cold voice.

Seeing Xun Er, whose elegant and exquisite face covered with frost, the smile on Fu Ao’s face became even richer. He clicked his tongue and said, “What a stubborn girl. However, it is really to my liking… what about this, on account of your face, as long as you hand over five new students today, my ‘White Gang’ will not come and find trouble with you in the future. What do you say?”

“Big Brother Fu, five…” Hearing this, the expression of Bai Shan at the side changed and he hurriedly opened his mouth. The purpose of him bringing people here was not merely to have five new students.

Fu Ao waved his hand and interrupted Bai Shan’s words. He smiled as he eyed Xun Er and said, “Of course, Junior Xun Er must be one of these five people.”

Bai Shan’s face could not help but sink when these words of Fu Ao fell. He was currently able to hear that this fellow actually had some intentions toward Xun Er. A fleeting coldness flashed across his eyes.

As Fu Ao’s gaze was staring intently at Xun Er, he did not see Bai Shan’s expression.

“‘Pan Gate’ will not hand over a single person to any faction!”

Xun Er had naturally heard how Fu Ao had taken liberties within his herds. Her intelligent pupils stared at the former. A long while later, the frostiness on her face suddenly disappeared completely as she said in a calm voice.

Seeing Xun Er, who had once again become indifferent, Fu Ao frowned a little. He did not like women displaying such an expression. Immediately, the smile on his face was also gradually withdrawn. He said coldly, “Since that is the case, looks like I can only use force. I want to see just what credibility you have to retain them after I defeat the strong people in this ‘Pan Gate’ of yours.”

“Then you want to try?” Hu Jia’s pretty face was ice-cold. Emerald Dou Qi surged from within her body. A strong force spread over this empty ground.

As Hu Jia’s force erupted, the dozens of new students behind her also roared angrily. Numerous different colored Dou Qis swarmed out at the same time. All of a suddenly, the leaves on the ground were shaken by the Dou Qi until they were lifted into the air.

“Oh? This batch of new students is indeed as the rumors said. They are boundlessly arrogant…” Fu Ao could not help but give a smile of ridicule when he saw the numerous Dou Qi surfacing. He stomped his footsteps heavily. One could only hear a deep banging sound when a blue-colored Dou Qi instantly covered his body. As the Dou Qi rolled, it appeared as viscous as seawater while it rolled all over his body.

As Fu Ao’s Dou Qi swarmed out, a powerful force that was more than a few times stronger than anyone else present began to spread out over the empty ground. He actually relied on just his strength to suppress the force of numerous new students.

“Today, I want to let you see the difference between the older students and the younger ones!” Fu Ao stuck out his loin and laughed coldly, “Bai Shan, bring the people and let these new students understand that merely having tough bones will not help them to survive!”

Bai Shan nodded slightly. His eyes watched Xun Er on the opposite side in a complicated manner. After which, he waved his hand and commanded in a deep voice, “Attack!”

Hearing Bai Shan’s cry, the nearly ten older students behind him immediately let out a soft cry. Their bodies turned into shadows as they shot explosively toward the large group in a lightning-like manner.

“I will block Bai Shan. Xun Er, you lead the others to stop those remaining.” Hu Jia shook her delicate hand. A long, green-colored whip appeared. The whip lashed slightly and a thunderclap sound was emitted in the air. It also faintly carried an unusual fragrance.

“Yes.” Xun Er nodded slightly. Her pupils were icy-cold as she watched the human figures shooting over explosively. A dazzling golden glow surfaced on her small jade-like hands.


Just as the fight was about to begin, and Bai Shan’s group was about to clash with Xun Er’s group, a black shadow suddenly cut through the sky, immediately carrying the sharp sound of tearing the air. The shadow suddenly shot to a spot between both parties. Immediately, an explosion accompanied by spreading dust isolated both sides.

Fu Ao’s brows furrowed slightly as he eyed the dust-filled region. He waved his sleeves and a breeze that carried some moisture suddenly appeared. It blew over immediately, wetting the dust and causing it to fall.

As the dust fell to the ground, an enormous black-colored ruler, that was inserted into the hard rocky ground, appeared in the eyes of Fu Ao and the others…

After their gazes paused for a moment on the black ruler, everyone turned toward the two people who stood behind it.

“Xiao Yan, Wu Hao, I thought that both of you had run away after hearing some news. It is really unexpected that you dare to return.” Bai Shan’s expression changed slightly as he coldly spoke after seeing the two human figures who had appeared.

Xiao Yan’s gaze coldly glanced at him. After which, it jumped passed him and stopped on Fu Ao’s body. He could sense that this fellow was the strongest person present.

Seeing Xiao Yan and Wu Hao appearance, the new students of ‘Pan Gate’ immediately cheered. After all the things that had happened during this period of time, Xiao Yan had already become the true backbone in their hearts. As long as he was around, they would have the fighting spirit necessary to fight with anyone.

“The two of you have finally returned…” Hu Jia quietly sighed in relief when she saw that skinny back in front of her. No matter how sturdy her heart was, it was ultimately the best for a man to stand in front when it came to such matters.

“Xiao Yan ge-ge. They…” Xun Er’s gaze paused on Xiao Yan’s back as she spoke softly.

Xiao Yan waved his hand and interrupted Xun Er’s words. He said with a faint smile, “Yes, I know. Leave the remaining matters to me.”

Xun Er nodded in a gentle and soft manner as she gazed at that skinny back. She liked his manner of being filled with confidence no matter what he did, just like when he was young.

“You are Xiao Yan?” Fu Ao stared at Xiao Yan, then glanced at Xun Er’s gentleness which was completely different from her coldness earlier. He could not help but knit his eyebrows together and speak with a cold smile.

“He is Xiao Yan. The current leader of these new students.” Bai Shan interrupted and informed him.

“Bai Shan, it really is unexpected that the skin on that face of yours is actually thick to such a degree. My eyes were really dull in the past.” Xiao Yan glanced at Bai Shan and laughed as he spoke. There was a ridicule that he could not hide in his laughter.

Being mocked in such a matter, a greenness involuntarily surfaced on Bai Shan’s face. He gloomily glanced at Xiao Yan and coldly said, “You can be arrogant. I have already said that in the Inner Academy, I have many ways of dealing with you.”

“Other than relying on other people’s power, what else can you do?” Xiao Yan laughed indifferently.


“Alright stop arguing.” Fu Ao waved his hands and interrupted the two of them as they mocked one another. He raised his head, eyed Xiao Yan and said calmly, “I shall not argue with you. Hand over fifteen new students to us, the ‘White Gang’ and we will immediately leave this place.”

“And if I don’t hand any over?” Xiao Yan’s hand was placed on the hilt of the ruler in front of him as he asked with a cold laugh.

“Then I will beat you up until your prestige is completely lost in front of these new students!” Fu Ao parted his mouth and laughed. His dense white teeth emitted a coldness.

Xiao Yan nodded slightly. He twisted his neck and had just took a step forward when Wu Hao, who stood beside him suddenly extended his hand to stop him. The latter asked, “Let me?”

“This fellow is a Dou Ling. It may be a little difficult for you to handle now.” Xiao Yan smiled and shook his head. He pushed Wu Hao’s hand away and slowly took a step forward. His gaze paused on Fu Ao’s body and laughed softly, “One on one. If you win, we will do as you say. If you lose, your ‘White Gang’ is not allowed to find trouble with our ‘Pan Gate’ within three months. How about it? Do you dare to accept?”

Fu Ao’s eyes immediately narrowed when he heard this.

“Big Brother Fu. Don’t agree with him. That fellow possesses some powerful trump cards. When he uses them, it is sufficient to easily contend with a Dou Ling. The last time, even Luo Hou was defeated by his hands.” Bai Shan to the side hurriedly continued, “All of us can attack together. Although there are many new students, they will definitely not be able to block us all!”

“There is no need. That Luo Hou is but someone who just entered the Dou Ling class. Defeating him is nothing.”

Fu Ao waved his hands. His gaze stared intently at Xiao Yan. Immediately, it turned toward Xun Er behind as he parted his mouth and laughed, “Why don’t we change the stakes. If I win, hand over fifteen people to the ‘White Gang’ with her among them. If I lose, the ‘White Gang’ will not find trouble with all of you for half a year? What do you say?”

The smile on Xiao Yan’s face gradually withdrew until his dark and solemn appearance a moment later had some ferocity hidden within it. A dragon had scales which could not be touched. Those who did so would incur its wrath. Xiao Yan’s untouchable scale was undoubtedly this girl who had placed all her thoughts on him from when they were young…

“Xiao Yan ge-ge, compete!”

A gentle voice suddenly sounded from behind Xiao Yan. Immediately, a soft seemingly boneless delicate hand gently held Xiao Yan tightly clenched fist.

Xiao Yan inhaled a deep breath of air. He turned his head and eyed the green-clothed young lady who was smiling elegantly. Tilting his body slightly, he moved closer to the young lady’s ears under her slightly reddened face. Using a voice that only the two of them could hear, he slowly said, “Girl, I will get rid of the ‘White Gang’ half a year later!”

“Yes.” The young lady suddenly smiled. Her smile was beautiful, gentle and moving, causing the hearts of those by the side to be moved. She had never doubted him ever since she was young.

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