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Chapter 446: Temporary Victor

As the momentary giddiness in his mind disappeared like lightning, the heart of Su Xiao, who had recovered, immediately tightened a little. He clearly knew just what kind of a price he would have to pay for being absent-minded at such a moment.

His expectations were not wrong. With Xiao Yan’s eyesight, how would he easily abandon this kind of opening? Therefore, the instant Su Xiao recovered, Xiao Yan’s feet stepped off the ground and a clear energy explosion sounded from beneath him. The energy attack waves directly shook the ground until a hole, around half an inch deep was formed. Xiao Yan borrowed the powerful and violent shooting strength as his body became like a ghost, appearing above Su Xiao’s head in a single breath. He tightened his fist. Without any tricks, he used this incomparably powerful Dou Qi and strength as his fist ruthlessly smashed toward Su Xiao’s head.

The fist, which was usually not very large, was like the fist of a giant at this moment. The force contained on it directly cut through the air. A sharp rushing wind sound and a deep low sonic boom merged together. It appeared to have exploded within people’s hearts, causing people to be unable to endure the fear that rose in them due to the frightening power, resulting in them being afraid to put up defenses.

This fearful feeling within Su Xiao’s heart lasted for merely an instant before it was forcefully tossed out of his heart. Faced with this swift and violent thunderclap-like attack, he could only swiftly circulate the Dou Qi in his body in haste. Finally, a pale-green Dou Qi Armor appeared on his body with a bright glow. His head was immediately tilted back as he forcefully avoided his vital points.

The fist, covered with green-colored Dou Qi, was affixed to Su Xiao’s front, and finally heavily smashed against his chest. The Dou Qi was momentarily silent before it unleashed an extremely powerful strength like a volcano erupting as Xiao Yan let out a low cry within his heart.

“Octane Blast!”

The low and deep cry accompanied the frightening force that had caused Su Xiao’s expression to change greatly. The force was like an overflowing surge of flood water, completely smashing down on the firm armor that protected the latter’s body!

Immediately, a green-colored energy ripple abruptly formed a circular shape as it spread turbulently out from the point of contact between the two. Most of trees in the dense forest at the side were severed horizontally while being engulfed by this energy ripple. The emerald green tree leaves were like green-colored rain covering this entire open forested area.


Following the spread of the energy ripple, a clear cracking, ear-piercing sound suddenly sounded through the air. In the reflection of Su Xiao’s shock-filled eyes, one could see that numerous crack lines were swiftly spreading through his hard Dou Qi Armor. In a mere second, the crack lines covered the entire armor. Finally, the Dou Qi Armor was overwhelmed. A cracking sound appeared as it shattered into glowing shards that floated into the sky. It was separated from Su Xiao’s body, and quietly turned into nothingness.

With the final defense broken, the force on Xiao Yan’s palm, which had not been completely resolved, firmly landed on Su Xiao’s body. Under the erosion of his force, which was still strong and violent, a sleek redness swarmed onto Su Xiao’s shocked face. A blood trace immediately spilled out from the corner of his mouth. A moment later, he finally could no longer resist the spreading of the force as a mouthful of bright red fresh blood was wildly spat out. His body also appeared to be like a bird which had lost its wings, powerlessly smashing down to the ground.

The fresh blood which had been spat out from Su Xiao’s mouth evaporated into nothingness upon entering a one foot radius of Xiao Yan due to the high temperature exuded from his body. Xiao Yan’s toes pressed off the empty air and his body rolled in the air before landing beside the Heavy Xuan Ruler. Only after he landed did the sound of a heavy object landing on the ground ring out. He tilted his head slightly and saw Su Xiao lying on a pile of withered leaves with a face that was already pale. The shock in the latter’s eyes still remained.

A person whose strength was around that of a five to six star Da Dou Shi had revealed a fatal opening under Xiao Yan’s unexpected ‘Lion Tiger Gold Shattering Roar.’ Finally, he was completely defeated unter Xiao Yan’s thunderclap-like attack.

Xiao Yan shook his somewhat numb fist and once again grasped the hilt of the Heavy Xuan Ruler tightly in his palm. His gaze carried an ice-coldness as it swept across the other battlegrounds, which were still in an extremely chaotic stalemate. His ice-cold voice suddenly spoke up, “Su Xiao has already been defeated. Do you still want to continue?”

The sudden cry sounded beside everyone’s ears like exploding thunder. At this moment, the chaotic battlefield immediately turned quiet. Various sounds of knives and swords clashing also came to an abrupt halt at this moment. All the gazes followed the origin of these words and moved, finally stopping on Xiao Yan, who was holding a heavy ruler in his hand, as well as Su Xiao lying on the ground behind the former, unable to move.

“Su Xiao had actually lost?”

The two gazes which paused on Su Xiao’s paper white face coincidentally belonged to Leng Bai and Xiu Yan who were facing Bai Shan and Wu Hao. Their expressions suddenly changed. It should be known that if they were to discuss who was the strongest among the three of them, Su Xiao was ranked at the top. However, no matter how they imagined the battle, they would never have thought that in this battle, Su Xiao would actually be the first to be defeated. Moreover, he was defeated in such a swift and straightforward manner.

“This fellow… is already strong to such an extent?” Shock surfaced in Leng Bai and Xiu Yan’s eyes as their gazes swiftly turned from Su Xiao’s body to Xiao Yan, who was holding the heavy ruler in his hand. Only now did they understand a little about why this young man, whose age seemed to be a little younger than most people on the battlefield, would actually have the courage and resolution to gather all the new students together. With this kind of strength, forget about the new students, even some of the older students in the Inner Academy were likely no match for him.

“Group Leader?! Bastard, your attacks were actually so vicious! Brothers, let’s go all out against them. If we are to be defeated by a group of new students, how would we be able to survive in the Inner Academy in the future?” An angry shout suddenly sounded from within the quiet atmosphere of the battleground. Immediately, three human figures covered by Dou Qi suddenly shuttled out of the chaotic battleground and shot explosively toward Xiao Yan.

The cry which had suddenly appeared, broke the silence within the battleground. It also caused some fierce auras to swarm into the eyes of the older students. Reputation was extremely important within the Inner Academy. They did not want to end up with an embarrassing reputation. Otherwise, it would really be as the cry had said. How would they survive in the Inner Academy?

As the fierce auras surfaced, powerful Dou Qi once again surged out from the remaining older students. Finally, they fiercely pounced on the new students, who had suffered heavy losses. When they attacked, there was an additional ruthlessness!

Xiao Yan did not expect someone would pose a disturbance at the critical juncture after he had put in great pains to use the might of having defeated Su Xiao to quell the older students. Immediately, an anger appeared in his heart. He coldly watched these three figures who had shot explosively over. His hand suddenly released the Heavy Xuan Ruler as his feet stepped on the ground. His body charged forward instead of withdrawing and took the initiative to charge into an area surrounded by the three people as he shot forward. A shapeless force exploded out of his palm in all directions striking the three man formation until it was broken into pieces.

“Bai Shan, Wu Hao. Finish your battle quickly! Stop holding back!”

Green-colored Dou Qi enwrapped Xiao Yan’s entire body as he shouted out in a low voice. His body immediately flashed and appeared behind one of the older students like a ghost. His heavy palm was thrown out and imprinted itself on the latter’s shoulder in a lightning-like manner. The powerful force directly pushed the latter until he staggered. Finally, he became like a rolling gourd as he rolled a long distance away before he knocked into a tree trunk and fainted.

The current Xiao Yan undoubtedly displayed his usual strength to its peak form. Having separated from the restraints of the Heavy Xuan Ruler, his speed was as swift as a shadow. The other two Inner Academy’s older students could merely rely on the tremors of the air around them to identify Xiao Yan’s location. However, they were clearly not adept in using this ability to identify Xiao Yan’s position. Therefore, in merely a couple of minutes, the two people received a few heavy punches. They continued to endure it in this manner for another four to five minutes before their bodies finally feebly collapsed and they temporarily lost their senses.

The strength of the three of them were around that of someone who had just entered the Da Dou Shi class. This strength could be considered among the top for an ordinary new student. However, in the face of Xiao Yan, a six star Da Dou Shi with extensive combat experience, it was not too difficult to finish them off. It was already extremely extraordinary for the three of them to rely on their cooperation to drag it out with Xiao Yan for quite a while.

Although the Xiao Yan’s surface strength was around that of a six star Da Dou Shi, due to him carrying the extremely heavy Heavy Xuan Ruler for a long time, his speed, strength, and even endurance, far exceeded that of an ordinary six star Da Dou Shi. Moreover, after Xiao Yan was separated from the Heavy Xuan Ruler, even if he did not display any agility Dou Techniques, his speed would likely rival that of a seven or even eight star Da Dou Shi.

Of course, Xiao Yan did not possess that kind of Agility Dou Qi which could flash and dodge during combat. The Agility Dou Technique, which he had obtained long ago, did have a great assaulting force when traveling in a straight line. However, when it came to close combat, it was completely useless. Moreover, he had yet to practice the Di class Agility Dou Technique ‘Three Thousand Lightning Movement.’ Hence, Xiao Yan had mostly relied on his own agility to contend with his opponents.

Even though this was the case, Xiao Yan still did not spend too much strength in defeating the three older students who had just entered the Da Dou Shi class.

During the ten minutes where Xiao Yan was entangled with those three older Inner Academy’s students, the other three battlegrounds had also entered into the ending phase of the fight.

There was hardly any difference in Bai Shan’s and Leng Bai’s strength but it was clear that the Qi Method and Dou Techniques the former practiced were of a much higher grade than the latter. Although it was difficult to distinguish who was better when they started to fight initially, the benefits of a higher Qi Method gradually showed itself once the battle dragged on. The moment when Leng Bai’s Dou Qi began to pale, Bai Shan was still filled with Dou Qi. After being entangled like this for another ten minutes, Bai Shan finally shook and pushed back the pale-faced Leng Bai after displaying the powerful attacking Dou Qi he had used when fighting with Xiao Yan in the Qualifying Competition.

The instant that Leng Bai withdrew, a long silver-colored lance broke through the air in a lightning-like manner. Finally, with a ‘chi’ sound, it stopped just in front of the latter’s throat. Immediately, the latter’s entire body stiffened as he raised his hands.

Seeing that Leng Bai chose to admit defeat, Bai Shan’s throat rolled a little. His rapid breathing caused his chest to swiftly rise and fell. The beads of perspiration that dripped down from his face also indicated that he did not win this battle in a relaxed manner.

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