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Chapter 445: The Start of The Big Fight


Six human figures tore through the hinderance of the air in a lightning-like manner in the forest clearing. In an instant, they collided in the center and Dou Qi surged out like an erupting volcano, permeating through the air. As the Dou Qi collided, they formed a strong Dou Qi wind that shattered all the withered leaves on the ground!

Xiao Yan’s opponent was the young man called Su Xiao. His physique was perhaps the most delicate and weakest among the three group leaders. However, from the discussion earlier, Xiao Yan knew that this fellow should be a little stronger than the other two people. Otherwise, with the haughtiness that Leng Bai and Xiu Yan displayed, they would not pay much attention to his words. However, the two of them did not disagree with the various suggestions of Su Xiao just now. It was like Su Xiao was their leader.


The large Heavy Xuan Ruler cut through the air as it carried a cluster of black shadows and immense crushing winds like a large mountain pressing down as it smashed heavily down toward Su Xiao, who had appeared in front of him.

The enormous ruler was merely half a foot from Su Xiao’s head when the latter’s body gently drifted one step back like a leaf being lifted by a gentle breeze. The enormous ruler merely carried its force past Su Xiao’s body by about half an inch. The wind that was contained in it blew Su Xiao’s hair until all of it was lifted.

“Very great strength.” Su Xiao smiled and said after narrowly avoiding the attack from Xiao Yan’s heavy ruler. His feet immediately pressed against the ground, and his body appeared as though it was weightless as he suddenly charged forward. He deceivingly approached close to Xiao Yan in an instant, and two dark daggers that were around two inches long shot into Su Xiao’s hands from his sleeves. Immediately, his hands danced like a windmill as the dark daggers quietly carried numerous afterimages and a faint rotating wind around their tips. They stabbed in a wild, dazzling manner directly at Xiao Yan’s body.

Su Xiao’s attack where he waved his two daggers had a speed that was quite shocking. In terms of attacking speed, Xiao Yan admitted that he would not be able to achieve such speeds. He may be unable to achieve such speed, but it was not too difficult to defend against. The size of the Heavy Xuan Ruler may be big and heavy, but it similarly had an advantage that was difficult to conceal.

When the heavy ruler was pulled back, it would appear in front of Xiao Yan like a shield. All of those nearly endless dagger attacks of Su Xiao landed on the ruler’s blade. One could only hear continuous ‘clang’ sounds and see sparks flying in all directions. In just a couple of breaths’ time, Su Xiao had waved his dagger nearly twenty to thirty times in a somewhat crazed and wild manner. However, these swift and violent lightning-like dagger attacks were completely useless against Xiao Yan’s impenetrable heavy ruler defense!

From the faint rotating wind shrouding Su Xiao, it appeared that the Dou Qi he practiced belonged to the fast and agile wind affinity. Therefore, his speed and agility were truly shocking. After seeing that his wave of violent attacks were unsuccessful, Su Xiao did not withdraw because of it. Instead, he relied on his drifting, leaf-like agility, and repeatedly flashed around Xiao Yan. The dagger on his hand would occasionally draw a cold arc as it shot explosively toward the occasional gaps which Xiao Yan revealed. In his heart, he clearly knew that the heavy ruler in Xiao Yan’s hand held great lethality. If he allowed the opponent to pull apart the gap between them and use it, it would pose an extremely great threat to him. Hence, he could not afford to give Xiao Yan any opportunity to use his ruler to its maximum capabilities.

If he wanted to fight, he needed to suppress his opponent until the latter had no means of retaliating! When he fought with others in the Inner Academy, Su Xiao relied on his agility and attack speed, which he was proud of, to suppress his challengers until the latter was at a huge disadvantage before the latter could completely display their strength!

“The strength of a six star Da Dou Shi… The students in the Inner Academy are indeed very strong!” Xiao Yan’s body occasionally moved slightly. The heavy ruler in his hand was like a shield, repeatedly moving and flashing about all around his body. His peripheral vision repeatedly swept around him. Although Su Xiao’s attack speed and agility was somewhat beyond his expectations, for Xiao Yan who had Spiritual Perception to act as his eyes, he would be able to absorb everything within his field of vision almost instantly, regardless of when the opponent attacked. After which, he would adopt defensive and counter-attack measures. Therefore, it may appear that Su Xiao was violently attacking in the battleground, but he did not pose even the slightest bit of a threat to Xiao Yan.

On the other hand, Xiao Yan had already roughly grasped Su Xiao’s strength during their contact earlier. He could not help but be amazed in his heart. Su Xiao’s age was perhaps merely around twenty-five years. Although this kind of training speed did still have some gap when compared with himself, it could be said that it was quite remarkable to possess this kind of strength at that age. Back then, when Xiao Yan was in the Jia Ma Empire, the strongest Da Dou Shis he had met, with the exception of Nalan Yanran, were mostly people who had stepped into their middle-aged years. Moreover, Xiao Yan’s father, Xiao Zhan, was included among them. From this, it was evident that with Su Xiao’s achievements, he was likely called a genius regardless of where he was placed in the Jia Ma Empire. However, a genius of this class was not considered to be rare within the Inner Academy.

“It is indeed where the core of the Jia Nan Academy lies. This Inner Academy is really causing my curiosity to grow…” Xiao Yan muttered in his heart. He waved his hand and the heavy ruler abruptly swung toward the back. Finally, it deflected aside two daggers which had pierced over in a lightning-like manner.

At this moment when a fierce battle had begun where Xiao Yan was at, the other places had also suddenly entered into battles that would cause people’s heated blood to boil. In an instant, roaring sounds, the sound of swords and knives colliding, and the explosion of Dou Qi repeatedly appeared in the originally quiet and empty forest. It was like a firecracker, appearing extremely lively.

Faced with Leng Bai, whose strength was similar to his own, Bai Shan did not dare to slight the former by even a little. The long, silver-colored lance in his hands was like a giant lightning python. As it swung abruptly and violently, lightning cut through the air and carried a ‘chi chi’ sound, which was extremely frightening.

That Leng Bai was quite surprised by the strength which Bai Shan displayed. His expression gradually became serious. His hand held an extremely large knife with a cold glint. The cold aura was sharp as he hacked down and pulled it up. Occasionally, when the blade cut past Bai Shan’s clothes, it would cause some red dots to rise up on his skin.

Compared to Xiao Yan’s and Bai Shan’s fights, Wu Hao’s one was the one which caused people’s heart to be gripped with fear. The young man called Xiu Yan did not use any weapons. However, during battle, there was a grayish-white Dou Qi shrouding his entire body. Under the cover of this Dou Qi, his originally grayish-white skin had turned into something like a mountain rock, giving people an extremely eye-piercing view of rigid strength. As he waved both his enormous fists, they were like rocks flying past. If it was a timid person, it was likely that he would not dare to recklessly fight head on with Xiu Yan.

Xiu Yan’s attack completely belonged to the pure force type, which completely lacked any tricks. If it was another person fighting with him, the opponent might perhaps adopt an evasive fighting style to combat him. Wu Hao, however, was different. Seeing the heavy blood-colored sword that he used, which was similar to Xiao Yan’s heavy ruler, his strength was also terrifying. This was indeed the case. When faced with Xiu Yan’s hard attacks, he did not even take half a step back. Blood-colored Dou Qi unceasingly surged out from within his body. He immediately waved his heavy fists, carrying a soft and low explosive sound, as he repeatedly caused head-on collisions with Xiu Yan.

This stance of his where he did not evade also caused Xiu Yan to feel more comfortable the more they fought. When he fought with people within the Inner Academy, there was seldom anyone who would fight with him in this manner. Immediately, he could not resist the pleasant feeling within his heart as he faced the sky and laughed loudly. He might have been laughing but the whirling smashes of his fist had not weakened even a little because of this. Instead, the attacks had become increasingly sharp. The ‘hu hu’ sound of the wind from his fists shook people until their eardrums ached. Within half a meter radius of him, any drifting withered leaves that came into contact with his fist would be shattered into a pile of powder.

On the open empty grounds, intense energy explosions were repeatedly emitting from the three battlegrounds. Six human figures were like glue as they adhered to one another. Their underlying strength was like blades. When they were occasionally revealed, they would cut the trees surrounding them into two, right down the middle!

Outside these three battles, the most lively area naturally belonged to the place where the group of new students were fighting with those twelve older students. Multi-colored Dou Qis stained the battlefield until it appeared very colorful and extremely gorgeous.

In this chaotic battle circle, the new students might have greater numbers but they were disadvantaged in that they did not have good cooperation or teamwork. On the other hand, the twelve older students in the Inner Academy not only had individual strength that far surpassed the new students, but also a degree of cooperation that was far from what the new students could hope to compare with. Hence, after this battle had begun, there would occasionally be new students who were sent flying from this battle circle. However, the disadvantage of the new students began to gradually turn around with the participation of Xun Er and Hu Jia. This was because with a cornerstone, the new students’ attacks gradually became orderly. Finally, Xun Er and Hu Jia each brought some new students as they cut the metal drum defence of the twelve older students like two sharp knives, spreading apart the twelve men group which was hugged close together and gradually swallowed them up.

It must be said that the effect Xun Er and Hu Jia had achieved was extremely important. After the other party’s defensive circle was torn apart, the older students finally began to panic. In merely seven to eight minutes, there were two to three older students who were heavily knocked out of the battle circle after their bodies received more than ten fists and legs at the same time. After which, they threw up blood and collapsed.

The entire battlefield had gradually turned white-hot at this moment. The degree of brutality of the battle also caused people to be somewhat stunned. Other than not having caused any deaths, there were quite a number of people, who due to their reddened eyes, had beaten their opponents until the latter was seriously wounded. Among them were both new students and older students.

In summary, the ‘Fire Energy Hunting Competition’ this year would likely shake the entire Inner Academy. This was because this was the first time in the last ten years where the new students participating in the Hunting Competition had pressured the older students to such an extent.

As the fight in the battleground entered this white-hot phase, a change finally began to occur in Xiao Yan’s battleground.

After exchanging blows for over ten minutes, Xiao Yan could be considered to have completely grasped Su Xiao’s attack patterns. Following this, it was time for the latter’s wild storm-like attacks to cease.

Xiao Yan’s hand held the heavy ruler tightly. He let out a low cry as his body began to swiftly spin like a gyro. The enormous black and dark shadow carried a frightening wind that covered the region within a two meter radius from his body.

“Clang!” Xiao Yan’s sudden change from defense was also beyond Su Xiao’s expectations. He swiftly pulled his body back as his hand pressed a dagger into the ruler’s body in an extremely skillful manner, using the force to push his body into the air.

Seeing Su Xiao leap back, the corner of Xiao Yan’s mouth lifted into a cold smile. The heavy ruler in his hand was abruptly inserted into the ground and his hands quickly formed some seals. An instant later, his head tilted back a little, while his mouth formed a convex shaped and instantly opened in a sudden manner. Immediately, a tiger’s roar that contained a strange sound wave was emitted from Xiao Yan’s mouth.

The roar had just come out from Xiao Yan’s mouth when Su Xiao, who was facing him on the opposite side, suddenly felt an explosive, thunder-like rumbling within his mind. In an instant, Su Xiao’s mind sank to a giddy and faint state.

‘Lion Tiger Gold Shattering Roar’! This was the sonic Dou Technique which Xiao Yan had practiced just before his trip to enter the Inner Academy. Now that he had displayed it for the first time, he obtained an effect that caused him to rejoice!

Although Su Xiao’s giddiness last for merely an instant, this instant would determine the victor in the battle between the strong!

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