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Chapter 444: The Fight Between The Strong

Xiao Yan’s group of five sat cross-legged with their eyes shut on the empty forest ground. The entire forest descended into silence. However, that somewhat-pressuring low yet deep atmosphere indicated that there was going to be a storm arriving in this place.

The silence continued for an unknown length of time. At a certain moment, Xiao Yan, who had his eyes tightly shut, suddenly opened them. His gaze suddenly swept towards the north side of the forest. More than ten powerful Qis had already appeared within the range of his Spiritual Perception from that location.

“They are coming.” Xiao Yan let out a gentle breath. He twisted his body, and the vortex in his body trembled slightly. Threads of Dou Qi came flowing out. Finally, it became like a flood that was galloping and circulating through his Qi Paths. The feeling of being filled with strength caused Xiao Yan’s condition to rise to the peak, just before the arrival of this big battle!

Hearing Xiao Yan’s soft words, Xun Er and the four others beside him also opened their eyes. They nodded slightly and a faint Dou Qi glow began to become partially visible on the surface of their bodies, waiting for the big fight that was imminent.

Not long after Xiao Yan spoke, some brushes in the distance suddenly shifted a little. More than ten shadows immediately flashed out and their feet landed heavily on the empty plot of land almost simultaneously. Like ocean waves, powerful Qis immediately swept over Xiao Yan’s five man group, who were seated cross-legged.


Just as the oppressive aura entered a five meters radius from Xiao Yan’s five man group, five, different colored, powerful Qis suddenly erupted from within their bodies, turning into a bright curtain of Dou Qi that lingered in the air above them, completely blocking the rampaging aura.

“They do indeed have some skill. No wonder they dare to be so arrogant.” Seeing that their oppressive force was nullified, a look of surprise flashed across the face of a young man who wore a smile and blandly said.

Xiao Yan slowly lifted his head. His gaze swept across the ten plus young men on the other side of the open clearing. He counted carefully. There were exactly fifteen people. In other words, other than the ‘Black White Evil Stopper’ groups, the last three groups in this Hunting Competition had arrived.

“Very good…” Xiao Yan nodded his head gently. His voice carried a little laughter that resounded throughout the empty ground: “Finally, all of you have arrived.”

“Your arrogance ends right now. Hand over the Fire Crystal Cards.” A young man, whose hair was slightly white, perhaps as a result of some reason, glanced at Xiao Yan’s five man group. He coldly said: “Don’t think that just because you have some strength you can break the rules. In so many years, the rules of the ‘Fire Energy Hunting Competition’ was to let the older students give you arrogant new students a blow within this forest. This is beneficial to your Inner Academy life in the future… this rule had persisted for many years. No one can break it. If you want to become the first people who do so, you might have to prepare yourselves to pay the price for it.”

Xiao Yan laughed. He grasped the hilt of the Heavy Xuan Ruler in his hand. A black shadow immediately flashed passed. The heavy ruler carried a tyrannical force which blew the withered leaves on the ground until they drifted apart. He glanced at the three groups in front of him and said: “Don’t tell me about those antiquated rules. Since you can snatch the ‘Fire Energy’ in our hands, why aren’t we allowed to do the same? As long as you have strength, the position of the hunted and the hunter can change anytime. Currently, you are all our prey.”

“Very presumptuous. However, I have also seen quite a number of people like this in the past. However, they did not fare very well upon arrival in the Inner Academy.” A young man with a huge build coldly laughed. Looking at the position where he stood, he appeared to be the leader of one of the groups. His skin was strangely a grayish-white, appearing like rock. His arm, which was nearly double the size of an ordinary person’s also appeared to have a feeling of great strength. Clearly, this young person should be the kind of person whose physical strength was extremely high.

“I admit that you are all quite strong. However, for the sake of the face of the older students, we do not plan to have a fair fight this time around.” A young man who had a smile plasters on his face shrugged. After which, he smilingly said towards the two young men who had spoken earlier: “Leng Bai, Xiu Yan, let’s attack together. From the looks of their Qis, it might be quite difficult for us to obtain victory within a short time with just my group.”


The two young men known as Leng Bai and Xiu Yan, hesitated for a moment before nodding their heads. Even if they ended up with a reputation of relying on more people to bully a smaller group, they must completely suppress these arrogant new students. Otherwise, once the news of these new students robbing the older students spread throughout the Inner Academy, the older students who participated in this ‘Fire Energy Hunting Competition’ would have difficulty raising their heads in the Inner Academy.

As the two of them nodded, fifteen powerful Qis suddenly erupted from the area. Their aura turned into energy ripples that directly blew the withered leaves off the ground until they danced in the sky.

“Sorry, but actually, we did not intend to fight fairly either.” Xiao Yan narrowed his eyes and watched the somewhat eye-piercing Dou Qi glow on the other side. He smiled and immediately waved his hand. Following which, a sharp whistle was emitted from his mouth and resounded through this section of the forest.

“Shua! Shua!”

Xiao Yan’s whistle had just sounded when dozens of human figures suddenly flashed out from the surrounding dense thicket. Finally, they formed a circle and surrounded the fifteen older students in the middle. Various colored Dou Qi agglomerated on the surface of their bodies. Although their individual strength could not be considered close to that of the fifteen older students, having dozens of Dou Qi appearing at the same time immediately caused their force to become the stronger one present!

The moment the dozens of human figures appeared, the expressions of the three group leaders suddenly became gruesome. At this very moment, they had finally understood what happened. Immediately, the expression of the smiling young man became somewhat dark and solemn as he said: “I’m afraid that the news earlier was something that you allowed to be leaked, right?”

As he sensed the powerful force that erupted from over forty new students, Xiao Yan heaved a long sigh of relief in his heart. With the help of these new students, he had absolute confidence that he could completely decimate these three groups.

“Good tactics. It is just that I did not expect that you would have the boldness and resolution to actually gather all the new students together.” When Xiao Yan did not reply, it naturally meant that he admitted to it silently. Seeing this, an additional seriousness and shock could not help but appear in that young man’s voice. During the ‘Fire Energy Hunting Competitions’ in the past, there was no lack of new students who wanted to gather all their strengths together and retaliate against the thieving older students. However, which of these students could pass through the Qualifying Competition and enter the Inner Academy did not belong to the top of their own class? They were naturally extremely unwilling to listen to someone else’s commands. Hence, very seldom would there be any one who could successfully gather all the new students together in the past ‘Fire Energy Hunting Competition’. Yet, Xiao Yan had successfully done so. It was no wonder that this older student would lose himself.

“You overpraise me.” Xiao Yan smiled faintly. He slowly lifted the heavy ruler in his hand and smilingly said: “I would like to trouble you to hand over your ‘Fire Energy’. Many of us, these new students have been robbed by you. Therefore, they need to take back what is rightfully theirs.”

“Ugh…” The same young man sighed once again. He turned his head to face the other two group leaders, Leng Bai and Xiu Yan, and said: “Looks like there is going to be a bitter battle today. From the looks of it, we can only work together.”

“Yes. I was coincidentally thinking of trying out just how strong the top five new students were.” The large built Xiu Yan slowly clenched his fist. As his hand curved, his steel-like muscles flexed slightly giving off a feeling of him releasing strength.

“To capture a thief, one must first capture their king. Although there are many new students, their courage is merely built on the person called Xiao Yan. Once we defeat him, this coalition of new student will naturally collapse. Su Xiao, looks like the three of us will have to cooperate.” A glint flashed in Leng Bai’s eyes as he managed to identify the weakness of the new students with a single glance.

“Since that is the case, then let’s allow the strong to face off against the strong and forcefully tear apart their barrier.”

Hearing this, the young man called Su Xiao smiled and immediately waved his hand gently. His voice was slowly emitted: “Leng Bai, Xiu Yan, and I will stop the three people in front of us. The others should block the new students and the two beautiful girls on the opposite sides.”

The twelve Inner Academy’s older students nodded their heads upon hearing Su Xiao words. Although there were a large number of new students, these new students were much weaker than them. It should not pose too much of a problem to block them.

“Hu…” Su Xiao let out a long breath and slowly took a step forward. Leng Bai and Xiu Yan similarly took a step forward to stand beside him. The ground trembled slightly when their feet landed on it. The force of the three of them, which was around that of a six star Da Dou Shi, abruptly surged out from within their bodies and swept over the entire empty ground.

“Each of you will take one. This is a tough battle. The men will face them… Xun Er, you and Hu Jia should help the new students hold off the attacks of the twelve older students.” Xiao Yan’s expression solidified as he eyed the force that was emitted from the bodies of Su Xiao and the two others. He turned his head and spoke to Xun Er.

“Yes. Be careful, Xiao Yan ge-ge.” Xun Er nodded gently as she and Hu Jia slowly stepped back. Finally, their bodies flashed as they merged into the new student group.

“Leave that big fellow to me.” Wu Hao’s gaze swept over the three of them. Finally, it stopped on the grayish-white skinned young man and spoke calmly. He specialized in strength and speed. Therefore, when he chose his opponent, it would naturally tend to be people who were of the physical strength type.

“Leave that white haired fellow to me.” Bai Shan hesitated a little before his gaze paused on Leng Bai.

“In that case, I will be seeking advice from Senior Su Xiao.” Xiao Yan smiled. He waved his heavy ruler and the sound of wind tearing caused all the withered leaves on the ground around him to drift away.

“Ah, it is very expected that we would be actually arranged and chosen by others.” Seeing the action of Xiao Yan’s three men group, Su Xiao laughed. He raised his hand slowly and immediately pulled it down. His laughter contained additional killing intent: “Let’s fight and finish this quickly! Remember, do not look down on these fellows even a little bit. They are all very strong!”


Leng Bai and Xiu Yan nodded with serious expressions. Just as the sound was emitted from their noses, the three figures started moving like lightning at almost the same time. They turned into flashes of light and shot explosively towards Xiao Yan and the other two!

At the moment that Su Xiao and the other two moved, Xiao Yan’s three man group also disappeared from the spot with a ‘shua’ sound. The next time they appeared, six human figures were already in the middle of the empty ground. As the strong began to fight, powerful blows were thrown!

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