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Chapter 431: Sonic Dou Technique

Within the fiery-red cluster of light in Xiao Yan’s hand was a pale-red scroll. The high temperature was also being emitted from within it. If one’s gaze passed through the glow and scanned across the pale-red scroll within it in detail, one would vaguely be able to see a few words on top of it.

“Nine Layer Phoenix Flame Skill, Di Class Middle Level.”

The simple few words caused Xiao Yan to strain himself and swallow a mouthful of saliva. Di class Middle level. Since Xiao Yan was born until now, a Qi Method at this kind of level was the highest level Qi Method he had ever seen. Even if this kind of Qi Method was placed in the ‘Black-Corner Region’, where stolen or smuggled goods from the continent flowed through, it would definitely be able to set off a sensation. Countless number of factions would fight over this Qi Method until their heads broke and their blood was spilled. However, this Di class Qi Method, that had a value which was difficult to determine, landed in Xiao Yan’s hand in such an easy manner. It really was somewhat drama like.

Xiao Yan’s palm tossed the extremely light scroll in his hand. His hand, however, felt a somewhat heavy feeling. Something that he would never imagine getting his hands on in the past was now randomly spat out from this mysterious ‘Book Collection Hall’. The vast collection that the Jia Nan Academy owned caused Xiao Yan to be endlessly shocked.

The gaze of Bai Shan and the two others sparkled as they stared at the fiery red cluster of light in Xiao Yan’s hand. Up till now, this scroll was the item which had caused the greatest commotion. Although they did not know exactly what it was, they were able to vaguely guess the range of its class.

“Hei, you three, what is it? Aren’t you going to grab by yourself? Don’t tell me that you are thinking of snatching it from me?” Xiao Yan tossed the fiery red glow in his hand and smilingly said. Although there were three people in the other party, whose strength were not weak, Xiao Yan had Xun Er as his helper on this side. Even if they were to really fight, the other party would not be able to gain anything good.

“Ke ke, Junior Xiao Yan must be joking. However, you have also said earlier that these things rely on fate. It was with your ability that you were able to grab it, but you can only be considered to have truly obtained it if you have the luck to take it out from the cluster of light. Otherwise, what happened to me earlier would be an example.” Bai Shan glanced at the fiery red cluster of light in Xiao Yan’s hand as said with a faint smile: “I want to see whether Junior Xiao Yan has this luck.”

Xiao Yan’s eyebrows were slightly knitted together when he heard this. He exchanged glance with Xun Er. His right hand held the fiery red cluster of light, while his left hand was slowly extended into it. After which, he gently made contact with the fiery red cluster of light.

The hearts of Bai Shan and the others were also suddenly raised when they saw Xiao Yan’s action. Their eyes stared intently at his hand.

Light that permeated the place shot past them. Numerous clusters of light repeatedly flew past in front of them. However, none of them were currently in the mood to stop them. Instead, they threw their gazes on Xiao Yan’s body. When faced with such a good thing, many people had the attitude of ‘if I cannot have it, you can also forget about getting it’. Therefore, they really wanted to be happy over Xiao Yan’s misery when they saw Xiao Yan’s depressed appearance over failing to obtain the item.

Xiao Yan’s hand was slowly passed to the cluster of light. A warm feeling spread from his palm. However, for Xiao Yan, who frequently played with fire, this little temperature was merely a small dish. His hand gradually extended into the cluster of light and a moment later, finally met with a feeling of resistance. He slowly exhaled and clenched his teeth. His hand abruptly pressed downwards, and the fiery red glow suddenly became brighter. A wild joy immediately swarmed up onto Xiao Yan’s face as his hand was extended into the cluster of light in a lightning like manner and immediately drew it out once again. There was an additionally dark-red-colored scroll in it.

“Ha ha, looks like my luck is quite good.” Xiao Yan held the dark, red-colored scroll tightly. The excitement on his face was difficult to hide while he laughed out loud.

“Hmph.” Bai Shan’s expression could not help but become a little ugly when he saw Xiao Yan actually succeeded in obtaining the item. He snorted and shifted his gaze away from Xiao Yan, beginning to look for the next target to catch.

Hu Jia and Wu Hao also eyed the dark red scroll in Xiao Yan’s hand with eyes that were filled with envy. A moment later, they could only turn their heads around and look for their prey.

“He he, congratulations, Xiao Yan ge-ge.” Xun Er turned her head over and said smilingly to Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan smiled. He stroked the dark red scroll in his hand gently. A moment later, he suddenly tossed the scroll over to Xun Er and smilingly said: “It is useless for me to hold this Qi Method. If Xun Er likes it, I will give it to you. In all these years, I have never given you such a valuable item.”

“This fellow is really generous. That is a Di class Qi Method…” Although most of the attention of Bai Shan and the two others were placed on searching for a target, the action where Xiao Yan tossed the Qi Method to Xun Er was similarly seen by them. This was especially when they heard that last sentence which Xiao Yan had said. They could not help but be stunned. Their expressions immediately became a little strange. Di class Qi Method. This was a priceless item. Was this fellow not a little too generous?

“Uh?” Xun Er was a little stunned when she received the scroll. However, she shook her head and said with a gentle voice: “During the Qualifying Competition, I observed the color and the degree of power of your Dou Qi during your battle. I think that the Qi Method that you are practising is merely of the Xuan class, right?”

“It temporarily is.” Xiao Yan helplessly nodded. The current ‘Flame Mantra’ had indeed only evolved to the Xuan class.

“You still want to give it to me? This Qi Method is obviously of the fire affinity and is more suitable for you.” Xun Er said in an annoyed manner.

“Due to some reasons, I cannot change my Qi Method. Therefore, other than giving it to you, I have not the slightest use for it.” Xiao Yan spread out his hand. He could not explain the matter regarding the ‘Flame Mantra’ too clearly. Immediately, in order to prevent Xun Er from continuing to pursue him with more questions, he could only give a displeased face as he said: “Hold it if you want it. If you don’t want it, just throw it.”

When she saw Xiao Yan’s expression, Xun Er pursed up her lips and give a sweet smile. She said: “Alright. Coincidentally, I now need a transition Qi Method. This thing is just suitable.”

“That’s right, what does Xiao Yan ge-ge want to look for? Let Xun Er help you look for it.” Xun Er said softly.

“I need a scroll containing a Sonic-type Dou Technique.” Xiao Yan frowned a little before sighing: “I don’t know if I can find one here.”

“Sonic-type Dou Technique?” Xun Er was startled when she heard this. She immediately voiced her thoughts: “This kind of unorthodox Dou Technique is extremely rare. We can indeed find some low class ones, but I think that Xiao Yan ge-ge would not be attracted by ones of those class. A high class one, however, is extremely difficult to find. Ah, we can only try our luck.”

“Yes.” Xiao Yan nodded. He raised his head and eyed the dense light cluster in midair and could not help but feel the skin on his head becoming slightly numb. The treasures that are collected in this ‘Book Collection Hall’ had actually reached such a terrifying number. If those people in the ‘Black-Corner Region’ were to know about this, they might all become crazy. No wonder this ‘Book Collection Hall’ was hidden so stealthily. Moreover, there are even two mysterious grey-robed people with frightening strength guarding it.

After giving that scroll containing the Di class Qi Method to Xun Er, Xiao Yan once again shut his eyes. He relied on his Spiritual Perception strength to probe those light energy clusters. As Xun Er did not have such an outstanding Spiritual Perception ability, she could only rely on her senses to grab. However, the chances of obtaining what she was looking for by using this method was too low. Even after grabbing over ten clusters of light, Xun Er did not find what she needed.

The other three people in the ‘Book Collection Hall’ had all obtained something that could grudgingly be satisfied with after putting in an immense amount of effort. Moreover, they were able to successfully take the object out of the light cluster. Bai Shan obtained a silk armor that was nearly transparent. This thing had a shocking defensive strength. If one were to discuss its ability to endure being hit, it had surpassed the inner vest, which could resist the Amethyst Winged Lion, that Yun Yun had given Xiao Yan back when he was in the Jia Ma Empire. Hu Jia had obtained a purple-colored pill with an unknown effect. As for Wu Hao, he appeared to have obtained a scroll containing a Dou Technique. However, he did not let slip even a little information about the class of the item after obtaining it. Therefore, other than himself, Xiao Yan and the others were uncertain just what use the Dou Technique, which he had obtained, had.

At this moment, there was only ten minutes remaining till the one hour limit, that they could stay in the ‘Book Collection Hall’, was up. However, the Sonic Dou Technique, which Xiao Yan had anticipated, did not appear.

A pale-green shadow flashed down from midair. Xun Er wiped off the perspiration on her forehead. She waved the cluster of light in her hand towards Xiao Yan and said with a bitter smile: “Rank six Monster Core from a Magical Beast… this is also a rare good item. Unfortunately, it is not what we need.”

Xiao Yan nodded slightly. As time slowly flowed by, the tension of his Spiritual Perception also grew tighter and tighter. At a certain instance, the heart belonging to him, whose Spiritual Strength was tensed till the extremely, suddenly trembled. The Spiritual Perception, which permeated the entire room, sent an extremely tiny vibration in the air into his mind.

“This vibration…” Xiao Yan’s tightly closed eyes snapped opened. His body was like a cannonball, which shot directly into the air. His hand violently grabbed at a cluster of light before he landed steadily on the ground.

“Xiao Yan ge-ge, have you obtained it?” Xun Er hurriedly asked when she saw Xiao Yan’s action.

Xiao Yan slowly spread open the cluster of light in his hand. His gaze passed through the light and swept within it. Initially, he nodded but he immediately sighed in disappointment: “I have indeed found one, but unfortunately… it is merely a Huang class High level Sonic Dou Technique. This is quite a big gap from what I had expected.”

“What should we do? Why don’t we continue to wait awhile?” Xun Er said hesitatingly.

“There is not enough time.” Xiao Yan laughed bitterly. He lifted his head to look towards the other side of the room only to coincidentally see Bai Shan’s gloating gaze. He shook his head and could not be bothered with him. Facing Xun Er, he said: “Forget it, let’s go. Although its class is low, I can first improvise and use it.” Once he said this, he turned his body and walked towards the path which he had entered from.

“Hee hee, Junior Xiao Yan, looks like you are the person with the worst luck.” Behind him, Hu Jia and the other two also followed them, due to the constraints of time. Bai Shan’s could not resist the comfort in his heart when he saw Xiao Yan’s depressed face as he opened his mouth and said.

“Are your bone itchy for another beating?” Xiao Yan’s footsteps suddenly paused as he tilted his head and said with a cold smile.

Bai Shan’s expression changed slightly. He gave a faint smile, but did not continue to speak. In his heart, he said darkly: “You can now continue to be arrogant. There is much for you to see once you enter the Inner Academy!”

When he saw that Bai Shan did not dare to reply, Xiao Yan curled his lips with disdain. Finally, he glanced at the energy barrier, which was still spitting out items at a slowing rate. He sighed in his heart, turned around, and was about to leave.


The instant Xiao Yan turned around, the glow of energy barrier at a corner suddenly became brighter. Immediately, a sharp,strange sound sounded throughout the entire room. That strange sound passed through the air and was propagated out turbulently, causing the spirit of Xiao Yan and the others to be a little absentminded.

he absentmindedness merely lasted for an instant before it disappeared. Xiao Yan’s walking footsteps suddenly paused. He immediately and suddenly turned around as his body’s speed was unleashed to its maximum. Finally, he turned into a black shadow that shot explosively towards an energy barrier within the room.

At the moment when Xiao Yan acted, a transparent energy cluster shot out from that energy barrier. Following its appearance, the sharp sound waves basically turned into a ripple-like form that spread throughout the room.

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