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Chapter 430: Fighting and Grabbing

When he heard the sound of the main door behind him being tightly shut, Xiao Yan’s footsteps paused for a moment. Immediately, he once again pulled Xun Er as they walked forward. After five minutes, a pale, yellow-colored light was transmitted from a spot not too far in front of them. Their footsteps became involuntarily quicker. After a while, they finally passed through the dark, black tunnel, and a brilliant light shot at them, causing them to turn their heads away.

The place, which appeared in front of both Xiao Yan and Xun Er, was an extremely spacious, large room. On the walls around the room, there were nearly ten energy barriers. At this moment, these energy barriers were slowly releasing and pulling back a light glow, shining through the entire room until it was like daytime.

Hu Jia and the two others had already arrived at the room. When they heard the sound of footsteps, the three of them turned around to take a glance. Hu Jia took a step forward upon seeing the two of them and smilingly said: “Xun Er, we can huddle together after we enter the Inner Academy in the future. Although I have never entered the Inner Academy, I heard from my grandfather that if one wanted to obtain the best training conditions, one must see whose fist is harder. Therefore, if we, these new students who has just entered, were to separate, we will definitely be unable to avoid being oppressed and bullied.”

Hu Jia’s gaze merely swept once across Xiao Yan before she leapt at him. Clearly, she still bore some grudges within her heart towards the ruthless attack which Xiao Yan had inflicted upon her a couple days before.

“Ke ke, that’s right. If the new students who has just entered are not united, it is very easy for them to be bullied.” Bai Shan,who stood beside her, laughingly said: “However, I have a brother from my clan who has already stayed in the Inner Academy for two years. When that time comes for us to enter, as long as Junior Xun Er and all of you are with me, we can definitely avoid the most difficult transition period for new people with him looking after us.”

“Ke ke, we appreciate Senior Bai Shan’s good intentions. It is good enough for us to rely on ourselves with regards to these matters.” Xiao Yan laughed softly. His gaze immediately looked all around him and a shock surfaced in his eyes. It appeared that this huge room was already the end of the ‘Book Collection Hall’. Why was it that he could not see anything?

The corner of Bai Shan’s mouth twitched slightly when he heard Xiao Yan’s words. A dark coldness involuntarily surfaced on his smile-filled face before it immediately disappeared. He said thickly in his heart: “If you don’t want to do things the easy way, then fine. Then I’ll let you act as though you are tough. I hope that you can still be this tough after you enter the Inner Academy. At that time, I want to take care of you until you crawl out of the Inner Academy!”

“Stop looking. There does not seem to be any other place. All there is are those strange energy barriers. Don’t tell me they want us to enter?” Hu Jia’s mouth twitched as she said upon seeing Xiao Yan’s gaze sweeping in all directions.

Xiao Yan could not help but furrow his brows slightly when he heard this. What was their intention?

Just as Xiao Yan and the few others were at a loss in the enormous room, there was suddenly a slight sound of rushing wind that sounded in the room. Although that voice was extremely mild, it was undoubtedly as clear as a muffled thunder to Xiao Yan and the rest. Immediately, the gazes of the few of them hurriedly followed the noise and move. Finally, they stopped at an energy barrier that was to their left side.

“That spot… it seems there is something that is about to appear?” Xun Er eyed the energy barrier there as she said uncertainly.

“Appear?” Xiao Yan was slightly startled. He did not have the time to reply when his heart suddenly tightened. Before he made a move, he saw a cluster of purple light suddenly shooting out explosively from within the energy barrier. It immediately turned into a ray of light that shot towards the five of them.

“Be careful!” When they saw the purple light shooting over, Bai Shan and the others, who did not know the details, hurriedly dodged. Xiao Yan’s body leaned to one side and avoided it.While he was pulling back, his mouth did not forget to shout at Xun Er, who was standing at her original spot, without even moving.

Xiao Yan’s cry had just sounded when the purple light suddenly increased its speed and shot ferociously at Xun Er. The latter stared intently at the purple light and extended her hand in front of Xiao Yan’s face, which had immediately changed color. She actually directly grabbed at the purple light.


Her pretty hand grabbed the purple light with her palm in front of the gazes of everyone in the room. After which, the purple light slowly disappeared, and a purple scroll, that was wrapped by a layer of energy appeared in her hand.

“Xuan Class High Level Qi Method. Purple Lightning Burst?” As Xun Er held the purple-colored scroll, she hand probed a little and actually passed through the energy layer without any hinderance. She eyed the words that were written on the surface of the scroll and could not help but read it out softly.

“Qi Method?” Xiao Yan and the others were black as they heard Xun Er’s voice. Immediately, they suddenly came to an understanding. The things would actually automatically be spat out from those energy barrier…

At the moment that Xiao Yan and the others came to a sudden understanding, a great cluster of rushing wind noises sounded once again. Quickly following this, one energy cluster after another, which were of different shapes and colors, were spat out from the energy barrier from all directions. After which, shuttled without stopping through the enormous room, carrying a humming rushing wind sound.

Seeing those energy clusters, which carried different momentums, a joy surfaced on Xiao Yan’s face. His feet sprung from the ground and his body rushed up into the air like a cannon ball. He hurriedly grabbed with his hand and when he landed on the ground, there was already a cluster of pale-green light in his palm.

As his gaze passed through the green light, Xiao Yan was able to discover that within the cluster of light, there was actually a medicinal ingredient, which entire body was like an emerald. His eyes swiftly swept across the emerald medicinal ingredient and finally stopped on the jade-like fruit at the top portion of this medicinal ingredient. Xiao Yan’s heart quivered: “Sky Jade Fruit?”

According to what Xiao Yan knew of the ‘Sky Jade Fruit’, this thing can be directly consumed and would be able to let a person’s Dou Qi’s strength be raised by around one star. If it was used to refine medicinal pill, it would definitely be a mysterious pill that could directly raise the strength of a strong Dou Wang should one succeed. This thing belonged to the category of a ‘sky-high price’ outside and was extremely difficult to find. It was really unexpected that there would actually be one of it being spat out within the ‘Book Collection Hall’. This really caused Xiao Yan to be speechless.

“Unfortunately, although it is rare, it is not the thing that I need now.” Xiao Yan was somewhat unwilling as he sighed while holding this ‘Sky Jade Fruit’ in his hand. He relaxed his palm and the former once again turned into a green glow that shot upwards before finally infiltrating into the bright energy barrier that permeated the place and quietly disappeared.

“Xun Er, snatch them!” Xiao Yan tilted his head and shouted loudly to Xun Er. His body moved according to his intentions and hurriedly grabbed at a cluster of light.

As Xiao Yan’s loud cry sounded, Bai Shan and the others appeared to have also began to respond. Immediately, their few figures of theirs began moving, turning into numerous shadows that swiftly flashed within the room and repeatedly grabbed the clusters of light that were shot out from the energy barrier.

In an instant, the entire room was filled with whistling sounds. Xiao Yan and the few others hurried all over. Once they found that the item they grabbed was not suitable for themselves, they would hurriedly abandon it and continue to maximize the use of the time to snatch a treasure that suited them.

“Ha ha, Di class Dou Technique?” A joyful laughter suddenly sounded within the room filled with whistling noises. Xiao Yan and the others hurriedly turned their heads around and coincidentally saw that a cluster of silver-colored light had been caught and raised high in the sky by Bai Shan’s hand. From the glow that was vaguely visible, Xiao Yan and the others could faintly see that the thing inside appeared to be something like a scroll.

Bai Shan held the silver-colored cluster of light tightly. He could not resist smiling gloatingly at Xiao Yan as his hand swiftly inserted itself into the silver glow. However, just as his hand had just made contact with the interior of the silver-colored cluster of light, an enormous repulsive force abruptly appeared and suddenly shook off his hand. Immediately, the light grew very bright and forcefully broke free from Bai Shan’s hand. It turned into a ray of light that shot into an energy barrier.

Bai Shan was startled as he eyed that silver-colored light cluster, which shot straight back into the energy barrier and disappeared. His expression immediately and abruptly became gloomy. With a furious roar, his body transformed into a white shadow and heavily smashed against the energy barrier.

“Bang!” Bai Shan collided heavily onto the energy barrier. The energy barrier did not even move a little but the former shot back explosively. A mouthful of blood was thrown up. Finally, he smashed onto the wall on the other side.

Xiao Yan and the others were stunned as they watched the Bai Shan, who had been laughing gloatingly a moment ago, be shaken until he spat out blood and forced to pull back. They exchanged gazes with one another and the corner of their mouths could not help but twitch slightly. A typical case of a tragedy formed from extreme joy. Did this fellow forget that the Deputy Headmaster Hu Gan had said to follow fate just before they had come in earlier?

“*Cough*…” Xiao Yan let out a dry cough and temporarily halted his actions. He smilingly said to Bai Shan: “Senior Bai Shan, are you alright?”

Bai Shan climbed to his feet with a green face. He ignored Xiao Yan. Instead, he raised his head once again and threw his gaze towards the countless number of light clusters whistling in the space above the room. A moment later, he feet pushed off the ground and his body shot out once again.

Xiao Yan shrugged his shoulders. He took two step back and placed himself next to Xun Er as he whispered: “Although those things are isolated by an energy layer, if one carefully observe, one can still faintly see some clues. Remember, look specifically for those energy cluster with a greater energy undulation and grab them.”

“Yes, alright.” Xun Er nodded slightly when she heard Xiao Yan’s reminder. She did not continue the pointless snatching. Instead, she quietly stood on the spot as her gaze tightly focused on energy barrier, which was unceasingly spitting out clusters of light.

By her side, Xiao Yan closed his eyes. In this kind of place, the Spiritual Perception strength that he was endowed with was his greatest advantage. He was able to observe the strength of the energy cluster that had yet to appear before other people.

Xiao Yan’s Spiritual Perception permeated throughout the entire room. His body did not move even a little. Even when some energy clusters occasionally flew in front of him, he did not show the slightest reaction. These things were not worthwhile for him to move his hand to grab it.

The silence persisted for nearly ten minutes. Xun Er had already grabbed five to six energy clusters during this period of time but none of them had reached the level which she wanted. Therefore, all of them were thrown back.

In an instant, the heart of Xiao Yan, whose body had maintained its motionless state, suddenly tightened. His eyes opened abruptly. Without any forewarning, his feet pressed against the ground and his body shot explosively towards an energy barrier that was towards the left. Just as Xiao Yan’s body moved, a fiery-red glow let out a ‘xiu’ sound as it shot explosively out of the energy barrier.

The moment the fiery red glow appeared, the temperature of the entire huge room also rose by quite a bit. Therefore, the gaze of Bai Shan and the others were also hurriedly thrown over. When they saw the momentum that this fiery red glow carried, they were momentarily startled before they immediately shot explosively over as a conditional reflex.

However, just as they have just started moving, Xiao Yan, who had discovered this cluster of fiery red glow before them, had turned into a black shadow before suddenly appearing. He grabbed with his palm, withstood the heat that was transmitted from it, and pulled the fiery red glow into his hand. His body immediately shot back and Xun Er also came flashing forward in an extremely intelligent manner, blocking Bai Shan and the other two.

“Hee hee.” Xiao Yan parted his mouth and laughed in the direction of Bai Shan and the other two. He grabbed the fiery red glow as he went over to Xun Er’s side. When his gaze swept the interior of the glow, he was immediately a little startled. His throat rolled slowly.

“Not bad, it is indeed something good…”

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