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Chapter 408: Killing A Chicken To Warn A Monkey
TL: Make an example of others

The black-colored shadow carried a terrifying force and abruptly appeared in front of Xue Beng. A slight ripple surfaced in the air around any area where the fist passed. An endless number of ear-piercing explosions sounded, like that of muffled thunder.

Under Xiao Yan’s ferocious attack, that was like a thunderbolt, one could hear the cracking sound repeatedly being erupted from the hard ground. Numerous crack lines began to swiftly spread out from Xiao Yan’s feet under a countless number of shocked gazes.

The speed which Xiao Yan used to attack was as fast as lightning. However, Xue Beng was also not a person who relied solely on their tongue. Although he was shocked within his heart at the strength that Xiao Yan had displayed, his reaction was not slow either. When Xiao Yan’s fist was swiftly expanding in front of his eyes, he did not hesitate even a little as he gave up the long lance, which the other party had clamped onto. He took a small step back and tapped his finger onto his storage ring. A silver-colored long lance that was completely made from steel instantly appeared in his hand.

With the lance landing in his hands, Xue Beng’s fighting intent, which had greatly shrunk due to being shocked by Xiao Yan’s terrifying attack, swiftly soared. A low, angry roar was emitted from his throat and the Dou Qi in his body was circulated to its limit at this very moment. A pale-red-colored Dou Qi splurted out of his body and finally formed a red-colored Dou Qi cloak on the surface of his body.

Xue Beng’s hands similarly did not even have the slightest pause as the Dou Qi flowed within his body. The tip of the lance shook and actually formed more than ten afterimages. The red glow surged like a storm and the afterimages abruptly came together. Finally, the entire long lance turned into an eye-piercing, red glow that pierced explosively toward Xiao Yan.

“Overlapping Waves!”

Xue Beng roared softly within his heart. The fierce forward momentum of the long lance in his hand pierced directly at Xiao Yan’s fist. As the lance’s body trembled, a red glow swarmed forward one wave after another. The hot air was like a red colored wave of fire.

Under the watch of a countless number of people in the open ground, an eye-piercing red glow carried a monstrous wave of air. This kind of momentum caused quite a number of people to create an uproar. He was indeed a top student, who had the qualification to participate in the Inner Academy Qualification Competition. This kind of ferocious force might well be able to catch up with those strong people who had just entered the Da Dou Shi class.

The red-colored glow was swiftly enlarged in those dark, black eyes. Xiao Yan sensed the heated force that came pouncing over but his expression still remained calm. During the two years, the opponents whom he exchanged blows with were mostly strong people that far surpassed him. He had even seen attacks that were tens or hundreds of times stronger than this. Therefore, wanting him to withdraw because of an attack of this level was undoubtedly an idiot talking in his dreams. However, the acute ability the opponent had to be able to unleash a full force resistance within such a short amount of time did cause Xiao Yan to be a little startled. But… that was all.

Xiao Yan’s fist trembled slightly. The green-colored Dou Qi surged out abruptly and finally swiftly agglomerated into a green-colored cuticle layer on his fist.

“No matter how you struggle today, there is only one path for you!” The strength of the fist which was covered by a green-colored cuticle suddenly soared greatly. Xiao Yan lifted the corner of his mouth, and finally did not show any mercy or sluggishness as he swung his right arm. His fist smashed forward explosively and heavily collided with the tip of Xue Beng’s lance in front of the eyes of countless number of people.

“Octane Blast!”


The two came into contact. Instantly, a loud, explosion of sound was emitted from the battleground. The hard rock surface of the ground where the two people collided was directly shattered into powder with a bang. Crack lines repeatedly spread out like a spider web.

“Ka Cha! (crack)”

The powder soared into the air from the ground. In an instant after the fist and the lance came into contact, a clear metal cracking ‘ka cha’ sound was suddenly emitted from the point of contact. A human figure suddenly shot backward, out of the faint dust. He wildly vomited a mouthful of bright red fresh blood. After his body landed heavily on the ground, he actually nestled on the ground and rolled over the ground for over ten meters before he finally came to a stop.

Countless number of gazes hurriedly moved to the human figure that had been launched backward and swept over it. When their gazes saw the person who had flew backward in defeat, the entire open ground instantly descended into silence.

At the edge of the open ground, Xue Beng’s upper garments were basically shattered into pieces by the colliding force. His entire body was covered with blue-black dust, created from the rock fragments shooting at his body. The remaining blood trace by the corner of his mouth caused him to appear exceptionally miserable. Of course, what shocked people the most was the long lance, held in Xue Beng’s blood covered hands, had broken into two. The crack line of the lance clearly showed that it was directly broken by a strong force.

Being able to still use one fist to forcefully break a long lance made of steel after a nine star Dou Shi displayed a Xuan class Dou Technique. This attack was something that even some Da Dou Shi present would have difficulty doing. However, this Xue Beng, who had some reputation even within this Jia Nan Academy, was directly attacked by a new student, who had just come to the academy with this most raved tactic.

As they watched the edge of the open ground where Xue Beng was having a difficult time struggling to get up and then at the broken long lance, some of the people, who had certain thoughts, immediately felt a cold feeling surge out from within their hearts. From the looks of the strength which Xiao Yan had displayed, this new student who had taken a full two years leave was indeed not an ordinary person.

The dust above the open ground slowly fell. A young man wearing a black robe slowly walked out. The robe on his body, which was so tidy that there was not even the slightest fold, was two extremes when compared to Xue Beng, who was in an extremely dire state. From this, anyone, as long as they were not too stupid, could clearly understand that the strength of this young man called Xiao Yan had far surpassed Xue Beng!

Xue Beng’s current strength was a nine star Dou Shi. Since Xiao Yan defeated him, then… his strength was at least that of a strong Da Dou Shi!

As they thought of this possibility, the crowded viewing gallery immediately emitted the sound of people inhaling a breath of cold air. The gaze that they used to look at Xiao Yan clearly had an additional unknown meaning behind it. A Da Dou Shi at this age. Even in this entire Jia Nan Academy, those were considered the outstanding people who were the cream of the crop!

“Very… very strong…”

The mouths of Xiao Yu and the others in the viewing gallery were wide open. Their faces were filled with shock as they watched the skinny back, who was standing straight and tall, on the open ground. A young lady sitting in the back could not resist muttering involuntarily as her eyes started seeing stars. Who could imagine that Xue Beng, whose strength was around that of a nine star Dou Shi, was defeated by one punch in a decisive manner after only one exchange. This was in spite of him unleashing his strongest Dou Technique!”

Originally, they were still discussing just how many exchanges Xiao Yan could hold out for. However, their discussion had yet to come to a close when this ending, that caused them to be stupefied, appeared in the battleground.

“This fellow… isn’t his improvement over these two years a little too quick?” Xiao Yu said with a bitter smile.

Instructor Ruo Ling, off to the side, slowly recovered from her shock. She eyed the back of the young man in the battleground. Even at this moment, she was still somewhat in disbelief. This thorn-like student, who had missed two years of education, at the academy had actually broken through a top student of the Xuan class. Moreover, the method he used to defeat the opponent was actually the strongest and most direct kind.

As Instructor Ruo Ling recalled the thunder-like punch earlier, she questioned herself. If it was her instead, it was likely that she would not be able to completely endure it. Instructor Ruo Ling suddenly laughed bitterly as she thought like this in his heart. Two years ago, that little fellow in Wu Tan City, who had used all of his methods in order to walk out from under her hands after twenty rounds and was now displaying attacks that even she herself must carefully consider before she dared to guarantee if she could endure it. This improvement speed… was really frightening.

“No wonder he can let such an outstanding girl like Xun Er constantly bear him in mind. This fellow really does have some capital.” Instructor Ruo Ling tilted her head and eyed the pretty face of Xun Er, which contained a smile, while Ruo Ling muttered in her heart.

At one side of the viewing gallery, Bai Shan crossed his hands in front of his chest. His brows were knit slightly together as he eyed the black-robed young man, who was standing up straight, in the middle of the open ground. He slowly exhaled a breath a long while later and said with a faint smile, “Not bad, you do indeed have some ability. The current you has the qualifications to let me raise you to a position where I have to take you seriously. I hope that you can endure a few more rounds. When that time comes, I want to personally fight you if there is a chance…”

“A strong rival, but, she will definitely be mine!” Bai Shan gaze turned toward the direction where Xun Er was at. He softly muttered as he watched her wearing a pale-green dress. While being surrounded by a group of females, she appeared much as an elegant young lady like a lone lotus blooming.

“Ah, that fellow has a very sharp and powerful fist. Even Xue Beng’s ‘Overlapping Waves’ could not withstand it for even a moment. I think that his strength should be around a three star Da Dou Shi.” The red-clothed young lady, whose figure was as enchanting as a demon, used her eyes, which emitting a slyness, as she eyed Xue Beng, who was defeated in an extremely crisp manner. She could not help but speak with shock.

“Ah, it really is a sharp and powerful fist. Moreover, he even knows how to agglomerate energy to the different parts of his body and use it to increase his attacking and defensive strength. This is only possible if one has an excellent control over Dou Qi. On this point, he could even be comparable with you.” The old man beside her nodded slightly. His voice similarly contained some surprise.

“Ke ke, now you know just what kind of judgement that girl, Xun Er, has? This fellow is no ordinary person. I think that even if you or Bai Shan were to face him, no one would know just who would obtain victory.” The old man glanced at the skinny back on the battleground and said with a deeper meaning behind his words.

“Oh?” The hair-thin, curved, willow eyebrows of the red-clothed young lady rose when she heard this. She laughed in a spoiled fashion, “I want to find an opportunity to fight him. If I win, I want him to let me have Xun Er…”

“You… you, this brat. There are so many outstanding men wooing you. It is fine that you don’t like them but why are you harassing Xun Er? Must you throw away all my old face before you are satisfied?” The old man was immediately furious when he heard the red-clothed young lady words as he whispered angrily.

“What is so good about those stinky men? Which of them would pursue me if it were not for this face of mine?” The red-clothed young lady pursed up her lips. Her delicate hand rubbed that sly elf-like pretty face as she spoke with disdain.

The old man was so furious at this lawless young lady that fumes were emitted from the seven holes of his body. However, he was helpless and could only swing his sleeves and continue to turn his gaze back toward the battleground.

Within the battleground, Xiao Yan glanced at Xue Beng, who was at the edge of the open ground. The latter no longer had any strength to fight. Only then did Xiao Yan turn his head toward the judges’ seats and smile as he asked,“May I inquire if I have won this round?”

“Ke ke. Of course, yes.” A gray-robed old man on the judge’s seat smiled as he looked at Xiao Yan. His eyes contained an unknown feeling within them as he nodded.

When he heard those words, Xiao Yan bowed slightly. He shook his hands in front of the tens of thousands of gazes and the Heavy Xuan Ruler came flying over to him. After which, he grabbed it with one hand, flicked his wrist and inserted it on his back. He lifted his head to see that smiling, green-clothed young lady and some warm feelings rose in his heart. His feet pressed against the ground and his body gently leaped down the competition stage. Finally, he jumped toward the place where the Huang Class – Second Class was seated.

“Sorry. I am late…”

Xiao Yan watched the beautiful young lady standing prettily in front of him. That face had been deeply imprinted in a deep region of his heart during these two years. He ignored the numerous fiery gazes around him as he rubbed his head and said gently in a somewhat apologetic manner.

Xun Er lifted her pretty face and stared at that delicate and handsome face, which had less innocence and tenderness, but more matureness and perseverance compared to two years ago. A beautiful smile, that could turn all living beings upside down, suddenly appeared on her face. She immediately did an action that caused everyone’s sight to be as dull as a wooden chicken.

The young lady in the academy, who had never displayed any action toward any man that was beyond those normal for an ordinary friend, opened her hands slightly. After which, she leaped into the warm embrace, which she had parted with for two years, greedily absorbing the warm feeling.

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