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Chapter 396: Tier Seven Medicinal Pill: Yin-Yang Mysterious Dragon Pill!

The dark solemness and fury contained within Yao Lao’s words naturally did not escape Xiao Yan’s keen senses. Xiao Yan could not help but be immediately stunned. He carefully spoke in his heart, “Teacher, is there something bothering you?”

The sound of someone inhaling a deep breath appeared in Xiao Yan’s heart. Yao Lao immediately forcefully suppressed his emotions, and said some faint words, “It’s nothing. Take a look for now. Allow me to tell you some things in the future. It is a little too early to be telling you about them now.”

After saying these words, Yao Lao descended into silence. Regarding this, Xiao Yan was slightly startled. He silently nodded his head and no longer opened his mouth to say anything more. Instead, he lifted his head and threw his gaze over toward the tier seven medicinal pill which Yao Lao had called ‘Yin-Yang Mysterious Dragon Pill’.

Although there were many people in the auction ground who were uncertain of the exact details of the medicinal pill, they were able to see the extraordinariness of this thing based off of the golden glow it had released earlier. Therefore, desire involuntarily appeared on their faces.

Compared to the outsiders who were unclear of the effect of the medicinal pill, the Blood Sect and other factions in front had suddenly become excited at this moment. Some of those strong people had even allowed the Dou Qi in their bodies to uncontrollably overflow due to their excitement.

The gaze of the auctioneer on the crystal platform slowly swept past the shocked faces in the auction house before he gave a satisfied smile. His finger pointed at the gold-colored medicinal pill as he said with a smile, “Everyone, this is the main attraction for our auction fair. This time around I present to you, a Tier seven medicinal pill, the ‘Yin-Yang Mysterious Dragon Pill’!”


As these words of the auctioneer fell, the entire ground was quiet. Immediately after, a deafening roar and aghast sound of gasps spread throughout the auction ground like a wildfire.

One by one, crimson eyes accompanied by hurried breathing stared intently at the gold-colored medicinal pill. Tier seven medicinal pill? A medicinal pill of this tier was something that over half of the people present never had the qualification to even see in their entire life. Yet, at this moment, the high tiered medicinal pill, only heard of in rumours, had actually appeared in front of their eyes. How could this not cause them to be so excited that they forgot themselves?

“Ke ke, perhaps many people have never heard of this medicinal pill’s name.”

The auctioneer smiled and said as he eyed the loss in some people’s eyes, “The Yin-Yang Mysterious Dragon Pill is placed in tier seven. It is said that if one wants to refine this pill, one must first have the Monster Core of two dragon type Magical Beast which have been dead for less than seven days. Moreover, the monster cores’ rank must at least be rank six.”

This sentence of the auctioneer caused some people at a loss to feel instantly aghast. Two rank six Monster Core that had not died for more than seven days? Was that not equivalent to two strong Dou Huangs?

“It is said that when this pill is refined, there would be a unique natural phenomenon where a yin and a yang dragon spirit would shoot directly into the clouds, twining around each other, and finally agglomerating into a pill…” The auctioneer smiled as he spoke. While he was explaining, there was even some wild heat appearing in his eyes, “The use of the ‘Yin-Yang Mysterious Dragon Pill’ is not to directly enable one to raise one’s strength, but to allow one to stand after breaking!”

“Allowing one to stand after breaking?” Xiao Yan was startled and his brows were knit tightly together.

“If anyone were to consume this ‘Yin-Yang Mysterious Dragon Pill’ and their life was to hang by a thread, or that they are heavily wounded in the future, this thing will be able to provide a chance for you to stand back up after sustaining life threatening injuries, should you be lucky enough. The so called ‘stand after breaking’ means to break the restraints of the past and allow a person to undergo metamorphosis. One’s body, spirit, or even Dou Qi would be at an even higher level!” The auctioneer smiled as he continued, “In other words, whoever consumes this would not need to worry about their life should their bodies receive a fatal or serious injury in the future. One might even transform into a stronger being because of it!”

“Perhaps many people are somewhat confused with regards to the limit of this complete transformation. In that case, I will give everyone a detailed description here.” The auctioneer laughed and immediately said, “I think that everyone should have heard of the name Wind zun zhe, Gu Ling right?”
TL: zun zhe – used to address a Dou Zun

“Chi, that was a strong person at the peak, renown throughout the continent. He is a strong person at the Dou Zun class. Back then, he used his own strength to destroy a first tier faction in the continent within three days. How could we have not heard of his great name with accomplishments that shook the entire continent?” The question of the auctioneer was immediately received by the rolling of some eyes.

“Wind zun zhe, Gu Ling?” Xiao Yan quietly remembered this within his heart. When he heard this somewhat foreign name at this moment, he also began to hear the booing sounds from the surroundings. A strong person at the Dou Zun level was really somewhat too far with regards to the current him.

“Since everyone seems to know the name Wind zun zhe, then you should also know that before he achieved becoming a Dou Zun, the great Gu Ling had an earth shaking fight with an enemy of his, right? During that battle, the great Gu Ling, who was still a five star Dou Zong, may have successfully defeated his opponent but he was also seriously wounded to the point where his strength was scattered. According to common sense, even if he could continue living, his strength would also be reduced but what was that the reality? Seven years after that big battle, the great Gu Ling, who had been missing for a long time, once again appeared on the continent. At this time, his strength had already reached the Dou Zun class.” The auctioneer laughed faintly.

The entire auction ground was completely silent. Shock surged on the faces of many people. In seven years, he had not only recovered from his serious injuries, but his strength had actually greatly leaped forward, directly advancing from a Dou Zong to a Dou Zun. This speed was really frightening!

Shock similarly surfaced on Xiao Yan’s face. A moment later, the shock disappeared and his heart moved. His gaze turned toward the golden-colored medicinal pill, suddenly remembering something as he involuntarily inhaled a deep breath of cool air.

“Ke ke, I think that some people have also guessed something. That’s right, the great Gu Ling had luckily obtained a ‘Yin-Yang Mysterious Dragon Pill’, which he consumed when he was roaming the continent back then. During those many long years, it had been latent within his body until the moment he was seriously wounded. At that point, the special effect of the ‘‘Yin-Yang Mysterious Dragon Pill’ was activated: To stand after breaking!”

“Therefore, within seven years, he leaped from a Dou Zong to a Dou Zun!”


The silence continued for a while within the enormous auction ground. The sound of people taking deep breaths were almost connected into a continuous stream. When the countless number of people once again looked at the gold-colored medicinal pill within the prison, the desire in their eyes had completely turned into greed.

“What a frightening thing… ‘to stand after breaking’.” Xiao Yan clenched his fists which were covered in perspiration as he softly muttered.

“You also need not listen to all his bragging. That ‘Yin-Yang Mysterious Dragon Pill’ may indeed have the effect of allowing one to stand after breaking, but even if one can luckily activate this kind of medicinal effect when one is seriously injured, one might not truly be able to completely stand after one breaks. Moreover, there is only one chance of doing so.” Yao Lao faint voice suddenly sounded once again, “Additionally, at the moment the effect of ‘standing after breaking’ is activated, your entire body would no longer belong to you. If you are able to endure that kind of inhumane torture, you would naturally truly break from your cocoon and become a butterfly. If you cannot, you will indeed break, but you will not be able to stand after that.”

“Even with that tenacious character of Gu Ling, he had nearly failed to endure that kind of torture back then. Can you imagine just what kind of pain it is to be able to cause a strong Dou Zong to nearly be unable to endure?”

“Uh.” Xiao Yan was startled. He rolled his eyes and suddenly asked in his heart, “Is teacher very familiar with that Wind zun zhe, Gu Ling?”

“It can be considered so.” Yao Lao carelessly replied. He then suddenly recovered and helplessly said,”You need not think of trying to set me up to get information. I will tell you about myself in due time. However, the current you is too weak. Knowing too much is not good for you.”

Xiao Yan smiled bitterly as he heard this. The current him, who was merely a Da Dou Shi, really had difficulty squeezing into the planes of Yao Lao and the others. However, with his current training speed, just how much more time did he need in order to enter the Dou Wang, or even Dou Huang class?

“Little fellow, don’t belittle yourself. The ‘Flame Mantra’ you are practicing provides you with the foundation to create a miracle. Believe in yourself. Other people need to accumulate their training over time, but you only need to find sufficient ‘Heavenly Flames’ and successfully swallow them. It is an extremely easy matter for your future achievements to surpass me or even Gu Ling.” Yao Lao could not help but whisper when he sensed Xiao Yan’s thoughts.

“Hu.” Xiao Yan gently inhaled a breath of air and nodded slightly. With a smile, he said, “Hopefully.”

As the auctioneer on the crystal platform watched the atmosphere created by the ‘Yin-Yang Mysterious Dragon Pill’, he smiled with satisfaction. His gaze turned toward those faction seated at the front row. He clearly understood that these were the competitors who had the ability to fight for the ‘Yin-Yang Mysterious Dragon Pill’.

“Don’t talk any more nonsense. State the starting price.” The Junior Sect Leader frowned somewhat impatiently and cried out in a dark, cold voice after hearing the long-winded speech of the auctioneer.

“Ke ke.” The auctioneer smiled before nodding and then finally cleared his throat. With a serious expression, he said, “I think that everyone here is also clear of the value of this ‘Yin-Yang Mysterious Dragon Pill’. Just pure money is unable to match its price. Therefore, the owner who auctioned this medicinal pill has said that no matter who the final owner of this medicinal pill is, he must unconditionally promise to help him do two tasks!”

“Do two tasks?”

The Blood Sect, Black Skeleton Sect, Sky Serpent Mansion, and other factions below were stunned when they heard this. Their expressions changed slightly. That Elder Qing from the Sky Serpent Mansion could not resist laughing coldly, “These words of yours are really funny. Do you think we should obey that person if he asks us to use all of our strength to fight with a certain strong person or faction which we have difficulty winning against?”

“Ke ke, that is naturally impossible. The two tasks here are definitely within the ability of everyone here. However, I would like to give a reminder here. Since the owner is able to take out this ‘Yin-Yang Mysterious Dragon Pill’, his status and ability is not weak. The thing that he needed someone to do should also not be too simple. Therefore, everyone who is interested in this medicinal pill has to weigh their decisions a little, otherwise, things could end up being unpleasant.” The auctioneer spoke with a smile.

The eyes of many of those people below, who had come because of the ‘Yin-Yang Mysterious Dragon Pill’, flickered a little when they heard the auctioneer’s words.

“I have already conveyed the seller’s words. If anyone is still interested, let the auction begin. It will be like the Di Class Dou Technique earlier, this ‘Yin-Yang Mysterious Dragon Pill’ does not have a base price.” The auctioneer bent his body and smiled as he spoke to the people below.

“Let’s leave. There is nothing good left to see in this auction fair. It is not up to you to fight for this ‘Yin-Yang Mysterious Dragon Pill’.” Yao Lao said faintly.

Xiao Yan slowly rubbed his forehead with his finger and nodded slightly. Since he had already seen the final event, there was really no necessity for him to continue staying. He glanced at those factions ready to make trouble in front, stood up, and quietly left the auction ground…

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