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Chapter 395

Chapter 395: Main Attraction!

Following the appearance of the ‘Three Thousand Lightning Movement’, the atmosphere within the auction ground entered its hottest period. The large factions in the front also finally began to place out more and more competitive bids that caused a countless number of people to sit there in admiration.

No initial base price was set for the ‘Three Thousand Lightning Movement’. However, at the moment the auction hammer fell, the price abruptly soared to the high price of two million. The terrifying increments that the price was increasing by was something that Xiao Yan had never witnessed in the many years since his birth.

Spending a huge sum in one go. Such pride and daringness was thoroughly displayed by these factions in front of the temptation of this Di Class Agility Type Dou Technique.

The constantly soaring price maintained the atmosphere within the auction house with excited roars that did not stop even for a moment. Under the sky high price, which was swiftly multiplying, many people felt that their trip here was worthwhile just by being able to personally witness this kind of soul-stirring competition of money despite many of them clearly understanding that they did not have the qualification to obtain the item themselves.

The swiftly increasing rate was maintained for nearly half an hour by a bloody competition before it gradually entered its ending phase. At this moment, the price of the ‘Three Thousand Lightning Movement’ had already risen to a staggering eight million two hundred and seventy thousand.

Over eight million. This enormous sum was equivalent to the total income of the Primer clan in the Jia Ma Empire for a couple of years. Such an enormous sum was something that not a single large faction would carelessly take out without due care even within this ‘Black-Corner Region’.

When the price reach this stage, some of the weaker factions finally began to bow out of the bidding war. Following this repeated elimination by the price, the gray robe middle-aged man, who belonged to the ‘Black Skeleton Tomb’ faction, finally issued a sky high price of ten million two hundred thousand with a convulsing face ten minutes later. The entire auction ground was shaken till it was utterly silent.

A Di Class Dou Technique with a sky high price of over ten million!

The total silence of the auction ground continued for nearly a few minutes before it finally gradually recovered. One by one, the people exchanged glances. They were shaken by that frightening price until their bodies trembled and their heated blood began to boil. Ten million. Just how long did a faction need to accumulate such an enormous sum?

The ‘Black Skeleton Tomb’ would actually bid such a high price. This clearly caused the Blood Sect, Sky Serpent Mansion, and other factions to be caught unprepared. They exchanged gazes with one another before swallowing the price that had already reached their mouths with ugly faces.

The eyes of Fan Ling, the Junior Sect Leader of the Blood Sect, were dark and cold as he glanced at the middle-aged man, whose gray robe had a skull sewn onto it. His fist gently trembled as he lowered his head slightly. A savage smile and killing intent flashed across his eyes.

Following the withdrawal of the Blood Sect, Sky Serpent Mansion, and other factions, there was naturally no longer anyone left who was qualified to contend with the Black Skeleton Tomb. Hence, that scroll containing a Di Class Agility Type Dou Technique landed in the hands of the Back Skeleton Sect in front of a countless number of gazes.

“Hu, this is really a true killing, a huge sum of ten million…” Xiao Yan could not resist shaking his head as he eyed the brutal competition that slowly began to wind down. He laughed bitterly in his heart and said

somewhat doubtfully, “It is just that… can this kind of Di Class Dou Technique be really measured by money?”

“Uh… these words are really… if you want to refine medicinal pill, you would need to purchase medicinal ingredients, right? Otherwise, with just you alone, just how much effort and time would you need to spend in order to gather all the unique medicinal ingredients scattered all over the various regions of the continent? For example, for you to refine the ‘Ground Spirit Pill’, the price of those four medicinal ingredients would not be lower than five million. You don’t need money? Moreover, a big faction like the Blood Sect has so many people under them which they need to feed. Buying people’s loyalty, grooming strong people, which of these doesn’t need money? You are not the the one in charge, so naturally you don’t know the difficulty.” When Yao Lao heard these words of Xiao Yan, he immediately became dull and helplessly explained to this flower in a conservatory who had seldom needed to worry over money.

Xiao Yan smiled awkwardly when he heard Yao Lao’s helpless voice. He lifted his head and eyed the crystal platform. When he saw the red glowing face of the auctioneer suddenly become grave, he could not help but be startled. In a soft voice, he immediately said, “Looks like the item that will dominate all of the other items is about to appear.”

Quite a number of people also appeared to have discovered something when they saw the change in the auctioneer’s expression. The private conversations automatically ceased. Numerous gazes waited for the main attraction of the auction fair to appear without turning their eyes away.

“It’s finally about to appear, huh?” A sleek redness surfaced on his pale-white face as a strange glow flashed across the Blood Sect’s Junior Sect Leader’s eyes as he muttered to himself.

On the other side, Sky Serpent Mansion and Black Skeleton Tomb had also withdrawn the smiles on their faces. Their originally lazy gazes had also become as sharp as an eagle’s.

“*Clap*, *clap*.”

The auctioneer on the crystal platform clapped his hands while wearing a grave expression. Following his clapping sound, the edge of the crystal platform suddenly emitted a ‘ka ka’ sound. A circular, black-colored metal barrier rose slowly, finally forming a circle shape that surrounded the platform within it. Even the air above the crystal platform was tightly covered by the metal strip that had been extended out.

“Ke ke, everyone, please do not be too concerned about this. This is a little precaution that we used in order to ensure the complete safety of the item to be auctioned.” Seeing that the fences, like that of a prison, had completely erected, the auctioneer smiled at the people in the auction ground and explained.

“This prison is built using cold iron. Even a strong Dou Huang would have difficulty breaking it within a short period of time.” When he said these words, the auctioneer’s eyes purposefully sweep across the Blood Sect, Sky Serpent Mansion, and other factions sitting up front. The meaning of his words could be understood even without him saying it.

Those factions’ representatives merely smiled faintly at the special specification of his, but were not too concerned. It was not as though situations where people took action to snatch the auctioned item had not appeared in the auction fairs in the past years. Therefore, it was normal for the ‘Eight Gates’ to be this cautious. Otherwise, if others were to forcefully snatch the thing from their own territory, what face would they have left to survive in the ‘Black-Corner Region’?

Xiao Yan was also startled a little by this overly cautious action of the ‘Eight Gates’. However, he quickly recovered. In this chaotic ‘Black-Corner Region’, there was no need to feel overly shocked over any ridiculous event that happened.

“Tsk tsk, there are a lot more hidden Qis that had suddenly appeared in the auction ground. On the second story, there is even a presence that is no weaker than Hai Bodong’s. I think it should be the leader of the Eight Gates. Hei, looks like they are quite worried.” Yao Lao’s teasing voice suddenly sounded from Xiao Yan’s heart.

“Uh?” Xiao Yan’s face darkened upon hearing this. The gaze under his black robe was veiled as it swept across some of the darkness around the auction ground. Using his eyes, which had once been washed by flames, he could faintly see a dark, black cold glint.

“What exactly is this main attraction? It is actually able to cause the ‘Eight Gates’ to treat it with such great caution. Even the leaders of the group personally came forward to take charge of the situation?” Xiao Yan shook his head and said, while feeling stunned in his heart.

“Ke ke, just continue watching. I think that it should not disappoint anyone.” Yao Lao smiled, shook his head and replied.

Xiao Yan nodded slightly. He continued to observe the crystal platform. At this moment, the auctioneer was carefully bending his body and took out a purple-gold plate from the container below. There was a small, cold, jade box which stood upright on the purple-gold plate.

The box was pale-white in color. Although the people below were separated a great distance from the box, they could clearly see the pale white-colored fog that was being emitted from the jade box. Only the highest grade of cold jade possessed this kind of effect to preserve cold air.

“It is a medicinal pill?” When Xiao Yan saw the size of the small box and that familiar preservation method, he was initially startled. Some shock immediately flashed past his eyes. Just what tier was this medicinal pill which could surpass a Di Class Dou Technique in value?

Xiao Yan slowly inhaled a breath of cold air. In his heart, Xiao Yan clearly knew that this was only possible if the medicinal pill was at least tier seven!

Tier seven? Until this moment, even Xiao Yan had never seen a medicinal pill of this tier.

“It is indeed something good. But, why is this feeling…” Yao Lao’s voice had some additional gravity and some doubt. A tier seven medicinal pill. Refining a medicinal pill of this tier was really too difficult. It should be clear that just a tier five medicinal pill could already cause an energy ripple in a small area. As for tier seven… he recalled that the kind of strange natural phenomenon that appeared when he had successfully refined this kind of medicinal pill back then was as though the end of days was coming, appearing extremely terrifying.

In this Dou Qi Continent, alchemists who had the qualification to refine a tier seven medicinal pills successfully were basically existences that were few and far between. All of these people were Grandmasters of this era.

Following the appearance of that cold jade box, all the factions at the front of the auction ground abruptly straightened their backs. Their eyes contained a greed that could not be hidden as they stared intently at the cold jade box.

The white-haired auctioneer ignored all the greedy gazes outside of the metal prison. His hand trembled slightly as he placed the purple-gold plate gently on the auction platform. His shriveled finger carefully lifted the cover of the box. A golden light abruptly shot out.

The sudden appearance of the golden light directly shone over the entire auction ground until it became well lit. Some of the people who were caught unprepared involuntarily shut their eyes as a reflexive action.

Xiao Yan did not close his eyes because of the golden light. His gaze pierced through the shadows of his hat and was firmly locked onto the cold jade box on the crystal platform. At that spot, a gold-colored medicinal pill, around the size of a dragon eye, was quietly lying on it. The outer appearance of the medicinal pill was extremely round and sleek. Two threads of gold-colored air flow circulated indefinitely within the interior of the medicinal pill. Occasionally, they would abruptly pounce upward. If one were to carefully look at it, the gold-colored air flow actually agglomerated into two tiny gold-colored divine dragons which intertwined with one another. A weak dragon’s roar passed through the volatility of the air and slowly spread out, causing the spirits of those who heard it to involuntarily tremble under this dragon’s might.

Eyeng the interior dragon of the medicinal pill which was agglomerated from its pill aura, Xiao Yan could not help but tremble slightly. The face under the Doupeng was filled with shock that was difficult to conceal.

Pill aura gathering spirit was a unique phenomenon that only a tier seven or higher medicinal pill could possess!

The entire auction ground descended into a dead silence when that dragon roar had sounded out, and now began to fade.

“Yin-Yang Mysterious Dragon Pill?”

Yao Lao softly muttered something to himself within Xiao Yan’s heart amidst the silence. However, Xiao Yan appeared to have heard an extreme dark solemness and fury within that mutter regardless of how he heard it.

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