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Chapter 392

Chapter 392: Competing for the Lightning Bat Sky Wings and the Map Fragment

A faint purple, lighting aura seeped out from within the dark, black bat wings. Some of the arcs appeared to be a substance-like lightning shape, appearing extremely mysterious.

Once this so called Lightning Bat Sky Wings appeared, the entire auction house became somewhat quiet. Some of the people, who did not know what’s what, appeared a little lost. A commotion, however, broke out among those who had heard of the name Flying Dou Technique, like the Blood Sect, Black Skeleton Tomb, and the other factions in front. Clearly, this so called Lightning Bat Sky Wings had interested them. After all, as long as one had this Dou Technique, they would be able to fly, just like a strong Dou Wang. This was definitely something that one must have to easily kill people and flee!

“This thing is interesting. I like it.” The Blood Sect’s Junior Sect Leader’s gaze stared intently at the strange bat wings, which had escaped from the jade scroll as he softly muttered.

“Junior Sect Leader, the price of this flying Dou Technique is likely going to be over a million. If we continue to squander like this, we might not be able to compete for the last item.” Upon hearing Fan Ling’s words, a similarly pale-faced old man could not resist whispering with worry.

“Why are you so anxious?” Fan Ling glanced at the old man and coldly laughed, “Since father has already made preparations, that thing will land in our hands regardless of who gets it through the auction. In that case, we might even be able to save a large sum.”

“However, that is a little too risky. Moreover, if the information is leaked, it would be a little troublesome.” The old man hesitantly said.

“I naturally have my own plans. There is no need to be overly concerned Elder Luo.” Fan Ling’s gaze was dark and cold as he eyed the group of people from the Black Skeleton Tomb, who were seated not far away, while speaking indifferently.

“Ah.” Seeing that his advice was useless, the one called Elder Luo could only helplessly sigh. He shook his head and ceased speaking.

On the crystal platform, the white-haired auctioneer spat his saliva in all directions as he roughly explained the effect of the flying Dou Technique. When those people, who were originally somewhat at a loss, heard that this thing could allow a person to fly in the sky without advancing to the Dou Wang level, their eyes instantly became fiery.

“Ke ke, I think that everyone should also know that Flying Dou Techniques are currently extremely rare. After our negotiations, this ‘Lightning Bat Sky Wings’ can be considered to be a Low Class Middle Xuan Flying Dou Technique if it were to be ranked according to its class. Therefore, the based price is set at one million. The auction will now begin.” The white haired auctioneer smiled again as he spoke.

“Uh, it is actually this expensive.” Hearing the high price of one million, Xiao Yan shook his head. He could sense the heated gazes within the auction ground had instantly been greatly reduced when the price was announced.

“Ke ke, it is indeed a little expensive, but the Flying Dou Technique is worth this price. This is also the reason why even I said that you were lucky when you obtain the ‘Purple Cloud Wings’ from the mountain cave back then. At the very least, you are likely the only person who possesses a Flying Dou Technique in the Jia Ma Empire.” Yao Lao laughter suddenly sounded in Xiao Yan’s heart.

“Hei, this is the first time I have seen a Flying Dou Technique other than the Purple Cloud Wings. Teacher, if the ‘Lightning Bat Sky Wings’ were to be compared with my Purple Cloud Wings, which would be faster?&rdquo

; Xiao Yan smiled and asked somewhat curiously in his heart.

“The ‘Purple Cloud Wings’ of yours is a Middle Level Xuan Class Level technique while this is a Low Level Xuan Class technique. Naturally, yours are a little faster. However, due to being made from a Lightning Bat, this ‘Lightning Bat Sky Wings’ speed can be pushed to extreme limits during a lightning storm. At other times, it can only be considered ordinary.” Yao Lao smiled as he replied.

Xiao Yan nodded his head with understanding. He withdrew his gaze. Now that he had the ‘Purple Cloud Wings’, the ‘Lightning Bat Sky Wings’ may appear extremely amazing, but it was nothing compared to his current technique and would not grab his interest.

Although he was not overly interested, it did not mean that others were the same as him. Just as the white-haired auctioneer voice fell, the Junior Sect Leader of the Blood Sect, Fan Ling, slowly stood up. His threatening gaze looked at everyone around him. Anyone whose eyes came into contact with his would involuntarily avert their sight. Only those strong people, who were similarly supported by quite a strong strength, acted as though they sensed nothing.

“One million three hundred thousand!”

Fan Ling withdrew his gaze and coldly issued a price that caused an uproar within the auction house. Directly raising the price by three hundred thousand in one go. It appeared this fellow was intending to announce one thing to everyone: This Young Master wants the Flying Dou Technqiue!

Under this price, the entire auction house was calm, aside from a few whispers, for awhile before a bewitching laughter, that seeped directly into one’s bones sounded, “Junior Sect Leader Fan Ling is really generous. However, our ‘Sky Serpent Mansion’ is also quite interested in this ‘Lightning Bat Sky Wing’. Therefore, I apologize. One million four hundred thousand.”

The expression of that Fan Ling could not help but change slightly when he heard this bewitching voice. His eyes solidified slightly as he eyed the other side of the auction house. At the place where he looked, a few tall, sexy bodies were sitting there, relaxing on their furry chairs. Their soft waists were as alluring as water serpents.

“Hee hee, it is actually Elder Qing from the ‘Sky Serpent Mansion’. It is really unexpected that you also came to participate in the auction fair this year.” Fan Ling gave a superficial smile as he spoke.

“I have no choice. There are some things which one cannot keep concealed. Don’t you agree, Junior Sect Leader?” That bewitching lady, who was called Elder Qing, smiled as she asked her question. Her enchanting figure caused a nefarious flame to dance within the hearts of quite a number of young men in the auction house. If they were to press down this body of snake-like softness and hear the sounds emitted from those moist-red lips, just how crazy would they become?

“Sky Serpent Mansion?” Xiao Yan could not help but question when he heard this name.

“Hee hee, little fellow, back then you even exchanged blows with people from the ‘Sky Serpent Mansion’. Don’t tell me you have forgotten?” Yao Lao spoke with a smile.

“Exchanged blows?” Xiao Yan was startled when he heard this. Immediately, he appeared to have recalled something and the expression under his black robe changed drastically, “That mysterious woman and the ‘Eight-Winged Black Serpent Emperor’?”

“Yes, they are people who belong to the ‘Sky Serpent Mansion.”

“Qing Lin is in their hands.” Xiao Yan’s expression was slightly gloomy.

“Ke ke, you need not be too worried for that little girl. Her life at the ‘Sky Serpent Mansion’ is actually better than any other place. Those strange and unique eyes of hers would cause the ‘Sky Serpent Mansion’ to use all their resources to train her. If you meet her in the future, you might be shocked by her strength.” Yao Lao comforted.

“Hopefully. However, if I have the opportunity in the future, I will go and look for her. If it is indeed really as teacher has said, then I’ll forget about it. If the ‘Sky Serpent Mansion’ tries to forcefully take a person’s eyes, like that Mo clan, I will definitely not let her stay in that kind of place.” Xiao Yan mused in his heart. Xiao Yan’s heart felt a little sympathy for that little girl who had such a miserable life. Moreover, she was snatched away from his hands. Therefore, he also felt a little ashamed.

“Yes.” Yao Lao gave a response before immediately descended into silence.

During the time that Yao Lao was conversing with Xiao Yan, the competition in the auction house had already escalated to a level that could cause people to shudder with fear. While Fan Ling and that Elder Qing were bidding against each other, the other factions would also occasionally fan the flames and raise the price. Therefore, in just a short while, the ‘Lightning Bat Sky Wings’, that’s base price was one million, had risen to over one million seven hundred thousand. Moreover, from the looks of the situation, it was actually a close fight, a situation that was difficult to resolve.

“One million nine hundred thousand!” Fan Ling inhaled a deep breath of air and a morbid-like redness surfaced on his pale white face. His dense dark gaze stared at the enchanting and moving Elder Qing.

“Junior Sect Leader Fan Ling is really generous. One million nine hundred thousand. I hope that you still have sufficient money at the end.” After Fan Ling’s final price, the old face of Elder Qing also changed slightly. Their purpose this time around was not the flying Dou Technique . Wasting too much money at this time was clearly somewhat unwise. Therefore, she could only give up continuing to compete. She shrugged her shoulders and said with curled lips.

“Humph.” Fan Ling let out a cold laugh. He turned his head and threw his gaze toward the crystal platform, shouting coldly at the auctioneer, who was somewhat out of it, “Why are you still in a daze?”

“Oh. Ke ke, Junior Sect Leader, please don’t be angry.” The white-haired auctioneer, who was shocked awake, hurriedly said with a smile. After facing the auction ground and asked three times according to the rules, the auction hammer in his hand finally came down, announcing the final owner.

Following the fall of the auction hammer, the flying Dou Technique fell into Fan Ling’s hands.

“Tsk tsk, they are indeed worthy of being a large faction. They act so extraordinarily. One million nine hundred thousand. This enormous sum is equal to a couple years worth of our Xiao clan’s income.” As Xiao Yan eyed Fan Ling, who slowly sat down, he could not resist smacking his lips and whispered with a smile.

After the ‘Lightning Bat Sky Wings’ was auctioned off, at the highest price seen since the start of the auction, the bidders in the back descended into a low tide. Although the earlier items were auctioned off at a price that wouldn’t make others speechless, it undoubtedly caused people to stop feeling shock when they compared it to the sky high price of this technique.

Xiao Yan leaned his back against the chair. His finger gently tapped on his knee. Occasionally, his peripheral vision would sweep across those people from the ‘Sky Serpent Mansion’. One could not tell what the face under the black robe was thinking.

“Ke ke, the thing that is going to be auctioned off next is somewhat strange. This is because even we cannot figure out exactly what its use is. However after repeated distinguishment from our auction fair, it appears to be a certain, unknown treasure map.” The white-haired auctioneer bent his body to take out a silver plate. After which, he carefully pulled aside the cloth on top of the silver plate. Immediately, a dilapidated ancient cloth piece appeared in everyone’s sight.

“Boo.” As they saw the dilapidated cloth fragment, everyone in the hall immediately emitted a booing sound after it had been quiet for a while.

The smile on the white haired auctioneer’s face was somewhat awkward as he heard the unhappy responses. After their examination, this old cloth should be a map. This could be recognized from the routes and symbols on it. However, they did not manage to gain much other than this, with the exception of…

The corner of the auctioneer eyes glanced at that old cloth. His fingers twisted it and placed it across the light in front of everyone’s eyes. He pointed at a certain picture at the edge, where only half of it existed and said with a smile, “If it is what I think it is, this map should be very old. Although I am uncertain what it leads to, an ancient item should not be an ordinary one right? A person has to gamble a little. If anyone could obtain the complete map and is lucky enough, the thing that is hidden may shake the entire continent.”

“Chi.” Most people gave a snort of contempt in the face of these words of his.

Of course, not everyone reacted like this. At the very least, the eyes of the current Xiao Yan abruptly widened.

His gaze contained a slight shiver as he stared at the drawing located at the edge of that map fragment. He inhaled a cool, deep breath within his heart and did his best to suppress the rolling and surging thoughts in him. There were two of map fragments similar to this within his storage ring.

That image with only one side was not just some lines, but was the ‘Clean Lotus Demon Flame’, ranked third on the ‘Heavenly Flame Ranking’!

The ‘Clean Lotus Demon Flame’ was a terrifying ‘Heavenly Flame’ which even Yao Lao had never seen before. Legend has it that under this kind of demon flame, Dou Zongs and even Dou Zuns could only tremble in fear. If he obtained it, would the ‘Flame Mantra’ directly evolve into a legendary Tian Class Qi Method?

Of course, Xiao Yan was also ignorant of this answer. The only thing that the current him knew was that he had to obtain that map fragment at all costs!

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