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Chapter 391: Flying Dou Technique: Lightning Bat Sky Wings

The clear ‘gong’ slowly reverberated throughout the auction ground. Following the sound of the ‘gong’, the racket and noise in the ground also gradually receded. Countless number of gazes were thrown toward the crystal platform. Their eyes were all heated.

“Ke ke, I think that everyone here has waited until they are feeling a little impatient. Since that is the case, I shall not say any official or superficial words to annoy you.” That white-haired old man ,who was wearing fancy clothes, smiled as he eyed the dense mass of heads in the auction ground. Finally, his obscure gaze swept the factions seated in the front row. His loud and clear voice resounded throughout the place. As a very experienced auctioneer, he clearly knew that what those people below wanted to see and did not want to see. Therefore, his unnecessary introduction at the start was directly cast aside. Without a doubt, however, this action of the old man had indeed won cheers from the entire place. At the very least, even that dark, ice cold Junior Sect Leader of the Blood Sect also nodded slightly.

“As the annual Great Auction Fair begins, I think that this one, which our ‘Eight Gates’ has organized, will definitely not disappoint anyone.” The old man gently clapped. He said in a clear voice, “I announce that the ‘Black Mark City’ Auction Fair begins now!”

As the old man’s clear voice fell, an eye-piercing, intense light erupted from the crystal platform. It was a long while later before the intense light disappeared. On the auction platform in front of the white-haired old man, there was a longsword which was entirely blue, reflecting a thick, cold luster as the light reflected off of it. Seeing the energy traces flowing on its body, it was clearly a Monster Core weapon that a renowned blacksmith had meticulously created.

“This sword is named ‘Cold Edge’. It is molded from cold metal and is said to be able to cut iron like one would cut soil. Moreover, it is perfectly embedded with a rank three ice affinity Monster Core. If a person who practices water or ice affinity skills uses it to fight with an opponent, their strength will definitely be increased. Powerful magical weapons are something that one must bring when going out. If anyone is interested, do not be reluctant to spend the money in your bags. Money may be precious, but that is only on the precondition of one having the life to enjoy it, no? Ke ke.” The old man held the blue longsword in his hand. The body of the sword trembled and a faint, cold air rose, forming an indistinct white fog that was partially visible. He turned his head toward the auction ground and smiled as he said, “The base price is one hundred thousand. Everyone please.”

“A Monster Core Weapon, huh…” Xiao Yan muttered as he eyed that longsword. However, he was not too interested in it. The current him already had a weapon like the Heavy Xuan Ruler, where one made big motions with its attacks, having momentum that put pressure on others. He would really be a little unaccustomed if he was asked to change weapons to a narrow and elegant longsword. Therefore, he did not have any intention of participating in the bidding for this item. After all, he knew that the good things came at the end.
Of course, Xiao Yan’s lack of interest did not naturally mean that the other people would not be interested. For a Dou Zhe, a weapon that fitted one’s hand was like the medicinal cauldron in an alchemist’s hand. That was something used to make a living. Therefore, after the words of the white-haired old man fell, quite a number of bidding sounds repeatedly rang out through the auction ground.

The first bidding persisted for a couple of minutes before the sword was successfully auctioned off to a skinny, weak-looking man with an excited face for one hundred and fifty thousand gold coins.

After the first auction proceeded successfully, various different treasures, armors, Dou Skills, Qi Techniques, medicinal ingredients, etc., that caused people eyes’ to be dazzled, began to appear on the auction platform. There was even once when Xiao Yan was somewhat stunned as he watched a little beauty who was pushed onto the platform. She was not very old, appearing perhaps around twenty two to twenty three years old. Her figure, however, had matured till it left one speechless. A small face, which was filled with timidness, could immediately stimulate the male desires of those men in the auction ground who massacred all the time. One by one, they turned into wolves. Finally, it actually ended up with a high price of nearly one hundred and thirty thousand, causing the white-haired auctioneer on the platform to part his mouth and smile.

Xiao Yan sat on the soft chair and indifferently watched those buffoons around him. He closed his eyes and waited for something that could arouse his interest.

During the auction fair, there were not too many unique items, which created an overly detonating atmosphere, appearing. Moreover, the people who were bidding were merely some people seated in the back. The strong factions in the front rows, who possessed a great amount of wealth, had yet to make a single bid up until now.


Another clear ‘gong’ sound was transmitted from the crystal platform. The white-haired auctioneer was full of smiles as he received a small, silver plate from the hands of a female servant. There were two transparent small jade bottles on the silver plate. There was a green medicinal pill rolling around within each of the the jade bottles.

This medicinal pill attracted quite a number of gazes when it appeared. After all, the medicinal pill was something in great demand and on par with Qi Methods and Dou Techniques on this Dou Qi Continent. Moreover, some of those medicinal ingredients, which could be directly used to raise one’s strength, would cause a countless number of people to flock in droves.

“Ke ke, this medicinal pill is called the ‘Green Spirit Pill’. I think that there are quite a number of people who have heard of its name. It is able to help those people who have been hovering at the peak of the Dou Shi class for a long while to break through their barrier in one go. Moreover, these ‘Green Spirit Pill’ is of the ‘Two-Lined’ class. If one is lucky enough after one consumes it, one might wildly soar two stars of strength.” The white haired auctioneer pointed at the medicinal pill in the bottle and smiled as he spoke.

The words of the auctioneer had just fell when commotion broke out on the auction ground. Countless people stared at the jade bottle on the silver plate with boiling hot eyes. This kind of medicinal pill, which could help people break through the barrier between classes, was merely something one might have the chance to see if one was lucky, but cannot hope to obtain even within the ‘Black-Corner Region’. Dou Shi and Da Dou Shi was merely the difference of only one word. However, only by stepping into the latter could one be truly considered to have reached the level when one had a foothold on the journey of training one’s Dou Qi. This crossing was basically an extremely great change. Therefore, there were countless number of people who had stopped at the peak of the Dou Shi class and had been unable to take that step forward for a long time.

However, these problems could be easily overcome by the ‘Green Spirit Pill’. It was due to this that even some of those huge faction in front also had some interest when the pill appeared. After all, a ‘Green Spirit Pill’ could groom one Da Dou Shi. Looking at it from a long term perspective, this business transaction was quite worthwhile. Although the strong people at the peak were the rulers in the ‘Black-Corner Region’, the Da Dou Shi class was a middle level pillar of many factions. It was naturally good if one could add a few more.

“Of course, since everyone has heard of the name ‘Green Spirit Pill’, I think that all of you should also know some of its side effects.” The auctioneer smiled. A cunningness flashed across his eyes. He did not mention the backlash effect of the ‘Green Spirit Pill’ too clearly, but vaguely hinted toward it. After which, he waved his hand. “Base auction price, Three hundred and thirty thousand!”

“Three hundred and forty thousand!” The voice of the auctioneer had just rang out when someone from the seats in the back shouted out loudly.

“Three hundred and fifty thousand!” There were obviously quite a lot of people who were interested in the ‘Two-Lined Green Spirit Pill’. Therefore , the earlier bid was surpassed in less than a minute.

Xiao Yan quietly sat in his chair. His fingers were intertwined together. When he heard the repeated sounds of the price being raised racing by his ear, a faint smile involuntarily surfaced on his face under the black robe. The extent to which the ‘Green Spirit Pill’ was welcome within the ‘Black-Corner Region’ had far exceeded his expectations. According to this situation, he would at least have sufficient money to purchase all of the medicinal ingredients for the ‘Spiritual Recovery Purple Pill’.

The shouting of the prices repeatedly sounded one after another within the auction ground. In merely ten minutes, the price of one ‘Green Spirit Pill’ had risen from three hundred and thirty thousand to around four hundred thousand. When the price had reached this level, the shouting clearly became much more sparse. After all, if one pill was four hundred thousand, two pills would be nearly one million. This kind of price was somewhat too large for most people.

“Five hundred and fifty thousand.” Just as the price paused at four hundred and ninety thousand, a somewhat, ice cold, lazy voice finally sounded from the front row.

Hearing this price, which had suddenly soared by sixty thousand, Xiao Yan raised his head slightly. His somewhat strange gaze paused on the body of the Junior Sect Leader of the Blood Sect. His heart softly muttered, “Is he also interested in the ‘Green Spirit Pill’?”

After the Junior Sect Leader of the Blood Sect shouted out a price, the noisy auction house immediately became much quieter. Some of the people who originally planned on raising the price once again faced each other and unwillingly sat down. Although they had some money, they undoubtedly knew their limit and the consequences if they competed against the Blood Sect. Since this was the case, they might as well give up.

“Five hundred and sixty thousand.”

Just when Xiao Yan thought that the price would stop at five hundred and fifty thousand, however, a faint voice suddenly sounded.

Gazes followed the shouting and moved, before finally stopping on the body of a middle-aged man wearing skull grey robes at the front row. They frowned slightly as their hearts muttered: “Someone from the ‘Black Skeleton’s Tomb’.”

The ‘Black Skeleton’s Tomb’ was also quite a strong faction within the ‘Black-Corner Region’. It is said that they practice an extremely weird Qi Method. Moreover, their elemental affinity was tilted toward the rare dankness affinity. Therefore, there were few people in the tomb. However, all of them were elite, strong people. They usually had an unceasing number of conflicts with the Blood Sect, but they did not really go all out and fight to the death due to the suppression and restraint of the leaders on both sides.

When he heard there was someone who issued a competing bid, the eyes of the Junior Sect Leader of the Blood Sect immediately became much darker and colder. He tilted his head and glanced at the wooden face of the middle-aged man. He said, “Five hundred and eighty thousand.”

“Five hundred and ninety thousand.” The middle-aged man was still expressionless as he shouted at a steady pace.

The gazes of the people on the entire auction ground agglomerated onto these two people. The factions at the front row did not participate. They merely watched the two people with interest as they wondered how high the two people would raise the prices to.

“Junior Sect Leader, five hundred thousand is already the peak price for a ‘Two-Lined Green Spirit Pill’. If you continue adding, you will lose out somewhat. Moreover, we must leave some money for the final contest.” Seemingly having seen that the Junior Sect Leader of the Blood Sect was still thinking of raising the price once more, the old man beside him hurriedly whispered.

“Six hundred thousand.” The Junior Sect Leader of the Blood Sect frowned slightly. He mused for a moment before announcing his final price. He had already made the decision that he would give up this bidding if the other party increased the price further.

Against many people’s expectation, however, the expressionless middle-aged man did not open his mouth again after the Junior Sect Leader of the Blood Sect shouted this price. He shrunk back into his chair and a faint ridicule surfaced on his wooden face.

The middle-aged man’s action caused the Junior Sect Leader of the Blood Sect, Fan Leng, to be blank. He immediately appeared to have understood what had happened and a dense darkness was lifted from the corner of his mouth. He softly said, “Very good. If father wants to take action this time around, let me handle this Moer Han. I want him to taste the pain of having his blood completely drained.”

“Ke ke, Junior Sect Leader Fan Leng bids six hundred gold coins for one pill. Who else wants to increase the price? If there isn’t anyone, then the two ‘Two-Lined Green Spirit Pills’ belong to him!” The white-haired auctioneer was quite satisfied with this price. He immediately smiled as he asked the crowd. When saw that there was no response, he finally knocked the auction hammer in his hand downward.

“One million two hundred thousand. Not a bad price. These suckers.” A mocking smile surfaced in the shadows under the black robe. One million two hundred thousand was about to flow into Xiao Yan’s already depleted money bag.

After auctioning off the two ‘Green Spirit Pills’, the few things behind were not auctioned off at a high price. Some of the things had their prices merely raised once before they were successfully auctioned off to someone. This caused the auctioneer on the stage to feel a little pain. These sales were related to his evaluation and income.

It was fortunate, however, that this low tide was finally suddenly raised after it had persisted for over ten minutes. Even Xiao Yan’s face was filled with surprise at the thing that was auctioned.

The auctioneer carefully used both hands to picked up a scroll made out of an ancient jade from the crystal platform. His expression was filled with mystery as he faced the crowd.

“Everyone, the thing that is going to be auctioned off next is something that is currently very rarely seen. This is a kind of Dou Technique. Due to the method to create it being lost, however, it is now currently become extremely rare.”

Upon hearing the introduction given by the auctioneer, Xiao Yan appeared to have faintly sensed something in his heart.

“Flying Dou Technique: Lightning Bat Sky Wings!”

The hands of the auctioneer trembled. The scroll suddenly slide down and was immediately exposed. At that instant, a pair of small-scaled. black-colored bat wings, which appeared to have a ghostly aura appeared in everyone’s sight.

“As expected.” Xiao Yan was stunned as he watched the exquisite pair of bat wings. He let out a long breath of air as he muttered in his heart.

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