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Chapter 386: Black Mark City

Xiao Yan laid on the grass as the wild wind screamed all around him. He did not dare to move his body even a little, fearing that the mysterious thing hidden within the darkness had yet to leave, and instead would suddenly become violent and kill people.

There was no concept of time within the darkness. Just when a thread of impatience rose within Xiao Yan’s heart, a wisp of sunlight suddenly shone into the darkness. That scene was like an egg without even the slightest gaps being gently cracked open. Warm sunlight expelled the darkness within.

Following the appearance of the first thread of sunlight, numerous rays of sunlight began pouring in. That howling wild wind also gradually weakened until it finally disappeared.

Xiao Yan eyed the sky, which had become slightly brighter, before sighing in relief within his heart. He carefully climbed up and glanced all around him. He immediately saw the merchant group, which was already beginning to get everything in order, just a few hundred meters away. Immediately, he hurriedly opened his stride and hurried over.

When Xiao Yan was about to approach the merchant group, he was able to see that joyful plum[ face of Duo Ma.

“Mister Yao Yan, are you alright? I was really anxious when I could not find you earlier.” Duo Ma took a few steps forward and said with a relieved sigh.

“I’m fine. Just now, I was a little careless and was blown some distance away.” Seeing the joy on Duo Ma’s face, Xiao Yan smiled and shook his head. Although the reason for this fatty being so anxious was because of his strength, he was considered somewhat more normal compared to some of the people in the ‘Black-Corner Region’.

“You were blown away? Then Mister Yao Yan is really lucky. If it was someone who was unlucky, he would definitely lose his way within these great plains.” Duo Ma rejoiced and spoke with a grin when he heard this, “Mister Yao Yan, please board the carriage first. I need to arrange the goods here that have been disbursed by the wind before we can continue the journey.”

Xiao Yan nodded his head. He eyed the mercenary group, which had already begun packing, and did not say anything. He once again got into the horse carriage and sat cross-legged. His heart, however, let out a long sigh. A shock still remained in his lowered eyes. He muttered in his heart: “Is that the strength of the ‘Hall of Souls? They are indeed terrifying.”

“Ah, but it isn’t completely as you have seen. I already told you last time that the ‘Hall of Souls’ has techniques that are specially used to deal with spiritual bodies. Moreover, spiritual bodies are unable to use Dou Qi. Some of those spirits who possesses unique flames and have refined them into ‘Life Flame’ are a little better off. Back then, when I met with the people from the ‘Hall of Souls’, I relied on the ‘Bone Chilling Flame’ in order to successfully escape. Otherwise, my ending might have well been quite similar to the fellow whom you just happened to meet.” Yao Lao’s voice slowly sounded.

“I think that the attacking techniques that was used seems to be detached from the boundary of Dou Techniques and Dou Qi.” Xiao Yan said somewhat hesitantly as he recalled the bizarre black-colored chain. This was because he knew that while spiritual bodies may not be able to use Dou Qi, the damage Dou Qi can cause them is also similarly weakened. However, when that chain wrapped around that red-colored spiritual body, it was like fire meeting a piece of ice. The reaction was so intense that it left people speechless.

“Ah, when I came into contact with them back then, I also had this kind of feeling. However, I didn’t have the opportunity to observe it in greater detail. Now that I think about it, their attacking methods are really somewhat different from an ordinary person’s. I’m afraid that this is also ultimately why the spiritual bodies are like babies in their hands, without much ability to resist.” Yao Lao voiced his thoughts.

“However, you also need not worry about this now. As long as I appear as little as possible, they should not be able to find our position within such a short period of time. What you currently need to do is to try to raise your strength before they discover us! Otherwise, that person from earlier will be a predecessor whose fate we will share.” Yao Lao said gravely.

“Ah.” After this encounter within the Black Storm, the urgency that Xiao Yan felt had become much more intense. Moreover, seeing that fellow’s peculiar attacking method also caused him to be a little worried. After all, the things which he did not know were the most frightening.

“However, we can perhaps stop over at the ‘Black Mark City’ for one day. The auction fair there should have the things that you need. Moreover, the auction fair of the ‘Black-Corner Region’ is not something that those in the Jia Ma Empire could compare with. Taking a look would be an eye-opener. However, do you have sufficient money with you? In the ‘Black-Corner Region’ one would have difficulty moving even an inch if they did not have any money.” Yao Lao smiled as he spoke.

“Ah, it seems that I still have over a hundred thousand gold coins. These are the dividends from the sale of the healing medicine in Wu Tan City back then.” Xiao Yan was at a loss when he heard this before replying.

“Over a hundred thousand?” Yao Lao was somewhat speechless as he helplessly said, “It is just sufficient to allow you to continue living within the ‘Black-Corner Region. However, you can forget about going to auction for anything if you are thinking of doing so.”

Xiao Yan rubbed his head with embarrassment as he bitterly laughed, “If that is really not possible, we can go and buy some medicinal ingredients to refine some medicinal pills to auction off. I have never heard of an alchemist being short on money to spend.”

“We can also auction out some ‘Amethyst Lion Birth Essence’ or perhaps that ‘Fire Lotus Seeds’. If these things were placed in the ‘Black-Corner Region’, they can also cause quite the sensation. When that time comes, I’m afraid that there would be countless number of strong people who practice fire affinity Qi Methods to fight for them.” Yao Lao spoke with a smile.

“That’s not possible. The ‘Amethyst Lion Birth Essence’ is the food which the ‘Heaven Swallowing Python’ loves the most. If I don’t have it, that small thing will definitely not listen to me. What will become of me then? There are also only eleven ‘Fire Lotus Seeds’. Moreover, I have consumed one of them during this period of time. Even I myself resent the fact that there isn’t enough of them, what’s more taking it out to sell.” Xiao Yan rolled his eyes and muttered.

“I think I will refine some medicinal pills to auction off. Currently, I am, at any rate, also an alchemist who can refine a tier four medicinal pill. I think that even in this ‘Black-Corner Region’, a tier four alchemist will not be like cabbage, where one can grab a bundle in one go.” Xiao Yan curled his lips and said.

“Cabbage? To think that you can even think of that? With your status as a tier four alchemist, you would be treated as a VIP if you randomly joined any faction. Moreover, your treatment would definitely not be poorer than that of a Dou Wang.” Yao Lao ridiculed.

“Hee hee, that’s even better.” Xiao Yan snickered. When he heard the sound of footsteps appearing outside the carriage door, he ceased conversing with Yao Lao and closed his eyes and hung his head, much like an old monk meditating.

Ever since they had experienced that Black Storm, this convoy of Duo Ma did not experience any more trouble. Around noon on the second day, some lush green color finally began to appear at the edge of the monotonous black-colored plain. When they saw the dispersed green color, the experienced guards could not resist heaving a sigh of relief. As long as they exited the great plain, they would be much safer. After all, the cities were dominated by different, powerful factions. As long as they handed these factions sufficient wealth, they would at least not end up in a miserable state where their goods were stolen and their entire group being killed. These factions were not foolish enough to do something like killing a chicken to get its egg.
TL: Taking a lot of profit at one time instead of slowly getting it.

Of course, nothing was for certain. Otherwise, the ‘Black-Corner Region’ would not conform with its reputation of being the most chaotic region within the Dou Qi continent.

Xiao Yan pulled aside the curtain of the horse carriage from within and eyed the merchant group which was slowly exiting the black-colored plains. He also sighed in relief.

“Ke ke, it is fortunate that we did not meet those brutal dark bandits this time around. I have managed to preserve my goods and there was no one wounded or killed. I can really save a lot of compensation money this trip.” A smile, as though he had released a heavy weight, surfaced on Duo Ma’s plump face. Transporting goods on the Great Plains of the Dark Region was no different from hanging one’s head on one’s belt. If one was unlucky, one would end up losing his life. After all, it was not easy to earn money in this ‘Black-Corner Region’.

“That’s right, Mister Yao Yan, this is your reward. Although it does not match your value as a Da Dou Shi…” Duo Ma took out a bag of gold coins from his chest pocket and handed it over to Xiao Yan while he said with a bitter smile.

“Without Mister Duo Ma leading the way, I’m afraid that even if I walked for another ten days, it would be difficult for me to find my way out of the Great Plain of the Dark Region. This money is already more than enough.” Xiao Yan did not arrogantly reject the other party’s reward. He received the gold coins and weighed it in his hand. From its weight, it appeared to be around five thousand gold coins or so.

“Mister Yao Yan, thank you very much.” Duo Ma nodded his head in thanks. He immediately handed over the detailed map from his chest pocket over. In a soft voice, he said, “I think that for a new person who has just entered the ‘Black-Corner Region’, this is the most valuable reward.”

Xiao Yan’s eyes narrowed and slowly nodded, but he did not reject it.

“Ke ke, Mister Yao Yan , I see that you are quite young and your strength is already this strong. I think that your training talent is not bad. However, you must always be careful when walking in the ‘Black-Corner Region’. It would be best if you do not allow others to easily see that you are a new person who has just entered the ‘Black-Corner Region’. Otherwise, you will end up attracting a lot of unnecessary trouble.” Dou Ma laughed softly.

“I will heed your warnings.”

After the convoy walked out of of Great Plains of the Dark Region, they gradually reduced their speed. They hurried through a mountain road for another two hours before they finally passed by a mountain in the afternoon. At the foot of the mountain, the vague outline of an enormous city, that was formed by piling large black rocks, partially appeared. At the four city gates, one could vaguely see tiny black dots which were like ants being gathered together and swarming the city’s huge, dark entrance.

“Ke ke, Mister Yao Yan, this is the ‘Black Mark City’. Due to the auction fair that will be held within these two days, many factions and strong people from nearby will hurry over. After all, there will always be a unique object as a main attraction in each year’s auction fair. It is rumored that the object which dominated the auction fair last year was a scroll containing a Di class Dou Technique. Back then, various factions from all over had nearly started a fight at this auction fair in order to obtain it. If it were not for the great strength backing the organizer, it would most likely have directly turned into a comedy.” Duo Ma stood on the horse carriage and eyed the city at the foot of the mountain while speaking smile to Xiao Yan off to the side.

“Di class Dou Technique.” The corner of Xiao Yan’s mouth twitched involuntarily when he heard this. The place was indeed one where stolen goods and unique treasures flowed through this lawless region. It would basically be impossible to see a Dou Technique of this class within the Jia Ma Empire.

“Let’s go.” Duo Ma waved his hand and the convoy began whizzing downward. All throughout the way, they carried wisps of yellow dust as they dashed toward the enormous city at the foot of the mountain.

“Hopefully, it will not disappoint me.” Xiao Yan watched the city which was gradually being enlarged in his sight as he softly muttered. His heart was curious and held some expectations.

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