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 Jia Nan Academy, the Xiao clan has a Female Maturing Early

The Jia Nan Academy was an ancient academy that was seated in the middle of the continent. In the past thousands of years, the strongest people who walked out of here were all people who were extremely well known on the continent, and just their names could shake an entire region.

The most terrifying thing of an academy was not how great the strength of its teachers were, but the tens of thousands of strong people that had walked out of this academy. If the Jia Nan Academy was in danger of being destroyed one day, all the academy had to do was gather all those strong people who had graduated from the academy. It would be difficult to imagine just how terrifying this strength would be.

Although the number of different academies on the continent was difficult to count, the reputation of Jia Nan Academy was something that had never been surpassed even now. From this, one could see just how solid the heritage of this academy, which was shrouded by an age-tested aura, was.

On the continent, countless numbers of people, regardless of race, would be proud of being able to enter this ancient academy. Unfortunately, the extremely harsh requirements the academy had when recruiting new students caused many to bemoan their inadequacy.

On the peak of the mountain behind the academy, where the trees were lush, a young lady wearing a pale-green dress was standing prettily. There was a purple belt tied around her small, pretty waist, outlining the waist until it was extremely alluring.

She was facing the vast, white fog at the back of the peak of the mountain. Her long, soft, black hair moved along her shoulders as it fell to her narrow waist. Only then did it cease to extend further.

The young lady stood with her hands together. Her tall figure was like a green lotus blooming in the mortal world against a background of faint white fog slowly surrounding her, where it appeared otherworldly with a unique aura.

This kind of lady was like someone being bred by the aura of the land and the sky, appearing so outstanding that it caused people to be put into a trance.

“Ding Ling.”

A clear and ethereal chime suddenly sounded on this quiet mountain peak. If one were to examine closely, they would realize that there were two, tiny green-colored bells hanging on that white waist of the green clad young lady.

Following the chiming of the bells, a shadow suddenly appeared at a certain spot behind the young lady. Immediately, an old figure surfaced. The old man bowed respectfully toward the young lady and smiled as he said, “Young Miss (xiao-jie).”

“Old Ling, you have finally returned.” The young lady slowly turned around. Her elegant and exquisite ethereal face suddenly smiled. Immediately, the flowers paled. All the colors within the forest had drained away and completely gathered on her body, causing people’s sight to have difficulty moving away.

“Ke ke, I have no choice. Since Young Miss (xiao-jie) has given me an assignment, won’t I be blamed by Young Miss (xiao-jie) until I die if the old me ran back without completing my assignment?” The old man lifted his head and smiled as he replied. That old man’s face was shockingly the Ling Ying who had taken action to help Xiao Yan escape from the Misty Cloud Sect!

The young lady smiled with her mouth closed. In her mind, she recalled the young man who had caused her so much worry. Her clear, cold voice slowly became much softer. She glanced at Ling Ying, and an embarrassed red glow, which would have caused the entire Jia Nan Academy to go crazy over, immediately surfaced on her face. She said gently, “Old Ling, how is he?”

“Young Miss is talking about Young Master Xiao Yan, right?” Ling Ying replied by asking a rhetorical question. When he saw the bright redness on the young lady’s face becoming increasingly dense, he could not resist laughing out loud. It appeared that only that little fellow called Xiao Yan had the blessing and charm to cause the otherworldly temperament of the Young Miss, who was usually as indifferent as a lotus, to change into an ordinary girl.

“Before I left, Young Master Xiao Yan did not have any problems. The Three Year Agreement between him and Nalan Yanran ended with his victory as expected. It’s just that…” Ling Ying hesitated for a moment, but he still told her all of the events that had happened when Xiao Yan went up to the Misty Cloud Sect for the Three Year Agreement with great detail. Among them, it naturally included Yun Shan taking action, and the soul-stirring escape that Xiao Yan had experienced.

“Ke ke, but it is fortunate that Young Master Xiao Yan’s tactics far exceeded my expectations. Although Yun Shan’s appearance shattered his plan, that Queen Medusa of his, which was his final hand also shook Yun Shan until he dared not attack. Finally, we left the Misty Cloud Sect in one piece.” Ling Ying quickly supplemented.

“Queen Medusa? Tsk tsk, Xiao Yan ge-ge is quite good. He is actually even able to gather this kind of strong person… Yun Shan huh… a strong Dou Zong…” Her delicate fingers pulled aside her black hair, which was drawn down in front of her forehead. Surprise flashed across the young lady’s eyes. Immediately, she laughed faintly as she softly said, “The Misty Cloud Sect has remained affixed and sealed itself, sticking only within the Jia Ma Empire. Ever since Yun
Po Tian back then, there are no longer any shocking or outstanding people coming from there. If this continues, it is only a matter of time before it will be replaced.”
TL: ge-ge – elder brother or refer to a close male who is slightly older (sometimes intimately)

“Is Xiao Yan ge-ge well?” The bright eyes of the young lady were lifted gently as she asked once again. When she said that name, her exquisite white face had an alluring but embarrassed sleek redness,

“Ke ke, yes.” Ling Ying smiled and nodded. He raised his head and said something which appeared to have deeper meaning, “In the past, the old me didn’t really understand why Young Miss (xiao-jie) was protecting him in this manner. However, after teaming up with him this time around, I understand some of it. Young Miss’ foresight is quite good. I think that if that little fellow were given enough time, I’m afraid that even the Clan Head would not dare to easily deny him.

When she heard Ling Ying’s praise, an arc which was difficult to notice was lifted on the young lady’s face. She did not know how many praises she had heard. However, each time she heard someone praise Xiao Yan, her heart would involuntarily leap like some little girl.

“However, you should also know that this is under the precondition that he is given enough time. Our clan is spread all over the continent. They have seen quite a lot of shockingly talented and outstanding people. Unfortunately, the people who can finally and truly step toward the peak are so few that can be counted easily. Therefore, those people in the clan only look at the present and are not willing to bother with what your potential is worth. This was because such things are fleeting and who knows how things will be?”

“Yes.” Ling Ying nodded slightly. What she said was indeed true. This world had never lacked geniuses.

“Therefore, the current Xiao Yan ge-ge still has a long path to walk.” The young lady was slightly quiet. She immediately smiled saucily as she softly said, “However, no manner how long, I am also willing to wait until he becomes a true strong person at the peak.”

“Ah, that Xiao Yan little fellow. Even if Young Miss is willing to wait, if you are not able to become very strong, the road for you and Young Miss will face countless number of ups and downs. You should know that with Young Miss’s talent and beauty as well as the faction she represents, your competitors will be so strong that you would be stunned. Even if Young Miss were to protect you when that time comes, will that proud bone of yours be willing to endure the shame and hide behind Young Miss’s back?” Ling Ying maintained his silence as he eyed the young lady, who was as ethereal as a fairy, under the shine of the morning glow. However, he was muttering softly within his heart.

Back then, the young man was able to clench his teeth and train bitterly for three years and endured an endless amount of suffering, just because of an engagement that was canceled. All that he was aiming for was to appear with the stance of a strong person in front of the lady who had stepped on his pride. If this kind of person were asked to hide behind a woman’s back, and then let him watch his own woman help him block all the rain and wind, it would be likely that he would feel even worse than being killed.

“That’s right, Old Ling, what level is Xiao Yan ge-ge’s strength currently at?” The young lady appeared to have suddenly recalled something and asked somewhat curiously.

“When I left, Young Master Xiao Yan’s strength was around that of a one star Da Dou Shi.” Ling Ying smiled as he answered.

“A one star Da Dou Shi huh.” The young lady’s bright eyes were bent into a shallow crescent shapes as she smiled and said, “In two year’s time, he became a Da Dou Shi from an ordinary Dou Shi. Advancing one class each year. This speed could nearly be ranked among the top five within the Jia Nan Academy. Looks like the training that Xiao Yan ge-ge underwent during these past two years was quite tough.”

“How will one grow if one is not honed? Young Master Xiao Yan is like a good jade which had yet to be polished. Back then, that Nalan Yanran polished away the laziness of this piece of jade. The bitter training in the following years later hid that cutting edge of his. An excellent sword must be concealed in a box and the cutting edge must be hidden. Only by carrying on like this will one achieve great things.” Ling Ying fondled his beard and smiled as he replied.

“Old Ling, why have you praised Xiao Yan ge-ge to this extent after making a trip to the Jia Ma Empire? In the past, I have seldom seen you say such things about others.” The young lady covered her mouth and laughed. Her eyes were filled with a smile.

“It is just that the little fellow is worth this evaluation. None of my personal feelings are mixed into it.” Ling Ying smiled before immediately saying, “I think that perhaps in one or two months’ time, Young Master Xiao Yan will arrive at Jia Nan Academy. When that time comes, Young Miss’ pain from longing will be eased.”

The corner of the young lady’s mouth contained a warm and gentle smile. She slowly lifted her head and the skinny figure of the young man slowly surfaced in her mind. It has been over two years. Finally, they could meet each other again.

A warmth surfaced in her heart. It was a long time later before the young lady lowered her head, and eyed Ling Ying in front of her. She took a few small continuous steps and walked toward the foot of the mountain.

“Old Ling, for this period of time, you should first find a place to rest outside of Jia Nan Academy. You need not sneak into the academy if there are no urgent matters. Otherwise, if those old fellows were to know about it, I’m afraid that we’ll get into all sorts of trouble again. Those old lunatics may give our clan face but they are still very firm when it comes to some of the rules. On the point of the rules of the academy, there are only a few people in this continent who can be counted that can cause them to give in.” The figure of the young woman was gradually hidden between the tree leaves. Her voice, however, still lingered in the original spot.

“Ke ke, alright. If there is anything, Young Miss only needs to blow that pipe and the old me will immediately hurry over.” Ling Ying smiled and nodded. He twisted his body, turned into a shadow once again and merged with the shadow of a large tree. Finally, he gradually disappeared.

The young lady slowly walked down the mountain. Her faint, green-colored figure formed an alluring silhouette under the sunlight.

“Ke ke, Xun Er mei, what a coincidence. You have also just descended from your training in the mountains?” As the young lady walked quietly, a warm voice suddenly sounded from her side. The young lady halted her footsteps, lifted her head and took a look. She saw a handsome young man wearing a white-colored outfit not far from the foot of the mountain who was standing with a smile. The smile was elegant with a compliment of warmth. This impressive face accompanied by the warm smile would cause even a girl who was a stranger seeing him for the first time to involuntarily lower their guard a little.
TL: mei – younger sister or a younger close female friend (intimate)

“Yes.” Seeing the white-clothed young man, whose body was tall and straight, Xun Er’s face did not appear too gentle because of the outstanding appearance of the other person. She also knew that this young man was not a man who relied on his looks to survive and that his strength was at the very forefront of Jia Nan Academy. He was able to stand out among the outstanding people chosen from all over the land and was even a person who stood at the top among the younger generation at Jia Nan Academy.

Xun Er’s indifferent greeting did not cause the face of the white-robed young man to have any change. He laughed softly, took two steps forward and was about to come closer to have a chat when the former took the lead to open her mouth, and stifled his words, “Senior Bai Shan, Xun Er temporarily has some matters to attend to, and cannot accompany you to chat. Goodbye.”

The young lady smiled and immediately turned around, and walked to another small path. However, she had yet to take a few steps when another voice sounded.

“Xun Er, you have indeed come here again.” When Xun Er heard this voice, which was as gentle as water, she finally revealed a warm smile. She turned her head and saw a mature woman, who had walked over from a small path by the side. With a smile, she said, “Instructor Ruo Ling, were you looking for me?”

Hearing this name, it was clear that the person who arrived was actually Instructor Ruo Ling, who had gone to Wu Tan City to recruit new students two years ago. The two years did not leave any traces on that gentle and beautiful face of the current her. Instead, after being brewed, it appeared to have an even greater, more mature charm compared to two years ago.

Instructor Ruo Ling walked closer to Xun Er and helplessly patted the latter’s head. She said, “In another half a month’s time, it will be the Promotion Competition of the Academy. You should know that as long as you pass the matches in the competition, you will have the qualification to enter the Inner Academy to train. Each year, the academy only have fifty vacancies. Originally, you could already participate in it last year, but you passed up the opportunity.”

“Last year, Xun Er had just arrived. How could I dare compete with all the Seniors?” Xun Er gave a saucy smile as she spoke.

“Please don’t give me that. Do you think that I don’t know what you were thinking in your heart? Aren’t you simply waiting for that fellow to go together with you?” When she said up to this point, Instructor Ruo Ling suddenly gritted her white teeth. A resentful fury surfaced on her gentle face and a few rare vulgarities even erupted from her mouth, “Xiao Yan that bastard. He actually dared to fool around with old me. His one year leave was something that I settled after bearing a lot of pressure. However, one year has already passed, but I have yet to see him! He really infuriates me! If it were not for you who pestered me for the entire day, I would have simply crossed out his name and forgotten about it!”

“Instructor Ruo Ling, be rest assured that Xiao Yan ge-ge will definitely hurry over this year.” Xun Er quickly replied when she heard this outburst.

“What’s the use even if he managed to come? He was absent for training in the academy for two years. Don’t tell me that his training speed outside will be even faster than the training method that has gone through all kinds of assessment by various predecessors?” Instructor Ruo Ling helplessly said, “If he wants to successfully obtain a spot, he would at least need to reach the strength of a Da Dou Shi. Moreover, this would only be if his luck was good and did not meet certain monsters in the early rounds.”

“Instructor Ruo Ling, you should not underestimate Xiao Yan ge-ge. Back then he used his Dou Zhe’s strength to endure twenty exchanges with your hands.” Xun Er’s bright eyes were curled slightly with a smile as she replied.

“I hope so. The Promotion Competition this time around is not as easy as the last time. There are over three hundred people in the entire academy who have the right to fight for it. If he wants to break through them, it will really be quite difficult if he did not have a couple of skills.” Instructor Ruo Ling pursed her lips and said. She still bore a grudge toward this delinquent who had actually dared to not show up as agreed.

“Then can instructor please write Xiao Yan ge-ge name in this time around.” Xun Er pulled Instructor Ruo Ling’s hand, and gave a lovely smile as she acted in a spoiled manner.

“Ah, I really have no way to deal with you. It has been two years but your mouth has been talking about that fellow over and over again. There are quite a lot of outstanding males in this Jia Nan Academy who are more outstanding than him. For example…” The corner of Instructor Ruo Ling’s eyes suddenly glance at Bai Shan, who was standing with a smile off to the side.

Xun Er smiled, but acted as though she did not hear anything.

“I just knew that you would ignore me.” Instructor Ruo Ling appeared to be aware of this effect as she withdrew her joke. She softly said, “Let’s go, it is about time for morning class. Return with me. I think that you are also unwilling to be entangled with Bai Shan here, right?”

Xun Er smiled and nodded. She pulled Instructor Ruo Ling, and the two of them appeared to be discussing something softly with one another as they slowly walked toward the other side of the small path.

The white-clothed young man continued to quietly stand by the side of the small path. His face carried a smile as he eyed the two people who had gradually became distant. A long while later, the smile on his face finally paled slightly. His long finger carelessly clamped a wilted yellow leaf that was falling down from a tree. He said blandly,“Xiao Yan? Is it that new student who took an entire two years of leave? Ke, alright. You can show me just what qualification you actually have to cause Junior Xun Er to care so much about you? This kind of outstanding girl is not something that a mediocre person has the right to possess.”

Once he said this, Bai Shan slowly turned around. His hands, which were held behind his back abruptly flicked gently against the leaf from the tree. Immediately, a yellow shadow shot out explosively and was inserted into a huge rock far away in a lightning-like manner. Half of this seemingly weak leaf had actually penetrated into the tough rock.

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