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Chapter 373: Surrounded and Attacked in The Magical Beast Mountain Range

Within the vast, dense forest, the bright green trees covered nearly half of the sky. Occasionally, however, one could see flying Magical Beasts repeatedly whizzing past in the sky with a bone-chilling killing intent through the gaps of the tree leaves.

In the sky above the enormous sea of trees, tens of flying Magical Beasts were spread out in a circular formation, surrounding the large forest. At this moment, these flying Magical Beasts were moving nearer from afar as they slowly searched toward the center of the forest.

Within a certain dense thicket, a pair of eyes were quietly looking through the gaps between the leaves, eyeing the numerous huge bodies in the sky. Each one carried a dark shadow as they flew past. He could not help but knit his eyebrows tightly together. Although he had already shaken off the unit that had been chasing him earlier, his legs could not outrun a pair of wings. Therefore, the flying units that came from all directions overtook him after an hour. However, it was fortunate that the other party did not know his exact location and were unable to find him within a short period of time.

“Looks like those three old men who would not die are extremely furious. They actually began to search inch by inch without consideration of the labor required.” Xiao Yan had shrunk within a dark shadow as he softly muttered.

“The strengths of those three Misty Cloud Sect Elders are not bad. Therefore, they are able to sense the slight movements emitted from the energy trace within your body more clearly than an ordinary person. Although they are still unable to accurately tell your exact location, they are able to sense your approximate location.” Yao Lao said in a deep voice, “Now they had begun to form a circular formation and surround the approximate location. After which, they will search inch by inch from far to near. This method may sound stupid but it must be said that this is the only way they can swiftly find you. Moreover, this region doesn’t have any Magical Beasts of very high ranks. Therefore, with the suppression of the three Misty Cloud Sect elders imposing presence, the other Magical Beast would not dare come out and pose as a threat to them.”

“What do we do then? The region that has been surrounded is becoming smaller. If we allow them to continue searching in this manner, we will likely become caged birds sooner or later.” Xiao Yan frowned slightly and asked in his heart.

“We will shift our position within this small area. The region that they need to search is really too big. Moreover, they only have fifty or so flying Magical Beasts. The distance between them is quite large. As long as you can avoid the position where the three old fellows are at and borrow the cover of the dense forest, it will be difficult for the other Misty Cloud Sect disciples to discover you.” Yao Lao mused out loud, “However, that energy trace within your body will ultimately act as a signpost for them. As long as we have not removed this thing, they will be able to discover your position.”

“Can we not completely remove it?” Xiao Yan asked softly.

“Yes it is possible, but I have also said that when removing this energy trace, an intense ripple will instantly burst out. Moreover, that ripple would continue for quite some time. When that time comes, you will be completely exposed. Therefore, if you want to remove the energy trace you must at least shake the people chasing you. Otherwise, if you are not careful, you would unfortunately be totally surrounded like a dumpling being wrapped.” Yao Lao spoke with helplessness in his voice.

Xiao Yan nodded slightly. He lifted his head and his gaze passed through the gaps of the cover of the leaves to eye a flying Magical Beast that was closest to him. He softly said, “Since this is the case, we will exhaust them first. Once night arrives, the difficulty of their search will increase greatly due to the limited range of their vision. When that time comes, I will take the opportunity to break through the boundary of their search. I will also need teacher to to take action to completely remove the energy trace that Yun Shan had placed within my body. Otherwise, this chase will never end.”

“Yes, that’s just as well.”

“Hei, now, let’s go and play a game with this group of people.” Xiao Yan laughed coldly. He hugged the tree trunk with his hands and agilely descended from the large tree. After which, he swiftly ran toward a certain position.

When Xiao Yan had left this spot, a Misty Cloud Elder in the sky frowned suddenly. He exchanged glances with the two beside him and said in a deep voice, “The energy trace of the old Sect Leader is becoming increasingly distant. It appears that Xiao Yan has discovered our plan and has begun to flee.”

“Humph. It won’t be so easy if he wants to leave!” The oldest Elder let out a cold laugh. He shut his eyes slightly before suddenly opening them a moment later. His gaze swept directly toward the south of the forest. He could sense that the fluctuations emitted by the energy trace were coming roughly from that direction.

The old man waved his hand and suddenly pointed in the direction that Xiao Yan was fleeing before crying out coldly. “‘Eagle Unit’, listen up. Maintain the formation. Change positions and head toward the south to search. Pay attention to the thing that is running at great speed within the forest.”

“Yes!” An orderly response reverberated through the sky. Immediately, a wave of eagle cries rang out. The tens of huge flying Magical Beasts suddenly turned their bodies and swiftly flew past the sea of trees.

Within the forest, Xiao Yan, who was moving swiftly also appeared to have sensed the change in the other party. He let out a cold laugh as his footsteps hurriedly paused. He twisted his body forcefully and actually changed his position before running again.

“Dammit. That cunning fellow has changed his direction!” Not long after Xiao Yan had changed his position, the three Misty Cloud Sect Elders were able to sense it earlier than anyone else. Their faces immediately became green as they angrily cursed.

The old man with a head full of white hair and an age that was clearly the greatest among the three coldly glanced toward the northern region. The corner of his mouth twitched slightly as he inhaled a deep breath of air before saying in a thick voice, “Follow him closely. I don’t believe that injured body of his can last for long! If he wants to run, we will tire him to death!”

As his voice fell, the flying unit that was far away immediately changed their position with great coordination before once again flying in the direction which Xiao Yan was now heading.

However, the chase this time around similarly did not last for very long before Xiao Yan once again swiftly changed his position.

“Follow!” The white haired old man in the sky had a green face as he said in a cold thick voice.

It was as though a performance by the flying unit had begun above the vast sea of trees. One could see the tens of flying Magical Beast were repeatedly changing the direction in which they were flying. If one were to carefully observe, however, one would be able to discover that the direction they were flying in was ultimately revolving around a circle in this region.

This frolic-like farce continued from afternoon all the way until sunset. Only then did both parties began to slow down due to exhaustion. Both groups remained still as though they had agreed to it beforehand.


Xiao Yan’s back was pressed against a tree trunk at a certain spot within the dense forest. He panted hurriedly and perspiration moved along his face as it rolled down. His chest rose and fell rapidly. Continuously running around at such great speeds for a full afternoon was something that even he, as a Da Dou Shi, would have difficulty maintaining if he were not supported by medicinal pills. It was fortunate, however, that those flying Magical Beasts of the Misty Cloud Sect had also become exhausted after he led them on the wild goose chase for an entire afternoon.

“The sky is finally becoming dark.” Xiao Yan sighed in relief as he lifted his head and eyed the sun which had descended halfway past the horizon. He carefully turned his gaze toward the flying unit in the distant sky and frowned slightly. Even if they were exhausted, it seemed that they were unlikely to do nothing like this? Had they given up?

“Forget it, who cares what exactly they are planning. In any case, once the sky completely darkens, I want to see how they will continue to chase me.” Xiao Yan laughed coldly. He took out an ‘Energy Recovery Pill’ from within his storage ring and stuffed it into his mouth. After which, he closed his eyes and sensed the gradual rolling warm medicinal strength within his body. His originally somewhat numb muscles seemed to have become much more comfortable.

The sun in the distant sky slowly descended. Finally, it completely sank as Xiao Yan had awaited.

When the sun completely fell behind the mountain, this part of the Magical Beast Mountain Range immediately fell into complete darkness.

The moment the darkness enveloped the land, Xiao Yan also slowly opened his eyes. He stood up, lifted his head, and glanced at the flying unit which had actually stopped in midair without any movement. His eyebrows could not help but frown slightly. He immediately let out a cold laugh, leaped down from the tall tree, and rushed toward a spot in the encirclement which seemed to be the weakest.

There was a commotion within the flying unit in the sky just as Xiao Yan made his move. Clearly, they had sensed that the fluctuation emitted by the energy trace was moving further away.

“Elder?” One of the people on the flying Magical Beast closest to the three elders hurriedly said.

“Maintain the encirclement formation. Everyone, do not move.” The white haired elder waved his hand and coldly said, “This time around, I want to see just how he will flee.”


As Xiao Yan flashed forward,a moment later, he could not resist turning his head and watching the sky. At that spot, a large group of dark, black shadows were still suspended and actually did not make the slightest move.

“What are those fellows planning to do?” Xiao Yan frowned intently and gently sighed. He was just thinking of ignoring them when his expression changed abruptly. His footsteps paused suddenly as his gaze stared intently at the dark black night sky where a flowing light was swiftly flashing past like a falling star.

“This Qi belongs to a Dou Huang’s. Dammit. These fellows were actually waiting for reinforcements.” Xiao Yan appeared to have understood something in that instant. He immediately cursed angrily as his body flashed before entering into the dark shadows. The presence all over his body was withdrawn to the extreme. His gaze also stared intently at the flowing light which was swiftly flashing over.

The flowing light instantly cut past the skyline and finally came to a sudden stop in front of the three Misty Cloud Sect Elders. The bright light gradually faded, revealing the graceful and noble figure of a beautiful woman.

“Sect Leader!”

When she appeared, everyone on the surrounding flying Magical Beasts, including the three Elders all hurriedly bowed.

Sect Leader. When one heard this form of address, it was natural for one to understand that the person who had just arrived was the current Sect Leader of the Misty Cloud Sect, Yun Yun!


Yun Yun responded faintly. Her beautiful eyes swept across the dense forest in the darkness below. A complicated expression flashed across her pretty face. The cold, delicate, and handsome face of the young man once again surfaced in her mind.

“It is actually her.” Xiao Yan gently clenched his fist within the darkness and said softly with a cold smile.

“Sect Leader, Xiao Yan has killed our Misty Cloud Sect disciples. This offence cannot be pardoned. No matter how much he suppresses the energy trance in his body, he will have difficulty escaping from you since you have the same elemental affinity that belonged to the same line of succession as the old Sect Leader. Sect Leader, please take action and completely search out the energy trace emanating from his body!” The snow white haired Misty Cloud Elder took one step forward and spoke in a deep voice.

Yun Yun’s pretty body gently trembled a little. She was silent for a moment before she immediately closed her pretty eyes.

While Yun Yun was silent, the entire area descended into a deathlike silence. All the gazes were focused intently on her. This time around, whether Xiao Yan would be exposed was completely determined by a single thought of this woman!

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