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The Start of the Great Escape

Looking within the vast, dense jungle, one could only see a never ending verdant-green color. A gentle breeze would occasionally blow over. Immediately afterwards, numerous huge green ripples would begin spreading through the verdant sea of trees from near and far, finally disappearing at the edge of one’s sight. It gave a very spectacular appearance.

Above the sea of trees was the blue sky. A few human figures occasionally flew by in the sky above. Their sharp eagle-like gazes would scan the forest below in detail. However, the size of this forest was far too large and the green waves which rolled one after another also covered most of the things under the dense forest. Therefore, no matter how they searched inch by inch, they still could not find their target.

A few human figures swept past this dense stretch of forest. After realizing it was futile, their helpless gazes interacted with one another in mid air before they shook their heads. They then displayed a hand signal to one another and separated, heading in different directions.

Under the dense and lush woodlands, a towering tree pierced the sky. Around it, however, there were an unknown number of trees which were even larger and taller. Therefore, it did not appear conspicuous.

At the top of this tree, there was a branch that extended out. The branch was surrounded by lush, green leaves. Hence, if one were to take a quick glance at it, one would really have difficulty discovering the things that were hidden within it.

“Hu.” The sounds of someone breathing as they suppressed pain could be heard from beneath the thick foliage. Immediately, the subtle sound of gritting teeth appeared. A moment later, the leaves of the trees trembled slightly and a face with a tight frown was exposed. The head carefully turned as he scanned the empty sky. His gaze then swept in the directions where the few human figures had spread out before sighing softly and sitting on a thick, rough branch. His back leaned against the tree trunk and cold sweat repeatedly streamed down from his forehead.

“Teacher? Are you still here?” Xiao Yan let out a few long breaths before hurriedly crying out softly within his heart.

“Ah.” A long while later, a somewhat tired old voice replied from within Xiao Yan’s heart, “Little Fellow. This time around, things are not looking too good. It was a huge burden and caused great exhaustion when using the ‘Angry Buddha Lotus Flame’ twice in a row. If you had not let me consume the ‘Seven Magical Green Spirit Saliva’, I might well have descended into a slumber once again.”

Xiao Yan laughed bitterly and said, “I was too impulsive this time around. However, my father is missing.”

“Ah, I know. You, child, care a lot about your father-son relationship. Otherwise, given your character, it is unlikely that you would be so reckless as to charge into the Misty Cloud Sect and even kill Yun Leng in public.” Yao Lao smiled before continuing, “However, you need not blame yourself either. There is always something that one must protect with their life. Otherwise, is one considered human if they have no desire? Even if you become a strong person, that kind of loneliness and solitude will cause a person to become crazy.”

“Thank you teacher.” Xiao Yan sighed in relief and said in a soft, grateful voice.

“Ke ke, what is there to thank between the two of us?” Yao Lao laughed. Immediately, his voice became a little more serious, “Little Fellow, we are still within the boundaries of the Misty Cloud Sect’s influence. Therefore, we must leave here as soon as possible. Although Yun Shan may have been badly injured after eating two continuous ‘Angry Buddha Lotus Flame’, those Elders and Deacons of the Misty Cloud Sect aren’t useless people. Moreover, there is another Dou Huang, Yun Yun. The current me has exhausted too much Spiritual Strength because of the two ‘Angry Buddha Lotus Flames’. At the very least, I cannot supply you with energy which you can randomly squander like before. Additionally, that blow of Yun Shan’s earlier has left an energy imprint within your body. The current me can only try my best to suppress the oscillation that the energy imprint emits. If I were to forcefully destroy it, Yun Shan would immediately sense it.”

Xiao Yan nodded quietly. His fist gradually tightened as he raised his head. His gaze passed through the tiny gaps between the leaves and stared at the blue sky. His heart clearly knew the killing intent that Yun Shan had toward him. At this moment, the Misty Cloud Sect might already be pouring the entire sect’s strength to capture him. In his current condition, he would be able to handle some Misty Cloud Sect disciples at the very most. If deacons or even Elders were to find him, it would not be difficult for the other party to delay him, if he could even fight them. When that time came, should the Misty Cloud Sect’s troops hear the noise and arrive, Xiao Yan might really end up dying in this unending forest.

“First, let’s first head deep into the mountains to avoid the search parties from the Misty Cloud Sect. I am currently in an unsightly condition. If I don’t let these injuries heal properly, it is likely that fleeing would also be a problem.” Xiao Yan wiped the remaining bloodstain off of the corner of his mouth and said softly.

“Ah, that’s good. An alchemist need not worry about injuries. Although your injuries this time around are quite severe, ke ke, with teacher currently awake, I will naturally let you recover at the fastest speed possible.” Yao Lao said with a smile.

Xiao Yan nodded his head. He had absolute confidence in Yao Lao’s refining skills. He grabbed the tree trunk with his hand and slowly rose to his feet.

“At this moment, there are search parties consisting of Misty Cloud Sect disciples to the east, south, and north of our current position. Therefore, we can only flee towards the west side of the forest.” Yao Lao remained, “Moreover, pay attention to the figures in the sky. Most of those fellows are the Elders of the Misty Cloud Sect and their strength are at least of the Dou Wang class. If you were to unluckily bump into one of them in such a state, it would be troublesome.”

“I know.” Xiao Yan responded. He carefully parted the leaves and cautiously swept his gaze below. Only when he did not discover any traces of danger did he use his hands to hug the tree trunk and swiftly slide down like an agile monkey.

When he was a few meters from the ground, Xiao Yan loosened his grip. His feet gently kicked the tree trunk and his body curled in midair before flipping around and allowing him to land on one knee with his hands on the ground, supporting himself. The sound emitted when he landed was barely audible.

Xiao Yan’s sharp gaze swiftly scanned his surroundings. He then stood up and charged into a cluster of dense jungle. Right as he entered the dense sea of plants, a seven colored glow instantly flashed. Immediately, Xiao Yan halted his footsteps as his entire body emitted a cold sweat. His gaze hurriedly swept in front of him. Immediately, he could not help but rejoice. The seven colored glow was from the Heaven Swallowing Python that had turned into its snake form. For others, it was extremely hard trying to find Xiao Yan but for the Heaven Swallowing Python that had been living together with Xiao Yan ever since it’s birth, even the slightest smells in the air was like a huge roadmap.

“Hei, little fellow, is it now your turn to control the body?” Xiao Yan extended his hand. The ‘Heaven Swallowing Python’ obediently wiggled over, extending its tongue and emitting a hissing sound toward Xiao Yan.

“Hee hee, that’s good. That’s good.” The corner of Xiao Yan’s mouth parted when he saw the actions of the ‘Heaven Swallowing Python’. The joy on his face was difficult to hide. Although the strength of the ‘Heaven Swallowing Python’ was not as great Queen Medusa’s, this little fellow was unlike her Majesty in that it would actually go all out upon Xiao Yan’s orders as long as he gave it sufficient food to eat. On the other hand, Xiao Yan was so furious that his teeth itched when he recalled how Queen Medusa, that bastardly woman, actually stood idly by the side during his big fight with Yun Shan earlier.

Xiao Yan swiftly took out a bottle of ‘Amethyst Lion Birth Essence’ from his storage ring and used a small jade rod to dip a few drops of it and threw it into the ‘Heaven Swallowing Python’s’ mouth. Immediately, the little fellow jumped around, extremely lively. It circled around Xiao Yan’s body a few time before emitting a ‘suo’ sound and entered Xiao Yan’s sleeve.

“Hu, lucky. At least there is a talisman which can protect me.” Xiao Yan gently patted his sleeves and let out a long sigh. With the ‘Heaven Swallowing Python’ around, he would at least not be afraid of being held back should he be discovered by one of the Misty Cloud Sect’s Elders.

“Let’s go. There seems to be some people heading this way. It is inadvisable for the current you to fight with another person. I see that your Qi is currently uneven, hovering up and down. It actually appears like a state where your strength is about to rise. Looks like these big fights that you have recently endured were of great benefit to you. Quickly find a quiet place to recuperate and rest. Otherwise, this opportunity to raise your strength will be wasted.” Yao Lao’s deep voice suddenly sounded from Xiao Yan’s heart.

Xiao Yan was startled upon hearing this. Immediately, he nodded his head in surprise. This was likely one of the few pieces of good news in a bad situation like this. In this kind of situation where he faced extermination on all sides, increasing his strength by a little would naturally mean that his own chances of survival would increase a little.

Xiao Yan turned his head around and eyed the dense woods behind him. A cold smile spilled from the corner of his mouth as he softly said, “Misty Cloud Sect, Yun Shan, it looks like the grudge between the two of us has been completely formed. I hope that you will not regret this in the future! If you think that I, Xiao Yan, am one of those spineless people who would come begging with his tail hung between his legs after suffering a loss, I’m afraid that you are really mistaken.”

Back then, just because of a ‘Three Year Agreement’, Xiao Yan could bite the bullet and train for three years, causing him to be like a lone wolf in the grasslands. When he was wounded, he would retreat temporarily. Quickly following this, he would be like a ghost and a maggot in one’s tarsal bone, around and waiting to take revenge with a killing blow.

As the voice that contained a thick, dark coldness fell, Xiao Yan’s foot stepped on the ground. His body turned into a black shadow that swiftly fled into that dark, black forest.

Following Xiao Yan’s disappearance, the spot slowly descended into silence. Around ten minutes later, ten figures abruptly shot out from the dense forest. They held longswords in their hands while they scanned the surroundings with grave expressions. When they saw that there was no movement, they heaved a gentle sigh of relief. They exchanged glances and all of them smiled bitterly and shook their heads. The signal flares which were tightly held in their right hands, ready to be released at any moment, were also stuffed back into their chest pocket. When faced with a terrifying figure who could even force their old Sect Leader back, it was only natural that these people gave their full attention.

A Misty Cloud Sect disciple who was the leader of the group slowly stepped forward. He waved the longsword and the glow of the sword flashed, leaving an obscure symbol on a nearby tree. Once he did this, he turned his head and softly said, “We have already completed searching this spot. If we continue forward, we will enter into the north-west of the Magical Beast Mountain Range. The rank of the Magical Beasts there isn’t low. It would be quite difficult if we were to search there. Looks like we have to inform the Elders to use the flying units.”

While he spoke, he swiftly took out a bamboo whistle from his chest pocket and placed it to his lips. He blew it gently and a slightly sharp sound was slowly emitted from the bamboo. It finally formed a wave-like shape that swiftly spread throughout the huge forest…

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