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Chapter 363: Killing Yun Leng

Everyone within the Misty Cloud Sect lifted their heads to watch the green and white flames above Xiao Yan’s hands, which were slowly coming closer together. At this moment, even the disciples, whose strength were weak, began to feel a little uneasy. A commotion began to spread throughout the disciples of the Misty Cloud Sect.

“Xiao Yan, what are you planning to do?” As a Dou Zong, Yun Shan was first to sense the uneasiness that rose in his heart. His eyes immediately widened as he cried out sternly.

Xiao Yan ignored his remark. His eyes, which were filled with a thick killing intent, stared at the two different colored flames intently. As the two different flames began to merge, the space between his two palms began to become tremendously distorted. Numerous muffled thunder-like explosions were emitted from within them, shocking the souls of those who were watching.

Behind Xiao Yan, Queen Medusa was also watching the former’s action in shock. As she was suppressed by the ‘Heaven Swallowing Python’s’ spirit in the past, she was only aware of some of the circumstances surrounding Xiao Yan. This ‘Angry Buddha Lotus Flame’ was coincidentally something which even she didn’t know existed.

Merging two different ‘Heavenly Flames’? Isn’t this fellow a little overly crazy.” Queen Medusa frowned slightly. Back then, just one Green Lotus Core Flame’ had tortured her until she was barely alive. What kind of terrifying energy would merging two different kinds of ‘Heavenly Flames’ create?

“Stop him!”

As he saw the commotion transmitted from the collision between Xiao Yan’s palms, Yun Shan’s face gradually became serious. He could sense just how terrifying it would be if the two flames were to merge. Immediately, he waved his hand and said in a deep voice.

When they heard Yun Shan give the order, Yun Leng and a few others, who were already waiting for it, flapped the Dou Qi wings on their backs immediately. Their bodies instantly turned into rays of light that shot toward Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan coldly watched Yun Leng and the others who were encircling him as they approached. He gently flapped the Purple Cloud Wings on his back and his body abruptly shot backward. As he pulled back, the two colored flames in his hands had already began twining around each other. Numerous green-white flames were repeatedly shot out from the point of contact like an electric current. Occasionally, a flame which spilled out from within it would land on one of the huge trees. An instant later, the large trees, which were over ten meters tall, turned into a pile of ashes in front of numerous shocked gazes.

The few human figures in the sky repeatedly flashed and gave chase under the countless number of gazes below. Although the speed of Xiao Yan’s Purple Cloud Wings could not compare to a true pair of Dou Qi wings, he managed to cunningly escape each time he was about to be surrounded by agilely dodging as well as using the ‘Heavenly Flames’ in his hands, which Yun Leng and the others feared.

During the time that they gave chase and he fled, the two kinds of flames in Xiao Yan’s hand had completed over half the merging process. The green and white flames shrouded each other, much like a cluster of fire, repeatedly projecting a green and white electric current.

“Humph. This fellow is really crazy.” As he eyed Xiao Yan who had repeatedly avoided being caught by Yun Leng and the others, Yun Shan let out a cold snort. He took a step forward and his body strangely appeared along the path where Xiao Yan was pulling back as though he had teleported. He extended his right hand and a suction force surged.

Just as Yun Shan planned to capture Xiao Yan in one go, a human figure flashed in front of him and Queen Medusa appeared to block him from the front. She said faintly, “The Misty Cloud Sect used all of its strength to capture a mere Da Dou Shi, and in the end of it all, even you need to take action. Isn’t this a little too embarrassing?”

“Queen Medusa, don’t think that the old me is truly afraid of you. It is just that I don’t wish to offend you. Today, it is clear that Xiao Yan has come to find trouble with my Misty Cloud Sect. I hope that you won’t get involved in matters that do not concern you! Otherwise, my Misty Cloud Sect is also not something you can just carelessly step on.” Yun Shan eyed Queen Medusa who was blocking him, and cried out with a somewhat dark and solemn expression.

“If you are interested, I am happy to accompany you in trying my attacks. Ever since I have regained control of this body, I have really not used my full strength.” Queen Medusa gave a sweet smile as she said. There was actually some eagerness within her pupils.

Yun Shan’s face twitched slightly. He turned around and shouted to Yun Yun, “Yun-er, stop the ‘Heavenly Flames’ in Xiao Yan’s hands from merging. I will hold off Queen Medusa.”

“Ah? This…” Yun Yun was startled as she heard Yun Shan’s words. There was a struggle on her face and she actually stood in the air without doing anything.

“Yun-er, what are you doing? The thing in Xiao Yan’s hands is far too terrifying. If he were to throw it at the Misty Cloud Sect, this mountain peak would be completely destroyed. When the time comes, the disciples in the Misty Cloud Sect would definitely be dead or seriously injured. Will you still be worthy of this Sect Leader’s position then?” Yun Shan began to be a little stunned when he saw that Yun Yun actually did not act according to his words. Immediately, he let out a stern cry.

“Yes, teacher.” Yun Yun’s expression changed rapidly. Under the countless gazes of the Misty Cloud Sect’s disciples below, she clenched her white teeth and nodded. The pair of wings on her back were gently flapped and her body turned into a gentle breeze that flew toward Xiao Yan in a lightning-like manner.

Yun Shan finally sighed in relief upon seeing Yun Yun move. He turned his head and coldly eyed Queen Medusa as he said, “Even without me acting, it will definitely be impossible for Xiao Yan to successfully merge the ‘Heavenly Flames’.”

“I am only holding you back. It is not of my concern of whether or not he will be able to succeed.” Queen Medusa glanced at Xiao Yan who was flying in all directions as he was being chased and replied lazily.

“Hmph.” Yun Shan cold laughed. He turned his head and traced the pursuit that was occurring in the sky above him with his eyes. His gaze stared intently at the spot between Xiao Yan’s hand. As the two kinds of flames merged together, a terrifying energy that even Yun Shan needed to take seriously was slowly being agglomerated.

The pair of wings on Xiao Yan’s back were flapped as he narrowly and dangerously dodged Yun Leng’s pouncing time and time again. His expression suddenly changed, and a white light flashed past the corner of his eyes. He saw that Yun Yun had appeared in front of him like a ghost. A dense white glow was attached to her long delicate hand. At this moment, her hands were directly shooting explosively toward the fireball in Xiao Yan’s palm. From the looks of the situation, the fireball which he had took great pains to merge would likely collapse on the spot if it were to be hit.

Xiao Yan grit his teeth ferociously. His hands, which were maintaining the merging of the ‘Heavenly Flames’, were abruptly raised much higher. He then flapped his wings and actually used his chest to meet Yun Yun’s palm.

Yun Yun was startled when she saw that Xiao Yan was using his life to fight without fearing death. Her brows were furrowed tightly as she stared intently at the dark, black eyes which were like ink. The moment when the palm came into contact with the former’s chest, her heart involuntarily softened. With a gentle sigh, she moved her body slightly and her hand was nestled close to Xiao Yan’s chest as she flew past it.

“Xiao Yan, we can sit down and discuss if there is any matter. Can you not turn the matter until it becomes this rigid?” A soft voice that contained a begging feeling to it was transmitted into Xiao Yan’s ears.

“There is nothing to discuss. It is your Misty Cloud Sect which had gone too far! A blood debt must be paid with blood! I will definitely take Yun Leng’s life!” Xiao Yan clenched his teeth and swiftly pulled back while laughing coldly.

“But the disciples of the Misty Cloud Sect are innocent. Why do you want to implicate them?” Yun Yun’s hand was nestled close to Xiao Yan’s shoulders as she flew past. It appeared like it was an extremely dangerous attack, but this was done purposefully by her.

“When Yun Leng broke into my Xiao clan, did he think of the few hundred people of my Xiao clan that were nearly killed because of him? Don’t tell me that they were not innocent of anything?” Xiao Yan’s body trembled as he furiously said.

“Ah.” Yun Yun’s mouth was widened as she watched Xiao Yan’s face which was completely filled with a green fury. She could only let out a soft sigh as she said with a bitter smile, “You are far too agitated right now. Let’s wait until you have calmed down before we continue to discuss. However, that thing in your hand is really too terrifying. I cannot allow you to continue creating it. I’m sorry.”

Once she said those words, Yun Yun flapped the wind wings behind her back. Her speed abruptly soared. In an instant, she appeared in front of Xiao Yan. A faint delicate fragrance which Xiao Yan was familiar with immediately drifted into Xiao Yan’s nose.

“The smell is exactly the same as it was one year ago.” As he eyed the beautiful face which was within close proximity, Xiao Yan suddenly said those words with a curious coincidence.

The delicate hand, which was extended violently, abruptly paused at this moment. A flush of red suddenly surfaced on Yun Yun’s face without any foreboding.

The moment that Xiao Yan had said those words, he had already recovered. He immediately sighed and flapped his wings, taking advantage of the instant that Yun Yun hesitated. He swiftly pulled away from Yun Yun’s attack.

“Sly fellow.” Yun Yun also recovered just as Xiao Yan pulled back. Her face was still flushed with an intoxicating red. She spat out softly before lifting her head toward Xiao Yan who was flying backward. However, a paleness gradually surfaced on her face. She could see that the two colored flames had already completely merged at this moment. Fire serpents shot in all directions while they wiggled continuously, as though there was something about to break out.

“Has he really created it? Ah, time to hurry up and pull back. This time around, the Misty Cloud Sect is going to suffer a severe loss.” From a spot not far away, Hai Bodong eyed the green-white colored fireball which was repeatedly wiggling in Xiao Yan’s hand. He involuntarily swallowed a mouthful of saliva and said in a quivering voice.

Under countless gazes, the fireball in Xiao Yan’s hand hurriedly wiggled. An instant later, the fireball suddenly burst apart. The light from the fire shone brightly, and a green-white colored fire lotus the size of a palm curled up from within the fireball. After which, it was suspended above Xiao Yan’s right hand.

“This bastard Yun Leng!”

Yun Shan was stunned as he watched the green-white fire lotus. A moment later, he suddenly cursed severely. The energy that was overflowing from that flame lotus gave him an impulse to kill Yun Leng with one slap. Why did he have nothing better to do other than purposefully find such an enemy, who even he would find troublesome.

“This fellow actually still had something this powerful?” Queen Medusa’s face also revealed some shock as she muttered.

Xiao Yan’s face contained a fanatic expression as his gaze stared intently at the fire lotus in his palm. A giddiness suddenly appeared in his mind, but he clenched his teeth and endured it. Turning his head abruptly, Xiao Yan’s threw his dark, cold gaze toward Yun Leng below.

Yun Leng’s heart trembled when he saw Xiao Yan look at him. The current him had also clearly sensed just how frightening that fire lotus in the latter’s hand was. Immediately, cold sweat repeatedly fell from his face. A terrified expression surfaced on his face.

“Old bastard, go and die!” Xiao Yan spat as he grinned fiercely. His eyes were crimson as he roared out furiously.

“Xiao Yan, I really didn’t hurt your father. Really! It is really he himself who disappeared!” Yun Leng’s expression became deathly pale as he sensed Xiao Yan’s killing intent. His body swiftly descended as he shouted sharply.

“Xiao Yan, no!” Yun Yun’s pretty face was pale as she cried out involuntarily to try to stop him.

Xiao Yan’s gaze stared at Yun Yun’s pretty face. A bitterness flowed out from the corner of his mouth. He gently shook his head and softly said, “It’s too late.”

Xiao Yan lifted his hand slightly. The green-white fire lotus slowly rose up. Xiao Yan waved his hand gently with an expressionless face. The green-white fire lotus instantly turned into a ray of fiery light that shot explosively toward Yun Leng below, who was trying to flee.

Under a countless number of gazes, the green-white fire lotus was like a meteor that had come from space as it carried a destructive force, cut through the distant air, and swiftly caught up with Yun Leng, who had a frightened face.

“Hah!” The seal in Xiao Yan’s hand was abruptly formed as he cried out with a ferocious expression on his face.


As the cry fell, the green-white fire lotus suddenly exploded in front of numerous shocked gazes. At this instant, an explosion that was like a thunderclap could be heard within the radius of a few hundred kilometers around the Misty Cloud Sect!

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