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Chapter 354: Descending the Mountain

Following the appearance of the bewitching person, the square descended into a temporary silence.

The silence persisted for a long while before it was finally broken by a terrified involuntary cry, “Queen Medusa?”

Only two words had been said, but it suddenly caused everyone in the square to give a cold shiver. This name was something that almost all the citizens of the Jia Ma Empire had heard of. That icily alluring, beautiful yet vicious woman had personally killed an unknown number of renowned strong people during the war with the Jia Ma Empire. In this empire, there were very few people who had the ability to contend with this bewitching woman.

This woman used her vicious means, that did not lose to those iron blooded emperors, to frighten the few empires around the Tager Desert, causing them to be afraid of rashly starting a war.

Many people used the word ‘frightening’ to describe her.

In the sky, the expression of Hai Bodong, which was originally grave, had completely turned to one of fear at this moment. He might be able to remain calm in front of Yun Shan, but in front of Queen Medusa, he was ultimately unable to hide the terror he felt for her within his heart. The fight in the Tager Desert back then had left a lingering fear in his heart that was still currently present.

Additionally, that seal which had caused him to suffer the fate of living in isolation for decades further resulted in Hai Bodong fearing Queen Medusa like he feared vipers and scorpions.

Besides feeling frightened, he suddenly shivered again. Seeing that intense blow earlier, it was clear that the huge seven-colored snake earlier had transformed from Queen Medusa. Just thinking of how he and this terrifying woman had lived together for an unknowingly long amount of time without him even realizing it, caused a shiver to run down Hai Bodong’s spine.

“Xiao Yan, this fellow. He had Queen Medusa beside him and yet he did not tell me about it. Bastard. Does he want to get me killed?” Hai Bodong was somewhat furious in his heart as he silently scolded.

“Tsk tsk, Queen Medusa. This little fellow is worthy of being someone xiao-jie’s fancies. Although his strength is nothing great, the strong people protecting him just keep getting stronger and stronger. I think that he should be able to successfully leave after this journey to the Misty Cloud Sect even without even needing me to appear.” Ling Ying praised and shook his head. This sudden appearance of Queen Medusa also caused him to be extremely surprised.
TL: xiao-jie, young miss of a rich/powerful/noble family

The expressions of Fa Ma and Jia Xing Tian in the huge tree had also become extremely grave at this moment. The two of them exchanged glances and inhaled a deep breath of air. However, they were unable to even say a word. The blow this time around was indeed a little too surprising.

“Didn’t Queen Medusa fail in her advancement?” Gu He was stunned as he eyed that bewitching beautiful woman. His gaze slowly swept across Xiao Yan by the side. He frowned and softly said, “It looks like she did not fail, but was brought away by Xiao Yan after her advancement without anyone knowing. This fellow is really bold to the point that it causes people to be speechless. For this woman, killing a person is not much different than killing a chicken. He is really lucky to actually be able to live until now.”

Behind him, Liu Ling laughed bitterly. The strength that Xiao Yan had currently displayed clearly separated him from the younger generation. Even some people of the older generation could not compare with him.

Beside Gu He, Nalan Jie, Mu Cheng, and the others faced each other. Under the vicious reputation of Queen Medusa, they did not dare to emit even the slightest sound.

Xiao Yan’s throat quietly rolled for a moment. Without leaving a trace, his body shifted a little away. His gaze swept across the beauty behind him. Although this was not the first time that Xiao Yan had seen her, he still could not resist quietly praising her beauty in his heart.

The body of the current Queen Medusa was merely wrapped by a pale purple robe. Her black hair moved along her shoulders and fell all the way to her raised butt before it stopped. Her tempting figure with the front protrusions and the raised backside was like a honey peach that had been ripened to its limit, repeatedly releasing a charm that caused people’s hearts to boil. Xiao Yan’s gaze moved down and was somewhat surprised to find that the snake’s tail that was originally there had turned into two long, fair human legs at an unknown time. Her snow white small legs were suspended around half an inch from the ground. They were crystal clear without the slightest stain or dust.

“Queen Medusa, it is really unexpected that you were actually that strange, large python. No wonder I kept feeling that something was not right.” Yun Shan’s hand gently moved and an energy ripple was unleashed from his palm. He used that force to move his body a few steps back. That indifferent face of his once again had some seriousness appear on it.

Queen Medusa’s long finger elegantly gave a gentle flick. The energy ripple that was spreading over automatically disappeared. She slowly took a step forward and was coincidentally in line with Xiao Yan. Those pupils which were filled with a unique addictive charm swept across Yun Shan as she said blandly, “I also did not expect that you actually broke through the Dou Huang barrier and entered the Dou Zong class.”

“Didn’t you also successfully evolve?” Yun Shan smiled. His gaze glanced toward Xiao Yan and said, “It is just that I really feel a little surprised. With your character, you actually take action to help a human?”

“If you did not touch the ‘Heaven Swallowing Python’, I would not have appeared. I am not very concerned over his life or death.” Queen Medusa’s eyes drifted over Xiao Yan as she said softly.

Xiao Yan spread his hands. His hand held the Heavy Xuan Ruler tightly and Dou Qi swiftly circulated within his body, preparing to hurriedly pull back at any moment if Queen Medusa were to make any strange moves. He was similarly filled with caution toward this woman whose character was strange and unpredictable.

“Now that you have appeared, what do you plan on doing?” The white-colored long hair of Yun Shan’s drifted with the wind as he asked in a seemingly careless manner.

“Bring him away” Queen Medusa played with her delicate finger as she casually mentioned.

“It is possible for me not to touch that large snake you have transformed into.” Yun Shan knit his brows and said. After the lightning-like exchange earlier, he clearly understood that the current Queen Medusa had a strength which was not much weaker than his own. If they were to really fight, it was difficult to say who would emerge victorious.

“If I do not bring him away, that little fellow will immediately revolt. I am able to come out because of his danger. Only then did the little fellow abandon its suppression of me.” Queen Medusa’s delicate finger rubbed her clean forehead. There was a faint helplessness on her brows. Clearly, she was somewhat unwilling to save Xiao Yan.

Yun Shan appeared to have understood the words of Queen Medusa, which did not seem to make any sense. Immediately, the frown formed on his forehead deepened. His gaze slowly swept once around him as his expression continued to change. No one knew what he was thinking.

The square once again became quiet following Yun Shan’s silence. The other people temporarily did not have the qualification to interrupt when these two strong people at the peak were conversing.

Yun Leng rubbed his hands and watched Yun Shan who had begun to hesitate. His heart immediately became impatient. Naturally, he did not wish for Xiao Yan to successfully leave the Misty Cloud Sect after exhausting such a large effort. His palm gently touched the somewhat horrifying wound on his head. At this moment, it had already formed into a blood scar, but the intense pain still lingered in his head, causing the fury in Yun Leng to become increasingly great.

“Old Sect Leader, if you were to let Xiao Yan leave like this, it will definitely damage our Misty Cloud Sect’s reputation!” The fury accompanied by an intense pain repeatedly corroded Yun Leng’s reasoning. All of sudden, he finally could not resist any longer and he cried out loud.

“Discordant.” Queen Medusa picture-like brows knit slightly. She turned her head and watched Yun Leng who had cried out with her bewitching pupils. The bewitching glow within them became more intense.

Seeing that bewitching glow in Queen Medusa’s eyes, Yun Leng suddenly felt anything but reassured. He was about to hurriedly pull away when his head felt a sudden giddiness. He lowered his head to take a look, only to realize the grey-colored rock beneath his feet had suddenly began spreading up along his legs.
TL: Medus!


A soft cry abruptly appeared. Yun Shan’s figure instantly appeared by Yun Leng’s side. One of his legs ruthlessly stepped on the latter’s feet. A surging force penetrated out, directly shattering the rock that was spreading upward into pieces.

Only after the rock turned into dust did Yun Leng’s body escape from his restraints. Cold sweat appeared on his head as he swiftly took a few steps back, hiding behind Yun Shan. He did not dare to say anything more.

“Take him and leave!” Yun Shan sighed. Waving his hand abruptly, he spoke in a deep voice after staring intently at Queen Medusa.

Countless relieved sighs immediately reverberated from the square upon hearing these words of Yun Shan. The matter today had really been blown a little out of proportion. All of them simply hoped that the matter would be swiftly over. If this trouble were to continue, they did not know just how many strong people would get involved.

“Old Sect Leader.” Yun Leng said somewhat unwillingly.

“Shut your mouth!” Yun Shan’s expression was gloomy as he coldly cried out. His gaze turned toward Xiao Yan and said, “I have also heard about the Three Year Agreement between you and Yanran from Yun Yun. She was indeed a little impulsive with regards to this matter. However, the agreement is already over. I hope that there is no longer any association between the two of you in the future. I do not wish to pursue the matter of the few of you creating a big mess in the Misty Cloud Sect today. However, this will be the one and only time. If you dare to do this in the future, my Misty Cloud Sect will properly ‘exchange some pointers’ even if you have Queen Medusa protecting you.”
TL: exchange some pointers – to fight

“Sect Leader Yun Shan, you can be rest assured that it is sufficient enough for me to come to such a place once.” Xiao Yan inhaled a deep breath of air. He cupped his hands toward Yun Shan and said with a faint smile.

“Get going.” Yun Shan’s expression did not appear nice as he waved his hand.

Queen Medusa glanced at Xiao Yan. She did not utter any other nonsense as she turned around and walked toward the rock stairs outside the square. Xiao Yan lifted the Heavy Xuan Ruler and took a fews steps back while facing Yun Shan. Finally, his gaze swept toward Nalan Yanran in the crowd. He realized that the other party had coincidentally thrown her complicated gaze over.

The two gazes entwined with one another. They were completely different emotions compared to the time that Xiao Yan arrived.

Xiao Yan withdrew his gaze. He lowered his eyes, turned around and followed Queen Medusa under the watch of a countless number of gazes.

In the sky, Hai Bodong’s expression was volatile as he watched Queen Medusa for a long time. Only then did he flapped his wings. He stayed high in the sky and refused to descend no matter what happened.

Under the watch of all the gazes in the Misty Cloud Sect, the back of Xiao Yan and Queen Medusa slowly disappeared beyond the endless rock stairs that were shrouded by clouds.

“Ah, it is finally over.”

As they eyed the two people who disappeared from the edge of their vision, the strong people in those huge trees heaved a long sigh of relief. They looked at each other and laughed bitterly. Who would expect that a mere competition that was agreed between two people of the younger generation would end up actually drawing out this terrifying line-up which actually left them breathless.

“Everyone. The matter today will end like this. I’m really sorry for letting everyone see a farce of the younger generation.” Yun Shan lifted his eyes, took one look around his surroundings and laughed slightly.

“Ke ke, Sect Leader Yun Shan really knows how to joke. Since the matter is over, we shall not stay any longer. If we have time in the future, we will come and visit the Misty Cloud Sect.” Everyone standing on the tops of the huge trees could naturally hear the order to chase away the guests, within Yun Shan’s words. Immediately, they knew that it was not wise to stay for long in such a place. Therefore, after saying a few courteous words, all of them brought their people, flashed down the trees and flew toward the foot of the mountain.”

“Old Sect Leader, are we just going to allow Xiao Yan to leave like this? He has turned our Misty Cloud Sect until it is in this state.” Yun Leng’s eyed the people who left before looking at the spot where Xiao Yan had disappeared from with a face that was filled with unwillingness. Finally, he could no longer resist speaking.

“What do you want to do?” Yun Shan glanced at him faintly and said, “Even I do not have the confidence to defeat that Queen Medusa. Moreover, there are the other two strong Dou Huangs. With this line-up, what kind of large price must we pay in order to get Xiao Yan to stay behind?”

Yun Leng clenched his teeth and said, “But from this matter today, it is clear that Xiao Yan does not give our Misty Cloud Sect any face. If we do not find an opportunity to redeem ourselves, won’t we become a joke once this matter spreads?”

Yun Shan frowned slightly and said, “What do you plan to do?”

“Seeing the helpers behind Xiao Yan today, I dare to guarantee that Mo Cheng’s death definitely has something to do with him. Since he doesn’t wish to stay at the Misty Cloud Sect, we can perhaps go to Wu Tan City to ‘invite’ his father over.” Yun Leng softly said.

“Stupidity!” Yun Shan’s expression sunk as he softly reprimanded, “I think you have really become muddled in your old age. Since you know that Xiao Yan has quite a number of helpers behind him, you are still going to offend him because of Mo Cheng? Is it really worth it? The matter ends here. Don’t mention it again in the future!”

After saying these words, Yun Shan waved his sleeves. He turned around and walked toward the middle of the square, where he began to arrange for men to sort out the mess.

Yun Leng’s expression was green and white as he eyed Yun Shan who had brushed his sleeves and left. He slowly rubbed the horrifying wound on his head and his pale old face had once again become savage. The gaze which he used to watch the spot where Xiao Yan had disappeared was filled with enmity and a dark viciousness.

Not long after the situation at the square came to an end, a rushing wind sound suddenly appeared in the sky. Immediately, a graceful and elegant shadow suddenly appeared in the sky above the open ground. Her beautiful eyes swept across the mess on the ground and her pretty face involuntarily sunk abruptly.


In the square, Nalan Yanran was the first to discover the graceful beauty who had slowly descended from the sky. She was slightly startled. Her pretty eyes immediately became completely red as she swiftly rushed over. After which, she knocked into the latter’s chest. The grievances in her heart finally turned into a moaning cry.

“Sect Leader. Sect Leader has returned!”

As all the Misty Cloud Sect disciples in the square looked at the moon-robed woman who had appeared, they were so excited that they knelt down.

“Alright, alright. Yanran, stop crying. Tell teacher what exactly happened.”

The moon-robed woman warmly rubbed Nalan Yanran’s soft long hair. She slowly lifted her head. That noble and graceful beautiful face was shockingly the same person who had lived a dubious life with Xiao Yan at the Magical Beast Mountain Range back then… Yun Zhi…

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