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Chapter 349

Chapter 349: Covering Sun Cloud Formation

A fiery red light that was like the setting sun suddenly appeared in the sky. In an instant, the fiery red glow had banished the sunlight from the square. The hot wave of fire caused everyone to feel like they were in a furnace.

Under the countless number of gazes, the fiery red light smashed into Yun Leng’s head with a bang, when he was unable to react in time. A muffled thunder-like noise sounded throughout the sky.


The fiery red light ferociously smashed into Yun Leng’s head and an incomparably ferocious force instantly exploded. An intense pain began to spread out from Yun Leng’s head at this moment, as though his head was about to be ripped apart.


High in the sky, Yun Leng’s hands grasped his head, where blood was flowing unceasingly. His mouth emitted a mournful wail. His body had also become like a bird which had lost its wings as he directly fell toward the ground.

His body fell swiftly. Just as he was around ten plus meters from the ground, Yun Leng flapped his wings and forcefully steadied his body. A gray white-colored powerful glow surged out of his body. In an instant, the strong glow carried a furious emotion and instantly suppressed that fiery red line by using a force that possessed pressure that one could not resist, forcefully dispelling it with this attack.

Would the counterattack that contained the fury of a Dou Wang be something ordinary?

The fiery red light slowly disappeared and the strong grey-white light that erupted from Yun Leng’s body was swiftly withdrawn back into his body. The strong light disappeared and Yun Leng once again appeared in everyone’s sight. However, when all the gazes below saw Yun Leng’s current appearance, the square instantly turned a deathly quiet. A long while passed and the sound of numerous people inhaling cold breaths appeared one after another.

In mid air, the wings on Yun Leng’s back flapped in a sluggish manner. His chest rose and fell intensely. Fresh bright red blood seeped out from between his fingers and let out a dripping sound as it landed on the ground. It almost dyed his face with a blood red color.

Yun Leng’s hand slowly left his head. Immediately, a deep cut that was over half an inch thick that spread from the left corner of his forehead till the side of his right ear was revealed. In the deep wound, one could shockingly see the dense white bone. This was a terrifying injury. Had Yun Leng reacted a little slower a moment ago, his head might have been cut off by this blow from Xiao Yan.

Originally, with Xiao Yan’s strength, it was impossible to cause Yun Leng to have such a terrifying injury even if he had used a Di class Dou Technique. However, the latter had taken the opponent far too lightly. If he had been able place an energy film on his forehead earlier, this blow would at the very most cause him to suffer a slight injury. An injury like this where Yun Leng had nearly lost his life was definitely not going to appear.

Yun Leng’s hand slowly trembled. His chest repeatedly rose and fell. He endured the intense pain and lifted his head. That old face of his currently appeared extremely savage. The pair of eyes stared at Xiao Yan in the sky perniciously. That manner indicated that he was anxious to cut the other party into tens of thousands of pieces.

“Good, good. What a ‘good’ fellow. This old me has underestimated you!”

Yun Leng clenched his teeth and laughed coldly. The intense pain that was transmitted from his head caused Yun Leng to feel a little giddy. However, compared with the intense pain, the fury of his spirit nearly caused Yun Leng to lose his sense of reasoning. In front of nearly one thousand Misty Cloud Sect disciples in the Misty Cloud Sect, he had actually

nearly lost this life of his to a young fellow that was not even twenty years old. He had really lost a large amount of face.

Yun Leng swiftly took out a few bottles of healing medicine from within his storage ring and applied all of them to his wounds. He sensed a cool feeling slowly spread around his wounds. Only then did Yun Leng feel that the pain was subsiding and had become a little soothing. With vicious eyes, he stared at Xiao Yan and inhaled a deep breath of air before speaking in a fierce manner, “Xiao Yan, you can forget about leaving the Misty Cloud Sect in one piece today!”

Xiao Yan indifferently glanced at Yun Leng whose head was filled with fresh blood. He felt a little pity in his heart. After displaying a Di class Dou Technique, he had only ended up causing Yun Leng to receive a slightly more serious injury. Originally, Xiao Yan had thought that he could directly use the ruler to finish off this old fellow.

“The Dou Technique which Xiao Yan used just now should be a Di class Dou Technique, no?” On the huge tree, Jia Xing Tian narrowed his eyes and stared at Yun Leng, whose face was covered with fresh blood. He then turned toward Xiao Yan as he softly muttered.

“Ah, he was able to hurt Yun Leng with just that Da Dou Shi’s strength of his. I think that the Dou Technique class would not be lower than the Di class.” Fa Ma smiled and nodded as he spoke in a surprised voice, “It is really unexpected that he was hiding it. In his fight with Nalan Yanran earlier, it was not very difficult for him to win even if he did not use any tricks.”

Jia Xing Tian let out a sigh. He frowned and said, “Where exactly did this fellow get so many things from? First, it was the ‘Heavenly Flame’, then it was a Dou Wang class pet. Now, it’s a Di class Dou Technique. Don’t tell me that there is some huge faction that we do not know of supporting him from behind?”

Fa Ma shook his head. Honestly speaking, he felt that it was overly strange for Xiao Yan to be able to take out these trump cards which shocked even them. At the very least, it was definitely impossible for the alchemist association to take out any ‘Heavenly Flames’ or a Dou Wang class pet, given its strength.

“Don’t tell me it’s the Xiao clan?” Once these words left his mouth, Fa Ma mocked himself and shook his head. With the Xiao clan’s ability, being able to take out a Xuan class Dou Technique was already something difficult. If they wanted to possess a Di class Dou Technique, it was undoubtedly nothing more than a fantasy.

The two exchanged glances and frowned while letting out a sigh. With their faction’s information which they controlled, they actually did not have an information channel that could obtain the exact news of Xiao Yan’s location during these three years. The Xiao clan’s useless person appeared to have suddenly risen after Nalan Yanran went over to cancel the engagement. Was this due to the stimulation of Nalan Yanran’s act of cancelling the engagement?

The two of them laughed bitterly. If this really were so, could Nalan Yanran be considered to have done something that she will regret forever?

The thick, ferocious force in the sky that was emitted from Yun Leng’s body was immediately sensed by the Misty Cloud Sect’s disciples below. They quickly faced each other and did not dare to create the slightest sound to avoid causing Yun Leng, who was ready to explode, to burst out in anger.

“This act of Xiao Yan is really ruthless.” Hai Bodong, who was at the edge of the energy cover was also shocked by the turn of events in the square, causing him to turn his head over. When he saw the terrible looking Yun Leng who was beaten until his head was cut with blood flowing all over the place. He could not help but shake his head and quietly laugh.

“Old Hai, hurry up and break the barrier. It is best not to stay here for long.” Xiao Yan raised his head, eyed the direction Hai Bodong was in and opened his mouth to hasten him.

“Give me three minutes!”

Hai Bodong nodded his head. He ceased saying anything nonsensical as he turned his head and began to unleash violent devastation on the energy cover. However, that energy cover that was created in union by nearly a hundred Misty Cloud Sect’s deacons was quite strong. Although the energy ripples were repeatedly emitted, it ultimately did not shatter.

“Hai Bodong, since you don’t give us, the Misty Cloud Sect’s face, this old me doesn’t need to give you, who was once the Ice Emperor, any face!” Yun Leng’s ferocious face eyed the energy cover which was repeatedly swaying as he cried out furiously.

Hai Bodong ignored Yun Leng’s cry. He continued to unleash wild and powerful attacks on the energy cover. Now that things had already reached this stage, anything else would have to be discussed at a later date. He really did not believe that the Misty Cloud Sect had the boldness to really do anything to the Primer clan. After all, a mad, vengeful Dou Huang was sufficient to cause anyone to be terrified.

Xiao Yan clenched his fist tightly. The originally furious Yun Leng, however, suddenly became quiet. He lowered his head and with an icy cold tone, he loudly ordered all the nearly one thousand Misty Cloud Sect’s disciple present, “All Misty Cloud Sect disciples listen up!”

“Form the ‘Covering Sun Cloud Formation’!”

“This fellow actually even decided to use the Misty Cloud Sect’s great formation. It looks like Xiao Yan has really caused him to become a little crazy.” Gu He was startled upon hearing Yun Leng’s cry. His brows were slightly knit as he shook his head and spoke softly.

As they heard the cold order that resounded throughout the square, countless of Misty Cloud Sect disciples were startled. They hesitated for a moment before responding with a united cry. Finally, they closed their eyes and threads of white-colored energy began to seep out of the heads of the Misty Cloud Sect disciples a moment later.

The unceasing amount of white-colored fog slowly rose into the air. Finally, it almost covered the entire sky. At a glance, it appeared that one was in a sea of clouds while that Yun Leng appeared to be at the middle of it all.

“All elders, support me!” Yun Leng once again let out a cold cry as he eyed the fog energy surrounding him. The bloodstains on his face had already formed into bloody scabs, appearing extremely terrifying.

Following Yun Leng’s cry, the ten plus white robed elders on the stone platform immediately stood up in an orderly manner. Their bodies leaped forward and swiftly spread apart. After which, they shot onto some of the tall trees that surrounded the square. The seals formed by their hands were identical. As their hand seals changed, the sea of clouds that was spread in the sky also began to fluctuate suddenly. In the center of the the sea of clouds, the cloud energy began to swiftly agglomerate. A moment later, it actually solidified into a white-colored energy spiraling sphere around ten feet wide in front of Yun Leng.


Yun Leng slowly lifted his stone hand and controlled the white-colored spiraling sphere from a distance. A viciousness flashed across Yun Leng’s eyes. With a wave of his sleeves, that spiraling sphere, which had gathered energy from all the Misty Cloud Sect disciples, shot toward the sky where Xiao Yan was with an extremely terrifying speed.

The white-colored spiralling sphere had an extremely terrifying speed. At any space that it passed by, a long vacuum appeared. At that spot, even air was oppressed by the enormous energy until it turned into nothingness.

“Xiao Yan, be careful!” The moment the formation was formed, Hai Bodong sensed something. Therefore he hurriedly cried out when he saw that energy ball shooting toward Xiao Yan. The energy contained within that energy ball was likely impossible for Xiao Yan as a Da Dou Shi to withstand.

“It’s too late! With his speed, he cannot dodge it! Ha ha!” Yun Leng laughed wildly. He abruptly waved his hand and the spiralling ball flashed and arrived in front of Xiao Yan, whose face had changed drastically. It carried a terrifying force as it smashed forward violently.

Xiao Yan’s expression was ugly as he watched the enormous energy ball that shot explosively toward him. Some panic finally began to appear in Xiao Yan’s heart. This kind of energy appeared to have far exceeded the energy that an ordinary Dou Wang could unleash! However, its attack speed was also something that did not allow one to escape.

Xiao Yan’s eyes stared intently at the energy ball which was moving increasingly closer. Xiao Yan was about to clench his teeth and risk his life to fight it when a seven-colored shadow abruptly flashed from the corner of his eyes. A huge shadow fell from the sky. The incomparably huge body of the ‘Heaven Swallowing Python’ flashed downward. It waved its enormous tail and its body floated upward, securely protecting Xiao Yan within it.


A deafening sound like that of a thunderstrike resounded throughout the sky. A snake’s shrill hissing also rang out along with it.

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