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Chapter 1645: Fight of the Two Dou Di (Part 1)

The brilliant flame was just like a fire cloud that spread within the empty air. A terrifying temperature rose in this place, causing the sea of blood on the ground to quickly vaporize…

“Alliance chief! It’s alliance chief Xiao Yan!”

“The alliance chief has exited his retreat. We are saved!”

“All hail the alliance chief!”

This sudden flame protection caused everyone, who were fleeing in panic, to come to a halt. Many pairs of eyes were thrown towards the sky. Finally, they gathered on a familiar figure within the brilliant flame. Immediately, the faces of everyone revealed an excitement and wild joy. A deafening cheer resounded over this place. Many of them had even knelt down in their excitement. The hope after despair caused their faces, which still had some lingering panic, to tear from their great joy.

After the various battles, Xiao Yan’s position in the hearts of everyone within the alliance was something that no one could match. Although Xiao Yan might be lacking in terms of age and experience, everyone knew that it was precisely these seemingly weak shoulders that were supporting the entire alliance!

In the hearts of many members of the alliance, that figure was one that would never fail!

This was a kind of cult like crazy devolution that they had towards Xiao Yan in their hearts!

This kind of craziness would clearly spread wildly like a virus amidst this despair. Hence, even those who did not belong to the Sky Mansion Alliance also revealed an excited expression on their faces. They needed a support that they could rely on in the face of complete hopelessness,

The fire curtain spread in the sky and enveloped the millions of people around. The human figure within the brilliant flame also became increasingly clear as the fire curtain spread. Finally, the flame weakened and a black clothed figure clearly appeared in the air.

“It is really Xiao Yan…”

A large number of experts had clustered together a short distance from the alliance headquarters. From the looks of it, all of them belonged to the same faction. At this moment, a burly man from within the group was lifting his head. His eyes were fiery hot as he looked at the figure in the sky. Rich excitement filled his voice.

“Big brother Liu Qing, is it really him?” A pretty lady behind the man involuntarily asked. Who could have imagined that after having not met this person for just over a decade, the junior whom she had trained with at the Jia Nan Academy back then had actually reached the true peak of the continent.

“Ha ha, Liu Fei, there is definitely no mistake. Ugh, this fellow is really too terrifying. Back then at the academy, his strength was still similar to mine…” The man was surprisingly the person called Tyrant Spear Liu Qing back at the Jia Nan Academy back then.

Liu Fei bit her red lips with the back of her teeth. She lifted her head and looked at the distant sky, where the figure, which was worshiped by countless of people like a god stood. Her expression was a little complicated. Who could have imagined that the person, who had a little conflict with her at the Inner Academy back then, would actually have reached such a stage?

Some other familiar eyes were also observing the figure in the sky from other spots around the alliance. All of them sighed emotionally.

“Xiao Yan!”

The many experts from the Hun clan outside of the fire barrier revealed a dense shock in their eyes as they looked at the familiar figure. Clearly, none of them could imagine that XiaoYan had actually reached this terrifying stage after having been missing for over half a year!

“Dou Di…”

Hun Tiandi stood on the blood lotus. His blood eyes had also revealed an intense fluctuation. A moment later, he finally could not resist muttering, “How is this possible… how is this possible?”

Hun Tiandi’s expression suddenly became ferocious as he muttered. His voice had also turned into a roar that reverberated like a thunder in the sky.

Hun Tiandi could not be blamed for suddenly losing himself. He had paid an unknowingly great price in order to reach this stage today. Yet, after he had succeeded, he found that there was someone else who had also reached the same stage as him. How could he easily accept this.

This was especially the case given that this person was merely an ant, which he could easily kill a year ago. The unbalance in his heart had reached its limit.

“Ha ha, you are not the only person in this world who has advanced into the Dou Di class…”

A black clothed young man appeared after the flame scattered. He lifted his head and watched Hun Tiandi, who seemed to have lost control of himself. A smile was involuntarily formed. Those originally dark black eyes currently had a brilliant luster surging within them. They appeared unusually warm and deep.

There was a fire seal on his brow. It was made of many different brilliant colour. A kind of special fluctuation was being emitted from it. In the face of this ripple, the magma deep underground had began flowing at a significantly faster rate.

Xiao Yan quietly stood in the sky. There was not the slightest Dou Qi ripple over his body. He appeared extremely ordinary. However, only a genuine expert could sense just what kind of unimaginable power was present within the skinny body. That strength could destroy the world.

“Your body has the scent of the Tou She Ancient God!”

Hun Tiandi was after all not an ordinary person. After experiencing the initial shock, the ripple within his blood eyes also calmed down. His expression had a trace of gloominess as he carefully observed Xiao Yan and spoke in a dense voice.

“I was merely lucky in obtaining the inheritance of the Ancient god.” Xiao Yan laughed softly.

“Damn Nihility Devouring Flame!”

Xiao Yan glanced at him indifferently. Immediately, his eyes swept over this land, which was about to break apart. Finally, he extended his hand. A brilliant light landed onto Zhu Kun, who was sent flying towards the ground by a kick from Hun Tiandi. The ferocious injuries on Zhu Kun’s body were swiftly healed under this brilliant light.

Zhu Kun’s huge body swiftly turned into a human form after his injuries were healed. His expression was slightly pale as he smiled bitterly and spoke to Xiao Yan, “You are finally out. If you are a little later, everyone present would have likely been killed by that fellow…”

“Elder Zhu Kun, please rest for awhile.” Xiao Yan said in a gentle voice.


Although Xiao Yan’s voice appeared quite gentle, Zhu Kun could stiĺl detect that vague pressure contained inside it. That pressure seemed to surpass this world. Under it, even he had no choice but to lower his head. Immediately, he nodded and said, “We will guard against the army of the Hun clan. Hun Tiandi will be left to you to deal with. Dou Di could ultimately only be dealt with by Dou Di…”

Xiao Yan smiled and nodded. His eyes swept below. The corner of his lips curled as he saw the alliance army having suffered terrible losses. From the looks of it, Hub Tiandi was clearly intending to kill all of them…

“What ruthless methods. You have actually created such a massacre in order to complete the final step of the Di tier embryonic pill…” Xiao Yan remarked softly.

“The winner is king. The process is unimportant.” Hun Tiandi laughed coldly. He stared at Xiao Yan and said, “Today will be the decisive battle between all of us. If you lose, none of the alliance army will remain!”

“If you are defeated, the Hun clan will also be exterminated.” Xiao Yan spoke in a faint voice. He had long since held a deep hatred against the Hun clan. If he had the opportunity, he would definitely not be merciful. He would kill those he ought to kill!

“Ha ha, good. In that case let me see if it is my Hun clan or your alliance army that will be exterminated today !”

Hun Tiandi laughed out loud. Monstrous blood Qi erupted from within his body. It quickly turned into an endless sea of blood. The energy contained within this se of blood was terrifyingly strong.

“Hall members of the Hun clan, withdraw five thousand kilometres!” Hun Tiandi cried out in an icy voice was the sea of blood spread.

The experts from the Hun clan hurriedly pulled back upon hearing his cry. The fight between two elite Dou Di could destroy the world. If they were to be caught in it, even an elite Dou Sheng would definitely die on the spot. Moreover, everyone understood that the ones who were the key to victory were Xiao Yan and Hun Tiandi. The result of their fight would decide on the final outcome of both parties.

“Xiao Yan, today is the day I have become a god.Xiao Yan, you must let me have an enjoyable battle!”

Monstrous blood Qi spread across Hun Tiandi’s eyes. He stood in the sea of blood. At this moment, a soaring pride was present. This person might be vicious but he could also be considered a haughty and strong individual. One of them would definitely end up dying in this battle!

Xiao Yan had to fight with his full strength in this battle!

“I will join you till the end!”

There was also a little excitement surging in Xiao Yan’s eyes. This battle would become the top fight within the entire Dou Qi continent in ten thousand years!

This battle would definitely spread through the generations!

Everyone halted their breaths as they looked at the sky, which had become empty almost instantly. The two of them had not attack but their aura had already pressed on everyone’s heart like a mountain.

“Clamour clamour!”

The sea of blood covered the sky. Hun Tiandi’s eyes scarlet colour seemed to have become much denser. His foot suddenly stepped forward as this face-off lasted for a moment.


The entire sky had trembled as he took this step forward. The monstrous sea of blood curned crazily. It directly turned into a huge hundreds of thousand feet large blood wave as it ruthlessly swept towards Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan’s body was any tiny as an ant in the face of the huge hundred thousand feet blood wave.

Xiao Yan’s eyes, which contained a brilliant glow, stared at the blood wave, which had a shocking momentum. The energy contained within it could easily shatter a nine star elite Dou Sheng along with his soul.

“Flame, come!”

Xiao Yan moved his mouth. A soft voice was emitted. The moment it did so, the land below rumbled and split into a huge gully. Crimson magma shot towards the sky like a fountain. Finally, it floated in the sky, turning into a huge magma wave that violently clashed with the blood wave.


The land trembled. Blood rain that was accompanied with magma poured down from the sky like a storm. It enveloped around the entire Central Plains.

Hun Tiandi was unsurprised that his attack was stopped. If it was so easy to finish off an elite Dou Di, he would not have insisted on pursuing it for thousands of years. Despite this being the case, his expression had clearly become a little more solemn. Xiao Yan had received his attack with such ease. This meant that Xiao Yan had also truly entered this stage and was not relying on some external item to help him temporarily step into it.

“Blood Demon Heart Eroding Lightning!”

Hun Tiandi stepped on the blood lotus. His hand suddenly pointed towards the blood cloud that covered the Central Plains. The blood cloud immediately shook intensely like a giant organ and violently shrunk into his body.

“Bang bang bang!”

During the time that the seemingly boundless blood cloud was shrinking, the space itself also crumbled. Dark black cracks in space spread in the sky with a terrifying speed. In the next moment, the blood cloud suddenly spread. Countless mountain like blood lightning crazily shot towards Xiao Yan below in a storm like fashion. The energy contained in every drop of blood rain was sufficient to shock Gu Yuan’s group.

A grave expression flashed over Xiao Yan’s eyes as he looked at the blood lightning that came raining down from all over the place. Incomparably ferocious vicious aura was present in the blood lightning. If one was struck and the vicious aura entered one’s body, it would end up damaging one’s mind.


Brilliant flame swiftly swept out from within Xiao Yan’s body. Finally, it turned into a giant flame person that stood in the air. This flame giant widened its huge mouth. Immediately, the world became quiet. An extremely brilliant flame suddenly spat out from his mouth like a burning cloud and collides with the countless blood lightning.


The brilliant flame and the blood lightning crazily collided in the sky. The entire land trembled and formed many huge cracks under this incomparably strong energy fluctuation.

Everyone’s hearts were seized as they looked at the blood lightning and flame attacks that were exchanged in the sky. Such a terrifying exchange could no longer be described with words. Any single attack would likely cause countless deaths and injuries if it landed on the headquarters of the alliance.

“Which of the two has a higher chance of victory?” Lei Ying asked as he stood beside Gu Yuan. Even he was also frightened by the terrifying battle.

Gu Yuan was startled as he heard this. He laughed bitterly and shook his head. “This is also the first time I am witnessing a fight between Dou Di. It is really difficult to predict just who has a higher chance of victory… however, Hun Tiandi is after all the clan head of the Hun clan. An Elite Dou Di had also appeared in the Hun clan before. It is likely that he would be a little better than Xiao Yan in terms of the usage of some energy.

“Of course, you need not be too worried. Xiao Yan had also obtained the inheritance of the Tou She Ancient God. He might also possess some lethal attacks…”

Everyone could only smile bitterly and nod their heads after hearing this. They continued to watch the great world battle in an anxious manner. It was basically impossible for them to intervene when it come to such a big battle.

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