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Chapter 1644: Coming Out of a Retreat!

Blood rain fell from the sky in all directions. The entire world seemed to have become scarlet at this moment.

“Is this the strength of an elite Dou Di…”

Even the heart of Gu Yuan involuntarily felt a deep helplessness after seeing such a terrifying attack being destroyed by Hun Tiandi with such ease. No wonder it was so difficult to reach this level. The gap between the both of them was just like two completely different worlds.

“You are actually fantasizing about being the world saviour with this strength of yours?”

Hun Tiandi’s scarlet eyes stared at Gu Yuan . His tone contained a faint mockery. He immediately waved his hand. A blood light spluttered from his hand. After which, everyone saw that the mountain below and the countless experts on it were directly slaughtered. No one could escape or resist.

Everyone’s expressions once again changed upon seeing this ferocious technique of Hun Tiandi.

“This so called alliance army appeared extremely insignificant at this moment. Gu Yuan, I have given you an opportunity back then. Unfortunately, you did not grab hold of it.” Hun Tiandi’s blood eyes stared at Gu Yuan as he slowly said.

“Let everything end here.”

Hun Tiandi admired the many faces that contained horror and despair. Suddenly be felt a little lazy. The things that he had found troublesome to deal with back then currently had difficulty attracting his attention. An elite Dou Di was just like the god of this world. Everyone else were just like ants in his eyes.

Hun Tiandi’s long finger was gently pressed down as he spoke. The world immediately fluctuated. An endless bloody Qi gathered rapidly at the tip of his finger. Finally, it transformed into a blood light that directly hurried towards Gu Yuan.

Gu Yuan’s heart was startled when he saw Hun Tiandi attack. The Dou Qi within his body hurriedly whistled out. However, he was preparing to maneuver the natural energy to put up a defence when Hun Tiandi smiled. He pressed his finger and softly stated, “Halt!”

After this voice sounded, Gu Yuan was immediately startled to discover that he had lost connection with the energy in the world!

This unexpected change caused some shock to surge onto Gu Yuan’s expression. The reason an elite Dou Sheng was so powerful was not because of the great strength of their Dou Qi. Instead, it was because they could maneuver the naturally energy without restraint to attack and defend. However, just a soft voice of Hun Tiandi was able to halt the ability of an elite Dou Sheng. In this way, it was equivalent to break an arm of Gu Yuan.

“Gu Di Shattering Black Finger!”

This unexpected change caused one to feel shocked. However, Gu Yuan was extremely experienced. After detecting that he was unable to maneuver the natural energy, the Dou Qi within his body surged to the limit. A low cry sounded. Monstrous Dou Qi gathered into a huge finger. The finger was covered with mysterious lines. After which, it ruthlessly struck towards the the blood light.


Blood light and the huge real like finger suddenly collided in the midair.


The seemingly hard Dou Qi defence burst apart rapidly with great ease as the two collided. Finally, the blood light ruthlessly smashed onto Gu Yuan’s body an instant later. A mouthful of crimson blood was spat out. His body staggered backwards. Fortunately, Zhu Kun intervened from behind, aiding him in stabilizing his body.

“A Dou Di existence dominates this world. You are really far too naive to maneuver the natural energy in front of me.” Hun Tiandi laughed faintly. He suddenly lifted his hand and aimed at the dense blood cloud in the sky. After which, he clenched his hand gently. Blood cloud churned. Immediately a thunderclap sounded. A huge blood coloured lightning descended from the sky. It cut through the empty space and ruthlessly smashed towards the alliance army.

“Take formation and attack!”

Gu Yuan hurriedly wiped off the trace of blood on the corner of his mouth as he cried out in a stern voice . If this blood lightning was allowed to strike, the alliance army would definitely suffer serious injuries and deaths.

The alliance army quickly braced their attention after hearing Gu Yuan’s stern cry. Vast and mighty Dou Qi swiftly gathered into a huge Dou Qi dragon. It subsequently charged forward and ruthlessly collided with the blood coloured lightning.

“Bang bang!”

The two enormous being collided in the sky. Glaring intense light shone throughout every corner of the Central Plains. However, the entanglement of the two did not last for a long time before that demonic blood lightning forcefully scattered the huge Dou Qi dragon.


A pale expression surfaced on the faces of many experts in the alliance army as the huge dragon disappeared. All of them spat out a mouthful of blood together. Clearly, they had been injured by the backlash.

One man alone was able to fight the entire alliance army!

The strength of an elite Dou Di had actually reached such a terrifying extent. Regardless of how large the group was, it seemed to be completely insignificant in the face of such strength.

Gu Yuan and Zhu Kun exchanged glances. They noticed the shock in the other party’s eyes. Although they had already expected that an elite Dou Fi would be extremely terrifying, they still had difficulty believing the reality that appeared in front of them. Despite having gathered so many experts, they were actually unable to even stop a Hun Tiandi!

“Dou Di… is far too terrifying.” Yan Jin’s face was filled with bitterness. They clearly did not have any chance of victory in the face of that type of strength.

“Regardless of what the situation is, we will be able to turn things around as long as we can drag things out until Xiao Yan appears!” Gu Yuan clenched his teeth and said.

Yan Jin and the others once again laughed bitterly upon hearing this. It was not that they wished to delay the matter. However, in the face of Hun Tiandi’s absolute strength, all of their actions are completely pointless.

“All we need to do is delay for a little longer. I can feel that the dragon seal, which I have left in Xiao Yan’s body, becoming increasingly faint. That kind of pressure is not something that an ordinary elite Dou Sheng can possess!” Zi Yan by the side suddenly opened her mouth and spoke excitedly. She and Xiao Yan were connected by a dragon seal. Although she was unable to use it to learn of Xiao Yan’s exact situation, she was able to rely on the intense ripple from the dragon seal to guess Xiao Yan’s condition.

The hearts of Gu Yuan’s group shook upon hearing this. Their originally a little gloomy eyes revealed a joyous expression. This was likely the beat news that they had received during this period of time.

“In that case, we must block this fellow today no matter what happens “ Zhu Kun lifted his head. He looked at Hun Tiandi, who appeared a little demonic as he stood on a blood lotus in the sky. A slight ferociousness flashed across his eyes.

“Gu Yuan, reorganise the alliance army. I will fight him!”

Zhu Kun did not wait for a reply from Gu Yuan after these words of his sounded. His body directly shot towards the sky. Soon after, he twisted his body. A huge dragon, which size left one speechless, appeared in the sky. That vast and powerful dragon’s might barely managed to scatter some of the blood stench that filled the place.

“Ancient oid Dragon…” Hun Tiandi looked at the huge dragon floating in the sky. Some interest appeared in his eyes. He laughed, “A am in need of a steed now that I have advanced into the Dou Di class. If you submit to me, I can protect your Ancient Void Dragon tribe. What do you say?”


Zhu Kun did not reply after hearing Hun Tiandi’s words. He widened his dragon’s mouth. Purple-gold light ruthlessly shot towards the latter while being accompanied by a destructive force.

“Stubborn fellow.” Hun Tiandi involuntarily shook his head after seeing this. He randomly waved his sleeve. The light ray with a shocking momentum directly erupted into light spots that was scattered all over the place. He moved his body and he appeared above the huge dragon body in a ghost like fashion. He gently stomped his his foot and the many purple-gold dragon scales burst apart. Dragon blood flowed out from the wound like a waterfall.


This sudden intense pain also caused Zhu Kun to struggle intensely. That extremely strong huge body would cause the space itself to shatter each time it rolled.


Hub Tiandi’s blood eyes appeared indifferent. He once again stomped ruthlessly with his foot. That tens of thousands of feet large body had been forcefully stormed by his body until it fell from the sky. It smashed a mountain range below into a sunken deep gully.

Many experts from the alliance army revealed a dim expression in their eyes after they saw that even Zhu Kun was so easily defeated by Hun Tiandi.

“Uninteresting fight…”

Hun Tiandi’s body once again returned to the blood lotus. He glanced at the countless number of terrified faces and slowly shook his head. Next, the blood lotus supported him as he slowly rose into the sky.

“Let everything come to an end. I do not like the name Central Plains. Hence, this place shall be destroyed…”

Hun Tiandi lifted his right hand gently. After which, he pointed it towards the blood cloud that was spread throughout the Central Plains. A dense and ferocious expression slowly surfaced on the corner of his mouth as he suddenly swung his palm.


The thick blood cloud suddenly churned crazily as Hun Tiandi swung his hand. Violent energy that left one numb swiftly gathered within it. In the blink of an eye, countless blood red lightning flashed and appeared within the blood cloud.

“Bang bang bang!”

These blood coloured lightning, which was filled with a destructive force, had just appeared when it came smashing onto the Central Plains below from all directions. Immediately, the entire Central Plains trembled at this moment. The land split. Every spot that the blood lightning descended on ended up self-destructing because of the sound it emitted. This included even those hidden deep underground.

The area around the alliance had already lost the protection of the defensive barrier. The bodies of those millions or tens of millions of people had ended up exploding as the blood rain descended. In an instant, the area around the alliance had been covered with viscous blood. Countless number of people fled crazily towards the headquarters of the alliance. The scene was as though doomsday had arrived.


Gu Yuan’s eyes had nearly cracked as he watched this scene. Many experts from the alliance were struck by the blood lightning. Without exception, their bodies and even their souls had turned into a bloody fog the moment they were struck.

“Ha ha ha ha!”

The bloody glow in Hun Tiandi’s eyes became increasingly intense as he looked at the Central Plains, which was covered in a sea of blood. He laughed out loud as he stood in the air permeated by blood lightning. It was as though he was a world exterminating devil who had stepped out from the land of the demons!

“All forces, retreat and defend!”

Gu Yuan’s voice was a little hoarse as he cried out. Under the descending blood lightning, the alliance army had ended up with terrible deaths and injuries. There was no telling how many experts had ended up dying in it. At this moment, all they could do was to shrink the defence line and firmly resist.

Zi Yan and the other ladies watched the monstrous sea of blood that filled their eyes. The back of their teeth involuntarily bit tightly onto their lips. This situation caused even them to involuntarily feel a despair.

Cai Lin hugged Xiao Xiao tightly in her embrace. She did not allow the latter to watch such a bloody massacre.

“Mummy, will daddy appear?’ Xiao Xiao’s small face leaned against Cai Lin’s shoulder. Her small body was trembling gently.

“Good Xiao Xiao. Daddy will definitely appear. He still have to come and protect Xiao Xiao.” Cai Lin patted Xiao Xiao’s back and softly said. However, her words had only just sounded when she suddenly sensed an extremely terrifying energy erupting from within the body of Xiao Xiao in her embrace. This strength had far surpassed hers within a short instant.

“Boom boom!”

While Xiao Xiao’s aura had suddenly soared, the bodies of Xiao Zhan, Xiao Ding, Xiao Li and the others became an inch taller almost immediately. Their auras were also soaring crazily!

“It is the bloodline strength! The Dou Di bloodline in their bodies had been activated!”

Gu Yuan was startled as he watched this scene. A wild joy surfaced on his face. After which, he suddenly lifted his head, only to find that layers of brilliant flames had suddenly spread in the empty space. They turned into an incomparably huge fire barrier that enveloped the area within a five thousand kilometre radius of the Sky Mansion Alliance.

“Bang bang!”

The blood lightning ruthlessly smashed onto the fire barrier. However, it was not easily destroyed like earlier. Instead, the flame churned and incinerated the blood lightning into nothing.

Flame rolled through the sky. Finally, it turned into a human figure covered in brilliant flames.

The faces of Gu Yuan and the rest revealed a joy that was formed from having survived through a disaster as they looked at the flame figure.

“Xiao Yan, we have already reached our limit. Everything else will have to depend on you…”

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