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Chapter 1643: The Strength of a Dou Di

“Hun Tiandi… he has succeeded…”

Gu Yuan’s and Zhu Kun’s expressions suddenly changed as they stood at the headquarters of the alliance. Their faces were filled with shock as they were lifted. They looked at the thick blood cloud outside of the defensive barrier. For the first time, they could sense an aura, which caused their souls to tremble, at that spot.

That aura was something that only an elite Dou Di possessed!

The only person within the blood cloud who could become an elite Dou Di was naturally Hun Tiandi!

“Today is the day that I, Hun Tiandi, has gain the title of a god!”

A vast and mighty voice filled with a bloody scent, descended from the sky and resounded over every corner of the Central Plains just as the expressions of Gu Yuan and Zhu Kun changed!

“Hun Tiandi!”

The area around the alliance headquarters immediately turned into an uproar after hearing this name, which was currently regarded as a demon. Everyone suddenly stood up. Their faces were covered with horror as they looked towards the sky.

“Buzz buzz!”

A hurried warning siren sounded within the star realm while everyone were shocked. The alliance army rushed out from all over the place and spread in all directions. Finally, it turned into a black mass of powerful army that was suspended in the sky.

The alliance army had clearly undergone quite a lot of training during this half a year. The manner in which the army currently acted involved a much deeper cooperation compared to the past. Their auras also appeared unified.

The chaos gradually calmed as everyone looked at the big army of black mass floating in the air. It seemed that the action of the alliance army had caused everyone to feel slightly reassured despite everyone understanding that this reassurance was extremely fagile.

Gu Yuan, Zhu Kun and the rest had appeared in front of the large army at the same time. Their expressions were grave as they lifted their heads to look at the layers of blood cloud outside of the defensive barrier. At this moment, the bloody scent in the world seemed to be much denser as compared to before.

“This aura does indeed belong to Hun Tiandi…” Gu Yuan inhaled a deep breath of air. He suppressed the irritation and uneasiness within his heart. With a wave of his hand, he spoke in a deep voice, “Everyone, ready yourselves!”

The alliance army immediately cried out in usion after hearing this. Their aura was quite strong.

“If we do not stop him this time around, this entire Dou Qi continent would likely be controlled by Hun Tiandi. At that time, all creatures will die.” Yan Jin spoke in a solemn voice. If nothing unexpected occurs, this would be their final battle.

Gu Yuan and the rest nodded quietly. Hun Tiandi had arrived while being accompanied by the might of a Dou Di. Just he alone would be able to fight against the entire alliance army. If they were careless, they would likely be defeated in this war, which had continued for a long time.

“Is there any news from Xiao Yan?” Lei Ying asked.

“No.” Gu Yuan shook his head and replied. “The inheritance of the Ancient God is not a joke. It likely requires quite a long time.”

“But we do not have so much time left.” Lei Ying laughed bitterly.

Gu Yuan was quiet for a moment before he said, “It is not that I do not wish to inform him. However, all of you should know that Xiao Yan is our only remaining hope. Only if he successfully advance into the Dou Di class will we be able to fight against Hun Tiandi. Otherwise, even if we were to summon him out before that, it would be completely useless. At that time, we will only burry our only hope.”

Yan Jin and the rest sighed softly. All they could do was to nod their heads. They also understand that Gu Yuan was indeed speaking the truth.

“Some of the younger generation of our three clans has already been transferred away. At the very least a little of our bloodline will be preserved. Hence, even if we fail today, as long as Xiao Yan can succeed, the bloodline of our three clans will still continue.” Gu Yuan spoke in a deep voice.

“Therefore… we must not call Xiao Yan out before he succeed.”

“You are right. In that case, we will do as you say. Our Lei clan does not have anyone who is afraid to die. Even if that bastard Hun Tiandi has really become a Dou Di, my Lei clan will still dare to fight him.” Lei Ying clenched his teeth and came around. He cupped his hands together and said.

Gu Yuan smiled slightly. The ripples in his heart had also slowly calmed down. He lifted his head and his eyes looked at the thick blood cloud. Currently, it was time to live and die with the alliance army…

The blood cloud that covered the sky did not move as the alliance army waited solemnly. Rich bloody scent drifted across the sky.

However, this kind of silence did not cause one to be relaxed. This was because everyone could sense the feeling of an imminent storm…

The pressurising silence continued for around an hour. Finally, ripples rose within the blood cloud, which had covered the Central Plains for over half a year. After which, the blood cloud covering the sky slowly parted in front of many people’s eyes. Soon after, rushing wind sound appeared. Figures riding on black fog swarmed out in all directions from the blood cloud like floodwater. Finally, they floated outside of the huge defensive barrier. Their eyes were densely cold as they stared at the black mass of people inside.

“The Hun clan is finally here…”

The expressions of many turned somewhat pale as they looked at the large army that covered the sky. Although they had already anticipated this scene, their hearts still felt an endless horror and despair when this moment finally arrived.

The Hun clan’s army was suspended in the sky. They did not say anything. Instead, they simply watched the countless number of people inside the defensive barrier below like a pack of fierce wolves.

Suddenly, a path was formed within the army. Soon after, a blood colour came over from a distance away. After which, it transformed into a blood lotus, which was filled with an endless bloody aura, and floated in front of the Hun clan’s army.

The blood lotus was suspended in the sky. A human figure with messy bloody hair sat on it. The bloody stench that permeated the sky had reached an extreme level. Finally, the air moved and the bloody aura agglomerated into blood droplets all over the place.

Blood rain fell and splattered onto the defensive barrier. This spectacular scene cause many to feel an endless chill within their hearts.

“Hun Tiandi!”

Gu Yuan and the others stared intently at the human figure seated on the blood lotus. Both of his hands were involuntarily clenched tightly. That aura… was far too terrifying.

“Gu Yuan, you have lost…”

Hun Tiandi sat on the blood lotus. The long bloody hair behind him danced in the wind. Those scarlet eyes smilingly stared at Gu Yuan’s group within the defensive barrier as he slowly said.

Gu Yuan’s eyes sunk. He cried out, “Hun Tiandi, the ancient clans has long held an informal agreement that our war will not hurt the ordinary people. This action of yours will definitely be met with retribution!”

“What a joke.” Hun Tiandi laughed softly. Immediately, his body slowly stood up from the blood lotus. He appeared like the lord of this world overlooking the lands.

“The current me has already surpassed this world. Who can condemn me?”

“Rules are always made by the strong. From today onwards, the Dou Qi continent will belong to my Hun clan!”

Hun Tiandi’s voice contained an endless bloodthirstiness as it reverberated over the sky. It caused the expressions of an increasingly number of people to pale. Given the way the Hun clan acted, if it really controlled the Dou Qi continent, it was likely that everyone would have to live in an endless and constant fear in the future.

“I am the final victor of this war.” A blood light surged within Hun Tiandi’s eyes. Soon after, he extended his hand and aimed at the barrier below, which protected countless people. Suddenly his palm was clenched.

“Gu Yuan, given that you were once an opponent who can match me, I shall allow you to witness what is called the strength of a Dou Di today!”

The bloody rain in the sky gathered as his voice sounded. It turned into an extremely thin bloody line. The blood line flashed across the sky in a lightning like fashion!

A hundreds of thousands feet long black line appeared in the sky as the bloody line past. The space itself had been directly cut apart. At the same time, the defensive barrier below, which was built by many experts combined, did not create any ripples as it simply exploded apart in front of those many stunned eyes…

Everyone became dull as they saw the final defence disappear. Regardless of how the blood rained onto his body, the bloody scent caused them to feel death approaching…

Just a mere random strike and the defence formed by Zhu Kun and the many alliance army coĺlapsed…

The expression of Gu Yuan’s group became ugly as they watched the defensive barrier being destroyed. They also became extremely gloomy. The strength that Hun Tiandi currently possessed caused even them to shudder.

“In formation!”

Gu Yuan’s expression was gloomy. His body rose into the air and suddenly cried out sternly. Even though he was clearly aware that he was no match for his opponent, he must still fight until the end!

The densely packed alliance army also cried out furiously after hearing Gu Yuan shout out loud. Their cries shook the land. Monstrous Dou Qi surged out from within his body. The momentum even managed to scatter some of the blood cloud that covered the sky.

“Gu Di Mirror!”

Gu Yuan’s body floated in the vast and endless Dou Qi. The seals formed by his hands were altered. Dou Qi gathered. Finally, it turned into an energy ancient mirror that was tens of thousands of feet in size.

After gathering the Dou Qi of so many experts, a terrifying annihilation like ripple immediately rose from within the ancient mirror.

Gu Yuan and the others understood the strength that Hun Tiandi currently possessed. Hence, they had unleashed their strongest attack on the first strike. The strength of many were gathered along with the might of the formation in order to unleash such a terrifying attack.


Gu Yuan spat out a mouthful of essence blood the moment the energy light mirror appeared. The blood scattered into the light mirror. Immediately, light rose from it.


Gu Yuan had a grave expression. The seal formed by his hands rapidly changes. Finally, one could see the energy light mirror tremble intensely. A light pillar, which was hundreds of thousand feet in size, suddenly erupted. Even the air itself was destroyed wherever the light pillar passed!

The light pillar had penetrated through the entire sky. It was clearly visible to the entire Central Plains!

Everyone’s hearts were lifted at this moment. Even Hun Tiandi would likely have difficulty blocking such a strong attack, right?

Hun Tiandi, who was standing on a blood lotus in front of the countless pairs of eyes, merely smiled indifferently. Those blood coloured palms shot towards the terrifying light pillar heading towards him from below. His finger was extended and pressed gently.


A soft word sounded and a furious dragon like light pillar came to a sudden halt when it was still ten feet or so from Hun Tiandi. That finger of Hun Tiandi also gently landed on the light pillar.


Not even the slightest energy ripple was formed as the finger landed. The seemingly incomparably terrifying light pillar collapsed an inch at a time under those stunned eyes. Finally, it emitted a “boom” and turned into light spots that fell from the sky.

“Gu Yuan, I will be the final victor of this battle.”

Hun Tiandi looked down at the ugly expression of Gu Yuan below. He smiled faintly as he slowly said.

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