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Chapter 1641: Catastrophe

An excited expression involuntarily surged into Xiao Yan’s eyes as he looked at the brilliant lotus floating on the sea of fire. There was no longer any of the so called Origin Qi remaining in the current Dou Qi continent. This meant that there would no longer be anyone who could advance into the Dou Di class.

Hun Tiandi had obtained the Di tier embryonic pill. This had given him the opportunity to step into the Dou Di class. The only hope of Xiao Yan and the alliance army was this Ancient God inheritance.

There was only two ways remaining to advance into the Dou Di class in the current continent. This was because only the Di tier embryonic pill and the Ancient God inheritance contained the two remaining Origin Qi in this world!

“My inheritance requires one to have a stone like heart. As long as a single thread of thought exist, one would never be destroyed!”

The Tou She Ancient God looked at the excited Xiao Yan. He smiled faintly and flicked his finger. That brilliant flame lotus slowly landed. Finally, it was suspended above Xiao Yan’s head.


Xiao Yan inhaled a deep breath of air. He quickly calmed himself. All distractions had been eliminated with his determination.

“Buzz buzz!”

The fire lotus emitted a strange luster. After which, it slowly descended and directly penetrated through Xiao Yan’s skin and landed inside his mind.


Xiao Yan’s body immediately turned red after the fire lotus entered. A terrifying endless energy that caused one to be stunned spread within his body at a terrifying speed. In the blink of an eye, the veins within Xiao Yan’s body had swelled. An intense pain spread throughout his meridians.

Perspiration fell crazily out of the pores of Xiao Yan’s body like a stream. His body had also shrunk many times within a short instant. That originally skinny body of his had become just like a monkey with skin over his bones.

Pain covered Xiao Yan’s face as his perspiration fell like a waterfall. That intense pain caused his face to become a little distorted.

The Tou She Ancient God watched this scene. His expression was calm. If Xiao Yan was unable to even endure through this initial stage, receiving the inheritance would be nothing but a joke.

Xiao Yan’s body was shrinking wildly within the sea of fire. Both of his eyes were suddenly opened at this moment. His eyes had exploded into a cluster of bloody fog.


Both eyes burst apart. Soon after, explosions were emitted from all over Xiao Yan’s body. Subsequently, his body was directly exploded because of the terrifying strength from the inheritance!

The Tou She Ancient God twitched his brow slightly upon seeing this. Now was the moment that the inheritance had begun. However, if Xiao Yan was unable to do as he said, the inheritance would not only be a failure but both Xiao Yan’s physical body and soul would also suffer an extremely serious injury.

“Have I failed…”

Xiao Yan’s soul looked at the blood foy that spread. He could sense a weak feeling spreading from deep within his soul. That feeling gave him an impulse to fall into a giddy slumber.

However, this impulse had only just appeared when Xiao Yan suddenly woke up. He was aware that he was currently at an extremely dangerous moment. If he was to simply fall into a slumber, even his soul would gradually scatter in the world.

“My physical body is too weak. I am unable to endure the strength of the inheritance. However, now that my physical body is destroyed, how can I absorb the energy?”

Xiao Yan’s soul agglomerated into a transparent light cluster. He was currently in a difficult position. Without a physical body, he was unable to absorb the inheritance energy. However, refining a physical body required many complicated steps. Where would he find the time to refine a physical body now?

“A heart like a stone. As long as a single thread of thought exist, one would never be destroyed!”

The soul light cluster flickered wildly. At this critical moment, however, Xiao Yan’s somewhat anxious heart had began to calm down. His mind recalled the words that the Tou She Ancient God had mentioned earlier and came to a comprehension.

The soul light cluster he had turned into suddenly flickered intensely as his heart came to a comprehension. There was a brilliant light shooting out from within his soul. If one was to look carefully, one would find that it was surprisingly that fire lotus seed.

After this brilliant light shot out, the blood fog that originally scattered suddenly began to shrink in a strange manner. After which, a mysterious scene appeared. One could see the blood fog gathering rapidly and enveloping around the soul light cluster. Within a short moment, it had once again formed a living physical body.

Xiao Yan rejoiced in his heart after the physical body was formed. He could sense that the physical body he had formed this time around was actually much stronger than earlier.

“Creation amidst destruction. Continuously creating a new physical body to adapt to the inheritance strength…”

Xiao Yan’s eyes flickered. An excited expression vaguely flashed across them. However, this excitement did not continue for long before the flame lotus once again emitted a terrifying strength, which could cause the entire world to tremble.


The physical body that Xiao Yan had just formed had once again exploded into a bloody fog under the assault of the energy. This time around, even his soul itself felt an intense pain.

“A heart as firm as stone and one will never be destroyed!”

Xiao Yan did not panic after having already comprehended the situation in his heart. He focused his mind and did not allow any distractions to appear.

The blood fog that exploded once again gathered as Xiao Yan’s mind and soul remained focus. In the blink of an eye, it had once again formed an even stronger new physical body.

“Boom boom boom!”

A continuous stream of low and deep sound appeared within the sea of fire. Xiao Yan’s body continued to be agglomerate and explode in a repeated manner. It was as though a perfect cycle had been formed.

A smile rose on the Tou She Ancient God’s face as he watched this scene. He nodded gently. This lad’s comprehension was quite good. No wonder he was able to reach such a stage at a young age. Moreover, the most valuable aspect was that rock like determination and perseverance.

“It looks like my mission is going to come to an end soon…”

The Tou She Ancient God smiled. His tone contained a faint feeling of being freed

Time flew by amidst the training. Without realising it, a year had swiftly passed.

Xiao Yan had experienced countless number of destructions and rebirth during this one year. In the face of this cycle, even Xiao Yan’s mind had become giddy despite his perseverance. Only that remaining thought of his firmly guarded his soul. This single desire drove his physical body to gradually adapt to the inheritance strength amidst the countless number of destruction!

However, there was still no end in sight amidst the bitter training. Self-destruction and rebirth continued on its endless cycle…

One year within the Heavenly Tomb was over two months to the Dou Qi continent.

During these two months, the Central Plains experienced an extreme fluctuation. The formation that was placed by the Hun clan covered the entire Central Plains. This has resulted in the Central Plains become a place of death that one could not exit from.

The originally azure sky was currently covered by a thick layer of blood cloud. Sunlight penetrated through the blood cloud and shone onto the land. A dark luster shot out, causing one to feel incomparably pressured.

A bloody scent enveloped every corner of the Central Plains. Occasionally, many blood light would shoot out from the blood cloud covering the Central Plains. Corpse lay wherever the blood light past and blood flowed like river.

This was a genuine calamity!

Faced with this action from the Hun clan, countless factions and sects appeared extremely furious initially. However, this fury had gradually turned into horror after they gathered together and attack the formation, only to end up with most of them being killed by the blood light that seemed to penetrate the world.

Only at this moment did they understand just how vicious and powerful the methods of the Hun clan was!

Faced with the blood light that would occasionally descend on them and cause blood to flow over the land? Many sects and factions had no choice but to shift themselves. Their destination was naturally the headquarters of the Sk Mansion Alliance.

At this moment, only the area around the Sky Mansion Alliance headquarters within the Central Plains could resist the erosion of those blood light!

Hence, within less than a month, the area within tens of thousands kilometre of the Sky Mansion Alliance was occupied by countless people. Every corner was filled with black masses of people. The entire Central Plains had descended into chaos at this moment.

The alliance was helpless in the faces of these factions that had hurried over to seek protection. All they could do was to join hands with many experts to unleash a huge defensive barrier that covered a five thousand kilometre radius around the Sky Mansion Alliance.

Despite this being the case, this defensive barrier still seemed to provide an inadequate space. Many factions had no choice but to engage in a conflict with the other factions in order to maintain their safe area. They even fought with each other, resulting in many deaths and injuries. However, the alliance army was unable to intervene in this matter. It was already the limit of the alliance army to perform so much. Order was completely absent under the threat of death.

While they were defending, Gu Yuan, Zhu Kun and the others from the alliance army had also tried cooperating to stop Hun Tiandi from using all the lives in this world to complete the Di tier medicinal pill. However, they ended up returning in failure. How could it be so easy to destroy a formation that had absorbed blood and Qi from countless of lives and guarded by Hun Tiandi?

Following the flow of time, the originally flourishing Central Plains was covered in desolation. At a glance, it was as though doomsday had arrived.

With more time passing, everyone felt increasingly hopeless as they saw the aura within the blood cloud becoming increasingly fierce and monstrous. All of them understood that the moment that the demon came out from the blood cloud would be the moment when the Central Plains would come to an end!

No one was able to stop this situation. The only thing that they could do was to simply watch as the bloody aura in the air became denser.

The blood cloud covering the sun, calamity descends on the Central Plains!

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