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Chapter 1638: Di Essence

“The Tou She Ancient God… is the Heavenly Flame ranked first on the Heavenly Flame Ranking…”

The Heavenly Flame square had once again become completely silent. The expressions of everyone had become unusually interesting. Clearly, they were shaken by this extremely unbelievable information to the point where they could not recover.

Zhu Kun was also aware of the shock in everyone’s heart. He did not speak. All he did was to lift his head and look at the huge stone statue. His expression was somewhat complicated. No one could imagine that the last elite Dou Di on this Dou Qi continent was neither a human nor a Magical Beast. Instead, it was a flame born in the world…


Suddenly, someone violently swallowed a mouthful of saliva on the quiet square. The remaining individuals had also began to wake one after another. All of them exchanged glances. Their eyes were filled with disbelief.

“Brother Zhu Kun, is what you say the truth?” Gu Yuan steadiness had also diminished because of the shock. He inhaled a couple of deep breaths and said.

“If we count by age, all of you can be considered to be from my grandson’s generation. Who else on this continent but me would be clearly aware of these ancient information?” Zhu Kun laughed.

Everyone laughed bitterly upon hearing this. Zhu Kun did not need to lie to them. Hence, their hearts had gradually began to accept this unbelievable reality after their initial shock.

“However, how is this related to the matter of advancing to the Dou Di class that you have talked about?” Gu Yuan lifted his eyes and dragged the topic back to the most important. Regardless of the origin of the Tou She Ancient God, the most important thing that they needed to be concerned about now was how to fight with Hun Tiandi.

“There are two things within the Ancient God Mansion that are most precious. One is that Di tier embryonic pill that Hun Tiandi had obtained. The second is…” Zhu Kun paused for a moment after speaking until this point. His eyes stared intently at the hundred thousand feet tall stone statue in front of him. He spoke with a pause between every word, “The Di Essence that the Tou She Ancient God had left behind!”

“Di Essence!” Everyone’s heart shook as they muttered.

“It can also be considered the inheritance from the Tou She Ancient God. This is the most valuable thing within the Ancient God Mansion. Compared to this, the Di tier embryonic pill is a little inferior.” Zhu Kun laughed, “If we are able to obtain this Di Essence, we will also be able to produce a Dou Di. At that time, so what if Hun Tiandi manage to breakthrough to the Dou Di class by relying on the Di tier medicinal pill?

Everyone’s eyes suddenly brightened upon hearing this. It was indeed the case where one would find a way out after reaching the end. Originally, they had thought that they had already lost any ability to resist. Who could imagine that a possible turnaround had appeared?

“Where is the Di Essence? How can we obtain this inheritance?” Gu Yuan’s face was flashing with excitement. However, he sensed that something was wrong after he spoke. He hurriedly spoke, “Brother Zhu Kun, please do not misunderstand. We will not have learnt of this if you have not told us. The one who has the greatest qualification to obtain this inheritance is definitely you. Our aim is only to fight the Hun clan. We do not wish to snatch anything.”

Gu Yuan was aware in his heart that if Zhu Kun was speaking the truth, the Di Essence would be a priceless valuable object with nothing that could compare with it. Everyone in this world would convert such a strength. He was worried that his words earlier would lead to Zhu Kun thinking that he also converted the Di Essence.

“There is no need for you to speak in this manner. I will not be so courteous to give the opportunity to you if I am able to obtain the Di Essence. Instead, I would have long since refine and absorb it.” Zhu Kun laughed bitterly upon saying this. “How can one obtain the Tou She Ancient God’s inheritance is such a simple manner. I have spent all my effort during this period of time but had ended up gaining nothing.”

Gu Yuan was startled. He hesitated for a moment and said, “May I know where is this Di Essence?”

Zhu Kun walked towards the stone statue. He patted it with his hand and said, “It is inside. However, no one can enter it. Even if the both of us were to attack with our full strength, we will not be able to break this stone statue.”

The group surrounded the statue upon hearing this. They touched the Ancient God stone statue. Although it felt rough, there was no unique feeling from it. No matter how they touched, it appeared just like an ordinary stone.


Lei Ying by the side touched the stone statue before his fist violently smashed onto it. A loud sound appeared. However, Xiao Yan and the rest were stunned to see Lei Ying’s body flying backwards by thousands of feet before stabilizing.

“It is indeed a little strange…”

Everyone no longer had any doubts upon seeing this scene. Lei Ying’s punch could shatter even mountains. However, it did not cause even the slightest destruction after landing on the stone statue. Instead, he had been sent flying backwards in such a miserable fashion. This was not an ordinary occurrence.

“This stone statue is protected by the Di Essence…” A surprise flashed across Gu Yuan’s face. They were actually unable to discover the unique aspect of this stone statue back at the Dou Di Mansion.


Zhu Kun nodded. He spoke somewhat helplessly, “The Di Essence is hidden inside the stone statue. However, we are unable to break the stone and obtain it.”

“There should be some unique method.” Gu Yuan frowned and said.

“Perhaps.” Zhu Kun shook his head. He mused for a moment before speaking. “Moreover, this Di Essence is not something that anyone can simply absorb. One might suffer a backlash if one is careless. Since that Tou She Ancient God is a Heavenly Flame, it is likely that someone close to the Heavenly Flames will end up suffering less rejection.

Everyone were startled upon hearing those words. Their eyes turned towards Xiao Yan in usion. Xiao Yan was undoubtedly the best person present in terms of familiarity and closeness to Heavenly Flames…

“Xiao Yan is indeed suitable. His Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame has already formed a fire spirit. His chances of success is the highest.” Gu Yuan nodded and said.

Xiao Yan was startled upon seeing that the topic of the conversation had suddenly be turned towards him. He immediately laughed bitterly, “I think that it might be better to discuss about this matter after we extract the Di Essence from inside this thing.”

Everyone smiled upon hearing this. They quickly knitted their brows as they thought of various possible methods. However, none of them have a good solution after thinking for awhile. One must first break the stone statue in order to obtain the Di Esence. However, the stone statue is protected by the essence. Even Gu Yuan and Zhu Kun were helpless against it. In this way, it had formed a dead knot that could not be undone…

Xiao Yan also revealed an expression of deep thought. However, he did not manage to get anywhere. He was planning on giving up when a pink fire seedling wiggled on his shoulder. Little Yi flashed and appeared.

The appearance of Little Yi was a little different this time around. Its small face had a rapidly changing expression as it stared at the stone statue. Those emotions caused it to appear completely different from before.

Xiao Yan was slightly startled as he looked at this manner of Little Yi. After learning of the identity of the Tou She Ancient God, Xiao Yan also understood that it was likely that the Tou She Ancient God back then had once swallowed the Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame. Hence, it was likely that there was quite a great grudge between the two.

“I am able to open the stone statue…” Little Yi soft voice suddenly said. It had instantly attracted all the eyes present. Zhu Kun and Gu Yuan immediately appeared beside Xiao Yan. Their eyes were staring intently at Little Yi.

“Little Yi, are you alright?” Xiao Yan asked in a worried manner. The current Little Yi seemed to have recalled some extremely distant memories.

“Yes.” Little Yi nodded. Its flabby little face once again revealed a smile that was similar to the past. Xiao Yan only sighed in relief after seeing this. He said, “In that case, please give it a try. There is no need to force yourself if you cannot do it.”

Little Yi nodded again. It stared at the stone statue and its small body suddenly rose into the sky. Finally, it was suspended at the heart of the stone statue as everyone watched.

An intense Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame suddenly spread hurriedly from within Little Yi’s body as it rose into the air. Finally, it turned into a flame light pillar that shot towards the heart of the stone statue.

“Hum hum!”

After this light was shot out, the hundred thousand feet tall stone statue suddenly emitted waves of strange ripples, which spread out in a circular fashion.

Everyone’s faces revealed a joyous expression after seeing the stone statue, which had remained untouched regardless of what they did, revealed such a change.

“Hum hum!”

The stone statue trembled with increased frequency. At the end, one could hear a creaking sound from the movement of the stone statue. A hole was slowly cracked and formed on the chest of the stone statue.

Suddenly a warm light spread within the hole. These light appeared like chiffon as it covered over the bodies over everyone present.

“Bang bang bang!”

After this warm light adhered onto their bodies, Lei Ying, Yan Jin and the rest suddenly became paled. Their legs directly knelt down. That scene was as though the layer of thin gentle light contained an enormous pressure.

Gu Yuan’s and Zhu Kun’s body beside Lei Ying’s group were also bent slightly. Their bones emitted a cracking sound at this moment. Both of their faces had turned flush red.

“Boom boom!”

This kind of endurance did not last for a long time before the two of them were finally exhausted. A ‘boom’ sounded and both of their legs landed on the ground. Only Xiao Yan, whose body was covered with a couple of different Heavenly Flames, was looking at everyone, who had become smaller, with a lost expression. Clearly, he did not understand why he did not feel that kind of terrifying pressure.

“This damn Tou She Ancient God.”

Zhu Kun’s face was flush red. He clenched his teeth. However, his body appeared to have been pressed by a mountain, causing him to be unable to move.

Gu Yuan laughed bitterly. He struggled helplessly before relaxing. It was not considered humiliating to be suppressed by an elite Dou Di.

The thin light swept over the square. After which, it began to slowly withdraw from Gu Yuan and the others. It turned into a light ray that enveloped around Xiao Yan, who had remained standing.

Gu Yuan and the rest stood up after the ray of light withdrew from their bodies. All of them were startled upon seeing this scene.

“Lucky fellow, you are indeed the most suitable…” Zhu Kun’s expression was a little complicated. Back then, he had been greedy for the Di Essence. This had resulted in him being trapped for thousands of years. It was unexpected that this thing had ended up choosing Xiao Yan.

“Xiao Yan, it looks like we can only rely on you…”

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