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Chapter 1637: First On the Heavenly Flame Ranking

“Creating a Dou Di?”

The air seemed to have solidified under Zhu Kun’s words. Even Gu Yuan could only widen his mouth. He was stunned as he looked at Gu Yuan in front of him.

The atmosphere had solidified for a long while. Only then did it show signs of easing up. After experiencing a lost feeling of one’s head ceasing to work, everyone had finally recovered. Everyone felt it was a little ridiculous. Creating a Dou Di? Even though these words had originated from Zhu Kun’s mouth, it still lacked trustworthiness. The whole world had not produced a single elite Dou Di during these tens of thousands of years. This allowed everyone to understand that the legendary level was too far to imagine.

“You are joking, right?”

Yan Jin widened his mouth. His voice had involuntarily become a little dry. Although his words contained a feeling of complete disbelief, some hope still rose within his heart for some unknown reason when he spoke.

Currently, the situation of the alliance army could be described as being backed into a corner. Once Hun Tiandi advanced to the Dou Di class, they would lose all opportunity. That level was already something that human strength could not resist.

If Zhu Kun was speaking the truth, it would be possible to turn this inevitable situation around!

“Elded Zhu Kun, now… is not the time for jokes.” Xiao Yan hesitated for a moment as he chose his words with discretion and said. If Zhu Kun really had such a method, he would not end up remaining at that level for such a long time.

Gu Yuan did not speak. All he did was to stare intently at Zhu Kun as he attempted to hear an explanation that could confirm those words.

Zhu Kun involuntarily parted his lips after seeing everyone’s doubtful eyes. He said, “All of you can be rest assured that I do not have the mood to fool around with all of you. It is really a blessing from the Heavens that it is possible for our side to also produce an elite Dou Di.”

“Can you give a clearer explanation?” Gu Yuan’s hand shook as he asked.

Zhu Kun slowly lifted his head. His eyes looked towards the Heavenly Flame square that he had brought out from the Ancient God Mansion. After being quiet for a moment, he finally said, “Actually, the Di tier embryonic pill is not the most precious item within the Ancient God Mansion.”

“Is elder Zhu Kun referring… to that thing.” Xiao Yan fell into a deep thought. His finger pointed towards the Heavenly Flame square floating in the sky and said.

“Otherwise, do you think that I have decided to spent a great effort to bring such a big thing out for fun just because I have too much free time?” Zhu Kun rolled his eyes. He waved his sleeve and the space fluctuated. The area in front of everyone’s eyes became dazzled. They had already appeared above the huge Heavenly Flame square when they appeared.

Xiao Yan’s eyes swept over those Heavenly Flame pillars around the square . However, he failed to detect any energy ripple. He looked all over the place before pausing his eyes on the hundred thousand feet stone statue.

“In what way is this strange?” Lei Ying by the side did not discover anything after searching for a moment. Finally, he could not resist asking.

Zhu Kun stood with his hands behind him. He lifted his head and his eyes looked at the mountain like stone statue. He said, “Are you aware of the origin of the Tou She Ancient God or rather its identity?”

Everyone were startled upon hearing this. They exchanged glances with each other before shaking their heads quietly. The Tou She Ancient God was someone from a completely different era. They had only read about the name Tou She Ancient God on the ancient text. All of them were totally ignorant of his background and identity.

“According to what I know, the Tou She Ancient God was extremely mysterious. No one knew of its origin. There had been many experts from the continent back then. Many individuals standing at the peak had done their best to break into the Dou Di class. However, none of them ultimately succeeded. Yet, at that time, a completely unknown Tou She Ancient God had appeared.” Hu Yuan had an expression of deep thought as ge recalled the extremely old records within the tribe.

“It was rumoured that two suns appeared in the sky and the world crumbled when the Tou She Ancient God advanced into the Dou Di class. An endless sea of fire descended from the sky. It enveloped half of the Dou Qi continent and stirred all the experts at that time…”

“However, after experiencing the earthshaking scene from when he advanced into the Dou Di class, the Tou She Ancient God once again vanished. Moreover,according to common sense those in the clan whom he had a blood relation towards, should also have their bloodline strength being activated. Their strength should soared to a relatively terrifying level within a short period of time.

“Those who have the first generation Dou Di bloodline would be blessed with the greatest benefit. Hence, if a new ancient clan had appeared, it would definitely turn the Dou Qi continent into an uproar. However, this did not occur.”

“In other words, the Tou She Ancient Gods did not have many clan members. Perhaps there aren’t anyone who possess a bloodline similar to his?” Xiao Yan frowned and said.

The entire Dou Qi continent viewed the continuation of one’s bloodline as extremely important. This was especially the case for these top experts. They greatly wanted their bloodline to continue. However, why was it that the Tou She Ancient God was all alone?

“Aye, this should be the case. However, we cannot exclude the possibility of no one discovering them.” Gu Yuan noddsd. He looked at Zhu Kun and said, “Is what I have said correct?”

“It is more or less correct.”

Zhu Kun placed both of his hands behind him. He looked at the huge stone statue and suddenly changed the topic. “There are a total of thirty-three types of Heavenly Flames on the Heavenly Flame Ranking. They are the strongest flames in this world. However, do you know what is the name of the Heavenly Flame ranked first on the Heavenly Flame Ranking?”

Xiao Yan’s heart shook. Forget about the others, even he, who had a great understanding of the Heavenly Flame, did not know anything about this Heavenly Flame that was ranked first on the Heavenly Flame Ranking. This was because the first ranked Heavenly Flame did not have a name to begin with!

There were twenty-three Heavenly Flames on the Heavenly Flame Ranking. However, the first position was completely blank!

No one knew just what the first ranked Heavenly Flame was. However, the strange thing was that many alchemists had some vague instinct that there should indeed be something existing above the Nihility Devouring Flame. However, they were unaware of what it was.

That first ranked Heavenly Flame was a puzzle. It was extremely mysterious and unfathomable. No one had ever seen it.

“Is elder Zhu Kun aware of what is the first ranked Heavenly Flame on the Heavenly Flame Ranking?” Xiao Yan involuntarily asked.

A strange smile was lifted on Zhu Kun’s face after he heard this. He said, Where is there a first ranked Heavenly Flame in this world?”

This answer caused everyone to be stunned. They frowned as they attempted to refute the answer. However, they suddenly discovered that they seemed to be unaware of what the first ranked Heavenly Flame was. Could it be that the so called top Heavenly Flame was merely a legend?

“All living creatures have their own souls. It is also the same for a Heavenly Flame…”

Zhu Kun also appeared to be aware of the shock within everyone’s heart. He slowly said, “Base on what I know, there was once a Heavenly Flame that was formed in this world. It was created in a thousand years, gained a soul after ten thousand years and trained for a seemingly endless long time. This had caused it to be mutated slightly. Everyone is aware that Heavenly Flames that were mutated would seldom take the initiative to leave the place it was created. However, this flame was different. After possessing intelligence, it travelled in the direction of the magma, roaming the underground for a thousand years and devour flames to survive.”

“The flames that it devoured all had a ranking on the Heavenly Flame Ranking. All twenty-one types were eaten by it.”

“Devouring energy… it seems that only the Nihility Devouring Flame is able to achieve it, right?” Xiao Yan hesitated before speaking.

“The Heavenly Flames was just like a shrunken version of a human country. Even though one is born a noble and possess a high position, there was still a possibility that one could be overturned. Eating each other is a kind of instinct to Heavenly Flames. Normally speaking, however, most of the time, it is the stronger eating the weaker.” Zhu Kun sighed and said. “This was also the unique aspect of this flame. It knew out to quickly strengthen itself while avoiding the danger when devouring flames. It consumed the weaker first. After spending an extremely long time, after devouring twenty different Heavenly Flames, even the natural overlords like the Nihility Devouring Flame and the Purifying Demonic Flame, could only prostrate to him.”

Xiao yan involuntarily inhale a breath of cold air after hearing until this point. It was extremely difficult to find Heavenly Flames in this world. Just what kind of concept swallowing twenty Heavenly Flames was?

“If it was a human, even if one could find these Heavenly Flames, who would dare to swallow these twenty extremely violent Heavenly Flames?”

Even the current Xiao Yan would likely have difficulty performing such a thing.

“Does elder Zhu Kun mean… the so called number one on the Heavenly Flame Ranking does not have its own unique name. Instead, whoever can overcome the restraint and emerge from the cruel Heavenly Flame devourment would be considered the top of the Heavenly Flame Ranking?” Xiao Yan also seemed to have understood this as he verified.

“This is the logic. However, the swallowing of Heavenly Flames would likely result in the two types of Heavenly Flames coming into conflict with each other, which result in self-destruction. Hence, only by being able to successfully survive after devouring the other twenty one types of Heavenly Flames will enable that flame to be qualified as the number one Heavenly Flame.” Zhu Kun said.

Xiao Yan nodded quietly. Using the Flame Mantra to refine the Heavenly Flame was already extremely dangerous. Even less needed to be said if one had to use one’s own ability to swallow Heavenly Flames. The chances of failure was far too great. Yet, that Heavenly Flame was able to remain alive after devouring all the other twenty one types of Heavenly Flames. It must be said that this itself was a miracle that one could not believe.

It was likely that one would be unable to find many examples of such an occurrence even in the entire history of the Dou Qi continent.

“It is unexpected that the top Heavenly Flame on the Heavenly Flame Ranking actually has such a secret to it.”

Everyone sighed softly. Clearly, this was the first time that they were aware that the so called first ranked Heavenly Flame did not refer to some unique flame. Instead, it was the ultimate Heavenly Flame formed by merging the twenty-two types of Heavenly Flames!

“After that Heavenly Flame succeeded, he refer to himself as the Flame God. He subsequently trained for thousands of years before appearing in this world.” Zhu Kun’s eyes had a complicated expression surging within them after he spoke until this point.

“After that God Flaem broke into the world, he also gained another title on the Dou Qi continent.”


Zhu Kun let out a deep breath of air. He stared at the hundred thousand feet large Ancient God stone statue in front of him. His soft muttering voice was like a thunder that exploded beside the ears of Xiao Yan’s group, causing them to immediately become stunned.

“At that time, people call him… the Tou She Ancient God.”

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