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Chapter 1630: Ancient God Mansion Appears

The alliance army became stunned as they saw a monstrous ferocious aura once again surging onto the middle-aged man. On the Hun clan’s side, their originally gloating expression had immediately become ugly…

“Your majesty, the former dragon emperor, is it really you?”

At this moment, Elder Zhu Luo’s whose mind was blurry, had finally awaken. He had also found a face similar to the person in front of him from his distant memory. Immediately, his body trembled continuously from the excitement. Even his old tears had begun to flow.

“Hee, I have thought that you have completely forgotten about this emperor…” The middle-aged man smiled and remarked after heading this.

“This little fellow don’t dare to do so.”

Elder Zhu Huo shook his head repeatedly. Although his external appearance seemed even older, he understood that he was merely a youth back when Zi Yan’s father was in charge of the Ancient Void Dragon tribe.

The other Elders of the ancient dragon tribe looked at each other. Excitement surged within their eyes. No one had expected the the previous dragon emperor, who was rumoured to be missing, would actually still be alive in this world. With this being the case, the strength of the Ancient Void Dragon tribe would undoubtedly soar!

Seeing this ending, which had suddenly become the meeting of long lost kins, Xiao Yan could only smile bitterly and shake his head. Soon after, a joy rose within their hearts. It was unexpected that this mysterious expert and Zi Yan actually had such a relationship. In this way, the situation was going to be turned around!

“So you are the previous dragon emperor of the Ancient Void Dragon tribe.” Gu Yuan sighed after seeing that the atmosphere was quite good. He immediately cupped his hands together and laughed.

“Although I am older than you, one’s strength is still the most important. You can call me Zhu Kun.” That so called previous dragon emperor did not put on airs when facing Gu Yuan. He merely waved his hand and said.

“Brother Zhu Kun.” Gu Yuan revealed a smile on his face upon hearing this. He cupped his hands together. It was naturally extremely beneficial to be acquainted with such an expert.

“Your majesty, Xiao Yan is a great benefactor of our ancient dragon tribe. He had rescued our tribe from many critical situations. Moreover, if it was not because of him, Zi Yan would not have been able to safely return to our tribe.” Elded Zhu Huo stepped forward and spoke respectfully.

“Critical situation? How is the Ancient Void Dragon tribe like now?” Zhu Kun was startled upon hearing this. His expression quickly sunk. His era was the peak of the Ancient Void Dragon tribe. There was hardly any factions on the continent who would dare to offend him.

Elder Zhu Huo hesitated for a moment. After which, he roughly explained some of the incidents that had occurred after he the dragon emperor had gone missing.

Zhu Kun’s eyes had a fury flashing over his eyes after he heard the ancient dragon tribe was separated into four. Clearly, he did not expect that these fellows, who had originally been extremely respectful towards him, would actually be so bold after he disappeared.

“It seems that I am really muddle-headed this time around. Fortunately, they did not make a big mistake.” Some cold sweat had suddenly appeared on Zhu Kun’s forehead after Zhu Huo roughly explained the situation. He smilingly looked at Xiao Yan. The expression on his face was extremely warm. It was completely different from his ferociousness from earlier.

From what Zhu Huo had summarized, he could tell that Zi Yan had quite a good relationship with this Xiao Yan. Adding this to how Zi Yan had risked her life to protect Xiao Yan earlier, he understood that if any mishap had occurred to Xiao Yan today, it was likely that the matter would be difficult to resolve…

Xiao Yan was a little speechless as he looked at the extremely warm face. At this moment, all he could do was to shake his head helplessly. He said, “Elder really knows how to joke…”

“Calling me elder makes us appear like strangers. You are good friends with Zi Yan. If you don’t mind, you can call me uncle.” Zhu Kun waved his hand and hurriedly said.

Xiao Yan was once again speechless. He ft neither able to laugh nor cry as he cupped his hands together and called, “Uncle Zhu Kun.”

Zhu Kun smilingly nodded after seeing this. The corner of his eyes drifted towards Zi Yan, who had been quiet. His heart rejoiced a little after seeing that the latter’s expression appeared to become somewhat warmer.

“Ha ha, since I have promised my daughter, I will have to take this fellow’s life…” Zhu Kun turned his head. His eyes looked at Hun Tiandi some distance away before he spoke with a grin.

Gu Yuan by the side involuntarily smiled. He looked at the extremely ugly expression of Hun Tiandi. Suddenly, he had a relaxed feeling of wanting to laugh towards the sky. This was really the case of one’s luck being changed. That fellow from earlier was attempting to add insult to injury earlier. However, he did not expect that the situation had been completely turned around in an instant.

Base on his senses, Gu Yuan already understood that Zhu Kun was definitely not weaker than him. The latter was also at the advance nine star Dou Sheng class. With their strength combined, even Hun Tiandi would suffer a miserable defeat.

“It had been many years since I have fought. It is really enjoyable for me to be able to encounter such a big battle immediately after I have been fred.” Zhu Kun’s body gradually floated. He clenched his fist. Purple-golden luster slowly spread from within his body as he stared at Hun Tiandi and laughed.


Seeing this sudden change in the situation, Hun Tiandi snorted coldly while wearing an ugly expression. The ancient jade in his hand suddenly unleashed a bright light pillar. The light pillar shot down from the sky. After which, it directly shot onto the ancient door. He had already used the full strength of the ancient jade.


The ancient door, which had been shut for an extremely long time, suddenly began to shake under the light pillar. Traces of cracks began to appear.

The cracks became increasingly huge. A moment later, the ancient stone door was slowly opened towards the side amidst a creaking sound.


An ancient ripple, which seemed to have originated from the ancient times, suddenly rushed out from behind the ancient door the moment it was opened. Both armies seemed to have suffered a heavy blow under this ripple. Their formation was turned into a chaos. Some of the weaker individuals were being forced back by a hundred thousand feet.

“Be careful!” Xiao Yan hurriedly stabilized his body after seeing the army formation being scattered by this wave. He quickly reminded in a deep voice.

“The Ancient God Mansion is about to be opened…” Gu Yuan let out a low cry. His eyes stared intently at those ancient giant doors, which were slowly opening.

“Has it been finally opened…” Zhu Kun was a little absent minded as he watched this scene. He had tried all sorts of method to open the mansion while he was trapped in that space. However, they were to no avail. He was finally able to see this scene today.

“Bang bang bang!”

The ancient ripple became even more intense as the stone door was opened. At the end, there were very few experts from both parties who could still remain floating in the air.

“Gu Yuan, do you know just what is inside the Ancient God Mansion?” Zhu Kun in the sky watched the gradually opening ancient door before suddenly asking.

“I am not very certain. All I know is that the thing inside will allow one to advance to the Dou Di class.” Gu Yuan hesitated for a moment before replying.

“It is indeed able to allow one to advance into the Dou Di class. This is because there is an embryonic Di Pill inside the mansion. If I guess correctly, this should be the target of Hun Tiandi. If the latter could obtain it, it is very likely that he will advance into the Dou Di class.” Zhu Kun said.

“Oh?” Gu Yuan’s expression was altered slightly after he heard this. Embryonic Di Pill. If this was really the case, it might really possess that unbelievable ability.

“We must not allow Hun Tiandi to obtain the embryonic Di Pill. Otherwise, once he advanced into the Dou Di class, the Hun clan will definitely not let us off, given their character.” Gu Yuan spoke in a deep voice.

Zhu Kun nodded. He also understood just how terrifying an elite Dou Di was. Just a realm that the Tou She Ancient God had used was able to trap him for thousands of years. From this alone, it was possible to tell that the so called Dou Sheng was perhaps just like an ant in the eyes of a genuine Dou Di.

“We will take the lead to charge in after the Ancient God Mansion is fully opened. As long as we are able to obtain the Di tier embryonic pill before Hun Tiandi, it would not be too difficult for us to kill him given our strength.” Zhu Kun said.

“We will do as brother Zhu Kun suggest.”

The two of them came to a quick agreement. With Zhu Kun’s help, Gu Yuan no longer needed to worry about being unable to deal with Hun Tiandi.

Xiao Yan smiled as he looked at Gu Yuan and Zhu Kun, who were standing proudly. With such an expert aiding them, the situation had been changed almost instantly.

Xiao Yan gently exhaled. He turned his head to look at Zi Yan beside him. She was startled as she looked at Zhu Kun’s back. From the looks of it, it seemed that she had not managed to recover from reality.

Xiao Yan could only sigh softly in the face of this.

“Xiao Yan, do you think that I should recognise him?” Zi Yan turned her head, looked at Xiao Yan and suddenly asked, “If it is not because I was lucky back then, I would have already become the food of other Magical Beasts…”

“You should just do what your heart tells you to… there are no parents who do not love their children in this world. I have been to the place where he was trapped it. It was a dark and lonely place. His life during these years was also likely quite hard.” Xiao Yan hesitated for a moment before he spoke in an appropriate manner. He understood that Zi Yan felt a little lost at this father of hers who had suddenly appeared. She did not know how she should deal with this matter.

Zi Yan nodded quietly but did not speak. Xiao Yan spread his hands and did not say anything more. Such matters must ultimately be resolved by Zi Yan.


The ripple emitted from huge ancient stone door became increasingly fierce while Xiao Yan was chatting with Zi Yan. The gap between the large doors became bigger and bigger when the fluctuation was emitted. At the end, it had finally completely stiffened under the loud sound.


A fluctuation that seemed to have originated from the prehistoric time suddenly spread as the ancient stone doors were fully opened. The entire sea of magma had been blasted until huge waves were formed. The land trembled. Many ten thousand feet large deep abyss were formed.

The Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame covered Xiao Yan’s body. He did his best to reject that kind of prehistoric pressure. The entire area within a fifty kilometre radius seemed to only possess the top experts from both parties. The remaining individuals were forcefully scattered apart.


Some strange ripples was suddenly formed over the ancient stone door. The space became distorted. That huge door seemed to have agglomerated into a seemingly transparent tunnel.


Gu Yuan and Zhu Kun rushed forward at the same time the moment the transparent tunnel was formed. Hun Tiandi and the Nihility Devouring Flame had also turned into two rays of light, which charged into the tunnel with lightning like speed!

“We should also go!”

Xiao Yan let out a low cry after seeing this scene. He rushed forward with extreme speed, enduring the dense pressure and charged directly into the tunnel. The experts from both parties also swarmed in from behind…

The entire sky became empty as the many individuals charged into the tunnel. Only that ancient large door continued to quietly stand above the sea of magma!

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