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Chapter 1625: Battle for the Mansion

The black cloud covered the sky, which seemed to have turned dim in an instant. Monstrous like aura spread in the black cloud and reverberated across this place. It caused the land to shake slightly.

There were presently still many people and faction remaining in the Black-Corner Region. Although Xiao Yan and the others had already warned them, these people did not choose to leave. Most of those who could survive in the Black-Corner Region were heartless and bold individuals. Hence it was naturally not easy to get them to abandon the territory that they had fought for many years with just a few words.

Xiao Yan and the others simply left things as it was after their warning was unheeded. They would naturally regret it when the time come.

The Xiao Gate had also been sent into the Heavenly Tomb early on. Regardless of what the situation was, this was after all a faction he had established back then. He would naturally not hold back if he could help them.

Hence, the current Black-Corner Region was much emptier as compared to before. Although some stubborn fellows refused to leave, there were also some decisive individuals. After all, the massacre that had happened a couple of days earlier had allowed them to understand just how terrifying the so called Hun clan…

The black cloud spread and covered the area around the Black-Corner Region. Immediately, the black cloud churned and whistled out from his body in a dense fashion.

Xiao Yan’s expression was grave as he looked at the figures that covered the sky. From the looks of it, the Hun clan had come out in full force. It seemed that Hun Tiandi had full intent on obtaining the Ancient God Mansion.

“Be careful.” Xun Er softly spoke by the side. Her pretty eyes were filled with worry. Even she felt that this lineup was extremely terrifying.

Xiao Yan nodded slightly. His eyes looked at the middle of the black cloud. There were dozens of figures appearing in the space. The leader was the clan head of the Hun clan, Hun Tiandi. The Nihility Devouring Flame followed closely behind. Behind them were the four old undying fellow who had built the Death World back then…

“The aura of these four old fellows who would not die had actually recovered…” Xiao Yan’s eyes glanced at the four individuals and his heart sunk involuntarily. Four experts comparable to an eight star Dou Sheng. This was sufficient to cause an imbalance between both parties.

During the time when Xiao Yan had a solemn face because of the Hun clan’s lineup, the space above the academy also swiftly became distorted. Immediately, densely packed human figures flashed and appeared. The alliance army had also arrived…

Xiao Yan’s body flashed as he saw the black mass of people suddenly appearing in the sky. He immediately appeared in front of the alliance army.

“It seems that your guess is correct. This Black-Corner region is indeed the location of the Tou She Ancient God Mansion.” Gu Yuan glaced at the large Hun clan’s army in the distance and said.

Xiao Yan nodded. His eyes swept over the alliance army. Suddenly, he discovered that the lineup of the alliance army seemed to have become a lot stronger compared to the last time.

“The strength within all our three clans had been fully unleashed…” Gu Yuan appeared to be aware of Xiao Yan’s surprised and laughed.

“Don’t the three clans need to dispatch people to guard your clans?” Xiao Yan frowned and asked.

“The Hun clan does not have the courage to separate and attack our three clans at this moment…” Lei Ling by the side spoke in a deep voice.

“This fight is extremely important. Whoever loses will likely end up with a terrible fate where one can never recover from. Since this is the case, we can only risk it all.” Yan Jin laughed. However, a sharp cold light surged within his eyes.

Xiao Yan was speechless. He quietly nodded. Indeed, if Hun Tiandi was allowed to successfully advance to the Dou Di class, only one fate that awaits the three clan regardless of how they defend. Since this was the case, it was better to risk everything and fight now…

“That’s right, I have already ventured into the bottom of the magma and discovered the Ancient God Mansion inside. However… there is a mysterious creature guarding at the entrance to the mansion. Its strength is extremely terrifying. I think that it is likely not weaker than uncle Gu or Hun Tiandi.” Xiao Yan spoke with a serious face.

These words caused not only the expressions of Lei Ying and the others to changed but it also led to Gu Yuan body trembling slightly. This big battle would be a little unpredictable if this was the case. An advance level nine star Dou Sheng could alter the result of the battle!

“I have never heard of any non-human race producing an advance level nine star Dou Sheng class expert within the last thousand years. It is likely that this mysterious creature has existed for an extremely long period of time. Even Hun Tiandi and I might not be comparable with it…” Gu Yuan muttered.

Xiao Yan and the others nodded. One could indeed explain it this way. After all, that fellow must have existed for a very long period of time in order to become the guardian of the Ancient God Mansion. It was not unbelievable to say that it was older than Gu Yuan and Hun Tiandi. After all, the life of such a Magical Beast was its natural advantage.

Hun Tiandi slowly stepped out from the distant space while Xiao Yan’s group chatted. His eyes were indifferent as they glanced at the opposing alliance. Finally, they paused onto Gu Yuan and Xiao Yan.

“Gu Yuan, what I have told you earlier is still valid now. If I really successfully advance into the Dou Di class and you surrender to me, I will not show you any mercy. You should reconsider for the sake of the continuity of the Gu clan.” Hun Tiandi spoke in a calm voice.

Gu Yuan could not resist laughing after seeing that this person was actually still intending on cooperating with him. He did not speak. All he did was to lift his hand and swung it gently. Immediately, countless number of powerful auras erupted from the alliance army. Cold and sharp eyes were locked onto the Hun clan’s army.

“How unfortunate…”

Hun Tiandi sighed softly upon seeing this. He did not say anything else. A bright light cluster flew out from within his Storage Ring and floated above his head. A foggy light was vaguely present within the light cluster. Finally, it turned into an illusory ancient figure.

The energy of this entire place seemed to have boiled following the appearance of the ancient figure. An overlord like pressure descended from the sky.

“Tou She Ancient God!”

Gu Yuan, Xiao Yan and the others had grave faces as they watched the bright haired old man. A solemn exclamation sounded. The only one in this world who could possess such an aura was likely the legendary Tou She Ancient God Jade.

“They wish to use the Tou She Ancient God Jade to summon the Ancient God Mansion…” Gu Yuan’s eyes flashed as he cried out.


Hun Tiandi lifted the Tou She Ancient God Jade before he suddenly slammed his palm towards the Jia Nan Academy below. With this strike, a giant ten thousand feet large hand appeared in the sky. Immediately, dust quickly scattered. A loud rumbling sound resounded over this place.

The enormous Jia Nan Academy was directly turned into a tens of thousands of feet large deep gully under this palm strike by Hun Tiandi. There was suddenly the sound of liquid flowing within the deep gully. Soon after, a crimson liquid flowed out from within the ruins of the Jia Nan Academy. In the blink of an eye, it had buried the Jia Nan Academy in magma.

This palm strike of Hun Tiandi had not only turned the Jia Nan Academy into ruins but it had even forced the magma out from underground.

Hot magma swiftly surged out from underground like a bright red wave. After which, it spread over the Black-Corner Region in a mighty fashion. With this speed, the Black-Corner Region would likely be turned into a sea of magma soon.

“Stop them, do not allow Hun Tiandi to use the Ancient Jade to summon the Ancient God Cave!” Gu Yuan cried out in a deep voice as he looked at the sea of magma spreading under him.


Lei Ying, Yan Jin and the rest suddenly cried out after hearing Gu Yuan. Immediately, countless number of Dou Qi pillars shot out from the alliance army behind them and shot towards the Hun clan’s army from all directions.

“In formation!”

Many stern cries were also emitted from within the Hun clan’s army after they saw the alliance army unleashing an attack. Immediately, many black chains with black fog lingering over them shot out from the army. Finally, they crossed each other. In the blink of an eye, they turned into a huge dragnet!

“Bang bang bang!”

Vast and mighty Dou Qi light pillars continued to explode on the chain formation, emitted waves of sharp miserable cries. The black fog on the chains also paled rapidly.

Seeing the terrifying and indescribable fight that had occurred in the sky, some of the experts and factions, who were originally remaining in the Black-Corner Region, were shocked to the point of having ashen faces. They lowered their heads to looked at the Black-Corner Region, which had been turned into a sea of magma. In an instant, many people began to hurriedly pull back. Compared to this big battle, all the other battles that they had experienced could be considered child’s play.

Hun Tiandi acted as though he did not notice the intense battle between both parties. He shut his eyes and controlled the ancient jade to sense the Ancient God Mansion deep under the magma.


Gu Yuan let out a cold snort upon seeing this scene. His body moved and he directly appeared outside of the chain formation. He waved his hand and the hard chains immediately exploded apart.

“Hee hee, Gu Yuan, allow me to be the one to fight you instead!”

A black flame surged in front of Gu Yuan just as he was about to attack. The Nihility Devouring Flame appeared behind him. There were also two old men, who had built the Death World back then, behind him. It seemed that he also understood that even though his soul had advanced into the Di State, he was still no match for Gu Yuan in a one on one battle.

“So you have actually advance into having a Di State soul. It looks like the Hun clan has really treated you ‘well’.” With Gu Yuan’s eyesight, he was naturally able to tell that the current Nihility Devouring Flame had already advanced into having a Di State soul.

The Nihility Devouring Flame laughed coldly. He did not utter anything unnecessary to Gu Yuan. Instead, he extended his hands. Monstrous black flames erupted. An endless suction force surged out from within his body,causing him to appear like a black hole.

The two elders behind him also attacked when the Nihility Devouring Flame struck. Their auras were powerful. Clearly, they were fighting with their full strength.

“You actually wish to stop me with the three of you?”

Gu Yuan smiled. His body flashed and he appeared in front of an elder with lightning like speed. A finger was extended. Immediately, the space within a thousand feet from his collapsed into nothing. After which, the finger was also quickly pressed downwards.


The figure had not even made contact with the elder’s body when the latter spat out a mouthful of blood and his body staggered backwards in a miserable fashion.


Gu Yuan was about to attack again after injuring one of them with his finger when a black flame began to envelope him. An endless suction force erupted. It was as though it intended to absorb all of the Dou Qi within his body.

“Your devouring power is useless against me!”

The vast and mighty Dou Qi contained a terrifying spiritual assault as it surged out from within Gu Yuan’s body. It directly shattered the black flame that was wrapped around him. After which, it grabbed towards the Nihility Devouring Flame.

Two elderly figures appeared in front of Xiao Yan, who had charged into the battleground, while Gu Yuan and the Nihility Devouring Flame trio were engaging in a big fight. Their stern cold cries sounded simultaneously.

“Bastard. Return my Deathly Silence Gate!”

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