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Chapter 1624: Arrival of a Big Battle

Jia Nan Academy.

Many students came and went along a big road with trees lined by the side. The energy unique to the young men and women spread across the forest. They were completely unaware of the big battle that was about to arrive. Hence, they did not panic. Their conversations were all related to the scene when Xiao Yan had appeared back then. The tone they used was filled with admiration and excitement.

Xiao Yan was lying on a tall tree in his rare relaxed moment. He looked at the azure sky while his mouth was chewing onto a grass, which gradually filled it with some bitterness. It had been many years since he was able to quietly lie in the academy and watch the sky.

“It has been many years…”

Xiao Yan shut his eyes and involuntarily sighed quietly. Now that he thought about it, the scene of his training within this Jia Nan Academy back then was still fresh in his mind. Yet, in the blink of an eye, he was already no longer the youth from back then…

“It has indeed been many years…”

A soft voice was suddenly transmitted from beside Xiao Yan’s ears. He opened his eyes and looked at the pretty instructor, who had a pair of long sexy legs beside him. A grin appeared and the corner of his mouth involuntarily revealed a teasing smile. “What beautiful legs.”

Xiao Yu’s face involuntarily reddened upon hearing this. She glared violently at Xiao Yan and chided. “You are already so old but you still don’t know how to be serious.”

The corner of Xiao Yan’s mouth wore a smile. Both of his hands were placed behind his head. He did not say anything. This quiet atmosphere was something that he really liked. During these years, he had been pressured by the Hall of Soul and the Hun clan to the point where he could hardly catch his breath. This was because he understood that only be continuously training would he be able to escape from the fate of being shattered into pieces by that huge mountain. Moreover, the moment that he was destroyed, his family and clan would also end up with the same fate…

The big battle was arriving. Xiao Yan understood that this might probably be a decisive battle. However, it was precisely because of this that his originally tensed heart had relaxed significantly. He had done all that he could do. He had also put in the greatest effort to strengthen himself. Now, it was time to await the result.

Xiao Yu sat down elegantly beside Xiao Yan. She turned her head and looked at the face with narrowed eyes. This face appeared even more mature and determined compared to back then. The original tenderness had vaguely developed into another charm.

It was a face that one could watch for a long time.

Xiao Yu curled her red lips. She had seen many young and talented individuals during these years that she had spent teaching in the academy. There were many amongst them who had begun a wild pursuit of her. However, all of them ultimately failed. This was because she would always shake her head each time she compared those people to this person in front of her.

After all these years of training, she understood just how outstanding and dazzling this man in front of her was…

“It would be good if we are not blood related…” At times, some strange thoughts would appear within Xiao Yu’s heart, causing her face and ears to redden while she repeatedly scolded herself for being shameless in her heart.

“Are you thinking of romance?” Xiao Yan had opened his eyes at some unknown moment. He looked at the pretty female instructor by the side, who was biting her red lips, and smilingly asked.

“That’s right.: Xiao Yu’s bright eyes blinked this time around as she smiled sweetly.

“Ugh…” This reply caused Xiao Yan to be startled. Under normal circumstances, Xiao Yu should have sent him a flying kick. He lifted his gaze and looked at Xiao Yu’s pretty eyes. There was something flowing in them. Immediately, cough softly and withdrew his gaze.

Xiao Yu’s silver teeth bit on her red lips with a greater force after seeing Xiao Yan withdraw his gaze. After which, the ripple within her was gradually reduced. She stared at Xiao Yan and softly said, “Thank you.”


Xiao Yan was once again startled. He immediately laughed, “You seems to be quite baffling?”

“This is the words that the clan members has asked me to bring to you the last time I returned to the Jia Ma Empire.” Xiao Yu laughed.

Xiao Yan was a little stunned. The smile on the corner of his mouth became much warmer.

“Currently, those younger generation and even some of the older generation of the Xiao clan regards you like a god. Other people can scold them but if those people dared to say anything about you, they will definitely attack. There has been many clan members who had charged into various sects by themselves because of this…” Xiao Yu laughed. Her soft voice appeared as though she was talking about an ordinary family matter. It was exceptionally warm.

“Hee hee, this god of theirs was called a useless trash back then.” Xiao Yan parted his mouth and laughed.

“Petty fellow. That was something from when all of us were very young, yet you still remember it…” Xiao Yu rolled her enchanting eyes at Xiao Yan and said.

Xiao Yan laughed. He continued hearing Xiao Yu softly speaking about the matters in the clan while looking at the azure sky. He had not have such an enjoyment for many years.

“Xiao Yu and Xiao Mei had returned to the Jia Man Empire a few years ago. It is rumoured that they are now experts who can hold their own…”

“Some years ago, the clan had wanted to choose a clan head. However, no matter how they chose, all of the ballots had your name on them, causing those Elders be unable to laugh nor cry.”

Xiao Yu spoke softly. A moment later, she finally paused and looked at the man beside her, who had his eyes shut. The latter’s breathing was also a lot calmer. At this moment, Xiao Yan was as quiet as a baby.

Xiao Yan had slept.

Even Xiao Yu was startled after seeing Xiao Yan’s current condition. Some pity appeared in her eyes. Hrr hand carefully shifted Xiao Yan’s head and placed them on her soft legs. She lowered her head and watched his face. The smile on the corner of her mouth appeared extremely gentle.

“The members of the clan are aware of how much you have sacrificed. You have been carrying the heavy burden alone…”

“In order to protect the clan, you have been working hard while risking your life. Ha ha, many little fellows in the clan are doing their best to train. They had said that they will be able to help you after becoming stronger…”

Dense branches spread over the towering giant tree as a gentle breeze blew over.


Xiao Yu gently exhaled a fragrant breath. She looked at the quiet face. Her hand was about to gently touch it when Xiao Yan’s originally tightly shut eyes were suddenly opened.

The original silence quickly scattered the moment the black eyes were opened. A sharpness that caused one’s soul to tremble once again surfaced within those black eyes.

Xiao Yu was startled as she looked at the face, which had turned from a peaceful to a sharp one in an instant. Her hand was placed down without anyone noticing as she sweetly smiled. “Are you awake?”

“Aye.” Xiao Yan nodded slightly. He stood up and looked towards the distant sky before commenting in a faint voice, “They are here…”

Xiao Yu was startled upon hearing this. Due to her relationship with Xiao Yan, she was aware of some secrets. Naturally, she understood who the ‘they’ that Xiao Yan referred to were.

“They’re too quick…” Xiao Yu frowned and remarked.

“Inform First Elder. Gather all the students together. Otherwise, they won’t be able to endure it once the fight begins.” Xiao Yan instructed in a deep voice.


Xiao Yu quickly nodded. Her delicate body moved and she opened her stride. Xiao Yan hesitated for a moment before he once again said, “Thank you very much, sister Xiao Yu.”

Xiao Yu was startled after hearing this form of address. This was the first time that Xiao Yan had ever called her sister. The two of them had been odds with each other since they were young and had continuously argued with each other each time they met.

“Ha ha, obedient little brother. This older sister is waiting to see you display your heroic might…” Xiao Yu suddenly laughed. She quickly flew downwards. Those eyes of hers were a little dim when she turned around. They were… brother and sister.

Xiao Yan stood on the top of a tree with his hands placed behind him. He glanced at Xiao Yu’s descending figure only to sigh. He was not a fool and was naturally able to clearly see through many matters. However, it was perhaps very difficult for there to be any result when it came to certain matters.

Xiao Yan shook his head and tossed aside the melancholy within his heart. After which, his eyes solemnly looked towards the horizon. He could detect an intense energy fluctuation from that spot. This fluctuation was not unfamiliar to him.

“Swoosh swoosh!”

A couple of figures flashed and appeared while Xiao Yan was in deep thought. They were Xun Er’s and Cai Lin’s group.

“The Hun clan is coming?” The two ladies looked at the sky and asked.

Xiao Yan nodded. He lowered his head to look at the academy. At this moment, all the instructors in the academy were leading the students to gather at an open ground. An anxious atmosphere enveloped this place.

“Everyone, be careful during this battle.” Xiao Yan looked at Xun Er and Cai Lin beside him and softly reminded.

“You too.” The two ladies nodded gently.

Xiao Yan smiled and suddenly stepped forward. He extended his hand and hugged Xun Er ang Cai Lin in front of their red faces. He softly said, “If we can succeed in solving this matter, we will organise a grand wedding.”


An embarrassed and joyous expression surged in the eyes of those two ladies as they nodded.

A warmth was felt as he hugged the two ladies. Xiao Yam hurried down the large tree and appeared on the open ground. He waved his hand and a huge crack appeared in the space. The crack led to the Heavenly Tomb.

“First Elder, relax, I have already instructed the creatures inside. They will not harm the students.” Xiao Yan opened the tunnel, looked at Su Qian and said.

“Little fellow, thank you very much…” Su Qian nodded. He gave Xiao Yan a deep bow and did not dare delay. With great speed, he directly rushed into the spatial tunnel. Densely pack students surged in like flood waters.

Xiao Yan once again rose into the air after the students entered the Heavenly Tomb. He looked at the distance. After which, the black cloud swiftly flew over with lightning like speed. A monstrous like aura spread across the black cloud.

Xiao Yan let out a long breath and clenched his fist as he looked at the earthshaking like momentum.

“The alliance army has arrived…”

Xiao Yan exhaled. He suddenly turned his eyes towards the northern sky. The space at that spot shook intensely and many figures appeared from all over the place. It cut through the distant space, carrying a rushing wind sound that resounded in the sky as they hurried towards the Jia Nan Academy!

A pride suddenly surged in Xiao Yan’s heart as he looked at the formation that spread across the sky. He let out a long roar towards the sky. The roar was like a thunder which rumbled across the sky. It could clearly be heard within a fifty kilometre radius.

“Hun clan, if you wish to fight, I will fight until your fill!”

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