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Chapter 1619: Reunion of Old Friends

The entire place was silent. Many pairs of eyes containing various emotions were stunned as they looked at the black figure standing on the head of the statue. A breeze blew and the black robe fluttered. Black hair scattered above the figure’s head. It was a simple and ordinary back but this back seemed to be as mighty and heavy as a mountain in the eyes of those present…

“Xiao Yan…”

The eyes of Su Qian and the others were extremely stunned as they paused on the black clothed figure. A moment later, their originally hopeless hearts once again become excited. Were they going to be saved today?

“It is really him…”

Xiao Yu covered her red lips with her hand. Although it had been over a decade since she had last saw him, that familiar back was still something that she was accustomed to. However, this back seemed to be even steadier than it was back then.

“Senior sister… is that the legendary senior Xiao Yan? He is really powerful. Even Old Qian and Old Bai was unable to stop that person from earlier. Yet, he had simply killed that person with a single strike…”

The large crowd suddenly emitted many voices after it was quiet for a moment. All the gazes were filled with a brilliance as they looked at the black clothed figure. In the hearts of many students in the Jia Nan Academy, the person they were most curious about was the various legends of this senior. After all, ever since the Jia Nan Academy was founded, there had not been anyone who had reached the extent where the academy had erected a statue of him..


Hun You’s face was filled with shock as he stood in the sky and looked at the figure, who had just appeared. He cried out sternly without any hesitation. Although he had never fought directly against Xiao Yan, he knew that even an expert like Hun Mie Sheng was killed in the latter’s hands. Where would he find the courage to fight? He did not think that he was stronger than Hun Mie Sheng.

The dozens of Hall of Soul’s experts in the sky decisively withdrew upon hearing Hun You’s loud cry.

Many people once again felt a little stunned as they watched the scene in the sky. The blood of many students began to boil. Their eyes were filled with excitement as they watched the back of the black clothed figure. This was a truly strong individual!

He did not need to attack. Just by showing himself, he could frighten away all experts!

Such a style was sufficient to cause the many tender youths to tremble from excitement.

“Since all of you have come, why do you need to leave in a hurry? The Hall of Soul had been destroyed by me. What is the point for you remanent survivors to continue living?” The black clothed young man on the head of a statute merely smiled as he looked at the experts from the Hall of Soul scattering and fleeing in the sky. He lifted his foot gently and placed it down.

“Bang bang bang!”

An extremely frightening invisible ripple spread with a lightning like speed after Xiao Yan’s foot landed. It directly caught up with those fleeing individuals. Soon after, those many black figures in the sky had exploded into clusters of bloody fog without any warning…

Regardless of whether it was Dou Zongs or Dou Zuns, all of them simply exploded into a bloody fog without any warning. Even their souls had been forcefully blasted apart at that instant.

Many pairs of eyes were startled as they watched the blood fog spreading across the sky. This scene was strange yet beautiful…

In the eyes of many students, these experts from the Hall of Soul appeared to have suddenly exploded by themselves. During this time, the person on the statute did not even shift his body.

“This strength…”

Su Qian exchanged glances with Old Qian and Old Bai a short distance. His eyes contained a dense shock. Killing Dou Zuns like killing chickens. Just how terrifying was this strength?

“Xiao Yan, you will not be able to protect the! They will definitely parish once my Hun clan’s army arrives!”

The only person who had managed to escape from Hun You. However, he had only manage to pull back some distance after spitting out a mouthful of blood. His eyes were red as he cried oug viciously after seeing his subordinates being completely eliminated within an instant.


Xiao Yan frowned slightly. He suddenly clenched his hand from across the empty space. The space above Hun You’s head had a flame surging from it. A large pinkfire hand suddenly descended from the sky and smashed onto his body. A terrifying force crushed him until he appeared like a bird, which had lost its wings. He was accompanied by a wisp of black smoke as he fell into the distance.

Light figures suddenly flashed in the direction where Hun You had turned into a black smoke and fled towards. Immediately, a couple of figures hurriedly rushed over.

“There is actually more reinforcements?”

Su Qian and the others were startled after seeing those figures.

A couple of figures swiftly appeared in the air above the academy in front of the cautious eyes of Su Qian and the others. After which, a terrifying aura quietly spread from these figures, who had shown themselves.

“Dou Sheng?”

Su Qian, Old Qian and Old Bai felt their head was about to explode as they sensed this terrifying aura, which caused their pores to stand. The people who had come were actually all legendary elite Dou Shengs?


A black figure flew down from the sky while everyone was feeling quietly shocked. Finally, he landed heavily onto a fighting stage below. Everyone saw that it was surprisingly Hun You. However, the latter currently appeared to be void of life.

Many people quietly swallowed their saliva as they watched the dead Hun You with a startled expression. From the way that this person could command that elite Dou Sheng from earlier, his strength should be even stronger than the latter. However… he still ended up dying in such a manner…

“Ha ha, Su Qian, it seems that you are really suitable to manage the academy…”

While Su Qian and the rest were involuntarily wiping off their cold sweat, a laughter suddenly resounded in the sky. Immediately, an elderly figure slowly descended and appeared in front of everyone’s eyes.


Su Qian and the rest were stunned as they looked at the old man walking over with a smiling face. He immediately exclaimed out loud.

“Hee hee.” The person who had arrived was naturally the headmaster of the Jia Nan Academy, Mang Tian Chi. He smilingly looked at Su Qian and the others. After which, his eyes swept over the academy and nodded with satisfaction. The size of this place was many times greater than when he had left back then.

“Let’s go down and speak.”

Mang Tian Chi did not treat himself as an outsider who had been missing for decades. He waved his hand and lifted his head to look at the sky. Finally, he laughed, “Young brother Xiao Yan, everyone here is an old acquaintance of yours. Could it be that you are going to hide?”

Xiao Yan in the sky helplessly shook his head upon hearing this. He led Xun Er and the few elite Dou Shengs from the alliance army and landed in front of the many pairs of eyes present. He cupped his hands together and laughed, “First Elder, it has been many years since we have met. How are you.”

“Little fellow, there has been no news from you for so many years. I thought that some accident had happened to you.” Su Qian involuntarily laughed as he looked at this face, which was much more matured as compared to over a decade ago.

“First Elder.”

Xun Er, who was behind Xiao Yan, curled her mouth slightly into a smile. Her elegant and calm style caused the eyes of the surrounding students to widened. It was likely that one would not be able to find a lady of such quality within the entire academy.

“Xun Er…”

Su Qian smiled and nodded after seeing Xun Er. Before he could speak, however, a figure suddenly leaped forward from behind him and collided onto Xun Er. The hands of the figure pulled Xun Er into a hug, directly embracing the delicate willow like wasit.

“Your temperament is still the same…”

Xun Er was startled upon seeing this. She finally smiled helplessly and said after recognising that person.

“Hee hee, Xun Er is really becoming increasing enchanting. However, it seems that you have yet to escape from the demon claws that that fellow.” Hu Jia laughingly said as her eyes drifted towards Xiao Yan by the side.

Wu Hao by the side also kept his heavy sword. He grinned as he watched this scene. After which, his eyes once again turned towards Xiao Yan. Both of them smiled towards each other. They were unable to forget their friendship from back then even until now.

“It seems that you really like to be a teacher huh?”

Xiao Yan’s heart involuntarily felt a fluctuation as he looked at this familiar face. He smiled before immediately turning towards the tall beautiful figure behind Su Qian and involuntarily let out a whistle. This action was something that the usually calm and sturdy Xiao Yan had seldom do.

“You are finally willing to return.”

Xiao Yu’s face reddened slightly after hearing Xiao Yan’s whistle. She glared at him. This manner of Xiao Yan was similar to his younger self back at Wu Tang City. At that time, Xiao Yan had purposefully done this to greatly anger her.

However… at that time, she would feel furious at this teasing action of Xiao Yan. Now, however, she did not resist this kind of teasing. Instead, she even felt some anticipation. Nevertheless, she also understood in her heart that the current Xiao Yan was no longer the naughty child from back then who dared to peep at her bathing…

“This subordinate greets chief!”

The middle-aged man from the Xiao Gate by the side suddenly cupped his hands together and cried out with an excited face.

“You are from the Xiao Gate, right?” Xiao Yan smiled after hearing this. He laughed softly, “You have done quite well.”

“I have failed in my duty and was unable to protect the Jia Nan Academy.” The middle-aged man was somewhat at a loss. Xiao Yan was considered a legendary like existence within the Xiao Gate. He had never thought that he would actually be able to see the real person.

“It is not your fault. The Xiao Gate is still unable to deal with these enemies.” Xiao Yan waved his hand. He was about to speak when a couple of figures rushed over from the distance. Within a couple of flashes, they had appeared beside Cai Lin. They were Cai Lin and some others.

“All the remaining members of the Hun clan in the other places had also been eliminated.” Cai Lin landed. Her cold face revealed a smile as she spoke.

Su Qian and the others were a little frightened as they looked at the dozen over people from Xiao Yan’s group. They discovered that the strength of these people had actually all reached the Dou Sheng class. This lineup could really frightened one into an idiot. They only laughed bitterly a moment later and asked, “What exactly happened?”

“A troublesome matter.”

Xiao Yan exchanged glances with Mang Tian Chi. His expression became much more serious as he replied.

“Try to shift the academy and students away as quickly as possible during this period of time. A big matter is about to occur in the Black-Corner Region…” Mang Tian Chi spoke in a deep voice. Honestly speaking, even he had some difficulty accepting Xiao Yan’s guess that it was possible for the Tou She Ancient God Mansion to be in the underground magma world. After all, when he had sealed the Falling Heart Flame back then, he had once ventured into the magma world. However, he did not venture too deeply. Who could imagine that he would actually narrowly miss the legendary Ancient God Mansion.

Su Qian’s expression changed after seeing the grave expression of Mang Tian Chi and Xiao Yan. He hesitated before speaking, “There are so many students. Where can we shift them to with such a short notice? We do not have so many people to escort them to safely leave.”

Mang Tian Chi frowned tightly upon hearing this.

“The matter of the students isn’t too troublesome. At that time, I can bring all of them to hide in the Heavenly Tomb.” Xiao Yan waved his hand and laughed. “As for what had happened, let’s head inside and discuss it in detail…”


Su Qian could only nod his head after hearing Xiao Yan say this. He instructed some Elders to calm the students before turning around and walked quickly towards the Meeting Hall in the academy. Xiao Yan and the others quickly followed, leaving behind a large group of heated eyes.

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