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Chapter 1618: Arrive In Time

Su Qian and the rest had a drastic change in expression after they heard the cold cry that was filled with murderous intent from the black robed person in the sky.

“Send the signal. Inform the Xiao Gate!” Su Qian cried out in a deep voice. These people had an unknown origin but they were extremely powerful. Many of them were people whom even he could not see through.


Hu Jia by the side nodded her pretty head in a grave manner. A signal flare was swiftly shot out from her finger before it exploded in the sky. Rushing wind sound appeared in the distance the moment the signal was unleashed. Soon after, dozens of figures flew out and appeared in the sky.

“First Elder Su Qian, what is the matter?” The leader, who had hurried over, was a middle-aged large man. His expression was cold and stern as he started at the black robed individuals in the sky. They were the guards from the Xiao Gate, which had been stationed at the Jia Nan Academy. Hence, they were able to quickly hurry over the moment they received the signal.

“There is some trouble.”

Su Qian spoke in a deep voice. Immediately, he stared at those people in black robes in the sky, cupped his hands together and asked, “Friends, may I know just who are you? Has my Jia Nan Academy offended you in any way?”

“You cannot be said to have offended us. However, it is just unlucky that you are located in this place.” Hun You smiled faintly. He did not even bother to glance at those experts who had hurried over after the signal was issued.

“Humph, how arrogant. If you wish to touch the Jia Nan Academy in the Black-Corner Region, you will still need to see if our Xiao Gate is willing to agree!” The middle-aged large man from the Xiao Gate immediately snorted coldly after hearing this. The dozens of people behind him flapped their Dou Qi wings. Powerful Dou Qi erupted and the force was quite strong.

“Two people, ten breaths’ time.”

Hun You glanced at the dozens of experts from the Xiao Gate in front of him. The corner of his mouth was lifted in ridicule. With a wave of his hand, two black robed figures from behind had once again appeared. They directly entered the group from the Xiao Gate, which consisted of dozens of experts. Before the group could even begin attacking, a couple of chains had cut through the air. One could hear dozens of muddled piercing sound and the chests of these experts were being penetrated by a chain…

The middle-aged man’s face immediately paled after he saw that many experts from the Xiao Gate were killed by those two in an instant. He involuntarily exclaimed, “Elite Dou Zuns!”

“Why is there a need to be arrogant when dealing with a small place like this? All of you have thought too highly of yourselves.” Hun You crossed his fingers together and spoke indifferently.

All the students within the academy were stunned as they watched the scene in the sky. Those elite Dou Huangs, who were aiming to become through their training, were actually unable to even retaliate in the hands of the two black robed individuals?”


Many students had pale faces. A horror and panic quickly spread.

“All Elders, attack with me!”

Wu Hao’s eyes had also shrunk as he watched the two black robed figures in the sky. Even though he was already a one star Dou Zun, he was still able to sense a pressure from those two. This time around, the Jia Nan Academy was likely truly faced with a great calamity.

Regardless of how great a calamity it was, however, he would not take a step back!

A determined expression surged into Wu Hao’s eyes when he thought of this. A stern cry sounded and he stepped onto the air. He clenched his hand and the heavy sword on his back flew out before landing on his hand. A tragic battlefield aura erupted.

Many Elders rose into the air after hearing his cry. Their eyes were filled with caution as they watched the black figures in the sky.


Hun You laughed. He once again waved his hand and five black robed individuals slowly stepped forward. After they did so, five terrifying auras, which had reached that of the five star Dou Zun, immediately erupted in the sky.

Such a terrifying aura caused the hearts of everyone to sink. Any faction in the Black-Corner Region, which possessed an elite Dou Zun, would be considered to be at the peak level. However, just any random mysterious black robed person here had reached this level.


However, everyone understood from the looks of the murderous aura from these people that they were not friendly individuals. At this moment, all they could do was to fight with all their strength. Wu Hao immediately cried out loud and the blood coloured heavy sword was suddenly slashed downwards. An enormous blood sword glow cut through the air and ruthlessly slashed towards the five black robed figures.

“Chi, an insignificant trick!”

The five of them revealed smiles of disdain in the face of Wu Hao’s attack. One of them randomly pointed his finger. A black light penetrated through the sky and easily shattered the blood coloured sword glow. The remaining wind that blew downwards smashed onto Wu Hao’s body with lightning like speed and sent him flying backwards. A mouthful of fresh blood was involuntarily spat out from his mouth.


Su Qian’s heart sunk after he saw Pang Hao’s attack being destroyed with a single strike. His body flashed and he received Pang Hao. Mighty Dou Qi erupted from within his body. The strength was a little stronger than even Pang Hao. It seemed that Su Qian’s strength had risen greatly during these few years.

Two powerful auras were suddenly emitted from the direction of the Jia Nan Academy when Su Qian attacked. Soon after, light flashed across the sky. Two elderly figures appeared. Their expressions were somewhat ugly as they looked at these black robed people.

“Old Bai, Old Qian!”

Su Qian sighed in relief after seeing the appearance of those two. They could be considered the strongest people within the Jia Nan Academy. Both of them had reached the seven star Dou Zun class. If they were to join hands, they would even be able to fight against an eight star Dou Zun.

“What happened?”

The two of them asked in a deep voice the moment they appeared. Even they felt an unease when facing those people in the sky. Since when did the Black-Corner Region possess such a powerful expert?

Su Qian laughed bitterly and quickly summarise the events from earlier.

When Old Qian and Old Bai heard that these people were actually planning on turning the Jia Nan Academy into a bloodbath, they involuntarily become furious despite their usual calm.

“Two seven star Dou Shengs, you can barely make it…” Hun You casually glanced at these two people. Immediately, he turned his eyes towards a person by the side and said, “Attack and finish them off. It is quite troublesome if they continue to appear one after another.”


A person beside Hun You smiled faintly upon hearing this. He quickly stepped forward. Immediately, the entire ground seemed to have become much darker. A vast and mighty aura that was stronger than Old Qian and Old Bai surged out from within his body in all directions like a storm.

Everyone’s expressions, including that of Old Qian and Old Bai, paled in the face of that vast and mighty aura.

“Dou… Dou Sheng?”

Old Qian and Old Bai were dull as they looked at the somewhat skinny figure. Their bodies quivered involuntarily. They had never even seen a true elite Dou Sheng in their entire lifetime. However, this kind of true pressure clearly told them that they were completely no match for this person in front of them.

“The Jia Nan Academy… has another great calamity arrive…”

Su Qian smiled in a tragic manner. In front of an elite Dou Sheng, it was likely that they were unable to feel any motivation to resist regardless of how great a perseverance they had. This was because all of them understood that it was pointless.

The entire academy had also become completely quiet at this moment. Although many people were unaware of just how powerful the person in the sky was, they could tell from the expressions of Su Qian and the rest that it was definitely extremely terrifying. At that instant, a despair and fear spread throughout the crowd. A proper festive occasion had turned into a situation where a great disaster was imminent.

“Elder, may I know how my Jia Nan Academy has offended you?” Old Qian and Old Bai asked in a dry voice.

“Being related to this person is a great sin.” That elite Dou Sheng revealed a cold glint in his eyes as he pointed at Xiao Yan’s statue and spoke in a faint voice.

“Of course, even if this is not the case, your fate will still be the same.” Another mocking laughter sounded after the person’s voice sounded.

“Alright, we have tarry long enough…” Hun You frowned and said.


That elite Dou Sheng smilingly replied after hearing this. He flicked his finger and a spatial fluctuation was formed. Two incomparably ferocious wind swiftly smashed onto Old Qian and Old Bai’s bodies with lightning like speed. The Dou Qi defence on the bodies of those two collapsed almost immediately. A heavy force was transmitted over. Their faces paled and a mouthful of fresh blood was spat out.

Seeing that even Old Qian and Old Bai were unable to receive an attack of this person, everyone immediately felt their limbs becoming icy cold.

“This statue is really an eyesore.” The elite Dou Sheng’s eyes swept over the huge statue after randomly defeating Old Qian and Old Bai. The chill within his eyes soared. If it was not because of this person, the Hall of Soul would also not end up in such a state!


A murderous desire surged within the elite Dou Sheng’s heart. His large hand grabbed violently and a couple of thousand feet large energy hands were formed out of nowhere. After which, they ruthlessly smashed onto the statue

Everyone revealed expressions of hopelessness in their eyes after seeing this scene. Today, it was likely that the Jia Nan Academy would be destroyed.


The huge hand heavily struck onto the statue in front of the countless pairs of eyes.

“Wu Hao, Xiao Yu, Old Qian, Old Bai and I will fight all out to block them. The both of you should try to escape with the students.” Su Qian’s expression was pale. He inhaled a deep breath of air and spoke towards Wu Hao at the side.

“If you wish to die, let’s just die together.” Wu Hao tightly held the heavy sword.

Xiao Yu bit her lips tightly. Her pretty eyes looked at the statue, which had been struck by the huge hand. Suddenly, she was startled as she exclaimed, “The statue is still standing?”

Everyone’s eyes hurriedly gathered onto the statue after hearing these words. They saw that the huge statue was actually standing undamaged on the open ground after the dust settled.

This scene caused everyone to be stunned. That palm from earlier could easily even destroy a mountain, much less a mere statue. However…

“What happened?” That elite Dou Sheng was startled and a little loss.

“Hun Chi, quick, withdraw!” Hun You was also startled. Immediately, his expression changed drastically as he cried out sternly.

“A mere Ban Sheng actually dares to destroy my statue?”

Hun You’s voice had only just sounded when an indifferent voice was suddenly emitted from the top of the statue. A wind blew over and the dust was scattered. At the same time, a skinny black coloured figure appeared in front of countless pairs of eyes.

The black figure stood with his hands behind him. He extended his left hand and aimed it at the Hun clan’s Dou Sheng from a distance. After which, he clenched it gently. Immediately, the elite Dou Sheng, whom the entire Jia Nan Academy was unable to resist, exploded into a cluster of blood fog without even being able to let out a miserable screech…

This scene caused countless of people to be immediately stunned. Many eyes held a great disbelief as they looked at the black coloured figure standing on the head of the statue. An elite Dou Sheng had simply been killed in this way?

“Xiao Yan?”

Hun You’s body pulled back as though he had seen a ghost while everyone were stunned. A terrified screech spread throughout the sky.

Hearing this name, which was considered quite familiar within the academy, everyone, who were beginning to show signs of recovery, seemed to have once again been struck by lightning…

Xiao Yan?

That legendary student, who had once left behind a brilliant stroke on the history of the Jia Nan Academy?

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