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Chapter 1617: Calamity of the Black-Corner Region

The outer regions of the Black-Corner Region.

Dozens of black robed figures quietly advanced on the mountain road. A moment later, they paused just beyond the edge of the mountain road where a gate was situation.

“Who is it? This place is my Demon Blade Gate’s mountain gate. All passerby should hurry up and leave!”

Over a dozen people guarding the mountain quickly lifted their ghost blades in their hands after this group of somewhat strange individuals paused in front of the gate. A fierce glint flashed across their eyes as they spoke in a stern voice.

“The Black-Corner Region is beyond this place, right?” The leader of the group of black robed individual spoke in a faint elderly voice.

“Humph, since you are aware that it is the Black-Corner Region, why don’t you hurry up and get lost? This is not a place that anyone can simply barge in!” A strong man at the gate, who appeared to be the leader, let out a cold snort.

“It looks like we have come to the right place…”

The leader involuntarily laughed after hearing this. He slowly lifted his head and revealed an indifferent face under those black robes. His bone like hand was extended from his sleeve as he spoke in an indifferent voice, “Kill them. Leave no one alive.”


The dozens of figures behind immediately replied in a deep voice after he opened his mouth.

“Swoosh swoosh!”

The person at the mountain gate became cautious after the old man opened his mouth. After which, a warning bamboo whistle was swiftly emitted from his mouth.

“How dare you act presumptuously in front of my Demon Blade Gate…” The warning bamboo whistled was emitted. Before that person could finish his cold cry, however, a black figure was magnified in his eyes. In the next moment, his body had actually exploded into a cluster of blood. At the same time, the mountain gate behind him was also blasted into dust.

“An enemy attack!”

This sudden explosion resounded over the mountain. Immediately, the sound of rushing wind sounded. Thousands of figures rushed out from the mountain. They held large blades in their hands, which had a densely cold luster under the sunlight.

“You actually dare come to my Demon Blade Gate to cause trouble. It seems that you have some ability!”

A figure holding a large blade slowly walked forward from amongst the man people. However, his powerful aura, which could match an expert Dou Huang, had just surged when the black clothed figure flashed and appeared in front of him in a ghost like fashion. The latter’s sleeve was gently waved and this well known expert Dou Huang in the Black-Corner Region, was blasted into a bloody fog in front of the many stunned gazes.

“Kill all of them. Additionally, send the information to the other units to attack. I hope that only our people will remain in this Black-Corner Region after today.” The black robed leader spoke in an indifferent manner after blasting apart this Demon Blade Gate’s chief with the shake of his sleeve.


The dozens of black figures once again replied after hearing his words. In the next instant, monstrous Dou Qi erupted from them. Black chains cut through the air and a slaughter was being enacted.

Today was the joyous day when another batch of new students was going to enter the Jia Nan Academy and its older students being promoted to the Inner Academy. Hence, the academy had held a ceremony. The entire academy was currently filled with a joyous atmosphere.

The open ground where the ceremony was held was basically filled with people. Many chaotic voices gathered together and charge to the cloud.

There was a couple of large combat stage placed at the middle of the open ground. At this moment, Dou Qi continued to burst from the combat stage. Human figures crossed each other. Their sparring appeared unusually fiery hot and intense. The occasional victor would stand proudly, attracting the eyes of many young ladies.

The entire academy was currently filled with the liveliness that the youth ought to have.

Two huge stone statue stood at the middle of the couple of combat stages. One of them was that of an old man while the other appeared young and handsome. The age of that young man seemed to be similar to that of the students. This situation had attracted some doubts of the new entrants of the academy.

“Senior sister, one of those two statues belong to the legendary headmaster but who does the other one belong to? He doesn’t appear very old.” A couple of young ladies, who were filled with liveliness surrounded a tall and beautiful lady as they curiously asked.

“That is the most outstanding person of the Jia Nan Academy. Do you know about the Pan Gate and Xiao Gate? They were founded by this senior. The reason that you are able to successfully pass through the Black-Corner Region when heading here is because of the Xiao Gate’s prestige. If it was in the past, there would have been some new students dying in the Black-Corner Region every year. All of you have experienced the ferocity of that place.” The tall young lady’s pretty eyes contained a strange expression as they looked at the huge statue and laughed.

“He appears to be extremely mighty? Hee hee, where is this senior currently at?” A young lady laughingly asked.

“He has long since left the Jia Nan Academy. The last time around, I had heard the Elders say that the senior has headed to the Central Plains. That is a place that is said to be filled with experts. Hence, all of you should forget about your wishful thinking…”

“It is also senior sister’s thoughts right?”

“You are asking for a beating…”

Su Qian on the towering stage looked at the lively atmosphere on the open ground. His elderly face had a small smile on it. After which, he lifted his head and looked at the two statue on the open ground. He involuntarily shook his head. It had been decades since he had met these two right?

“I wonder how that fellow Xiao Yan is now? Given his talent and ability, it is likely that his achievement would be quite great…” Su Qian muttered to himself. During these many years, the Jia Nan Academy had recruited many extremely outstanding individuals. However, all of them were a little inferior if they were compared with the young man from back then.

“First Elder Su Qian.”

A voice was suddenly transmitted from behind while Su Qian spoke. He turned around and involuntarily smiled.

There were three figures behind Su Qian. They were two ladies and a man. One of the lady was wearing an instructor robes. Even though the clothes appeared formal and large, it was unable to hide her graceful delicate body, especially those rare long and sexy legs, which had attracted the eyes of many.

The other lady was wearing a red dress. A whip was placed on her waist. Her pretty faced caused some students to be afraid of taking another look. Who was unaware of the fierce reputation of the demon female instructor Hu Jia in this academy. Anyone who was targeted by her would be going to have a hard time.

There was a man beside the two of them. His expression was indifferent. On his back was a huge heavy sword. If one stood closer to him, one would feel a suffocating aura pouncing onto them.

The three of them could be considered to be the most outstanding individuals in the Jia Nan Academy. If Xiao Yan was present, he would be able to recognise these three familiar faces.

Xiao Yu, Hu Jia and Wu Hao.

The three of them were already considered the backbone strength of the current Jia Nan Academy. Xiao Yu had advanced into the Dou Zong class two years ago while Hu Jia had reached the peak of the Dou Zong class. It was only a matter of time before they stepped into the Dou Zun class.

“Are you thinking of that fellow again? Chi, it has been so many years. I wondered if he had managed to catch Xun Er…” Hu Jia sat down beside Su Qian in a grand fashion. She glanced at Xiao Yan’s statue, curled her mouth and said.

“You can be rest assured that his achievement is definitely at a level that we cannot even compare with.” Wu Hao revealed a smile. It seemed as though he had recalled the time back then when the four of them had formed a group to snatch Fire Energy.

“Blah, I will be able to reach the Dou Zun class this year.” Hu Jia said.

“He had already dared to fight against the Dou Zun class ten years ago.” Xiao Yu by the side smiled sweetly. Her pretty eyes looked towards the statue. There was a complicated emotion flowing in her eyes.

“The both of you can just speak for him. It is not as though he can hear what you say.” Hu Jia spoke somewhat bitterly after hearing this.

“You have already grown so big but you are still behaving like you did back then.” Su Qian smiled. He looked at the instructors and Elders gradually filling up the surrounding seats before slowly standing up.

The originally noisey open ground had quickly become much quieter as he stood up. Many pairs of eyes paused on him. Currently, Su Qian was undoubtedly the true person in charge of the Jia Nan Academy. Mang Tian Chi, was far too irresponsible as the person-in-charge. Even some of the instructors had nearly forgotten his name.


Su Qian, who had stood up, looked at the many young and tender faces. He involuntarily let out a warm smile. However, he was about to speak when he suddenly frowned. His eyes leaped over the sea of people and looked at the horizon. There was some intense rushing wind sound being emitted from the spot. A bloody killing aura accompanied this sound.

“Wu Hao.”

After having managed the academy for so many years, Su Qian had already become as calm as a mountain. He immediately spoke in a calm manner.

“Law Enforcement Unit. All Elder, be alert!”

Wu Hao immediately stood up. His body slowly rose into the sky and spoke in a deep voice.

Rushing wind sound appeared from the seats and the academy after his voice sounded. Many figures quickly appeared around the open ground. Their eyes were cautious as they looked at the sky.

This sudden scene had also greatly startled these students. However, they did not turn into an uproar after being calmed down by the many instructors.

The rushing wind sound became increasingly loud as everyone were became alert. A moment later, a large group of black shadows appeared in the horizon. Within a couple of flashes, they appeared in the sky above this place.

“Today is a joyous festive of our Jia Nan Academy and it is inconvenient for us to receive outsiders. I hope that all of you can forgive us.” Su Qian looked at those black figures in the sky and frowned slightly. He could sense a dense bloody scent from these people. His heart immediately sunk. It seemed that the friendly individuals would not come and those who did so would not be friendly.


The leader involuntarily smiled slightly after hearing Su Qian’s words. He slowly pulled open the cloak and revealed a shrivelled face. He glance at Su Qian. His voice contained a trace of ripple as he said, “Bring everyone and leave the Black-Corner Region in two hours. Is this enough?”

“Friend, one should not be joking in such a manner.” Everyone’s expression had changed at this moment as Su Qian opened his mouth and spoke in a deep voice. If it was not because he could not clearly detect the strength of this person, he would have likely already attack in anger.

“If it is insufficient, all I can do is to kill all of you. Although you consist of children, we do not have any choice…” The black robed old man spoke in an indifferent voice.

There was a fury leaping within everyone’s eyes after hearing his words.

“Elder Hun You, that statue, it looks like that brat Xiao Yan!” A person beside the black robed old man in the sky suddenly pointed towards the statue below and said.

“Oh? That Xiao Yan who have destroyed my Hall of Soul?” The expression of the old man, who was called Hun You, immediately became gloomy. He densely stared at the statue and immediately let out a strange laughter, “Originally, I was planning on retaining some kindness. However, it is unexpected that a statue of that person is located here. Since this is the case, it looks like I must turn this place into a bloodbath!”

“Listen up, turn this place into a bloodbath. Do not allow anyone of them to remain!”

A monstrous murderous aura quickly rose and spread in the sky after Hun You’s voice sounded!

[a]He should be a one star Dou Zun

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