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Chapter 1600: Exiting The Heavenly Tomb

The ten thousand feet figure stood in the sky. All the energy bodies in the Heavenly Tomb under it shrunk and trembled. The frightening pressure seemed to be about to cause their bodies to explode…

Xiao Xuan’s body completely faded in the sky. Those old eyes were filled with a pleased expression as they vanished.

The huge figure continued to kneel in the sky after Xiao Xuan’s body paled. It was a long time later before that huge body slowly shrunk. Finally, it turned into the size of an ordinary person and quietly stood in the sky.


Xiao yan looked towards the spot where Xiao Xuan had vanished and muttered softly. He extended his hand and gently clenched it onto the empty space. An invisible light spot that an ordinary person could not see appeared in his hand after he clenched it. This was Xiao Xuan’s life imprint. Only those whose soul had stepped into the Di State could see such a life imprint. Otherwise, even if one’s Dou Qi had reached the advance nine star Dou Sheng class, one would still be unable to detect this extremely mysterious existence.

From a certain point of view, the current Xiao Xuan could be basically considered to have completely vanished. That ultimate expert, who had once dominated the Dou Qi continent, had completely disappeared from the world. However, this was not the case from Xiao Yan’s point of view after he had stepped into the Di State. This life imprint might perhaps be able to bestow life to Xiao Xuan again. However, even after having his soul advance into the Di State, Xiao Yan was unable to do something like this. Perhaps, he would only be able to do it after he had truly advance into the legendary Dou Di class in the future.

Regardless of what it was, there was ultimately still a hope. This hope might be distant but it had not completely disappeared.

The invisible life imprint slowly rose in Xiao Yan’s palm. After which, it entered his brow and was guarded by his world like vast and mighty Spiritual Strength. Perhaps, after a long time, this old man, who had given up everything for the Xiao clan, would be able to once again appear in this world.

Xiao Yan gently sighed after keeping the life imprint. He lowered his head and glanced at the Heavenly Tomb world. Although only two months had passed, it had only been less than half a month in the Central Plains. However, Xiao Yan had in reality spent nearly two years within the Heavenly Tomb.

He had only managed to completely refine the Heavenly Tomb soul after spending two years. Fortunately, the tomb within the Heavenly Tomb had a different flow of time. Otherwise, there was no telling just how the outside world would have changed by the time he exit from his retreat in two years time.

“Di State soul…”

Xiao Yan gently clenched his hand. His eyes looked into the distance and a strange state of mind rose from within his heart. This feeling was as though the entire Heavenly Tomb was under his control.


Xiao Yan extended his hand. He suddenly grabbed at the empty space. A stone mountain hundreds of thousands of feet from him exploded into dust without any warning. His Spiritual Strength had spread over every part of the Heavenly Tomb with just a mere thought. The area which it could cover was many times greater than what Xiao Yan could achieve in the past. His attack would be able to reach any spot that his soul could reach even if it was tens of thousands of kilometres away.

The Di State Soul and the Perfect Heavenly State only had the difference of a single step. However, one was the sky and the other was the earth…

There was no way to compare the two. Only after truly experiencing the great strength of the Di State would one understand why many were unable to leap through this universe like barrier despite trying to do so all their lives. This was because the two…

One was a god while the other was a mortal!

“Perhaps it is time to leave…”

Xiao Yan’s body was suspended in the sky. Xiao Xuan had already vanished. There was nothing in this Heavenly Tomb that he could not bare to part with. However, due to him having devoured the Heavenly Tomb soul, Xiao Yan could sense that he had an absolute control over this realm. In other words, even after he left the Gu Realm in the future, he would be able to easy open a spatial tunnel that leads into the Heavenly Tomb realm from anywhere. Moreover, anyone who wished to tear open a spatial crack and enter the Heavenly Tomb could only do so with his permission. From a certain point of view, Xiao Yan was just like the owner of this Heavenly Tomb. He could decide on who could enter and exit it…

Xiao Yan felt a little surprise at this accompanying gift. Although the rich energy of this Heavenly Tomb was of little use to him with his current strength, the difference in the flow of time as compared to the Central Plains was quite attractive. After all, it was able to greatly increase the effectiveness of one’s training. This would be an extremely good aid to both him and his faction.

“I have safe the need to build my own realm…”

Xiao Yan smiled. He was quite satisfied with this accompanying gift. After all, if he wished to build his own realm, it would not possess such a unique ability. This was because such an ability was something that only an elite Dou Di possessed…

Xiao Yan suppressed the emotions within his heart. His finger gently drew passed the space in front of him. A spatial crack line appeared. His eyes once again swept over this realm before he stepped into the crack. The space wiggled and he disappeared in front of the countless pairs of eyes.

A couple of figures were standing in the air above the vast mountains of the Gu Realm. All of them were frowning as they looked at the water ripple like slowly fluctuating space.

“Clan head Gu Yuan, what has happened?’ Lei Ying looked at Gu Yuan beside him and asked in surprised.

“Half a month has passed. If Xiao Yan do not come out, the Hun clan might really end up killing his father.” Yan Jin by the side also opened his mouth and said. Xiao Yan did not show any signs of coming out ever since he had entered the Heavenly Tomb. Moreover, the day that they had agreed with the Hun clan was about to arrive.

“The Heavenly Tomb has already been shut. The spatial tunnel of this place is also completely block. I have tried to open a spatial tunnel earlier but I was repelled by a force. That feeling was as though the current Heavenly Tomb possess an owner…”

Gu Yuan frowned tightly. The words he spoke greatly shocked everyone. There was only one owner of the Heavenly Tomb. It was the elite Dou Di, who had created it. The Heavenly Tomb had remained without an owner for so many years. Although they had once thought of refining it, all of them had failed without exception. A realm created by a Dou Di was far from what they were able to control. Hence, even with the mental fortitude of the two of them, they involuntarily felt some disbelief after hearing Gu Yuan’s words. However, they understood that given Gu Yuan’s strength, it was naturally impossible that he was mistaken.

“In that case, Xiao Yan ge-ge..” Xun Er’s pretty face became a little pale after hearing those words from beside Gu Yuan. She was uninterested to know whether the Heavenly Tomb has an owner. However… Xiao Yan was currently inside. How would Xiao Yan return if Gu Yuan was unable to open a spatial tunnel?”

“I will try again.”

Gu Yuan’s expression was a little gloomy. With his current strength, even if the Heavenly Tomb really did possess a mysterious owner, it would be impossible for the latter to prevent him from entering it.

The seal formed by Gu Yuan’s hands changed after his voice sounded. Immediately, the energy around them swiftly turned into a ten thousand feet large giant energy hand in the sky. After which, he grabbed ruthlessly at the fluctuating space. A huge dark shadow covered the surrounding mountain range.

The huge energy palm was extremely quick. In a flash, it had appeared outside the space. However, the former was about to smash onto the space when the latter’s surging speed suddenly became even more intense. Soon after, a fluctuation swiftly spread from within and heavily collided with the huge palm. It actually forcefully scattered this attack from Gu Yuan.

This sudden unexpected change caused everyone to be dull. What kind of strength did Gu Yuan possessed? He was one of the strongest individuals in this world. Even someone as strong as Lei Ying would have to use all of his strength in order to resist this attack. Yet, this strike had actually been scattered from a mere fluctuation?

“This is… spiritual fluctuation? How is this possible?”

The shock continued for an instant before Lei Ying and Yan Jin recovered and exclaimed. Pushing back a palm strike from Gu Yuan by relying only on a spiritual fluctuation. Just what kind of terrifying Spiritual Strength was it?

“Something is wrong. Set up formation!”

The three immortals of the Gu clan behind Gu Yuan suddenly had grave expressions. They let out a low cry and many experts from the Gu clan swiftly flew out from the surrounding mountain range. Dou Qi surged and swiftly gathered.

“Sir, may I know who are you? This is the Gu clan. We are only here to receive someone and do not have any other plans!” Gu Dao cried out loud with a solemn expression after the formation was set up.

A spatial tunnel slowly appeared in the fluctuating space after Gu Dao’s voice sounded. Immediately, a figure slowly stepped forward in front of the many anxious eyes belonging to the experts from the Gu clan.

“Ugh… isn’t this lineup a little too great to simply receive someone?”

That figure stepped out from the spatial tunnel. At a glance, he saw the formation being placed in the sky and the many experts from the Gu clan waiting solemnly throughout the mountains. His expression quickly became a little interesting.

“Xiao Yan?”

Everyone were stunned after seeing the figure stepping out from the spatial tunnel.

“There was a top expert who had exchanged blows with the clan head earlier. We were just…” Gu Dao sighed in relief. With a wave of his hand, he got everyone to relax slightly. He smiled towards Xiao Yan. Before he could finish speaking, however, he saw a shock suddenly surging onto Gu Yuan’s face. Immediately, he ceased speaking.

“The one who had fought earlier was you?”

Gu Yuan’s eyes stared at Xiao Yan. A great storm rose within his heart.

Everyone, including Xun Er, Yan Jin and Lei Ying, had stunned faces the moment they heard these words. The subsequent reply from Xiao Yan caused these stunned expressions to become even denser.

“That… I think so…”

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