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Chapter 1588: Spar

Xiao Yan’s words had undoubtedly stirred an uproar in this place. Soon after, many warriors from the Black Submerged Army cheered in usion. On the other hand, those members of the Lei clan had ugly expressions. This was the first time that they had been looked down upon.

“Humph, Xiao Yan, you should not act overly arrogantly!”

Lei Yun’s smiling face had also disappeared while he cried out loud.

“There are times when trying to win with words is not good…” Xiao Yan smiled slightly. His expression was calm and without ripple. He had also clearly heard what Lei Yun had said earlier. Although he did not wish to find fault with the latter, his heart involuntarily felt some displeasure at him making fun of Xun Er. Moreover, he also understood in his heart that if he wished to get these wild people to obediently shut their mouths, he would need some brutal tactics.

Lei Dong frowned tightly. He looked at the black clothed young man in front of him and vaguely felt a sense of danger within his heart. Other people might think that Xiao Yan defeating Hun Mie Shen was merely rumours but he clearly understood in his heart that this was indeed the truth. Moreover, he even knew that Hun Mie Shen did not hold back even a little. Instead, he had been defeated after using all of his strength.

He had once heard the clan head casually mention that the strongest person from the younger generation in the Dou Qi continent was definitely Xiao Yan from the Xiao clan!

Lei Dong would never forget the soft sigh in the tone of Lei Ying as he uttered these words. Such a person had actually appeared in the Xiao clan, which had declined. This really caused one to feel a great disbelief.

Lei Dong was someone who desired battles. In order to train, he was able to endure for five years within the Demon Lightning Pool without any news and suffered the bitterness from having bitten by tens of thousands of lightning during this period of time. This, along with the many resources that the Lei clan had used to groom him, enabled him to possess his current achievement. From the bottom of his heart, he was extremely unwilling to admit that his achievement could not even be compared with someone from a declined clan!

“Since brother Xiao Yan has made such a request, Lei Yun, all of you should just listen to him.”

Lei Dong slowly exhaled and spoke in an indifferent voice.


The expressions of Lei Yun and the others sunk upon hearing these words. They immediately smiled coldly and agreed. With a sudden step forward, the auras from the ten of them suddenly soared to the peak. Lei Yun’s aura was the strongest amongst them. It had actually reached the high level Ban Sheng class. The remaining were mostly at the nine star Dou Zun class!

The expressions of many present were slightly altered after these ten ferocious auras surged. It was likely a little troublesome to deal with the combination of these ten people.

“Xiao Yan, allow my Lei clan to see if those rumours are true!” Lei Yun’s boldness had once again rose after the aura surged. A low cry was emitted. The ten of time rushed out almost simultaneously and they cooperated perfectly with each other.

The ten individuals separated with lightning like speed and surrounded Xiao Yan. Their expressions were grave as they quickly changed the seal formed by their hands. Ten lightning pillars, which were a thousand feet large, immediately rose. They quickly turned into ten meandering lightning dragons that were roaring furiously.

“Lightning Dragon Slaughter!”

The expressions of the ten individuals hardened as the lightning dragon meandered. All of them whistled downwards at the same time. A rumbling thunder roar resounded continuously. Lei Yun and the others were no fool. They understood Xiao Yan’s strength. Hence, all of them had used their strongest attack together. The strength when ten of them joined hands was quite great.

Silver light flashed in the sky. Immediately, a lightning glow surged in front of the many pairs of eyes. The ten lightning dragons were accompanied by ferocious roars as they violently collided onto Xiao Yan below.


Energy ripples spread from the point of collision. The tough ground immediate burst apart, covering the place with dust.

“We’ve hit?”

Many pairs of eyes were stunned as they watched this scene. Earlier, Xiao Yan did not even appeared to have dodged.

The dust over the training ground slowly settled and Xiao Yan once again appeared in everyone’s sight. However, he was still wearing his black clothes and standing straight. There was not even the slightest injury on him. Even the ground with ten feet from him appeared undamaged, looking completely different from the mess in the other areas.

“How is this possible…”

The expressions of Lei Yun’s group immediately became pale as they looked at Xiao Yan, who did not even take a step back. Immediately, a deep feeling of helplessness rose from them. They were actually this week in the eyes of the other party…

“Your attack is still passable…”

The entire area was completely silent Xiao Yan merely smiled slightly. He did not even look at Lei Yun’s group. His eyes turned towards Lei Dong before extending his hand and laughed, “After you!”


Lei Dong’s face was so grave that it could not be even more serious. That casual manner of Xiao Yan caused him to feel a great amount of pressure. However, he was also a decisive individual. His body rushed forward like lightning the moment Xiao Yan’s laughter sounded. He clenched his hand. A black lightning rapidly surged over his arm. Finally, it swiftly agglomerated into a long black spear in his hands. Lightning arcs leaped over the body of the spear.


Lei Dong was extremely quick. He appeared in front of Xiao Yan in almost the blink of an eye. The spear shadows danced immediately sharp spear winds directly covered the fatal spots around his body. A trace of extremely dark black lightning arc appeared in a partially visible manner. If it came into contact with it, a bloody hole would be formed even on the body of a three star elite Dou Sheng.

Everyone outside the battleground held their breath as they looked at the continuous stream of spear shadows, which did not allow one to catch a breather. They were really unable to imagine just how they would deal with such rapid attacks if they were in Xiao Yan’s place.

“This Lei Dong does indeed have some ability…”

Gu Qing Yang and the others looked at this scene. They involuntarily nodded. Even if it was him, it would likely be difficult for him to endure for a long time. Although this person was a little arrogant, he did have the capital to do so. However.. this ability was perhaps not worth mentioning in front of Xiao Yan…

“Lei Dong’s spear doesn’t appear to be able to touch Xiao Yan…” Gu Xing looked at the battleground and suddenly exclaimed with shock. Lei Dong was rumoured to possess the strength of an advance three star Dou Sheng. Adding the mutated lightning Dou Qi on his body, his attack could be comparable to a four star Dou Sheng. However, such a strength was actually unable to even touch Xiao Yan’s body. Just what level has the latter reached?

Gu Qing Yang and the rest by the side nodded their heads. They exchanged glances and were able to see a shock in the other party’s eyes. This was especially the case for Gu Yao, who had once exchanged blows with Xiao Yan. He had ended up laughing continuously. When Xiao Yan had first arrived at the Gu clan, he still needed to fight with all his strength in order to narrowly beat Gu Yao. Now, however, the gap between the two of them had been endlessly widened…

Since even those from around were able to see the situation, Lei Dong, who was participating in the battle, had naturally also detected this. The more he fought, the more frightened he was. Xiao Yan in front of him was just like a blackhole. Regardless of how sharp his attacks were, they were quietly devoured by Xiao Yan. None of them even damaged the latter.

“Demon Lightning Descend!”

Lei Dong’s expression was tensed. Suddenly, a ruthlessness flashed across his eyes. The sharp spear shadows in the sky suddenly paused. One could see him bite his tongue. Blood shot out. There was actually black lightning arcs flashing within the blood. The blood quickly landed on the tip of the spear and the tip of the spear quickly dimmed. Soon after, Lei Dong’s spear trembled. His speed was suddenly raised to the limit as he pierced towards Xiao Yan’s throat with lightning like speed.

“How fast!”

Lei Dong suddenly raised his speed, causing the expressions of many to change. Even someone as strong as Gu Qing Yang and the rest could only see a black light flash.


The contact merely lasted for only a moment. Everyone had sense a black light flashed in their eyes and a soft sound appeared. Their eyes hurriedly glanced over, only to see Lei Dong’s spear being heavily pierced onto Xiao Yan’s widen wide palm. However, those sharp eyed individuals could discover that the tip of Lei Dong spear continued to be half an inch from Xiao Yan’s palm. Regardless of how wildly Lei Dong activated his Dou Qi, he was unable to advance even a little.

Lei Dong’s full force attack was actually received by Xiao Yan’s palm.


Lei Dong’s palm was suddenly smashed onto the spear as he clenched his teeth. Black lightning abruptly surged. In an instant, it charged onto Xiao Yan’s arm. Before Lei Dong could rejoice, however, that black lightning quickly dimmed. It was as though there was something being devoured…

“A familiar taste…”

Xiao Yan smiled slightly as he devoured the Black Demon Lightning that had invaded his body. He suddenly grabbed with his hand and the long spear in Lei Dong’s hand exploded apart. He immediately stepped forward and approached the latter’s body in a ghost like fashion. The gentle palm randomly landed on the latter’s chest. His palm shook and everyone saw Lei Dong miserably flying backwards.

“Thank you for the victory…”

Xiao Yan smiled and said after pushing Lei Dong back with a palm.

The rate at which the battle came to an end caused one to be stunned. Within a short few minutes, Lei Dong’s group was easily defeated in Xiao Yan’s hands.

Everyone in the battleground had become quiet for a moment due to this. Soon after, the many Black Submerged Army Warriors began to cheer. The noise was like thunder, which resounded over the square.


Lei Dong fell miserably on the ground amidst the deafening cheer. He clenched his teeth and was just about to attack when a thunder like laughter suddenly sounded from nowhere.

“Ha ha, what an excellent little fellow from the Xiao clan. These little brats does indeed have a great gap compared to you. However, I have become a little itchy handed after watching this. May I know if you are bold enough to receive a strike from me?”

“The clan head of the Lei clan?”

“This old fellow really doesn’t care about his seniority…”

Gu Qing Yang, Xun Er and the others immediately had a change in expression upon hearing this loud laughter. They did not expect that this battle crazy old man who biasly sided with his kin would actually be unable to resist appearing. It seemed that Xiao Yan defeating these younger generation of the Lei clan by himself had caused him to be unable to seat still…

This sudden scene also caused Xiao Yan to frown slightly. He did not expect that this old fellow would actually show himself in this matter between younger generation.

“Relax, little fellow Xiao Yan. This elderly self will only use fifty percent of my strength. What do you say?” Lei Ying’s loud laughter once again sounded as Xiao Yan frowned.

Xiao Yan inhaled a deep breath after seeing this old man pressing him. Without any unnecessary words, he cupped his hands together and cried out in a deep voice.

“Xiao Yan from the Xiao clan will seek advice from you !”

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