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Chapter 1587: Fighting

There was a training ground a short distance outside the main hall of the Gu Realm. This was a place where the Black Submerged Army usually trained. It was also the place where many youths from the Gu clan loved to come. Hence, this place was quite lively. Additionally, with the arrival of the Lei and Yan clans’ heads today, many of the outstanding members of the younger generation from both clans had also arrived. These young people did not join the so called important matters. Hence, they had all gathered in this place. It was inevitable for youths to be a little impulsive. This was especially when these youths from the ancient clans met…

At this moment, there was a densely packed black mass of people gathered on the training ground. Most of these people were wearing black armours. They were the renown Black Submerged Army of the Gu clan. Their overall fighting strength was quite powerful. At the very least, with the exception of the Hun clan, none of the other two clans could beast the Black Submerged Army in terms of overall strength.

Being able to become a member of the Black Submerged Army was the hope in the hearts of many of the younger generation of the Gu clan. Moreover, if one could stand out from amongst them, it would be possible to be promoted to the commander position. That position meant great fame within the Gu clan. Hence, the aim of many clan members since young was the Black Submerged Army!

The training ground was completely surrounded by the black armoured Black Submerged Army warriors. However, their eyes were currently containing a trace of anger as they looked at the open ground. There were over a dozen young figures standing proudly with a haughty aura at that spot. A flashing lightning symbol was present on their heads. It was the clan symbol of the Lei clan.

“Hee hee, it seems that the Black Submerged Army of the Gu clan is not as strong as the rumours claim. Someone had even told me to interact with all of you before I have come.”

A man present on the open ground was chewing grass in his mouth. His smiling manner appeared frivolous. However, only those who had seen him attack understood that this fellow might appear like a young and idle person but he was quite strong.

There were a couple of figures standing in front of the man. Moreover, all of them had familiar faces. Other than Gu Qing Yang and the two other generals, Ling Quan and the few Black Submerged Army commanders were also present. However, their expressions were currently a little ugly.

“Lei Yun, stop your nonsense. I will accompany you if you wish to fight. We will fight however you want.!”

Gu Xing, who was one of the four great generals, spoke in a deep voice. He frowned slightly in the face of the somewhat ear-piercing provocation.

“Ugh, what fun is there to fight with a big block like you. Earlier, even your Black Submerged Army first general, Gu Qing Yang, had lost to big brother Lei Dong. It seems that the younger generation of my Lei clan is even stronger than that of the Gu clan.” The man called Lei Yun smilingly said.

“Lei Yun,you should stop using this glib of your tongue…”

The silver clothed man standing in front of Lei Yun suddenly smiled and shook his head. He immediately cupped his hands together towards Gu Qing Yang and laughed, “I’m really sorry, this fellow has always been straightforward…”

Gu Qing Yang frowned upon hearing these words. The manner in which this was spoken…

“Chi, the strongest person amongst the younger generation of my Gu clan is Miss Xun Er. If you really wish for a challenge, you can go to Miss Xun Er and have a try…” A commander of the Black Submerged Army involuntarily opened his mouth and laughed coldly.

“Ha ha, Xun Er huh..” The silver clothed Lei Dong smiled slightly upon hearing this. There was an unknown feeling within his eyes as he said, “I have long since heard of Miss Xun Er. It is a must for me to meet her during this trip to the Gu clan. Gu Hua had escaped earlier. He should have gone to find her, right?”

The expressions of those commanders from the Black Submerged Army had a change in expression after seeing that the eyes of this person was so sharp.

“Ha ha, big brother Lei Dong, it is rumoured that both you and Xun Er had nearly gotten married back then. Coincidentally, the clan head is present. Why don’t you ask him to mention about it. With your current achievement, just who is not worthy of the other?” Lei Yun laughed.

The expressions of Gu Yuan and the others involuntarily sunk after hearing these words. There were many people amongst the younger generation of the Gu clan who felt some infatuation towards Xun Er. Although Xiao Yan had currently caught her heart, Xun Er was ultimately still a bright pearl within the Gu clan. How could others teased her in such a manner?

“These people from the Lei clan are really still such a headache…”

A couple of figures were watching the show on the training ground from a high platform at the eastern side. They had a fire symbol on their foreheads. Clearly, they were members of the Yan clan. The one stranding in the leader’s spot had a familiar face. It was Huo Xuan, whom Xiao Yan had met a couple of times before. Beside him was the veiled face lady named Huo Ya, who possessed the Red Lotus Ye Flame.

“Lei Dong had indeed improved greatly during these years. It looks like the Lei clan has put in a great amount of effort. Given his achievement, there is indeed nothing wrong to groom him as the next clan head. However, there is still a need to hone his character.” Huo Ya swept her eyes across the training ground as she whispered.

“Ha ha, what is the point of putting in any effort. It is not as though you do not know who Xun Er is fond of. Moreover, that fellow is coincidentally also in the Gu Realm…” Huo Xuan smiled and spoke gloatingly. “If he comes out, it is likely that these fellows from the Lei clan will be in for trouble…”

“Xiao Yan huh…”

Huo Ya was slightly startled upon hearing this. She softly said, “It is rumoured that the chief of the Hall of Soul had been defeated in his hands. I wonder if this is true?”

“It is likely true. Before we have come, the clan head had told me to be a little closer to Xiao Yan. This is the only time I have seen the clan head holding a young person in such high regard.” Hun Xuan replied.


Huo Ya’s brow was lifted. A solemn expression flashed across her eyes.

The few commanders of the Black Submerged Army on the training around had become a little furious because of Lei Yun’s words while Huo Xuan and Huo Ya were chatting. Their expressions became cold. They were unable to control themselves and were about to attack when first commander Gu Zhen at the side extended his hand to stop them. His eyes turned towards Lei Yu and spoke with a deep meaning in his words. “Lei Yun, sometimes, being obtusive is not a good thing. Be careful of luring trouble with your words.”

“Oh? Is that so?”

Lei Yun smiled and spoke in a noncommittal manner upon hearing this.

“I think that should be the case…”

A soft laughter suddenly resounded over the training ground after Lei Yun’s words sounded. Immediately, the many pairs of eyes present were turned. One could see three figures appearing on the tall stage at the north of the training ground out of the blue. These people were looking down at the training ground.

“Xun Er, Xiao Yan!”

Gu Qing Yang and the rest were startled upon seeing two of the three figures.

“Hee hee, this must be Miss Xun Er from the Gu clan. She is indeed extremely beautiful and is worthy of big brother Lei Dong…” The many pairs of eyes from the Lei clan paused on Xun Er immediately. A surprise flashed across their eyes. After which, Lei Yun could not help but open his mouth to speak. Before he could finish speaking, however, he was suddenly stopped by Lei Dong beside him.

“Ugh, big brother Lei Dong?”

Lei Yun was startled after he was stopped by Lei Dong. He turned his head doubtfully, only to discover that Lei Dong was solemnly staring at a black clothed young man beside Xun Er.

“If I guess correctly, this friend should be Xiao Yan from the Xiao clan, right?” Lei Dong’s eyes stared directly at Xiao Yan. His grave eyes contained some vague excitement in them.

“Xiao Yan?” Lei Yun’s expression changed upon hearing this name. He involuntarily exclaimed, “That Xiao Yan who is rumoured to have defeated Hun Mie Sheng?”

Xiao Yan calmly smiled as he stood on the tall stage and nodded.

“Chi, this brat is even more arrogant than us. What is there to be proud about defeating Hun Mie Sheng? The other party might have purposefully allowed him to win…” The usually proud members of the Lei clan felt some displeasure after seeing this manner of Xiao Yan. They began to mutter softly. Although their voices were soft, it still spread. No one knew if they had done so purposefully or accidentally.

Xun Er frowned slightly as she stood on the tall stage. Her pretty face revealed a chillness. She was just about to speak when Xiao Yan waved his hand. He stepped forward and laughed softly, “I heard that the few of you are here to spar and have fun. May I know if I can also join in the fun?”

“Hee, are you here to help them get back at us? However, you aren’t from the Gu clan, are you?” Lei Dong said. His face twitched after seeing that Xiao Yan was showing signs of being about to stand up for the Gu clan.

“Brother Xiao Yan is the husband-to-be of Xun Er. He can be considered a member of our Gu clan…” Gu Qing Yang spoke in a faint voice. The relationship between Xiao Yan and Xun Er was widely known within the Gu clan. Moreover, with Xiao Yan’s current strength, even the clan head had accepted it. This matter was basically decided and no one could change the decision.


Lei Dong suddenly frowned upon hearing this. He immediately licked his lips. A black lightning arc flashed across his eyes as he said. “Since brother Xiao Yan is interested, please join us!”

Black lightning suddenly surged out from within Lei Dong’s body after his final word sounded. A crackling lightning lingered around his body as an unusually wild and violent aura spread, causing the expressions of many to change.

“I wonder how Xiao Yan would deal with that thing…”

Gu Qing Yang and the others stared intently at the black lightning lingering around Lei Dong’sbody. Earlier, they had been defeated by this frightening black lightning. The offensive strength of this black lightning was extremely great. Even their defences were easily broken through upon contact.

“Black Demon Lightning huh…”

A surprise flashed across Xiao Yan’s eyes as he looked at the familiar black lightning on Lei Dong’s body. It was unexpected that the latter was actually able to control the Black Demon Lightning. It was likely that its combat ability was also quite great. No wonder he was able to defeat Gu Qing Yang and the others. However, this did not pose much of a threat towards Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan’s body moved in front of the many pairs of eyes. He directly appeared in front of Lei Dong. His eyes swept over the dozen over members of the Lei clan. After which, he shifted his legs and laughed in front of the many stunned pairs of eyes, “There is not much time. Why don’t all of you attack together?”

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