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Chapter 1586: Lei Dong

Other than Xiao clan, which was the first to decline, the Gu and Hun clans should be considered the strongest amongst the eight ancient clans. Ranked behind them were the Yan and Lei clan. The bloodline strength of both clans had not showed any signs of exhausting even after so many years. Hence, the clans were filled with talented individuals. Although they were unable to compare with the Gu and Hun clans, they were far stronger than the Yao, Shi and Ling clans could match. Perhaps it was this reason the two clans were not the first to be eliminated by the Hun clan.

A soft persimmon was easy to squeeze. Clearly, the Yan and Lei clan were not included in this statement. Of course, after all the easy targets were destroyed, their turn would come sooner or later…

The Gu clan appeared quite lively today. Being visited by the clan heads of the Yan and Lei clans was considered an important matter even to the Gu clan. Hence, their stance was extremely solemn. It could be considered to have given both clan heads sufficient face.

By the time Xiao Yan and Xun Er had arrived outside the hall, the place was already filled with people. It clearly appeared exceptionally lively.

“Seated on the left of the leader’s seat is the clan head of the Yan clan, Yan Jin…”

The two of them quietly snuck into the hall. After which, they headed towards a deserted spot. Xun Er’s finger pointed at a middle aged man towards the left of the chief seat and softly said.

Xiao Yan’s eyes looked in the direction where Xun Er was pointing towards. One could see a bright red robed middle-aged man seated on a high chair. The man appeared to be in his forties. He had a somewhat rough appearance. Both of his eyebrows were bright red in colour. It appeared as though there were two burning flames.

“This person’s aura is mellow and concealed. He appears just like a cluster of warm devouring flame. It is really quite incredible. However, the feeling he gives me is a little strange…” Xiao Yan spoke with a grave expression. From his Spiritual Perception the middle-aged man appeared just like a cluster of flame. Moreover, this flame was not hot. Instead, it appeared calm. This was the main reason for Xiao Yan’s expression to be grave. The thing that surprised him was that he had actually felt a familiar feeling from within the body of this clan head of the Yan clan.

“He might only appear to be in his forties but he is an old demon who had lived for an unknowingly long time…” Xun Er laughed gently and immediately said, “Xiao Yan ge-ge, the control that this clan head of the Yan clan has over the flame has reached the pinnacle level. According to what father had said, there are two types of Heavenly Flames within his body. One is the ranked seventeenth Fire Mountain Rock Flame. The other type is the Nine Serene Golden Ancestor Flame ranked seventh on the Heavenly Flame Ranking.”

“Oh? The Nine Serene Golden Ancestor Flame has actually also landed in the hands of the Yan clan…” Xiao Yan lifted his brow and spoke with a deeper meaning in his voice, “In other words, the interior of his body also has a merged Heavenly Flame?”

“Aye. It is a new Heavenly Flame from merging the Nine Serene Golden Ancestor and the Fire Mountain Rock Flame. Although its might could not be compared with your Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame, it is able to fight equally with my Gold Emperor Incinerating Heavenly Flame…”Xun Er smilingly said. “The reason Xiao Yan ge-ge is able to merge Heavenly Flames is because of your Qi Method. However, this clan head of the Yan clan completely relies on his control over the flames to merge the two Heavenly Flames. The difficulty involved is quite great.

Xiao Yan’s expression was slightly altered. This was the first time that he saw someone being able to not rely on the Flame Mantra to merge Heavenly Flames. He clearly understood the difficulty involved. Even with his current strength, it was likely extremely difficult for him to forcefully merge the two Heavenly Flames together by relying solely on his own strength. After all the erosion properties of the Heavenly Flames was far too strong.

“He is indeed worthy of being the clan head of the Yan clan…” Xiao Yan sighed softly. He could not help but admire the ability of this Yan Jin. However, Xiao Yan also understood that merging two types of Heavenly Flames should likely be Yan Jin’s limit. If another type of Heavenly Flame was added, he would likely end up incinerating himself unless he reached thf Dou Di class. There was no need to even mention merging six types of Heavenly Flames like Xiao Yan…

“On the right side of the chief seat is the clan head of the Lei clan, Lei Ying. His strength was similar to Yan Jin, which was at the eight star Dou Sheng class. He is also the strongest expert within the Lei clan…”

Xiao Yan’s eyes once again turned towards the other side. It was possible to see the metal tower like man suddenly sitting up. His skin was a little black. This person was extremely eye-catching. It was as though there was a huge dragon swimming under the skin. A frightening strength was vaguely emitted. It caused the feet of those close to him trembled slightly.

“This Lei Ying greatly coveted battles. It was rumoured that he had once fought with elder Xiao Xuan back then. However, he was defeated…” Xun Er laughed softly and said.


A surprise flashed across Xiao Yan’s eyes. He was naturally unaware of these events that had occurred a long time ago. However, ancestor Xiao Xuan was basically the strongest person in this world back then. Yet, Lei Ying actually dared to fight him. It seemed that rumours of his desire to fight was indeed true.

“Xun Er.”

A figure suddenly snuck in from outside in a suspicious manner while Xiao Yan and Xun Er were hiding in a corner and chatting away. Xiao Yan let out a low cry towards Xun Er. The both of them turned their heads and saw that the person was actually the second general of the Black Submerged Army, Gu Hua, who had entered the Heavenly Tomb with Xiao Yan and the others back then.

“What is it?” Xun Er glanced at him in a somewhat doubtful manner.

“Hee hee…” Gu Hua gave Xiao Yan and Xun Er an embarrassed smile. After which, he spoke with a bitter expression, “I am here to gather reinforcement.”

Xiao Yan duo were startled. They looked at Gu Hua with stunned expressions, which clearly indicated that they were unaware of the latter’s meaning.

“This was all caused by those fellows from the Lei clan. The moment they arrived at the Lei clan, they began to roam all around and purposefully provoke many from our Black Submerged Army to fight with the end, those people could not restrain themselves and were angered. Moreover, they were completely beaten by the other party. How embarrassing.” Gu Hua rubbed his hands together and laughed bitterly. “Although I am aware that this is the character of those people from the Lei clan, if we, as the big boss do not step forward after our subordinates are beaten, it would really hurt them. Hence, the few of us had also intervened and oust those fellows back.”

Xiao Yan involuntarily smiled. These people…

“Isn’t it fine that you have oust them? They are after all guests. Don’t tell me that you are planning to give chase? Do you think that father and the clan head of the Lei clan aren’t aware of this? However, it is just that they could not be bothered to deal with this matter between the younger generation.” Xun Er rolled her eyes and said.

“That’s right. It is fine after we oust them. However, those fellows refused to admit defeat. They found some reinforcements that defeated Gu Xing, Gu Yao and I…” Gu Hua’s expression was a little depressed. Being defeated in his homeground would more or less hurt his pride. After all, he was one of the four great generals of the Black Submerged Army.

“Isn’t it fine to get big brother Qing Yang to resolve this matter. He is the first general of the Black Submerged Army, the chief of the whole Black Submerged Army…”

“Big brother Qing Yang was also defeated by that person. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have come to look for you.” Gu Hua hesitated for a moment before he finally laughed bitterly.

“Oh?” Xiao Yan’s and Xun Er’s expressions were finally slightly altered after hearing those words. The current Gu Qing Yang was an elite two star Dou Sheng. There was actually a member of the younger generation from the Lei clan who could defeat him?

“Could it be that person?” Xun Er suddenly knitted her brow and asked.

“That’s right…” Gu Hua nodded in a depressed manner. He remarked, “It is unexpected that he has actually become this strong…”

Who is that fellow?” Xiao Yan asked with some curiosity.

“Lei Dong, the most dazzling genius within the Lei clan in hundreds of years. He had once stayed within the Lei Realm Lightning Demon Pool for five years, lasting one year longer than the record made by Lei Ying when he was younger. Although part of the reason is because of the grooming by the entire clan, there was no doubt about his ability or talent. It is rumoured that the Lei clan is planning to groom him to be the next clan head.” Xun Er mused for a moment before replying.

Xiao Yan nodded slightly. It was unexpected that there would be such an outstanding member of the younger generation from within the Lei clan. It seemed that this Lei clan did indeed have a strong foundation.

“Additionally… the Lei clan has once come to the Gu clan with a marriage proposal. Moreover, many Elders had approved of it at that time. However, this matter was subsequently temporarily shelved aside due to some other matters. The main characters of the marriage, which did not come to be, were Lei Dong and me.” Xun Er spoke in a somewhat helpless manner.


Xiao Yan was startled. It was unexpected that this person had actually tried snatching his future wife.

“Xun Er, although that fellow greatly coverts battle, this place is after all the Gu clan. If those fellows are allowed to simply return after this, we will likely end up appearing inferior when we meet them in the future.” Gu Hua rubbed his hands together and laughed. “Therefore, Xun Er, can you lend a hand?”

“Boring. A completely meaningless fight for one’s pride.”

Xun Er glanced at Gu Hua and spoke indifferently.

“Hee hee, if you do not wish to intervene, why don’t you ask brother-in-law Xiao Yan to help earn some pride for our Black Submerged Army? Although even the clan head is satisfied with brother-in-law Xiao Yan, the brothers from the Black Submerged Army has the numbers. We will ensure that your wedding is extremely lively when the time comes.” Gu Hua was not anxious after hearing Xun Er’s words. He directly turned towards Xiao Yan and smilingly said.


A flush swiftly rose on Xun Er’s pretty face after hearing Gu Hua’s words. She immediately curled his mouth and said, “It seems that your target isn’t me but Xiao Yan ge-ge…”

Gu Hua laughed. His eyes were immediately heated as they looked at Xiao Yan. He laughed, “What do you say? Brother Xiao Yan, do you want to experience the ability of the younger generation of the Lei clan? Currently, big brother Qing Yang is delaying them.”

Xiao Yan involuntarily smiled after being stared at by Gu Hua’s heated eyes. His heart involuntarily felt a special feeling. After having been interacting with those old demons, it seemed as though he had already forgotten about his age. According to his age, he should be currently like Gu Hua and the rest, who were experiencing a period of time when they were hard-edged and arrogant…

“Alright. We’ll do as you say. Lead the way. Allow me to see just what ability that person who had attempted to snatch my wife has?”

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