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Chapter 1580: Devour

“Someone from the Hun clan!”

Xiao Yan’s eyes were focused on the human figure on the distant mountain. Yao Lao and the other looked over. Their expressions immediately changed drastically. It was unexpected that there were actually experts from the Hun clan present on this Shennong Mountain Range.

“It’s Hun Sha, one of the four demon saint. His strength is comparable to Hun Jing and Hun Yan!” Old Man Shen Nong was quite familiar with these people from the Hun clan. Hence, his expression changed slightly after seeing the monstrous evil aura. He sighed softly, “This Hun clan has really dispatch all of its experts to destroy the Yao clan.”

“Unexpectedly, there is really someone who can tear open the spatial seal placed by Nihility sir…”

The figure in the distance stepped on the empty air. In a flash, he appeared in the sky above them. He looked down at Xiao yan’s group and focused his eyes onto Xiao Yan. His mouth was involuntarily parted into a smile. Those dense white teeth contained a stern evil aura giving them the appearance of belonging to a savage beast. “You are Xiao Yan, right? I have heard that the old man Hun Yan has suffered a loss in your hands. The members of the Xiao clan are indeed extraordinary. Fortunately, my Hun clan had decisively killed the Xiao clan. Otherwise, this world would currently be faced with a completely different situation.”

Xiao Yan’s eyes stared intently at this black clothed human figure. Although the latter had a dense smile on his face, his pair of eyes were filled with an indifferent evil aura. Clearly, this person was not some soft hearted person.

“What should we do?” Yao Lao asked in a soft voice. It is unexpected that they had encountered a wolf after escaping from a tiger’s den. This fellow was obviously not an ordinary person. No one present was a match for this person if they fought. Xiao Yan’s eight coloured fire lotus might be terrifying but it could not be used continuously. Moreover, from the situation when he had used it earlier, even an eight coloured fire lotus would have difficulty kill an expert of this level. Should he manage to escape, their group would really have a difficulty fighting him.

“Teacher, you should leave first. I will block him for awhile.” Xiao Yan exhaled slowly and said.

“What?” Yao Lao’s expression changed immediately. How could Xiao Yan alone be a match for this person.

“Relax, I have my own plans. All of you should hurry up and leave. After that, hide your auras. I will hurry to the Gu clan after holding him back for awhile.” Xiao Yan softly said. He immediately clenched his hand. A jade bottle appeared in it. There was a dragon eye sized medicinal pill floating within it. A shocking energy gathered like a crystal within the bottle while an unusual fragrance spread.

“Tier 9 Mysterious Pill!”

Yao Lao only sighed in relief after seeing that medicinal pill. However, his eyes still contained some worry. The energy of a tier 9 Mysterious Pill was extremely terrifying. It would require many aiding medicinal pills to help in the refinement after one consumed it. Hence, even with Xiao Yan’s strength, he did not dare to easily swallow it. Moreover, he would definitely have to fight with Hun Sha after swallowing the pill. This would mean he would not have the attention to refine the medicinal strength. In that case, it might cause him body to suffer a relatively severe damage.

Although he was worried in his heart, Yao Lao also understood the present situation. They would still have a chance to survive if they escaped. If they remained behind, however, it would not only end up distracting Xiao Yan but they might really be eliminated by this fellow.

“You should be careful. Shatter this jade if you managed to escape. I will be able to feel it.” Yao Lao finally stiffed a jade piece into Xiao Yan’s heart while his heart struggled for a moment. After which, he let out a low cry and took the lead to rush forward. Old Man Shen Nong behind hesitated for a moment before grabbing the youths from the Yao clan and quickly followed.

“Where do you think you are going?”

Hun Sha frowned after seeing that Yao Lao and the others were actually fleeing. The ghost blade formed by blood in his hand was swung downwards. A ten thousand feet large blood blade glow shot through the sky and sharply hacked towards Yao Lao’s group.


The blade glow flew passed with lightning like speed. However, a black figure appeared in front of it while it was still a thousand feet from Yao Lao’s group. Both arms of the figure were crossed and it forcefully received that sharp blade glow.


Although they had received the blade glow, that frightening force had directly pushed that figure into the mountain range below. An entire mountain shook and collapse. Huge rocks rolled and a loud rumbling sound appeared.

The speed of Yao Lao’s group once again soared after Hun Sha’s attack was blocked. Within a couple of flashes, they had rushed out of the mountain range and swiftly disappeared into the horizon.

“Useless people. It is fine that they have escape. Just capturing you will do…” Hun Sha’s brow was lifted after he saw Yao Lao’s group successfully fleeing. However, he could not be bothered to give chase. He turned his head and his eyes suddenly paused on the tier 9 Mysterious Pill in Xiao Yan’s hand. A greedy flashed within those eyes. “Xiao Yan, hand over that medicinal pill and I will give you an easy death. What do you say? Otherwise, I will extract your soul and burn it for hundreds of years. I don’t think you wish to suffer a fate worse than death.”

Xiao Yan merely smiled coldly in the face of Hun Sha’s words. He squeezed his hand and the jade bottle burst apart. The medicinal pill within it immediately turned into a ray of light. Before it could flee, however, Xiao Yan caught it with great reflex and directly stuffed it into his mouth.


After the medicinal pill entered his body, the clothes over Xiao Yan’s body had directly been turned into ashes. Densely packed dragon scales appeared over his skin. Waves after waves of indescribable energy continuously surged out from within his body like floodwater. At the end, the energy had actually agglomerated into an armour over Xiao Yan’s body.

“What a powerful energy…”

Under the vast and mighty energy, Xiao Yan’s body began to tremble continuously. The inside of his body felt as though he had just swallowed many huge dragons. It was a complete mess. Wild erosion spread over every part of his body. Under the uncontrolled violence of this energy, even Xiao Yan’s perfect Heavenly State’s soul had been humbled.


An endless energy galloped through the interior of Xiao Yan’s body. Finally, it turned into an earthshaking roar that resounded over the entire area. The surrounding mountains had once again collapsed in the face of the furious roar. Yao Tian and Yao Ling also hurriedly stepped back.

“Hee, interesting. Swallowing a tier 9 Mysterious Pill requires many other things to aid in its refinement. This action of yours in no different from committing suicide!”

Hun Sha lifted his brow after detecting the energy erupted from within Xiao Yan’s body. He immediately shook his head and laughed coldly, “I have given you a path to take but you refused to. Do not blame me for being ruthless.”

Hun Sha suddenly stepped forward as his word sounded. His body appeared in front of Xiao Yan almost immediately. The blood coloured large blade in his hand emitted a ‘swoosh’ sound as it tore through the air and slashed onto Xiao Yan’s neck was an extremely shocking speed.

The blood light was rapidly magnified in Xiao Yan’s eyes. He clenched his hand and a mighty energy agglomerated into a huge heavy ruler. Since he was unable to dodge, he would directly clash head on with Hun Sha.


An unusually sharp wind spread as the blade and ruler collided. The mountain where the two of them stood on had been split into two. It collapsed with a bang while the entire mountain range trembled.

Xiao Yan’s figure was directly forced back by thousands of feet. A sweetness rose on his throat. However, both of his eyes were unusually excited. The earlier clash had exhausted quite a lot of energy, greatly relieving him of the feeling of being about to explode within his body…


Xiao Yan did not fear Hun Sha as the medicinal strength continued to surge out from within his body. He moved and took the lead to appear in front of Hun Sha. The heavy ruler in his hand did not contain any skill. It directly used the most brutal method to hack downwards violently time and time again. The vast and mighty energy had basically agglomerated into a ten thousand feet large ruler glow. The mountains were split wherever it passed.

“Clang clang clang!”

Hun Sha’s expression was a little ugly as he faced Xiao Yan, whose Dou Qi had erupted violently after swallowing the tier 9 Mysterious Pill. The blood blade in his hands danced, forming many afterimages and receiving those heavy mountain like ruler strikes. However, his body would descend by thousands of feet each time the heavy ruler fell. This caused his eyes to become a little gloomy. It was unexpected that Xiao Yan was actually so lively even after experiencing the big battle within the Yao Realm.

“I will just watch how long you can be arrogant for. A tier 9 Mysterious Pill might be powerful but you do not have the time to refine it. The energy will completely damage your body. At that time, I will see how you will continue fighting!”

Although Hun Sha had been pressed into a disadvantage by Xiao Yan’s seemingly mad attacks, Hun Sha was unusually calm. He let out a cold laughter while putting up a defence.

Xiao Yan completely ignored his cold laughter. The excitement in his eyes grew increasingly intense as the heavy ruler in his hand fell in a crazy fashion. His strikes became increasingly heavy. The entire Shennong Mountain Range had been destroyed into a complete mess at this moment.


Another mountain like powerful strike fell and Hun Sha’s arm had become a little numb. His body fell backwards by ten thousand feet. Many mountains were shattered to dust along the way. His expression also became uiglier.

“Ha ha, how enjoyable. Let’s fight again another day!”

The maf excitement in Xiao Yan’s eyes suddenly vanished as he sent Hun Sha flying with a ruler strike. He laughed towards the sky. The pair of bone wings on his back was flapped as he immediately turned around and flew towards another direction. At that direction black figure had grabbed Yao Tian and Yao Ling as it flew to the horizon. It was the Northern King, which Xiao Yan had ordered to secretly take the duo away while Xiao Yan was holding Hun Sha back.


Hun Sha stomped his foot onto a mountain. Immediately, it was covered in cracks. Finally, the mountain was blasted apart and his body was stabilized. His face was dark and cold as he watched Xiao Yan flee into the distance. A low roar erupted, “Xiao Yan, regardless of where you flee to, I will capture you, cut off your flesh and extract your soul!”

Hun Sha moved as those vicious words sounded. He turned into a bloody light as he rushed forward with great speed. From the looks of it, he was clearly not intending to allow Xiao Yan to escape!

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