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Chapter 1577: Borrowing Flames

Bang! Bang!

A thunder like explosion continuously resounded within this realm. Following the appearance of each explosion, there would be an expert from the Yao clan exploding the Dou Qi within his body and blast himself into pieces. In the face of such a wild and violent energy attack, even one’s soul would not remain…

Xiao Yan’s group unleashed their speed to their limit as they crazily rushed towards the area where the explosions were most centralized. The seal at that spot had already been blasted apart. It would no longer be difficult to tear open the space. Those experts from the various sects were also closely following behind Xiao Yan. They understood that it was impossible for them to successfully escape alive by relying on their own strength in such a chaotic period.

However, the Hun clan’s aim was to eliminate all the living creatures within the Yao clan. It was naturally impossible for them to simply allow Xiao Yan and the others to leave. While Xiao Yan’s group travelled, the Touling creatures covering the entire area as well as the experts from the Hun clan had immediately changed their target. They rushed and surrounded Xiao Yan’s group from all directions.

Xiao Yan’s expression turned cold after seeing the figures, which were rushing over from all directions. He was just about to attack when Old Man Shen Nong from behind threw the medicinal herbs walking stick in his hand. Immediately, a green sea of flame spread rapidly. It emitted some swish sound as countless of towering trees appeared. Those huge trees with flame surrounding them were like vines that entwined around the figures, which were hurrying over.

Xiao Yan sighed in relief as Old Man Shen Nong attacked. This caused the speed of Yao Tian’s group to soar once again.

“Nihility sir, stop Xiao Yan! That brat also has a Tou She Ancient God Jade in his hands!”

Hun Huzi, who was being entangled with Elder Wanhuo and a few others, hurriedly cried out after seeing Xiao Yan’s group charging across the sky and was becoming increasingly closer to that particular space.

“Humph, do you think that I can make many copies of myself?” The Nihility Devouring Flame snorted coldly after hearing Hun Huzi’s cry. His voice appeared to be filled with some displeasure.

Hun Huzi was quiet after hearing this. He smiled in embarrassment. The Nihility Devouring Flame might be the most powerful person present but he not only needed to split his attention to stabilized the spatial seal but he had also suffered an injury from the soul fragment of Yao Di during the big battle earlier. Additionally, he had currently turned into countless of Tunling. Where would he find the strength to split his focus?

“Leave it to me. Hun Jing, I’ll leave this old ghost Yao Dan to you. Trying to block the both of us with just your strength alone is nothing but fantasy.” One of the four demon saints of the Hun clan from a battlefield in the sky mockingly glanced at Yao Dan, who was in a somewhat crazy state, in front of him. His body flashed and an afterimage appeared. After which, he escaped from the fight and directly rushed towards the spot where Xiao Yan’s group was like an old eagle.

“Xiao Yan. Hee hee, this name is not unfamiliar to me. There has been many rumours about you within the Hun clan. If it is not because the clan is preparing our plan, I would have already come out and meet you. You are the only person in many years who had been able to cause my Hun clan to suffer losses time and time again!” Hun Yan’s speed was extremely terrifying. Within a couple of breaths’ time, he had appeared in front of Xiao Yan’s group and laughed coldly.

Xiao Yan’s expression sunk as he looked at another tiger appearing to block their path. The strength of this Hun Yan was extremely terrifying. Base on his senses, this fellow had likely reached the advance seven star Dou Sheng class. He was much stronger than even Yao Dan.

“Life Spirit Flame!”

Old Man Shen Nong from behind also had a change in expression because of the appearance of Hun Yan. Soon after, he immediately attacked. The large sea of green flame gathered and turned into a huge fire beast with four limbs. After which, it charged violently at the latter.

“Life Spirit Flame. Ha ha, I am also quite interested in it. After capturing you this time around, this Life Spirit Flame will belong to me.” Hun Yan laughed faintly as he faced the sharp attack by that huge beast. His large hand was suddenly clenched. Monstrous Dou Qi gathered and directly formed a huge palm, which slammed onto the large beast. A frightening force actually scattered the fire beast with a strike. The force was the wind did not diminish as it grabbed towards Xiao Yan’s group.

“The combat strength of this Life Spirit Flame is indeed insufficient…” Old Man Shen Nong involuntarily laughed bitterly after seeing that the attack by the Life Spirit Flame was useless. He looked at the huge palm that fell from the sky and hurriedly increased his speed.


The speed of Xiao Yan’s group soared as the huge palm grabbed at them. They narrowly dodged it. However, some of those behind them were unlucky. In the face of the huge claw, even the one star peak Dou Sheng experts present amongst them had collapsed under the palm and explode into a cluster of blood fog.

Xiao Yan did not have the time to be bothered about the many miserable cries emitted from behind him. His eyes stared intently at Hun Yan in front of him. The position of this person was coincidentally where the spatial seal had been shattered. In other words, if they wanted to tear open a spatial crack, they must defeat this old fellow. However… trying to defeat a top expert who had reached the advance seven star Dou Sheng class posed quite a difficulty to the current Xiao Yan.

“Northern King!”

Xiao Yan’s eyes flickered. He threw Yao Tian, whom he had held in his hand, towards Yao Lao. A thought immediately passed through his mind. That statue like Northern King, who had been following behind him, unhesitatingly turned into a ray of black light that charged forward. A wind containing a frightening strength directly covered Hun Yan.

“Huh? Is this a puppet?”

A surprise flashed across Hun Yan’s eyes as he faced the unusually sharp attack from the Northern King. Even he had seldom seen such a powerful puppet which did not show any signs of being unfamiliar with combat.

“It’s physical body might be strong but a puppet is ultimately a puppet…” Although Hun Yan was surprised, he did not withdraw even a little. Monstrous Dou Qi surged. He waved his hand and the Dou Qi changed into a thousand feet large Dou Qi hand, which easily received the Northern King’s sharp attack. Occasionally wind churned as he struck his palm forward. The vast and mighty Dou Qi forced back the Northern King. Its incomparably hard body revealed some half inch deep scars. Given the strength of the Northern King, it was a little too difficult for it to fight against an expert at the advance seven star Dou Sheng class.

“Little Yi!”

Xiao Yan cried out while the Northern King was stopping Hun Yan with all its strength. Little Yi quickly rose from Xiao Yan’s body. Finally, it completely merged with Xiao Yan’s soul. Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame came erupted from Xiao Yan’s body in all directions following the merger. His body had once again turned crystal clear. Even the bones and internal organs in his body had been covered by a pink crystal layer.

Extermination Fire Body. Xiao Yan had unleashed his strongest attack of his the moment he began fighting. He understood that an ordinary attack was completely useless against such an expert.

“Extermination Fire Lotus!”

Xiao Yan suddenly clenched his hand after the fire body was formed. Six different coloured Heavenly Flame formed a spiralling shape in his palm. After which, they mixed with each other. Within a short moment, it had formed a fire lotus with five different coloured. An extermination like aura spread the moment the fire lotus was formed.


Xiao Yan’s arm shook the moment the fire lotus was formed. The Extermination Fire Lotus was accompanied by a brilliant fire tail as it shot out with lightning speed. Finally, it exploded a short distance from Hun Yan.


An earthshaking energy explosion resounded over the place. A firestorm, which was filled with an exterminating force raged wildly. Any Touling that was within a thousand feet from the storm would be struck by the waves. Their bodies would immediately turned into black blood, which vaporized under the high temperature.

“Humph, you do have some ability. However, if this is your trump card, you should just obdiently hand over the Tou She Ancient God Jade in your hands. I can still allow you to die peacefully!”

The firestorm swept over the sky. However, that icy cold voice of Hun Yan continued to be slowly emitted from within the storm. Everyone could see a monstrous black vapor surging from the middle of the firestorm, It actually managed to block the raging firestorm. Hun Yan stepped on the empty air at the middle of the black vapour. He took a step forward at a time. His clothes fluttered in the absence of any wind while he wore a dark and dense expression.

Xiao Yan’s expression changed slightly after seeing the unhurt Hun Yan. This was the first time that he had used the Extermination Fire Lotus while unleashing the Extermination Fire Body. He did not expect that he was still unable to seriously damage Hun Yan in spite of this. The strength of an advance seven star Dou Sheng was indeed extremely terrifying.

“The aura of that old man is a little unsteady. It looks like that attack of yours from earlier has still managed to hurt him. However, it is still insufficient to seriously injure him.” Old Man Shen Nong spoke with a grave expression.

“Xiao Yan, we must escape as soon as possible. Otherwise, if those experts from the Yao clan were to be completely exterminated, we will also have difficulty escaping this place!” Yao Lao cried out in a deep voice.

Xiao Yan nodded quietly. His eyes looked at Hun Yan, who was wearing a cold smile on his dense face. He suddenly exhaled and spoke in a deep voice, “Elder Shen Nong, Yao Tian, lend me the Heavenly Flames within your body!”

Old Man Shen Nong and Yao Tain were started upon hearing this. However, they did not have time to ask questions at this moment. The former was open minded. He waved his hand and the medicinal ingredient walking stick in his hand landed in Xiao Yan’s hands. Yao Tian hesitated for a moment before quickly spitting out a cluster of dark brown flame. The flame vaguely agglomerated into a turtle shape. This was naturally the Heavenly Flame ranked thirteenth on the Heavenly Flame Ranking, the Turtle Spiritual Earth Flame.

Xiao Yan held the walking stick with one hand and grabbed the Turtle Spiritual Earth Flame with the other. His crystal clear body vaguely emitted a mysterious luster. Under this condition, both Little Yi and him had been completely merged together. From a certain point of view, he was currently in possession of the constitution of a Heavenly Flame spirit. As long as their owners do not resist, he would be able to use the Heavenly Flames that he had never refined before. However, their strength would naturally be a little weaker as compared to those that he had refined. At this moment, however, there was no time for him to think of this.

Xiao Yan alone possessed six types of Heavenly Flames. If these two types of Heavenly Flames were to be added, the fire lotus that was formed would be an unprecedented fire lotus formed by eight types of Heavenly Flames!

Its might would definitely be extremely terrifying!

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