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Chapter 1576: Clan Extermination War

The many experts from the Yao clan in the sky suddenly emitted an extremely bright luster from within their bodies. The Dou Qi within their bodies had become extremely wild and violent at this moment!

“They actually intends to self-destruct…”

Hun Huzi’s expression changed slightly upon seeing this. If this many experts were to self-destruct, even this sealed realm might be torn open. However, the Nihility Devouring Flame had already turned into countless of Tunling at this moment and was unable to stop them.

“Humph, it is not so easy to escape under the eyes of our Hun clan!”

Hun Huzi’s eyes became gloomy. He rapidly took out a scroll with a rising black flame from his Storage Ring. After which, he suddenly tore it apart. Black flame surged and directly formed a flame tunnel. Many figures rushed out from within it and appeared in the sky of this chaotic place.

“Ha ha, it is unexpected that you have actually ended up in such a state in this meeting of ours…”

Waves after waves of vast and mighty dark chilly auras spread over the sky after the many black figures came out from the tunnel. Such a might caused the hearts of everyone in this already dangerous state to sink. Had the Hun clan’s experts finally showed themselves?

The activity in the sky was also detected by Yao Dan. He suddenly lifted his head and gathered towards the leader of the many black figures. There were two elders standing at that spot. At this moment, the two of them were smilingly looking at him. Their smiles were filled with an iciness.

“Hun Jing, Hun Yan… two of the the four demon saints of the Hun clan has actually appeared together. Your Hun clan really thinks highly of my Yao clan!”

The elder leading the group laughed faintly upon hearing the low and vicious voice of Yao Dan. He said, “Yao Dan, the alchemist skills of your Yao clan does still have some use for our Hun clan. If you agree to the Yao clan being an affiliated clan of my Hun clan, you might still be able to preserve some bloodline.”

“Even if my Yao clan was to sacrifice our last drop of blood, we will definitely not live in a humiliating manner under your Hun clan!” Yao Dan spoke in a dense voice. Being a member of the Yao clan, they possessed their own pride. No one would agree with that whatever affiliation!

“In that case… we can only kill all of you.” The elder was unsurprised at Yao Dan’s words. He grinned slightly and waved his hand. He spoke in a soft voice, “Do not leave any survivors.”


The many experts from the Hun clan behind immediately revealed a ferocity in their eyes upon hearing this. They let out a savage laughter. Immediately, Majestic Dou Qi erupted and rushed downwards from all directions.


Seeing the experts from the Hun clan attacking, the light on the body of an Elder of the Yao clan suddenly became extremely bright. Immediately, an extremely wild and violent energy wildly exploded in the sky. Some of the experts from the Hun clan, who had been struck, immediately spat out blood and pull back rapidly.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

After the first expert from the Yao clan self-destructed, it seemed to have suddenly lit the blood of the many members of the Yao clan. Immediately, light surged within the bodies of many. Finally, they shot through the sky like falling stars and self-destructed at the same spot simultaneously.

“Boom boom!”

A frightening extermination storm had flattened this entire mountain range in an instant. Tens of thousands of feet large deep streams crack lines began to spread like a spiderweb. In the face of such a frightening self-destruct attack, the realm, which had originally been completely sealed, had actually once again become distorted.There were some tiny cracks vaguely appearing.


Yao Dan’s eyes revealed a joyous expression after seeing that the space had finally been altered slightly. However, an endless sadness was hid under this joy. Who would have expected that this Yao clan, which had been completely peaceful a day ago, would actually end up with tens of millions of descendant citizens being killed and many clan members being dead or seriously injured. The danger of the clan being exterminated still covered over them. At this moment, the only thing that they could do was to for their clan members to self-destruct and enable to bloodline to continue!

After hearing the stern cry, many experts from the Yao clan continued to unhesitatingly self-destruct.

“Humph.” Hun Jing in the sky let out a cold snort. He waved his sleeve. Monstrous black aura surged out with lightning like speed. It immediately turned into a large hand that threw those members of the Yao clan, who wanted to self-destruct at a certain spot, far away. In this way, those Yao clan’s experts, which had exploded in the other areas had sacrificed themselves to no avail.


Yao Dan cried out explosively after seeing Hun Jing intervening.

Elder Wanhuo, who was covered in blood a short distance away, had directly shot upwards after hearing Yao Dan’s cry. A couple of extremely powerful Elders from the Yao clan also followed. The Dou Qi within their bodies had boiled completely at this moment. Their auras suddenly soared as their Dou Qi boil. This would be their final battle.

A battle to protect the members of their clan!

“I can stop them alone…” Hun Huzi laughed coldly after seeing Elder Wanhuo and the rest use a Secret Technique to cause boil their Dou Qi and cause their aura to soar. His body moved and appeared in front of Elder Wanhuo. He waved his hand and black flame surged. Just his strength alone was sufficient to drag Elder Wanhuo and the others into a battle with him.

Seeing that miserable and tragic battle, Xiao Yan had also involuntarily tightened his fist. Was this the clan extermination war? The Xiao clan back then had likely also experienced this same scene. In order to ensure that their bloodline lived on, these people were willing to give up everything. They did not feel any regret even if they had to self-destruct. At this moment, the private grudge between all of them had already vanished. Those clan members who once had some conflict with each other, were willing to self-destruct in order to protect the other…

“Damn Hun clan…”

The scarlet colour within Yao Dan’s eyes became even more intense after seeing that even Elder Wanhuo’s group had been held back. His eyes swiftly swept around the place and finally paused in the direction of Xiao Yan a short distance away. His body immediately moved and appeared in front of the latter. With a wave of his hand, over a dozen members of the Yao clan appeared beside Xiao Yan. These people were a little familiar to Xiao Yan. This was because they were the group of young people who had obtained the best result on the Medicinal Ceremony.

“Xiao Yan, the experts from my Yao clan will self-destruct to tear open the realm and provide you with a chance to escape. I have never beg anyone in my life but this time around, I beg that you help me preserve some of the Yao clan’s bloodline!”

Yao Dan’s eyes were blood red as they stared at Xiao Yan. His voice spoke in an anxious and hurried manner. A short distance from Xiao Yan was that Old Man Shen Nong, who had quite a good relationship with him. However, he did not choose the latter. This was because his instincts vaguely told him that only Xiao Yan had the ability to help him preserve the bloodline. Moreover, he did not have any other choice at this moment. In order to preserve a little of the clan’s bloodline, he was willing to even self-destruct.

This sudden unexpected occurrence caused Xiao Yan to be startled. He looked at the blood red eyes of Yao Dan and felt his heart become stuffy. Regardless of what had happened, the latter was still a qualified clan head. Xiao Yan inhaled a deep breath of air. He glanced at Yao Lao. The latter’s eyes were a little moist. However, he did not say anything.

“Clan head, allow me to stay! I will fight with these damn bastards!”

Bloody tears crossed Yao Tian’s face. He had personally saw his father being killed by a couple of experts from the Hun clan. At this moment, all he knew was that he should try his best to kill the members of the Hun clan and take revenge for his father.


A slap was violently swung onto Yao Tian’s face after his words sounded. Yao Dan looked at Yao Tian ferociously. He roared like a wild beast, “What can you useless individuals do by staying behind? Countless members of the clan has self-destructed to provide you with the opportunity to escape? How can you face them?”

Yao Tian held his half swollen face. He bit his lips. Blood continued to seep out from the corner of his mouth. Yao Ling by his side, who was just like a goddess in the hearts of the younger members of the Yao clan, was also crying. After having experienced the unexpected occurrence today, they finally understood that they were just like a flower protected in a greenhouse by the clan…

“All of you will obey everything Xiao Yan says. In order to ensure that the bloodline of the Yao clan continues, you will have to die if you are asked to!”

Xiao Yan sighed softly. This is really a heavy burden that had inexplicably appeared. He was unable to even take care of the Xiao clan. Where would he find so much energy. However, he needed to rely on the strength of the Yao clan in order to tear open the sealed realm. Hence… he had no choice but to agree.

“Clan head Yao Dan. I will do my best!”

“Old fellow, I will also do my best to help…” Old Man Shen Nong, who had flew over, softly sighed.

“Prepare yourselves. I will block Hun Jing and Hun Yan. The other Elders of the Yao clan will help you tear open the space…” Yao Dan rubbed off the blood on his face. His eyes swept over Yao Tian and the others. His expression was also extremely calm. Finally, he smiled and stomped onto the ground. His body shot out and the Dou Qi within it completely boiled. Finally, he appeared like a brilliant falling star as he shot towards Hun Jing and Hun Yan in the sky.

“This lunatic…”

Hun Jing duo’s faces became cold after seeing Yao Dan charging over with all his strength. Both of them attacked and the colour of the sky changed.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

After Hun Jing duo were engaged into a miserable big battle with Yao Dan, the many Yao clan Elders in the sky once again rushed forward. After which, they wildly exploded at the same spot.

Boom boom boom!

After the space trembled, that spot in the space began to become increasingly distorted. Traces of black flame symbols seeped out from within the space and finally exploded apart in the face of the wild and violent energy assault.

“Let’s go!”

Pink flame quickly surged out from within Xiao Yan’s body the moment the black flame symbols cracked. A fire barrier was formed. After which, it locked Yao Tian, Yao Ling and the dozen over figures inside it. The Northern King behind protected Yao Lao. Their group’s speed was unleashed until the limit as they hurried towards the space where the black flame symbol was torn with lightning like speed!

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