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Chapter 1575: Tunling (Devouring Soul)

Even this Yao clan’s guardian formation had finally crumbled under the frightening energy assault that could destroy the world. It turned into countless of light spots that poured down from the sky. The luster emitted from them highlighted the many dull and stunned faces below.

Despite having used all of their strength, they were still unable to change their fate. Many people felt terrified and hopeless under that demon god like figure in the sky.

Xiao Yan’s expression was solemn as he watched this scene. The Dou Qi within his body began to circulate quietly. A black light flashed beside him and the Northern King once again appeared. He also took a couple of steps back and stood beside Yao Lao. This danger was likely the most intense one he had ever come across. Even he did not have an absolute confidence to escape from this dragnet placed by the Hun clan.

Yao Lao withdrew his eyes, which were looking at the sky. There was some moisture in them. Even though he did not have a deep feeling towards the Yao clan, the illusory figure from earlier was a god like existence towards all the members of the Yao clan. Anyone with the bloodline of the Yao clan would sense an extremely important thing had suddenly disappeared after witnessing its complete destruction.

“You should leave first if anything goes wrong. The Sky Mansion Alliance cannot do without you. Moreover, you still have to rescue your father.” Yao Lao spoke in a hoarse voice.

Xiao Yan’s expression changed slightly but he did not speak. Those dark black eyes of his, however, revealed a determined expression.

“Teacher, be rest assured…”

Xiao Yan softly uttered those words after musing quietly. However, he did not know just what he meant by ‘be rest assured’.

Yao Dan, who stood in the midair, slowly stood up in front of the countless pairs of eyes. The disappearance of that soul fragment had caused a huge hole to appear in his heart. However, he was after all the clan head. Hence, he swiftly suppressed his lost feeling. A low voice resounded beside the ears of all the members of the Yao clan.

“All clan members, now is the time when the fate of our Yao clan will be determined. The only thing we can do is to risk everything to preserve our bloodline!”

“All Elders, fight alongside me!”

Human figures rushed out from the mountain range in all directions after Yao Dan’s final stern cry sounded. There were not only Elders of the Yao clan present. Even some of the younger generation of the Yao clan had charged forward with reddened eyes. They understood that if they were unable to endure through this calamity, the Yao clan would completely disappear in history. The Yao clan was their root. Once they lose this root, they would end up roaming around without a home. All the glory and pride that they once had would be annihilated.


Yao Dan’s body trembled as he looked at the densely packed human figures charging up the sky. Monstrous Dou Qi erupted from within their bodies without holding back. Finally, it turned into a ten thousand feet large Dou Qi pillar that whistled out. Its momentum was shocking as it rushed towards the Nihility Devouring Flame in the sky.

“Swoosh swoosh!”

Countless of Dou Qi pillars of different strength rushed forward together behind the ten thousand feet large Dou Qi pillars. They were accompanied by a determination as they shot towards the Nihility Devouring Flame from all directions.

Xiao Yan’s eyes became grave as he watched the Dou Qi, which had covered the sky. This kind of mighty retaliation was indeed worthy of the Yao clan. However, that person was far too terrifying. From his guess, the actual body of the Nihility Devouring Flame had likely reached the extremely frightening eight or even nine star Dou Sheng class. Otherwise, it would be impossible for him to destroy the Yao clan’s guardian formation. Moreover, even the Yao Di soul fragment had been scattered…

“The strength of the Hun clan is actually this frightening. No wonder it was able to quietly eliminate the Ling and Shi clan…” Xiao Yan clenched his fist tightly. Moreover, the Nihility Devouring Flame was the only one which had appeared this time around.That mysterious clan head has yet to appear. Perhaps he was preventing the Gu clan from detecting anything. Even though this was the case, just this alone had forced the Yao clan into such a state. The strength that the Hun clan hid was really shocking.

Hun Huzi looked at the bright Dou Qi pillars that filled his eyes from the sky. His expression was slightly altered. If he was to even touch such an attack, it was likely that he would immediately be seriously injured. After all, this attack had basically gathered the full strength of the entire Yao clan…

The eyes of Nihility Devouring Flame beside Hun Huzi, who was wrapped within a black flame, also fluctuated slightly because of those black hole like eyes. Clearly, even he did not dare to easily slight this retaliation from the Yao clan.

His palms, which was covered in strange symbols, were once again extended from within the black flame. After which, they formed many seals with lightning like speed. The black flame that covered the sky churned intensely. Finally, it formed a hundred thousand feet large black hole swirl. An indescribable frightening devouring force appeared the moment the swirl was formed. It erupted in all directions as it did so.

“Bang bang!”

In the face of such a frightening devouring power, the land within a hundred thousand feet immediately crumbled. Many ten thousand feet large crack lines spread from the ground. They were just like ferocious wounds, which covered this spacious area.

“Swoosh swoosh swoosh!”

Many large Dou Qi pillars continuously charged into the black hole like swirl. A low and deep explosion resounded within the back hole. Such a frightening energy assault caused even the incomparably large swirl to form some intense fluctuation. The black flame over the body of the Nihility Devouring Flame continued to explode and form clusters of flames the moment the black hole fluctuated. His body staggered dozens of steps backwards. Hun Huzi’s expression changed upon seeing this.

“It is indeed not easy to deal with this Yao clan. That Yao Di soul fragment might have been scattered but it had ended up causing the Nihility sir to be injured. Now, the clan has gathered all of its strength and attacked. Even someone as strong as him has been pushed back…”

Hun Huzi’s eyes flickered rapidly. The body of the Nihility Devouring Flame also stabilized. The black flame lingering over his body had diminished significantly as compared to earlier. It seemed that he was not feeling good about the all out retaliation of the Yao clan.

“The Yao clan is not bad. You are indeed much stronger compared to the Ling and Shi clan. However, this will not change your final fate…” The Nihility Devouring Flame steadied himself and looked downwards. His ancient hoarse voice was slowly emitted at the same time.

After the hoarse voice of the Nihility Devouring Flame slowly sounded, the black flame, which spread across the sky, slowly revealed many egg like balls. Black flame surrounded the ball. Many faint black light suddenly seeped out from the black flame cloud layer and rushed into that egg.

“Bang! Bang!”

Those densely packed light eggs suddenly exploded as the blood light entered. Immediately, many sharp screech resounded over the sky. Densely packed black fire figures poured down from the sky like a storm. After which, they crazily charged towards the mountain range below.

Everyone within the mountain range had a drastic change in expression as they looked at the black flame figures hurrying over in close proximity. Immediately, they circulated their Dou Qi. However, their Dou Qi had only just risen when a black light flashed in front of them. Many people felt a pain in their chest. After lowering their heads, they saw that there was already a huge bloody hole on their chest. Fresh blood and internal organs shot out from it.

“What are these things?”

Xiao Yan’s expression was a little gloomy. He randomly rabbed a black flame figure. These things possess the bodies of a human. However, those hollow scarlet eyes and the sharp wild beast like claws allowed him to understand that there was quite a big difference between these things and humans…

“These things are able to devour the flesh and Dou Qi of people!” Yao Lao exclaimed. There were also a couple of black flame figures that had been blasted into clusters of black blood under his feet.

The entire mountain range descended into chaos in the face of these strange black flame creatures’ attack. Intense fights broke out everywhere. Miserable screeches continued to appear while scarlet blood dyed the land red.

Yao Dan looked at the Medicine Mountain, which had swiftly descended into chaos, from the midair. His expression was extremely gloomy. With a wave of his sleeve, frightening Dou Qi began to erupt and directly killed the hundreds of black flame creatures near him. After which, he grabbed with his hand and caught hold of a black flame creature. His eyes suddenly shrunk after he observed it for a moment. Finally, he violently inhaled a breath of cool air.

“Tunling clan! How is is possible that such a clan still exist? Won’t they completely eliminated during the ancient era?”

“Tunling clan?”

Below him, Xiao Yan, who had heard Yao Dan’s shocked roar, knitted his brow slightly. He mused for a moment while feeling some uncertainty. After which, he exchanged glances with Yao Lao and saw that the other party also had a lost expression. Clearly, the latter was also unaware of this so called Tunling clan.

“Ha ha, you are indeed worthy of being the clan head of the Yao clan. Now, do you understand why my Hun clan has attacked you?” Hun Huzi laughed in a faint voice. His eyes were extremely sinister as he looked at Yao Dan.

“No wonder, no wonder your Hun clan continues to exist since the ancient times despite the gradual decline of many clans!”

Yao Dan was incomparably shocked as he looked at the Nihility Devouring Flame in the sky. It appeared as though he had discovered some extremely frightening thing. Soon after, his body suddenly appeared below. With a wave of his hand, dozens of young members of the Yao clan were grabbed in his hand. “Elders of the Yao clan. Self destruct and destroy the realm. We can die but we must ensure that the seeds of the Yao clan’s bloodline survives!”

Many experts from the Yao clan in the sky trembled after hearing this heartbreaking stern cry. Grief and determination flashed across their faces. Between the destruction of the clan and sacrificing themselves to retain their bloodline, they did not hesitate to choose the latter!

At this moment, Xiao Yan also inhaled a deep breath of air. He grabbed Yao Lao’s arm. Both of his eyes were stern. It was time!

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