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Chapter 1572: Shocking Change

A rock stirring a giant wave.

After Hun Huzi uttered these words, the stadium, which had turned into an uproar because of the birth of the tier 9 Mysterious Pill, became completely silent. The expressions of all the Elders from the Yao clan turned gloomy at that instant. A cold glow flashed within their eyes.

Each of the eight ancient clans had one part of the Tou She Ancient God Jade respectively. All of the clans treated it as a great treasure and kept it safe. Even an ordinary Elder would not be able to see it. This matter might not appear unusual in the eyes of those who were unaware of it but those who did looked at Hun Huzi as though they were watching a lunatic. How would it be possible for the Yao clan to loan such a treasure to him? Could it be that this person had gone crazy?

“This fellow…”

Xiao Yan knitted his brow tightly as he looked at Hun Huzi. The strange smile on the latter’s face caused him to feel that something was not quite right. Uttering such words to the Yao clan was undoubtedly challenging the prestige of the Yao clan.Given this fellow’s tier 6 Dou Sheng class strength, it was impossible for him to escape from the hands of Yao Dan.

“Something is not quite right?”

Xiao Yan’s many years of experience had also allowed him to become extremely sensitive. He felt that something was not quite right. This Hun Huzi was not a fool. He should understand just what kind of treatment he would receive from the Yao clan by uttering such words. Yet… he was unafraid.

Xiao Yan’s heart involuntarily sunk slightly after he thought of this. His body moved and he appeared beside Yao Lao. His expression was grave as he softly said, “Be careful.”

Yao Lao also nodded gravely. He could sense that this Hun Huzi was a little strange.

Elder Wanhuo’s expression was dark and solemn as he stood in the sky. His eyes were filled with murderous intent as he looked at Hun Huzi. Once Yao Dan give the order, he would immediately attack with all his strength and kill this person, who dared to challenge the prestige of the Yao clan in front of so many people.

“Hun Huzi, do you know what you are saying?”

Yao Dan looked at Hun Huzi in the sky from his leader’s seat without any expression. However, there was a sharp chill flashing over his eyes. His voice did not contain any emotions as it was slowly emitted from within his mouth.

“Ha ha, clan head Yao Dan, the Tou She Ancient God Jade is something that brings disaster. It will only bring a calamity to you if it remains in the Yao clan. Handing it to me in exchange for your safety might be a little better, right?” Hun Huzi laughed. It was as though he did not feel the murderous intent surging within Yao Dan’s eyes.

“Hun Huzi, you are acting too fearlessly. Today, I will first capture you and get the clan head of your Hun clan to come and bring you back!”

The expressions of Elder Wanhuo turned completely gloomy as Hun Huzi’s words sounded. A furious cry sounded. Vast and mighty Dou Qi suddenly swept out in all directions. His body flashed and he appeared above Hun Huzi’s head. A large flame wind gathered into a huge palm as it ruthlessly smashed towards the latter.

“It is almost time…”

Hun Huzi merely smiled faintly in the face of the ferocious attack from Elder Wanhuo. He lifted his head and looked at the distant sky before muttering to himself. Immediately, a strange grin appeared on the corner of his mouth. The black flame deep within his eyes surged out wildly like a furious dragon, which had been suppressed for a long time. After the black flame surged, Hun Huzi’s aura also soared suddenly.


Hun Huzi waved his sleeve as he stood in the sky. That ordinary palm collided with the enormous wind flame palm. After which, everyone were shocked to find that the wind flame palm was completely devoured into Hun Huzi’s upon contact. On the other hand, that Elder Wanhuo, who had a shocking aura, seemed to have suffered from a serious blow. A mouthful of fresh blood was spat out and his body flew backwards. Finally, it landed miserably onto the stadium below, smashing and forming a huge deep pit in the process.

“Ha ha, I have accompanied all of you to play for such a long time. Just treat this as some interest…” Hun Huzi’s long air fluttered in the absence of any wind as he stood in the sky. Both of his eyes had already been completely covered by a black flame, giving him an exceptionally strange appearance. His faint voice resounded over the entire stadium as this occurred.

“Seven star Dou Sheng!”

Everyone’s expression had changed drastically at this moment. They looked at Hun Huzi in the sky with disbelief. The aura that the latter had emitted earlier had far surpassed Elder Wanhuo!

“This fellow has actually been hiding his strength. Don’t tell me that he really intends to snatch the ancient jade of the Yao clan?” Yao Lao softly said. His expression changed as he watched this scene.

Xiao Yan’s expression had become extremely grave at this moment. Both of his eyes stared intently at Hun Huzi. Since the very beginning, he actually failed to discover that this person was hiding his strength!

“Even in his fury from having the embryonic pill being snatched away, he was actually able to suppress his strength. This fellow is really scheming… however, could it be that he really wish to snatch the ancient jade from the Yao clan with just his strength?”

Yao Dan’s expression had finally turned completely dark and cold as he stood on the leader’s seat. He slowly stood up and stared intently at Hun Huzi. He spoke in a dense voice, “Send the signal. Inform the Yan clan and the Lei clan. Tell them… we have found the perpetrator responsible for the disappearance of the Ling and Shi clan!”

Everyone had a change in expression after Yao Dan’s words sounded. Even Xiao Yan’s body trembled suddenly. They lifted their heads and looked at Hun Huzi in a shocked manner. It was really… done by the Hun clan?


Although those Yao clan’s Elders trembled after being frightened by Yao Dan’s words, they still quickly took out a scroll and swiftly opened it. A spatial fluctuation quickly spread.

However, these spatial fluctuation was about to agglomerate into a spatial tunnel when it seemed to have to disturbed by something. Immediately, it shook intensely. The tunnel, which had just been formed, disappeared in an instant.

Many people in the Yao clan felt their hearts turn cold upon seeing this scene. Some of the Elders were quick to react and hurriedly let out the emergency siren within the clan. Immediately,a commotion broke out in the neighbouring mountain range had. Densely packed Yao clan’s warriors hurriedly broke through the air and arrived like a swarm of locust.

“Hun Huzi, what have you done?” An Elder of the Yao clan cried out in a stern voice.

“Ugh, it looks it it is completed…” Hun Huzi smiled slightly while standing in the sky. He did not even give those Yao clan’s warriors, who had hurried over, another glance as he spoke casually, “Nothing. I have merely locked the Yao clan’s realm…”

A commotion was stirred below after these words sounded. Those various experts, who had come to observe the Medicinal Ceremony, had a drastic change in expression. They took out their spatial scroll and quickly tore it apart. However, the result was exactly the same as what had happened earlier.

“Something big is about to happen…”

Xiao Yan inhaled a deep breath of cool air. His expression had become unprecedentedly ugly. He did not expect that the Hun clan’s target would actually be the Yao clan. Moreover, no one had expected that they would come when the Yao clan was holding the Medicinal Ceremony!

Yao Dan’s expression was gloomy. His finger pressed on a Storage Ring and directly shattered it into dust. The ring could specially transfer the fluctuation to the Yan clan’s and the Lei clan’s heads. Only the three clan heads could possess it.

“Ha ha, clan head Yao Dan, there is no need to waste your effort…” Hun Huzi laughed.

Yao Dan ignored his words. His eyes stared at his finger and indeed saw that the fluctuation, which had appeared at that spot, had begun to randomly roam around like a headless housefly. Clearly, it could not be transmitted out of this place.

Yao Dan’s heart had completely sunk upon seeing this.

“Hun Huzi, my Yao clan and the Yan clan has already built a spatial tunnel. If they discover that the tunnel has vanished, they will definitely know that something has happened to my Yao clan. The Gu clan will definitely not sit back idly and watch when news spread. If our four clans were to join hands, your Hun clan will definitely be destroyed!” Yao Dan’s heart might have sunk but he was after all the head of a clan. He immediately recovered his calmness and spoke in a deep voice.

“My Hun clan is able to eliminate the Ling and Shi clan without the Gu clan detecting anything. Naturally, we can also let your Yao clan quietly vaporize from this world…”Hun Huzi spoke in a faint voice.

“With just you?”

Yao Dan’s body slowly rose into the sky. The frightening aura of a seven star Dou Sheng erupted without being held back. That powerful pressure was actually even stronger than that Hun Huzi. This strength was indeed worthy of the head of a clan.

“Elder Hun Huzi, this is a matter between your Hun clan and Yao clan. It has nothing to do with us. I hope that you will show mercy and allow us to leave. We will definitely repay you in the future.”

Those many chiefs and Elders from the various sects, who had come to observe the Medicinal Ceremony, hurriedly cried out respectfully when Yao Dan rose to the sky. At this moment, they had also felt some panic. The previous example of how the Shi and Ling clans were completely wiped off allowed them to understand that they would definitely die if they were to be dragged into this matter.

“Ha ha, that is only naturally. Those who are not from the Yao clan can leave. I will not stop you…” Hun Huzi smiled warmly and said after hearing this.

“Thank you elder!”

Many people from the various sects rejoiced upon seeing this. They did not dare to utter any unnecessary words as they turned around and rushed towards the entry to the Yao realm with all their strength.

Xiao Yan looked at the backs of these people and frowned slightly. Having dealt with the Hun clan many times before, Xiao Yan naturally understood just how ruthless these people were. It was clearly impossible for them to allow anyone to leave.

“Ha ha!”

This thought had only just flashed across Xiao Yan’s heart when countless of black light flashed over the distant horizon. Miserable cries immediately sounded.

“Howl howl!”

Everyone were shocked to see an endless black flame seeping out from the emptiness while the black light flashed in the distance. Finally, it spread in all directions and covered this entire place. Everything became dark almost instantly…

“This is… the genuine Nihility Devouring Flame!”

Xiao Yan looked at the black flame seeping out from within the emptiness. His eyes suddenly shrunk. Little Yi had also opened its eyes within his body. That tender little face was unusually grave. Clearly, even it had sensed an intense danger…

Hun Huzi was suspended in the sky. There was a monstrous black flame behind him. He smilingly lowered his head and looked at Yao Dan. Both of his arms were slowly widened. The smile on his face became increasingly strange.

“Yao Dan, I am honoured to announce to you that the Yao clan is finished…”

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