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Chapter 1562: Aggressiveness

“Five star Dou Sheng?”

The frightening aura that suddenly swept crossed the square quickly resulted in shocked expressions surging into the eyes of many experts. There was vaguely an additional hint of fear and respect when they looked at the young figure. Such strength could be considered a peak existence even in an ancient clan like the Yao clan.

“Xiao Yan from the Sky Mansion really lives up to his reputation…”

The individuals from the various factions exchanged glances with each other. They could see grave expressions and exclamations in each other’s eyes. No wonder the Sky Mansion Alliance had developed a tighter bond during these years. With a core individual like Xiao Yan as their main support, this alliance would not be as weak as those other temporary alliances.

Yao Wangui’s expression became extremely ugly as Xiao Yan’s aura erupted. He did not expect that Xiao Yan to have not only caught up to him within these short years, he had even tossed him far behind…

A five star Dou Sheng, Yao Wangui was no match for an opponent of this level.

Yao Wangui’s expression was extremely gloomy. The aura that surrounded his body, appeared just like a mountain as it pressed down on him, causing him to feel a great pressure. He did not doubt that if he fought with Xiao Yan, he would be defeated within ten exchanges.

“Swoosh swoosh!”

The eruption of the aura belonging to a five star Dou Sheng stirred many Yao clan experts on this huge mountain. The rushing sound of wind continued to appear in the air above the square. They looked at the ground below, which was covered in fresh blood, and were initially startled. Their faces were quickly filled with fury. Regardless of what happened, these people were all members of the Yao clan, yet they had been beaten into this state in front of their doorstep. It was clear that the Yao clan was not given any face.

“Elder Wangui. What has happened?” Many pairs of eyes turned shifted to Yao Wangui while feeling furious.

“Elders, you are all just in time. This Xiao Yan is extremely arrogant. He actually dares to launch ruthless attacks on the members of our clan within our territory. Quickly capture him. Otherwise, our Yao clan will really lose face in front of so many guests!” Yao Wangui rejoiced and hurriedly cried out upon seeing the figures in the sky.

“Xiao Yan? That Xiao Yan from the Xiao clan?”

The Elders from the Yao clan in the sky exclaimed a question upon hearing Yao Wangui’s voice. They were familiar with Xiao Yan’s name. Their eyes glanced at Xiao Yan. The surprise in their eyes became more intense when they saw that the terrifying aura originated from him.

“Xiao Yan, the relationship between the Xiao clan and the Yao clan could be considered good back then. Your actions today are a little overboard.” A yellow-robed Elder in the sky spoke with a somewhat gloomy expression.

“If you respect others, others will respect you. If you humiliate others, others will humiliate you…” Xiao Yan faintly laughed. His expression did not alter because of the many Yao clan’s Elders floating in the sky. His eyes were merely locked onto Yao Wangui. The icy-cold smile formed on the corner of his mouth became even denser. “Yao Wangui, there are certain words you cannot randomly utter at times.”

“Xiao Yan, what do are you planning on doing?”

Yao Wangui’s expression became cold upon seeing this smile. He sternly cried out. His eyes were also extremely sharp. Although Xiao Yan was ruthless when he had attacked those from the clan earlier, he had ensured that they were left alive. Hence, his heart thought that Xiao Yan was a little afraid of the Yao clan. Now that so many helpers had appeared, he had naturally become confident.

“Apologize to my teacher.” Xiao Yan grinned and demanded an apology.

Yao Wangui narrowed his eyes as he let out a dense smile. His status was many times greater than Yao Chen’s status. How was it possible for him to apologize in front of so many people?

“Xiao Yan, Elder Wangui might share some blame in this matter, but you have already hurt so many people. You have likely vented your anger. Why don’t each of you take a step back?” An Elder of the Yao clan frowned. He was clearly aware of Yao Wangui’s character. Asking him to apologize was an extremely difficult request.

Xiao Yan slowly shook his head. The members of the Yao clan were all extremely proud individuals. Those from the Gu clan were considered well-bred compared to them. Xiao Yan did not like this kind of ridicule and provocation. Since he wished to eliminate such ridicule, the only solution was to frighten those fellows into keeping their mouths shut.

One could only use the most brutal method when facing such wretched individuals!

It was to beat them up until they kept their mouths shut!

“If you are unwilling, I shall have no choice but to act.”

Xiao Yan’s soft voice caused the faces of Yao Wangui and those Elders in the sky to change. Before they could speak, Xiao Yan’s body had turned into a ray of light that shot toward Yao Wangui.

“Xiao Yan, stop this violence!”

Those many Elders from the Yao clan immediately cried out in union upon hearing his words. Before they could intervene, pink light suddenly shot out of Xiao Yan’s body. Finally, it turned into a fire baby that floated in the sky. The fire baby widened its mouth. A terrifying pink flame spread. The annihilation force contained within it caused those Elders to withdraw with shocked faces. There was no lack of extremely experienced individuals among these Elders. Many exclamations quickly sounded.

“Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame?”

While those Elders in the sky were being blocked by Little Yi, Xiao Yan’s figure appeared in front of Yao Wangui in a ghost-like fashion. After which, his finger shot toward Yao Wangui.

“Xiao Yan, stop!”

The cry of an elderly figure suddenly appeared around the square while Xiao Yan was attacking Yao Wangui. Everyone was surprised to see a large cluster of fire clouds erupt from the top of the mountain. An old red-haired man was partially visible as he rushed over.

“It’s Elder Wanhuo!”

Waves of exclamations immediately reverberated around the square when everyone saw the red-haired old man. It was unexpected that even this person had been disturbed.

“A six star Dou Sheng?” Xiao Yan frowned when the red-haired old man appeared. He glanced at Yao Wangui in front, whose face had revealed a wild joy and a dark ruthlessness. Xiao Yan’s eyes once again turned icy-cold. His attack did not weaken. A sharp wind rose from his finger as it ruthlessly pressed toward Yao Wangui.

“Little bastard, do you think that this elderly self is afraid of you!”

Yao Wangui became furious upon seeing that Xiao Yan continued to come toward him. Dou Qi whistled out of his body. His somewhat ancient and yellowish hand was accompanied by a strange wind as it furiously slammed toward Xiao Yan, “Withered Glory Palm!”

Xiao Yan lifted his eyes as Yao Wangui resisted. Both of his fingers were curled slightly. He then pressed them forward with lightning-like speed and heavily struck onto the old man’s palm.


The sharp wind on Yao Wangui’s palm was swiftly eroded upon contact as a heart-piercing pain was transmitted from his palm. A bloody hole was formed while a frightening wind flipped his body. His feet staggered back a thousand feet. Two deep gullies appeared in the square. A mouthful of fresh blood was also miserably spat from Yao Wangui’s mouth as his body stabilized.

“This elderly self will kill you!”

Yao Wangui’s eyes turned blood-red after he had been defeated in a single strike. A furious roar sounded. His feet immediately stomped on the ground as his body appeared in front of Xiao Yan with lightning-like speed. A large patch of white powder was scattered before it wrapped around Xiao Yan’s body.

“Sizzle sizzle!”

A sizzling sound was emitted after the white powder that had landed on the ground. The tough stone floor was immediately turned into nothing. Clearly, this powder was an extremely potent poison.


Before a ruthless expression could appear on Yao Wangui’s face after he scattered the poisonous powder, a hand covered in a pink flame extended out of the poisonous powder. It reached toward Yao Wangui’s neck with lightning-like speed.

“Xiao Yan!”

The red-haired old man, who was hurrying over, had a fury appear in his loud cry upon seeing this scene. He had not expected Xiao Yan to completely ignore even his words, so he clenched his hand. A fiery red Dou Qi rapidly gathered there. In the blink of an eye, this Dou Qi turned into a thousand-foot-large fire spear. He shook his arm and the huge spear ruthlessly shot toward Xiao Yan at an extremely shocking speed.


Xiao Yan’s foot stomped violently on the ground. A magma pillar a couple of thousand feet wide shot up and actually shattered the huge spear.

However, the fiery-haired old man had managed to rush over while Xiao Yan was attacking. His body moved and appeared a short distance in front of Xiao Yan. The shock and fury within his eyes increased after seeing that Xiao Yan was reaching for Yao Wangui’s throat with one hand. Without uttering a single word, his palm slammed toward Xiao Yan. His speed had caused the palm to not appear real as it rushed forward. A terrifying spatial fluctuation spread out as though it possessed a real form.

Xiao Yan’s expression was icy-cold as he stared at Yao Wangui, who wanted to withdraw in panic. He glanced at the red-haired old man out of the corner of his eyes and let out a cold snort. With a flick of his finger, a black figure appeared beside him. After which, the black figure swung both of its hands and collided with the fiery-haired old man in front of everyone’s eyes.


The collision of their palms caused an invisible wind to erupt. The hard square was immediately covered with densely-packed cracks. The air trembled and the two figures staggered two steps back.

While the intense collision was occurring behind him, Xiao Yan’s eyes were growing colder as he continued to stare at Yao Wangui. His hand was extended a little further and wrapped around Yao Wangui’s throat. A huge force surged, causing Yao Wangui’s expression to become pale and terrified…

Everyone felt their hearts chill as they watched Yao Wangui struggle like a dead fish within Xiao Yan’s hand. This fellow was really far too ferocious. Even the combined might of so many Yao clan Elders was unable to slow him…

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