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Chapter 1561: Fight

The human crowd within the square spread like flowing water. Immediately, a group of figures wearing the robes of the Yao clan slowly walked over. Their gazes contained some surprise and disdain as they swept over Yao Lao’s body. There was a somewhat shady-looking old man with blade-like lips in the leader’s position. This person was the person in charge of meting out punishments within the Yao clan. Xiao Yan had met him outside the demonic flame realm back then. He was also an Elder of the Yao clan, whom Yao Lao had a deep grudge against, Yao Wangui.

“Yao Chen? Chi, isn’t he that useless person who was expelled from our Yao clan?”

“He is already a bunch of old bones, yet he doesn’t know how to quietly wait for his end. He must have come to our Yao clan to be humiliated.”

“That’s right. Ha ha, Elder, given your status, what is there to talk about with this abandoned person?”

Those human figures clustered around Yao Wangui understood that he really disliked the duo in front of him after hearing his condescending words. Many flattering and bootlicking voices appeared one after another. Yao Wangui’s position within the Yao clan was extremely high. If one were to gain his recognition, one’s position within the clan would soar. Hence, this Yao Wangui had never lacked such people beside him.

Yao Wangui enjoyed when many people praised him. Hence, regardless of where he went within the clan, there was a large group of people following behind him, flattering him. Although these people might not even recognize the people they ridiculed at times, they were very good at recognizing Yao Wangui’s expression. As long as he showed an unfriendly expression, they would not show any mercy in criticising the other party. After all, would anyone really dare to touch them within the Yao clan?

While these people were merciless with their words, the eyes they used to look at the duo in front of them also became harsher, as though acting like this would allow them to be recognized by Yao Wangui. Those not from the Yao clan present in the square quietly shook their heads. These ancient clans had sealed themselves away and usually viewed everything that happened within the Central Plains with disdain. However, those from the Central Plains were clearly aware of the reputation and status that Yao Chen currently held within the Central Plains.

The Sky Mansion Alliance’s Chief!

The Sky Mansion Alliance was a powerful faction that could even force a strong faction like the Hall of Souls to withdraw from its position as overlord. It was also a faction that was without a doubt the current overlord of the Central Plains. Although the Yao clan was powerful, those who were aware of the situation understood that even the Yao clan did not possess the qualification to look down on the Sky Mansion Alliance…

Moreover, no one would forget the most extraordinary aspect Yao Chen, who was already extremely old, was not his achievements nor was it the current Sky Mansion Alliance. Instead, it was his disciple.

His disciple had become the champion of the Pill Tower’s Pill Gathering a couple of years ago, making a name for himself in the Central Plains at that time. After establishing a name for himself, he had continued to rely on his own strength to merge with the Pill Tower, the Flower Sect, and the Burning Flame Valley to establish the current Sky Mansion Alliance with its powerful lineup. Its might was comparable to the overlord of the Central Plains, the Hall of Souls. During the many subsequent years of fighting, the alliance had become even stronger and had even become a powerful existence within the Central Plains. In the Fallen Mountain battle half a year ago, he had even fought the chief of the Hall of Souls alone and won. Since then, the position of overlord in the Central Plains had shifted.

Just listening to the many achievements was enough to cause one’s blood to boil. If a man born in this world was able to achieve these, he could be considered a man among men!

The name of that disciple was Xiao Yan.

The chiefs or Grand Elders from the various factions within the Central Plains in the square exchanged glances with each other. After which, they withdrew some distance with a complicated expression in their eyes. They did not open their mouths to help Yao Wangui just because this was the home of the Yao clan.

“This old fellow Yao Wangui is really asking to suffer…”

Some people, who noticed the cold arc on Xiao Yan’s face after his teacher was harshly mocked, involuntarily thought and gloated to themselves.

“Teacher, leave everything to me. All you need to do is place the names of your parents on the clan tablet when the time comes.” The smile on Xiao Yan’s face was a little dense as he turned his head and softly laughed.

Yao Lao did not reply. However, his slightly trembling beard revealed the waves within his heart.

“What arrogant words.” Yao Wangui, who still had a smile on his face because of the flattering voices around him, formed a chilly expression in his eyes. He coldly laughed, “An abandoned person does not possess the right to leave his name on the clan tablet. Yao Chen, you should stop dreaming!”

“Elder is right. Allowing you to participate in the Medicinal Ceremony is already the greatest kindness of our clan. Yao Chen, you should know your limits and not demand for more.”

“Do you think the clan tablet is something that an abandoned person like you can leave his name on?”

“Chi, Elder Wangui, why don’t you head to the Elder Council and ask them to expel these two and prevent them from dirtying your eyes?”

Those people by the side joyously praised when they saw Yao Wangui about to burst out in fury.

“Have all of you said enough?”

Xiao Yan continued to smile as he looked at the members of the Yao clan, whose mouths were filled with evil words. He softly demanded an answer.

“You should be a little wiser to the situation…” A skinny man standing near Yao Wangui glanced at Xiao Yan. However, before he could finish speaking, he suddenly sensed a strong force coming down from above his head. After which, his body suddenly fell. His head was ruthlessly smashed into the ground. The ground split apart as fresh blood shot out of him.

This sudden unexpected change caused everyone to feel startled. By the time they had recovered, they could only see a leg stepping on that fellow’s head. They shifted their eyes and the smiling face of a young man appeared in their sights.

“What swift speed…”

The hearts of many in the square trembled slightly. They did not even manage to see Xiao Yan attack. That person had not even said all that he had wanted to say before his head was buried in the floor.

“Xiao Yan, you are really bold. This is my Yao clan!”

Yao Wangui was also startled by this change. His expressions had swiftly become dark and solemn as he cried out in a sharp voice.


His cry had yet to cease when another person, who had spoken viciously earlier, rolled through the air. After which, a mouthful of fresh blood was spat out with some shattered teeth. Only after he landed on the ground did everyone see a heart-chilling blood-red handprint on his face.

The crowd around Yao Wangui finally revealed shocked expressions in their eyes upon seeing the miserable fate of those two. They hurried to lean closer to Yao Wangui, but before they could shift a foot, many after-images suddenly flashed in front of them. A continuous stream of slapping sounds echoed away at the same time. Soon after, the bodies of everyone in that group except Yao Wangui flew back. The fresh blood and teeth that covered the ground caused one to swallow one’s saliva.

In the blink of an eye, the ground was covered with fresh blood. Those individuals who had fearlessly humiliated Yao Lao earlier, were all hugging their faces and rolling around like dead dogs. Sharps screeches were emitted.

“Xiao Yan!”

Yao Wangui’s face turned gloomy. His eyes also became completely red. Xiao Yan’s actions were not only teaching a lesson to these young fellows, it was also giving him a slap in front of a countless number of people. This was the first time that he had encountered such a humiliation in so many years.

“Good, good, what an arrogant little bastard. Do think that you are qualified to challenge my Yao clan just because there is the so-called Sky Mansion Alliance behind you? You had yet to even appear when this elderly self dominated the continent!” Yao Wangui furious low roar reverberated over the square.

“Yao clan guards, capture this arrogant person!” Yao Wangui suddenly pointed at Xiao Yan and sternly cried out.


Some human figures immediately appeared after Yao Wangui’s cry sounded. Dozens of figures in black metal armor and holding long spears surrounded Xiao Yan. A low cry sounded and they attacked together. Sharp Dou Qi whistled toward the fatal spots around Xiao Yan’s body.


Spear shadows flashed, but before they could approach Xiao Yan, an extremely terrifying firewave surged out of Xiao Yan’s body. Wherever the wave spread, it shifted under the long spear covered in a powerful Dou Qi. Those dozen plus figures flew back after having suffered a serious blow. The black armor on their bodies turned into ashes, revealing many startled faces.

“What a powerful aura. Did this fellow really rely on his own strength to defeat Hun Mie Sheng?”

Yao Wangui’s eyes suddenly shrank after he detected this frightening fire wave. He immediately felt some disbelief. When he had met Xiao Yan back then, Xiao Yan had only been a two star Dou Sheng. How was it possible for Xiao Yan to improve so quickly within a short few years?

“This elderly self shall see just what right you have to act atrociously in my Yao clan!”

Although Yao Wangui felt shocked in his heart, he was also considered one of the top experts within the Yao clan. He was extremely furious because of Xiao Yan’s arrogant actions. He stepped forward. The powerful aura of a four star Dou Sheng erupted without restraint. Those surrounding individuals were forced back a couple dozen meters. Even the chiefs and Grand Elders of some of factions displayed grave expressions. Although this Yao Wangui possessed very little magnanimity, there was no need to dispute his strength…

Xiao Yan glanced at Yao Wangui, who had unleashed his strength to the limit. Not only did he not appear solemn, he also slowly shook his head. He lifted his foot and gradually walked toward the Yao Wangui. While he stepped forward, an aura that was ten times more frightening than Yao Wangui’s aura erupted in all directions. It caused the expressions of many to immediately change.

“Back then, I told you that your life is mine!”

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