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Chapter 1560: Yao clan Medicinal Ceremony

One month swiftly flowed by in a quiet fashion. This one month was as calm as one could imagine. Even with the Nine Serene Deep Ground Python tribe helping to investigate the Hall of Souls, the results had not been extremely happy. The Hall of Souls seemed to have decreased the size of its faction this time around. Even though the spies from the Nine Serene Deep Ground Python tribe were able to find some Hall of Souls branch halls, they were unable to venture any deeper because of the defenses that had been tightened over ten times.

The Sky Mansion Alliance felt somewhat pressured because of this situation, but it was impossible for them to gather their strength to destroy all the branch halls. Everyone knew that this war would eventually end with one party being eliminated from the Central Plains. This party could be the Hall of Souls or it could be the Sky Mansion Alliance.

Neither party dared to make this gamble. Hence, everyone could only just watch and wait at this moment.

The day the Medicinal Ceremony of the Yao clan would be held slowly arrived under the build up of this quiet pressure…

The main mountain in the star realm—

“It is fine if only Xiao Yan and I to head to the Yao clan this time around. The alliance must pay attention to the Hall of Souls at all times. Everyone should carefully guard the alliance land in order to handle any unexpected changes.” Clouds drifted above the main mountain while Yao Lao looked over the upper echelons from the alliance and laughed.

Although they were a little worried about Xiao Yan and Yao Lao heading to the Yao clan alone, Feng zun-zhe and the others could only nod their heads after Yao Lao insisted.

“Take good care of the alliance.” Xiao Yan looked at Cai Lin, who was holding Xiao Xiao, as he spoke.

“Aye.” Cai Lin slightly nodded. With her current strength, other than Xiao Chen and the ancestor from the Pill Tower, no one in the alliance surpassed her. Xiao Yan felt more assured with her remaining with the alliance.

“Ha ha, alright. Everyone, there is no need to send us off any further.” Yao Lao slowly rose into the sky as he laughed to everyone. Subsequently, he turned around and hurried out of the star realm. Xiao Yan’s body flashed behind him and quickly followed.

The Yao clan was situated in the Shenglong Mountain Range, which were nestled in the far south of the Central Plains. From a certain point of view, that area could be considered outside of the Central Plains. Hence, it appeared extremely far.

However, the height of a mountain was unimportant. The main factor was who lived there. This was also the case for this mountain range. Although the Shenglong Mountain Range was considered a wild region since it was filled with poisonous insects and ferocious beasts that were rare to the Central Plains, this area was still quite lively because of the Yao clan. Moreover, this mountain range was filled with many rare medicinal ingredients. Plenty of alchemists would travel this great distance to find the medicinal ingredients they needed to refine a pill in this mountain range. Hence, this Shenglong Mountain Range was quite lively.

The Medicinal Ceremony was the most important event of the Yao clan. It was not held on a fixed day. It would change depending on how various events developed. In summary, this Medicinal Ceremony was somewhat similar to the Pill Gathering of the Pill Tower. From a certain point of view, it could be considered a gathering of peak alchemists on the continent.

Only this gathering would reveal who the top ranked alchemists were on this continent!

Other than the members of the Yao clan, those who could join the Medicinal Ceremony were alchemist gurus from the Central Plains, who boasted great reputations and skills as alchemists. However, usually very few individuals were invited. After all, the alchemists who could catch the eye of the Yao clan were existences as rare as a phoenix feather or a unicorn horn.

Nevertheless, this did not hinder the Medicinal Ceremony from being grand. The sole reason for this grandness was to name the top alchemist on the continent!

The star realm was extremely far from the Shenglong Mountain Range where the Yao clan was located, but the long journey only took half a day for Xiao Yan and Yao Lao. Hence, the fog covered Shenglong Mountain Range appeared in front of their eyes around evening.

“What a dense natural energy. This Yao clan has really found a good spot…”

Even Xiao Yan involuntarily praised the Shenglong Mountain Range after arriving here for the first time. The clouds churning in the air above the mountain range were not ordinary. They had been formed from natural energy. One would train faster if one trained in this place.

“This mountain range was nurtured by an ancestor from the Yao clan for a couple of centuries in order to facilitate this fertility.” Yao Lao’s eyes scanned this familiar yet foreign mountain range with a complicated expression. This was the first time he had returned ever since he left back then. He softly sighed and slowly began to descend. Finally, he landed near a deep stream in the deepest part of the mountain range. There was a few-thousand-foot-tall stone archway quietly standing on the opposite side of the stream. An ancient aura spread from the archway.

The middle of the archway was a distorted space. This was the entrance to the Yao clan’s realm. There was a continuous stream of people flying down from the sky or from deep in the mountains. These people would land outside of the huge stone archway. They would then take out a jade token and hand it to some guards who were wearing the robes of the Yao clan before being allowed in.

“Let’s go. This Medicinal Ceremony is the Yao clan’s greatest event. Some of the nearby fractions that rely on the Yao clan are allowed to enter and observe it. This period of time is very lively for the Yao clan.” Yao Lao’s eyes swept over those figures entering the spatial door before speaking.


Xiao Yan slightly nodded. His body flashed and appeared outside the archway. A couple of figures stood there like statues. Their sharp eyes shot over as they cried out. “This is an important area of the Yao clan. You are not allowed to trespass. Who are you?”

The eyes of these few people were extremely sharp. They managed to identify that Xiao Yan did not belong to a nearby factions from just glance because even the chiefs of the factions that came would present a humble expression. However, this person’s calm appearance in front of them did not display any respect or fear for the Yao clan.

Those human figures coming and going around the deep stream halted. Their eyes were curious as they looked at Xiao Yan and Yao Lao.

“Sky Mansion Alliance—my teacher, Yao Chen, has been invited to participate in the Medicinal Ceremony.”

Xiao Yan glanced at the few of them. His foot gently stepped forward as a monstrous aura suddenly erupted from him. It forced those few individuals back. Those people from the various neighbouring factions immediately inhaled a cold breath. Only those chiefs with greater experience revealed an expression of understanding. Private conversations immediately began to spread.

“It is actually Yao Chen from the Sky Mansion Alliance. Does that not mean that this person is Xiao Yan, who defeated the chief of the Hall of Souls? It is unexpected that even he has come.”

“It is rumored that Xiao Yan is the champion of the Pill Tower’s Pill Gathering. He possesses an extremely high attainment in terms of alchemist skills.”

“Hee, in terms of Dou Qi and combat, it is likely that he is very strong. However, if he wants to compare alchemist skills at the door of the Yao clan, he is really asking to suffer…”

“That is difficult to say, difficult to say…”

The expressions of those few guards changed slightly after hearing the surrounding soft voices. Xiao Yan’s name was extremely well-known even among these ancient clans. The declined Xiao clan still managed to produce such an outstanding individual. This was a miracle.

Xiao Yan glanced at all of them but didn’t feel like finding fault with them. He randomly threw a jade token over. A guard received it and studied it for a moment before sighing in relief. A light pillar shot out and struck the large door. A spatial fluctuation appeared, giving it a distorted feeling.

“Misters, please… there will be someone to lead the both of you into the clan once you enter.”

This time around, these guards appeared a lot more respectful. Strength was always honored in this world. Xiao Yan’s strength was comparable to the Grand Elders within their Yao clan. They did not dare to offend him.

Xiao Yan nodded. He turned around and glanced at Yao Lao behind him. Yao Lao inhaled a deep breath of air and slowly nodded to him. After which, the both of them moved and rushed into the distorted space at the same time.

Their vision became slightly dazzled after they entered the spatial fluctuation. The mountain range in front of them turned into lush green plains. There were many huge bird beasts with wings that were thousands of feet in size resting on the green ground.

“Misters, please come this way.”

Xiao Yan and Yao Lao had just landed when a member of the Yao clan wearing armor swiftly walked over. He lead them onto a huge bird. At this moment, there was already a couple hundred figures standing on it. It was extremely lively on the bird.

Xiao Yan, who had experienced a similar process in the Gu clan, was familiar with such a situation. He did not chat with anyone. Instead, he and Yao Lao headed to a spot with fewer people and quietly studied the huge plains.

The huge bird flapped its large wings after the two of them boarded. Finally, it stirred a wild wind as it whistled up into the sky. It then swiftly flew toward the deeper parts of the Yao clan’s realm.

This flight continued for around half an hour. Only then did Xiao Yan sense the speed of the huge bird slow. His eyes looked into the distance and saw a cloud part. A towering mountain that penetrated the cloud appeared in his sight. It was vaguely possible to see clusters of large halls and buildings on the huge mountain. Countless smoke pillars slowly rose into the sky, filling the air with a rich pill fragrance.

The large bird circled the large mountain before finally landing in a square. Xiao Yan and Yao Lao slowly descended. Yao Lao looked at the familiar surrounding and became a little absent-minded.

Xiao Yan did not interrupt Yao Lao’s absent-minded state. He quietly stood beside Yao Lao with both of his hands in front of him in his sleeves. His eyes narrowed, and he completely ignored the surrounding strange glances.

The two figures standing in the square appeared exceptionally glaring in front of the people coming and going. Hence, after a couple of minutes, a somewhat familiar elderly laugh was slowly transmitted into Yao Lao’s and Xiao Yan’s ear.

“I was wondering who it is that doesn’t know the rules. It is actually the two of you… however, Yao Chen, this elderly self is really a little surprised that someone like you, who was expelled from the clan, possesses the face to return…”

The footsteps of the surrounding individuals slowed. They looked at the old man, who was slowly walking over with a cold smile. All of them wisely stepped back.

“Yao Wangui…”

Xiao Yan slowly relaxed both of his hands that had been inserted into his sleeve. He lifted his eyes and glanced at that somewhat familiar old man. His voice was calm as the corner of his mouth was lifted into an ice-cold arc.

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