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Chapter 1554: Devouring Black Demon Lightning

“Black Demon Lightning…”

Xiao Yan’s feet paused outside of the region filled with black lightning. His eyes studied the black thunderbolts that clustered together before shock involuntarily flashed across them. Who would have expected Black Demon Lightning, which could only be attracted after a tier 9 medicinal pill was refined, to exist in such vast numbers in this pool. This world was indeed filled with all sorts of mysteries.

Xiao Yan was not unfamiliar with this Black Demon Lightning. He had once summoned it after refining a pill back at the Small Pill Tower. However, that Black Demon Lightning was insignificant when compared to the Black Demon Lightning in this lightning pool. Fortunately, Xiao Yan’s strength far surpassed what it had been back then. Otherwise, he would only have been able to flee after seeing such a number of Black Demon Lightning…

“The strength of nature is indeed unpredictable…”

Xiao Yan shook his head, but he did not immediately let the Northern King absorb the lightning strength. There was a lot of Black Demon Lightning in this place. If one carelessly activated all of them, they would be a little troublesome to deal with. Hence, he sat down outside of the Black Demon Lightning region with his legs crossed and began to observe the situation within the lightning pool.

This observation lasted for an hour. An hour later, Xiao Yan finally sighed in relief after confirming that no accidents had occurred. A thought passed through his mind. The Northern King behind him took a step forward without any hesitation and slowly headed to the deepest part of the lightning pool.


The Northern King immediately attracted the attention of a Black Demon Lightning after he entered the deepest part of the lightning pool. A hundred-foot-large black thunderbolt, resembling a giant python, slowly wiggled above the head of the Northern King. A sizzling lightning glow was emitted from the body of this Black Demon Lightning.

Under the control of Xiao Yan’s mind, the Northern King halted before lifting its head to look at the black thunderbolt. After which, it slowly extended its hand and touched the lightning. The Black Demon Lightning did not dodge this attack. Instead, it appeared to have been provoked. It moved and ruthlessly smashed into the Northern King’s arm.

The Northern King’s black metal-like body suddenly unleashed a strange suction force after the Black Demon Lightning touched its arm. It actually sucked the Black Demon Lightning into its body.

“Chi chi chi!”

The Northern King’s hair stood up like many needles after the Black Demon Lightning was brutally dragged into its body. Circular black sparks continued to wildy flicker around its body. A strange sound was continuously emitted, causing this somewhat quiet part of the lightning pool to appear exceptionally deafening.

Xiao Yan’s eyes were somewhat anxious as observed the Northern King lingering within the black lightning. A moment later, a joy surged into his eyes. He sensed the unusually wild and violent strength of the Black Demon Lightning madly rage within the Northern King’s body before finally merging with it. That wild and violent energy invaded the Northern King’s muscles, bones, cells…

The lightning strength was indeed effective on the Northern King!

Under this refinement, the originally black body of the Northern King had become a little duller. The muscles on its body filled with a strength visible to the eye.

“The effect is quite good…” The energy from the Black Demon Lightning had ultimately merged with the Northern King’s body. This merger caused Xiao Yan to feel some joy. Before a smile could surface on his face, all the hairs on his body ended up standing up. He lifted his head, only to find that many huge black bolts of lightning had encircled the Northern King’s body like huge dragons. Crackling sparks flashed. The lightning was filled with a wild and violent force that numbed one’s head…

“They were still attracted…” Xiao Yan helplessly shook his head once the lightning moved. A thought passed through his mind and the Northern King, which had been surrounded by many bolts of Black Demon Lightning, suddenly pressed its foot down on empty space. Its body was like a cannonball as it shot forth.


The actions of the Northern King had undoubtedly detonated the stalemate. The many bolts of Black Demon Lightning moved at the same time. Many huge black thunderbolts chased the Northern King at a shocking speed. After which, one of them ruthlessly smashed into the Northern King’s body.


A Black Demon Lightning collided with the Northern King’s body. The bolt of lightning disappeared in a flash and was absorbed by the Northern King, but the huge force from the thunderbolt sent the Northern King flying for tens of thousands of feet. This kind of strength caused Xiao Yan to feel speechless. Even an ordinary one star Dou Sheng would feel a headache after being assaulted by one of these bolts of Black Demon Lightning.

Fortunately, the Northern King physical body had already reached a relatively frightening level. It didn’t even lose a hair after being sent flying by tens of thousands of feet. After which, Xiao Yan made it sit down, allowing the many huge strands of Black Demon Lightning to charge into it.

“Bang bang bang!”

Clear loud sounds repeatedly appeared within the deepest part of the lightning pool. Numerous tendrils of Black Demon Lightning pounced on the Northern King like many huge dragons, but each time the Black Demon Lightning came in contact with the puppet’s body, a black glow would flash before disappearing. Subsequently, the black lightning arcs flashing around the Northern King’s body became even denser.

Xiao Yan clicked his tongue and praised as he watched this assault from outside the deepest region. His heart felt extremely comfortable. The strength of the Northern King’s physical body had even surprised him. The Ancient Void Dragon’s body was extremely outstanding to begin with, and this Northern Dragon King was considered one of the top individuals among them. After devouring the western and southern dragon kings, the strength of the northern dragon king had been raised even further. If one were to simply compare the strength of one’s physical body, it was likely that even Zi Yan would be somewhat inferior to the mutated northern dragon king…

Of course, Xiao Yan also understood that when Zi Yan’s Dragon Phoenix bloodline completely activated, no one in the whole world would be able to compare with the strength of her body.

After being strengthened through various procedures and the refinement of the Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame, the physical body of this Northern King was relatively frightening. Hence, it did not show any signs of reaching its limit even after absorbing so many bolts of Black Demon Lightning.

This puppet could be considered an ultimate creation. The Sky Demon Puppets that he had obtained back in the Dou Sheng remains where the Great Heaven Creation Palm had come from were piles of trash…

The body was the most important material when it came to refining puppets. After the puppet was successfully refined, it would not be able to use Dou Qi, so it could only rely on its physical body. However, a strong body like the body of the northern dragon king was extremely hard to find. The owner of the Dou Sheng remains’ actual strength was likely far inferior to the northern dragon king. Naturally, the ingredients selected by him would not be top quality.

“According to this speed, the Northern Dragon King’s strength should become a six star Dou Sheng within half a month…”

Xiao Yan smiled. This rate was extremely shocking, but he soon slowly withdrew his focus. He was preparing to shut his eyes and recuperate when an arm-sized Black Demon Lightning unconsciously drifted over. Finally, it collided with his body in front of his stunned eyes.

This tiny Black Demon Lightning naturally did not pose much harm to Xiao Yan. A pink fire seedling swept out of his body when the lightning made contact. Then, the flame devoured that black demon lightning.


The flame and the lightning caused Xiao Yan to feel slightly startled. He was just about to study the interaction of the Black Demon Lightning when he suddenly sensed an unusually pure energy surge into his body. Finally, this energy spread throughout his limbs. Moreover, Xiao Yan was stunned to find that this pure energy contained a slight numbing feeling when it flowed by his internal organs. Sparks of an electric flow quietly invaded him, causing the organs in his body to emit an unusually relaxed feeling.

“This is… the devouring power of the Nihility Devouring Flame!”

This sudden energy caused Xiao Yan to feel startled.

“Yi Wa… delicious…”

A fire glow flashed onto Xiao Yan’s shoulder. A cute palm-sized Little Yi appeared. He widened its bright big eyes as he looked at those Black Demon Lightning in the distance. A somewhat transparent glob actually appeared at the corner of his mouth before he hurriedly wiped at it away. He then sucked with his small mouth and an unusual devouring power erupted. Over a dozen bolts of Black Demon Lightning from a short distance away swiftly rushed toward Xiao Yan as though they had been swept over by a tornado. They were then devoured by Little Yi on Xiao Yan’s shoulder.

“Chi chi!”

Some black-colored lightning arcs flashed over Little Yi’s body after he swallowed the dozen plus strands of Black Demon Lightning together. At the same time, a shockingly pure energy once again materialized within Xiao Yan’s body without warning. Finally, it scattered to his limbs and bones…

This time around, Xiao Yan had gained an understanding of the source of this energy. His heart beat suddenly quickened. The Blood Demon Lightning was extremely violent. Even though the energy within it was extremely shocking, he had never dared to even think of absorbing it. He might possess the Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame, but this thought had still never crossed his mind. However, Little Yi possessed a tiny bit of the devouring power of the Nihility Devouring Flame and was able absorb this energy!


Xiao Yan’s throat slowly rolled. After the energy, which caused his body to feel numb, quietly merged with his body, he discovered that his strength, which had not increased ever since he had left the Demonic Flame Realm, had once again slightly increased!

Xiao Yan stiffly lifted his head. He looked at the densely-packed cluster of Black Demon Lightning in the distance as an extremely heated expression suddenly filled his eyes. Since Little Yi could refine and devour Black Demon Lightning, which was lethal in the eyes of others, these bolts had become a perfect source of nurishment in his eyes…

“All of these are mine!”

Xiao Yan licked his lips somewhat greedily as a joyous low roar was emitted from his throat.

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