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Chapter 1545: Nine Coloured Light Pillar

“The so-called Demon Phoenix Steps is only this great!”

The golden light figures that spread across the sky quickly disappeared from Xiao Yan’s dark-black eyes. They agglomerated into a figure that appeared on his left. A cold smile flashed across his heart. His body completely ignored the fist winds around him. The clan tattoo quickly surfaced on his brow. His aura suddenly soared at this moment. It rose to the intermediate level of the fifth star of the Dou Sheng class!

Xiao Yan’s fingers were curled as his aura soared. The pink flame rapidly gathered at the tip of his finger. Finally, it turned into a half-inch-long crystal-like finger. It penetrated the many human figures and ruthlessly pressed the fist behind the golden light.


The golden light around Xiao Yan immediately dimmed after the pink crystal finger pressed against the fist. The densely-packed golden light figures disappeared into nothing. Finally, the completely stunned Huang Tian appeared in front of Xiao Yan. He was startled to learn that Xiao Yan had actually seen through his Demon Phoenix Steps and had found his actual body.

“Fire Gathering Finger!”

This crystal attack formed from Heavenly Flames was something that could only be unleashed so well because of Xiao Yan’s powerful Spiritual Strength.

That beautiful glass-like crystal finger caused that majestic golden light around the fist to rapidly disappear at a shocking speed. That crystal finger seemed incomparably sharp as it tore through the Dou Qi on Huang Tian’s fist and ruthlessly pierced into his bones.


A heart-piercing pain was suddenly transmitted from Huang Tian’s fist. Huang Tian’s expression quickly turned dark and cold. The enormous golden light wings behind him cut through the sky like a blade and slashed at Xiao Yan with lightning-like speed.


Xiao Yan’s body rapidly pulled back as Huang Tian attacked. His hand seal changed and a cold smile lifted on the corner of his mouth. The pink crystal finger on Huang Tian’s palm suddenly turned into a terrifying fire wave as it exploded.

The pink fire wave swept across the sky. Its frightening temperature immediately vaporized any moisture of the area. Huang Tian’s furious roar followed as the fire wave spread. He had suffered some damage.

The sky swiftly became dim after the fire wave spread. Huang Tian’s body once again appeared in front of everyone’s eyes. The eyelids of many twitched upon seeing Huang Tian’s current appearance.

The current Huang Tian was no longer as calm as he had been earlier. Most of his clothes had been burned. His entire arm was charred black. A bloody hole seemed to go straight through his palm. No blood flowed out of this wound because even his blood vessels had been damaged by the high temperature. If Huang Tian had not reacted quickly earlier, his entire arm would likely have been crippled.

“How regretful…”

Xiao Yan, who was swiftly pulling back, regretfully shook his head upon seeing this figure. He had managed to find an opportunity due to Huang Tian’s arrogance, yet he had not been able to seriously injure him.

“However, it would be a little troublesome if this fellow’s frightening speed was completely unleashed. He does indeed have some ability as the tribal head of the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe…” Even though Xiao Yan had relied on the strength of the Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame, he had only managed to make Huang Tian suffer some non-fatal damage during this battle. Compared to the chief of the Hall of Souls, Huang Tian seemed to be harder to deal with.

Huang Tian’s expression was extremely gloomy as he stood in the sky a short distance away. His head was lowered as he observed his own miserable appearance. A moment later, he ended up laughing from extreme anger, “Good, good! You are indeed worthy of being someone who can defeat the chief of the Hall of Souls. This king has really underestimated you today!”

Xiao Yan’s expression was calm. However, a caution rose within his heart. He could sense a vast and mighty Dou Qi rippling within Huang Tian’s body at this moment. It seemed that the tribal chief of the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe had become furious.


Dense dark clouds suddenly surged out of the sky after the vast and mighty Dou Qi within Huang Tian’s body began to boil. A thunderous roar was emitted from the dark clouds before echoing over the land.

“Demon Phoenix Holy Statue!”

Huang Tian suddenly roared at the sky as the dark clouds formed. His body swiftly began to transform. A golden light shot out and a ten-thousand-foot-large Demon Phoenix appeared in this world and blotted out the sun. Wave after wave of frightening pressure spread in an overwhelming manner, causing many surrounding experts to feel terrified. This Huang Tian had actually returned into his original form…

“He has actually pushed Huang Tian to such an extent…”

Yao Ming’s eyes were a little startled after he saw this transformation. His expression quickly became grave. After transforming into his actual form, Huang Tian’s strength would raise at least three levels. Xiao Yan’s situation was not looking good.

Xiao Yan’s expression gradually became grave after seeing the enormous creature in the sky. The wings of the Heaven Demon Phoenix were like metal. The actual form of Huang Tian could remain perfectly fine even if he forcefully received the attack from a three or even four star Dou Sheng. Adding to his terrifying speed, he was just like a slaughtering machine. Anything would shatter with a flap of his wings…

“This will be somewhat troublesome…”

“Hu hu…”

The enormous Demon Phoenix that Huang Tian had transformed into gently flapped his wings. A wild wind blew over the ground. His sharp eyes stared at Xiao Yan as a ruthlessness flashed across them. He wanted to defeat Xiao Yan with his hands in the most miserable fashion.


Huang Tian’s ten-thousand-foot-large wings were suddenly flapped as this thought passed through his head. The entire sky seemed to have dimmed the moment his huge body tore through the sky at a shocking speed. Hence, a large black spatial crack ripped through the sky in a flash. A furious thunder-like explosion shook the ears of some of the nearer experts until fresh blood flowed. The towering mountain below was also forcefully blasted into ashes by this terrifying offensive air wave.


This scene caused many to inhale a breath of cool air. This offensive strike did not require one to use any Dou Skill. The body of the current Huang Tian was a frightening Dou Skill!

Those who touched it would die!

Even an elite Dou Sheng’s body would be turn into a bloody mist if one were struck by it!

A blurry being tore through the sky and arrived closer to those dark-black eyes. Even though it was still some distance away, the terrifying wind pressure had already struck Xiao Yan’s body. The chaotic flow was just like wind blades as they ruthlessly slashed at Xiao Yan’s body.


Xiao Yan’s expression was grave. Both of his hands quickly formed some seals. A huge spiritual illusionary figure quickly appeared outside of his body. After which, an earth-shaking spiritual fluctuation furiously roared and ruthlessly collided with Huang Tian’s enormous body.

Huang Tian’s body was indeed frighteningly strong, but Xiao Yan was not completely helpless against him. Xiao Yan’s Perfect Heavenly State soul was the tribal chief’s nemesis!


Huang Tian’s speed slowed after his body was being struck by the spiritual sonic wave. Some of the metallic feathers on his body were also broken. His soul emitted an intense pain as it faced this sonic wave.


Huang Tian’s eyes turned blood-red after being struck by the spiritual sonic wave. His eyes were vicious as he stared at Xiao Yan. He firmly endured the intense pain within his soul as he flapped his wings again and continued to ruthlessly charge at Xiao Yan. As long as he managed to strike Xiao Yan’s body, Xiao Yan would definitely die!

With Huang Tian risking everything, the sluggishness caused by the Yellow Spring Divine Anger immediately weakened, and he came charging over at an even fiercer speed. From the looks of it, he was clearly planning to kill Xiao Yan in a single strike!

“Mou! Mou! Mou!”

Xiao Yan’s expression changed once he realized Huang Tian was going all out. He was unable to retreat at this moment. Huang Tian was faster than him, and any attempt to dodge would only lead to Huang Tian catching up with him. At that time, Xiao Yan would likely end up being seriously injured despite the strength of his physical body. A ruthless expression immediately flashed across Xiao Yan’s eyes. He once again formed some seals with his hands. An illusory figure appeared again, and this time around, Xiao Yan unleashed the Yellow Spring Divine Anger three times!

The three Yellow Spring Divine Angers translated into three spiritual sonic wave attacks. Those experts, who had originally withdrawn a great distance, were shaken until fresh blood spluttered from them. They hurriedly withdrew even further with frightened faces.

“Bang bang bang!”

The three huge spiritual wave attacks ruthlessly struck Huang Tian’s body one after another, causing his golden feathers to blast apart. The bright golden light surrounding him quickly became a lot dimmer.

Even with Huang Tian’s strength, being struck by four Yellow Spring Divine Anger caused his soul to tremble intensely. A heart-penetrating pain spread through every part of his body. He did not even possess the strength to flap his wings.

“What a terrifying spiritual sonic wave…” Yao Ming in the distance, felt some lingering fear in his heart as he looked at Xiao Yan. He was at the very most only able to endure a spiritual assault at this level twice before his soul would collapse, yet Huang Tian had received four of them and remained alive. The strength of an advanced five star Dou Sheng was indeed unusually terrifying.

“Xiao Yan, this king will withstand however many times you can unleash that attack!”

The piercing pain was bone deep within his soul. Huang Tian’s mind had become a little blurry and crazy as he endured this great pain. Blood seemed to drip from his eyes. They ferociously looked at the weary Xiao Yan in the distance. He controlled his wings and ruthlessly flapped them.

“Bang bang!”

Huang Tian’s huge body appeared a few thousand feet in front of Xiao Yan after he flapped his wings. A frightening air flow wildly tore at Xiao Yan’s body. The churning Dou Qi on the surface of Xiao Yan’s body seemed to scatter because of the overwhelming chaotic flow.

“This is bad…”

The expression of Yao Ming and the rest drastically changed.

Huge blood-red eyes were reflected in dark-black eyes. Xiao Yan looked at Huang Tian, who would collide with him in the next instant. He did not pull back. Instead, he lifted his hand. A six-colored brilliant fire lotus slowly appeared. An aura that could exterminate the world quietly spread…

However, Xiao Yan was just about to toss this fire lotus, which was formed from six types of Heavenly Flames, when an explosion suddenly erupted from the Nien Serene Spring below. A light pillar shot to the sky and cut through the space between Xiao Yan and Huang Tian…

The light pillar radiated with nine different colors!

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