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Chapter 1544: Exchange Blows

This icy-cold cry was just like a furious thunder as it reverberated through the sky. An uncountable number of shocked eyes looked in the direction this cry originated.

The enormous illusory figure disappeared from the sky where many pairs of eyes had gathered. A black-clothed young man with an ice-cold expression appeared in front of the many gazes. Many exclamations were made like a ripple.

“Xiao Yan? Why has he appeared here?”

“It is rumored that the person the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe wants the Nine Serene Deep Ground Python tribe to hand over this time around is Xiao Yan’s woman. From the looks of it, this really is the truth…”

“Hee, looks like there will be a good show this time around. This Xiao Yan is not an ordinary person. Even the chief of the Hall of Souls was defeated by his hands. Huang Tian has really meet a tough person today.”

“Chi, he is but a mere human. How can he compare to the great Huang Tian? The fighting strength of us Magical Beasts is not something a human of the same level can compare with. This Xiao Yan currently enjoys a great reputation in the Central Plains. We must let him experience just how strong our Magical Beast tribe is now that he has come to the Beast Region!”

“Brother Xiao Yan!”

This unexpected change was immediately detected by Yao Ming, who was being held back. He swept his gaze over and a joy quickly surged onto his face. As long as Xiao Yan was able to hurry over in time, the big trouble today would likely be resolved.

Xiao Yan nodded at Yao Ming in the distant sky. He lowered his head and looked at the Nine Serene Spring below. He waved his sleeve and the water pillars, which had forcefully been pulled out by Huang Tian, were gently returned to the spring by him. That huge whirlpool had also disappeared.

Xiao Yan finally lifted his head after doing all this. His bone-piercing eyes glared at Huang Tian, who was slowly rising from a large pile of rock debris a short distance away. A murderous intent gradually rose in his heart. The greatest taboo during a retreat was to be disturbed by others. If one was careless, not only would the effort of the person training to come to naught, it could also endanger one’s life. Huang Tian’s reckless act earlier clearly indicated he did not care about Cai Lin’s life. This was something that Xiao Yan could not accept.

“You are that Xiao Yan?”

Xiao Yan’s expression was ice-cold. Huang Tian revealed a gloomy expression. His eyes contained a golden light as he stared at Xiao Yan before slowly saying, “You are finally here…”

“You were planning on forcing me to show myself?” Xiao Yan slightly lifted an eyebrow. It seemed that this Huang Tian was not even a little surprised by his arrival. It seemed that the Huang Tian’s target was not Cai Lin but him.

“You are the first person in many years who had dared to capture my tribe’s Elders and use them as hostages…” Huang Tian looked at Xiao Yan. His body gradually calmed the giddiness in his mind that came from being ruthlessly struck by Xiao Yan’s Yellow Spring Divine Anger earlier.

“I can sense the scent of the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe from your body. It looks like it is really as the Elders have said. You possess the Demon Phoenix wings… with just these two points alone, you have been placed in the must-kill list of my Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe.”

“Today, this king shall use your life to tell everyone that anyone who breaks our taboo will be killed without mercy!”

After Huang Tian’s final word sounded, a bright golden light suddenly swept from his back. A pair of thousand-foot-large golden wings spread from his back. From a distance, the golden light was filled with a dignity and nobility.

Xiao Yan’s expression was cold and indifferent as he stared at Huang Tian. He merely snorted indifferently at the many crimes he faxed. His original intent was not to truly engage in a life and death with the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe. Hence, he did not take their lives after having captured the two Elders and the junior tribe chief. Instead, he had merely imprisoned them and released them after the situation within the Eastern Dragon Island had gradually stabilized. From a certain point of view, he had indicated his intentions. However… from the looks of the situation today, he discovered that his kind intentions had been misplaced. The Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe did not view his actions as kind. Instead, they were viewed as a weakness.

Since his kindness could not be accepted, he could only use the most barbaric approach…

“How good, ‘kill without mercy’… the Heaven Demon Phoenix is really overbearing. However, I do not know whether or not tribal chief Huang Tian possesses the qualification to utter these words.” Xiao Yan faintly smiled faintly as he taunted the tribal chief.

“Do not think that you have the qualification to act arrogantly in front of this king just because you have defeated the chief of the Hall of Souls!”

Huang Tian’s eyes became cold. The enormous golden wings on his back were flapped. His body tore through space at an extremely terrifying speed. He appeared in front of Xiao Yan as though he had teleported. His large hand suddenly struck forward. Golden light surged and turned into a large golden claw that ruthlessly smashed toward Xiao Yan. After this claw was swung, the space around Xiao Yan immediately exploded with a bang…

“Yellow Spring Palm!”

Huang Tian’s frightening speed caused Xiao Yan’s eyes to harden. However, he did not dodge. His hand seal changed and a thousand-foot-large energy handprint escaped his hand. a pink flame continuously wiggled around the handprint. It appeared to be filled with strength.


A palm and a claw collided with a bang in the sky. A wild and violent energy wind swept apart. Even the clouds in the sky were forcefully scattered.

A great force poured out of the head-on collision, causing Xiao Yan’s body to tremble. He hurriedly took a couple of steps back. Huang Tian was an advanced five star Dou Sheng. Moreover, his actual form was a Heaven Demon phoenix. If he clashed head-on, Xiao Yan would not be able to gain much of an advantage.

Xiao Yan might have been forced back, but Huang Tian did not appear any better. The pink flame that had been mixed with the energy palm made a burned smell rising from Huang Tian’s hand. He had suffered a little because of the Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame.

“It is indeed worthy of being the Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame…”

Huang Tian’s expression was cold and indifferent as he glanced at his somewhat charred hand. A golden light surged over it and immediately healed the burn wound.

Xiao Yan did not speak. His shoulders shook and a pair of green-red bone wings spread out. The bone wings were flapped and his body swiftly pulled back. The speed of Huang Tian was far too great. It was not beneficial to engage in close quarters combat.

“Attempting to compete with this king in terms of speed…” Huang Tian laughed after seeing Xiao Yan pull back. The pair of wings behind him were flapped. The sound of rushing wind immediately rumbled across the sky. His figure shot toward Xiao Yan not at a speed visible to the naked eye. He had caught up with Xiao Yan in an instant.


After catching up to Xiao Yan, a fist with a golden light surging around it ruthlessly smashed toward Xiao Yan’s head.

Xiao Yan knit his brows as he faced Huang Tian’s attack. He clenched his hand. A pink flame appeared. After which, it smashed toward Huang Tian’s fist in front.


Xiao Yan’s fist accurately struck Huang Tian’s figure, but his fist penetrated the figure upon contact.


Xiao Yan his eyes narrowed slightly upon seeing this after-image. He instinctively turned around and crossed both of his arms in front of him.


A golden light fist broke through the space the moment Xiao Yan turned around. The fist struck his arms like a thunderbolt. That frightening force sent Xiao Yan flying back thousands of feet. Xiao Yan’s flying figure had only just began to stabilize when a sharp palm wind ferociously flew toward him before he could even lift his head. That speed caused one’s expression to change.

“Xiao Yan, I’ll let you experience the Demon Phoenix Steps of my Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe!”

Many golden after-images continued to appear around Xiao Yan in the sky. A densely-packed sharp fist wind covered every single part of Xiao Yan’s body. Those frightening fist winds had shattered the space within a thousand feet into pieces…

“What frightening speed. The Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe specializes in speed to begin with. Even an elite six star Dou Sheng would not be able to catch up with him. Xiao Yan could be considered to have meet a tough opponent this time around. It is rumored that he is also extremely fast. However, this speed is not worth mentioning in front of tribal chief Huang Tian.”

The countless numbers of people watching the dazzling battle quietly shook their heads.

Yao Ming in the distance frowned slightly upon seeing this scene. His eyes revealed some worry. From the looks of the current situation, it seemed like Xiao Yan had fallen into a disadvantage.


Xiao Yan’s figure continued to remain in a small area surrounded by densely-packed human figures as he performed some rapid evasive actions. Huang Tian could be considered the fastest opponent Xiao Yan had faced in all these years. Huang Tian’s speed was something that Xiao Yan had to admit he was no match for. As a member of the Heaven Demon Phoenix tribe, Huang Tian was indeed gifted…

When they had just begun to exchange blows, Xiao Yan had been caught off guard and was a little miserable because of this speed of his opponent. These fist shadows might appear like illusions, but they would become real in an instant if they landed on one’s body. They appeared strange and unfathomable. Fortunately, Xiao Yan’s combat experience was extremely rich. Hence, he quickly calmed down after falling into a disadvantage. He gradually focused his mind while he dodged and searched for signs of Huang Tian’s movement. He was indeed unable to compare with Huang Tian in terms of speed, but he did possess something that Huang Tian did not. It was a strong Spiritual Strength.

Xiao Yan’s dark-black eyes were filled with many golden light figures. The faces of these human figures all contained the same dense smile. Sharp palm winds continuously struck at the fatal spots around Xiao Yan’s body within a short dozen seconds, causing the blood within Xiao Yan’s body to churn.

However, Xiao Yan merely shut his eyes after falling into a disadvantage. His dodging speed had also slightly slowed, but this slower speed coincidentally managed to dodge the many fist shadows.

Xiao Yan had both of his eyes shut. His Spiritual Perception spread around. Those surrounding light figures, which could not be caught by his naked eyes, also gradually slowed…

After these figures slowed, Xiao Yan suddenly opened his tightly shut eyes. The densely-packed golden light figures in his eyes finally became illusory…

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