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Chapter 1527: Imminent Storm

“Xiao Yan ge-ge, the Gu clan has definitely suffered a blow because of the disappearance of the Shi clan. I might have to return and take a look…”

Xiao Yan looked to the north-western sky from the top of a green mountain. Xun Er’s soft, lovely voice tickled his ear. He felt a little emotional. He naturally understood that Xun Er’s two-year disappearance would have caused a great commotion within the Gu clan, so she ought to make a trip back now that she had escaped. Plus, there was the news of the Shi clan.

“Xun Er, I have promised that I will go to the Gu clan to propose marriage. Wait for me…”

Xiao Yan’s hand gently reached into the air in front of him as he clenched, as though he wanted to grab the figure that had disappeared into the distance. He swiftly withdrew his emotions a moment later before his eyes gradually narrowed. He had managed to grasp an understanding of the present situation between the Sky Mansion Alliance and the Hall of Souls during his journey. The fiery hot fights between both parties had far exceeded his expectations. Currently, neither party would rest until the other had perished. The Hall of Souls had destroyed quite a number of Sky Mansion Alliance cities while the alliance had destroyed some branch halls. The true upper echelons had managed to hold back, but both parties could still be described as having killed until they were crazy.

Of course, Xiao Yan would naturally not object to this situation. The Hall of Souls was a deadly enemy to him, and it was impossible for them to reconcile. He had once thought about the possibility of the current situation, but he had not expected it to arrive so swift and fierce.

“Deaths and injuries are inevitable when two tigers fight. The Hall of Souls has suffered a great loss this time around. Given their attitudes, it is impossible for them to simply swallow such a loss, but the current alliance not only has ancestor Xiao Chen, it is also secretly protected by the ancestor of the Pill Tower. Regardless of how domineering the chief of the Hall of Souls is, he would not dare to charge into the alliance. Though, there is still the Hun clan behind the Hall of Souls. With the Hall of Souls being the claws of the Hun clan, the clam likely does not wish to see the hall be destroyed by the hands of the Sky Mansion Alliance…”

Xiao Yan’s eyes flickered. Although he had only recently returned to this world, it was not difficult to make some guesses after gathering some information.

“Hall of Souls… perhaps it is time to truly fight. Back then, you bathed my Xiao clan in blood and nearly ended my Xiao clan’s bloodline. Now, it is time to repay blood with blood…”

Xiao Yan slowly clenched his fist. A flame was rising within his eyes, but a dark and icy feeling was suddenly exposed. His body moved, and his spatial fluctuation vanished in a strange fashion…

Being the headquarters of the Sky Mansion Alliance, the current Falling Star Pavilion had not only expanded many times, there was also an uncountable number of experts within the headquarters. Its[a] defence appeared impenetrable. Even an elite Dou Sheng class individual would have difficulty sneaking in without anyone noticing.

As the Sky Mansion Alliance swiftly grew, some of the voices coming from the various factions that had opposed the alliance completely vanished. Additionally, the few larger factions had begun to show signs of merging as various standards were imposed on the alliance. Some disciples had even begun to change the way they addressed themselves. They no longer referred to themselves as members of their own respective sects. Instead, they referred to themselves as members of the Sky Mansion. Through this prolong integration, these various factions were gradually merging into a single faction, the Sky Mansion!

The leaders of the few large factions clearly noticed these changes, but they ended up giving their silent approval since the alliance and the Hall of Souls were irreconcilable enemies. If any changes within the alliance caused it to split, these separate entities would definitely become the target of the Hall of Souls’ vengeance. At that time, they would likely meet a miserable fate. They only had the ability to fight the Hall of Souls by remaining together. Otherwise, they would just end up dying…

The star realm had undergone a drastic change compared to two years ago. On the many mountains that rose from the ground stood numerous huge buildings. Some powerful auras were vaguely seeping out of these buildings. This area could be considered the core region of the Sky Mansion Alliance within the star realm. The number of strong individuals present had reached a terrifying figure.

There was an exceptionally majestic hall standing at the top of a mountain in the middle of the star realm. Clouds lingered above it, giving it a vast and mighty aura.

Many spiritual perceptions continued to sweep around the hall like a dragnet. It was possible to detect even an ant that had barged in with these defenses.

“The alliance has exchanged blows with the Hall of Souls a total of forty-three times during this month. Three of them have been large scale interactions. Although we have destroyed a branch hall, we have also lost quite a number of people…” The atmosphere in the hall was solemn as Feng zun-zhe read a report regarding last month’s battles to Yao Lao, who sat in the leader’s seat.

Yao Lao slowly nodded upon hearing this information. Although his aura had become stronger compared to two years ago, his face appeared slightly older. It seemed that the matters of the alliance had exhausted a great amount of his vitality.

“These are not big matters, but recently we have gained some information that the Hall of Souls is growing impatient because of this stalemate…” Feng zun-zhe mused for a moment before speaking.


Many of the alliance’s upper echelons immediately shot their eyes over after hearing his words.

“According to our intelligence, the Hun clan will dispatch a genuine expert to aid the Hall of Souls in eliminating our Sky Mansion Alliance…”

“Hmph, they are really arrogant. The Hall of Souls actually dares to utter such bold words with elder Xiao Chen and the ancestor from the Pill Tower around!” Some low snorts could be heard around the hall after Feng zun-zhe’s voice had reached everyone. The powerful strength that the Sky Mansion alliance had displayed during these years was extremely impressive. Faced with such strength, even the Hall of Souls had ended up suffering great losses. Some busybodies had even described the Sky Mansion Alliance as the newly born overlord of the Central Plains, unavoidably causing some to become prideful.

“It is good to be confident. However, it will be no different from seeking death if one is overconfident…” Yao Lao glanced at the few who had spoken and commented on the situation in a faint voice.

“Have we find out who the Hun clan will dispatch?”

Feng zun-zhe licked his lips. He looked at Yao Lso and nodded. He said, “Hun Mo Qian…” He glanced about the hall as he uttered these words, only to discover that many were a little lost. He could only add, “A six star Dou Sheng. It is rumored that he had once… participated in the killing of Xiao Xuan.”


The final sentence was like a heavy bomb that caused the hall to tremble. Shock appeared on many faces. The Hun clan was actually dispatching an old demon of this level. It seemed like they had made up their minds to destroy the Sky Mansion Alliance…

“Hun Qian Bai…”

A hoarse voice suddenly sounded within the shocked hall. Almost everyone became quiet the moment this voice sounded. Many pairs of eyes shifted to a corner of the hall. A skinny figure was quietly sitting at that spot. His expression was as dull as a zombie. This skinny figure was Xiao Chen. The Xiao clan ancestor Xiao Yan had rescued from the demonic flame illusion back then.

Xiao Chen merely sounded out this name with his mouth. After which, he returned to being quiet. Only an extremely strong individual could sense that the space around him was vaguely showing signs collapsing, like his heart was experiencing an intense emotional fluctuation.

“Why would the Hun clan dispatch such an old demon? Aren’t they afraid of displeasing the Gu clan and the other three clans?” Ancestor Huo Yun frowned and asked. A six star Dou Sheng, even though he had fully recovered from his injuries and bad broken through to the second star of the Dou Sheng class with the help of some medicinal pills, he still felt a helpless pressure when faced with this level.

“Currently, these ancient clans are all suspicious of each other. They are afraid that the incident of the Ling clan and the Shi clan will repeat itself. Who has the spare time to worry about the Hun clan? Moreover, the Hun clan seems to be testing the waters. Otherwise, the one who would be coming would not be Hun Qian Mo…” The First Elder of the Pill Tower shook his head. His expression was grave as he said, “If this old demon really intends to intervene, it is likely that we can only invite ancestor to fight. However, if this is the case, the Hall of Souls will only need to send out the Hall of Souls’ chief or Old Man Hun Mo to temporarily hold back elder Xiao Chen. If this is the case, our greatest strengths will be completely restrained. The last remaining person can lead the experts from the Hall of Souls and attack our alliance. We will likely end up in a miserable battle when that time comes…”

The hall became quiet after hearing the Pill Tower’s First Elder’s analysis Although the Sky Mansion Alliance had rapidly developed, they were barely able to fight against the Hall of Souls peak level experts. However, this equilibrium had been shattered by the Hun clan’s grand action…

“At that time, the Little Fairy Doctor, Qing Lin[b][c][d][e][f][g], and I will join hands and see if we can hold back the chief of the Hall of Souls…” Yao Lao revealed an expression of contemplation before speaking a moment later.

The First Elder of the Pill Tower helplessly shook his head after hearing this reply. Forget about seeing if the three of them were able to hold back the five star Dou Sheng chief of the Hall of Souls. Even if they could barely do so, the hall’s elite Dou Shengs would remain unopposed. Only a Dou Sheng could hold back a Dou Sheng. If the Hall of Souls’ elite Dou Shengs were allowed to charge in, they would give the alliance’s remaining forces a destructive blow.

“We would not face this headache if Miss Zi Yan was around…” A person softly sighed. Zi Yan was an extremely helpful, but the Ancient Void Dragon’s problems hadn’t been resolved yet. The three great dragon kings had escaped after being wounded. Although they were no longer as strong as before, they were still a threat. She had to remain on the Eastern Dragon Island until the three islands were completely eliminated.

The large hall returned to a depressing silence. Only at this moment did everyone realize that a great storm had been gradually forming above the alliance. If they were unable to endure this storm, all of their past efforts would be for naught.

“If it is the chief of the Hall of Souls…” The First Elder of the Pill Tower hesitated for a moment before he finally clenched his teeth and stood up. Before his words could be uttered, a clear laugh that caused the hearts of everyone present to quiver interrupted him.

“Leave him to me…”

Xiao Chen suddenly widened his eyes from the corner of the hall. His emotionless face slowly revealed a pleased smile.

[a]Doesn’t seem to be finished

[b]Shouldn’t this be the three-mark pupil girl? Qin Lin or something like that

[c]No, it is medusa or Cai Lin. I think that Qin Lin is a little weaker…

[d]It shouldn’t be Cai Lin since she’s still at the bottom of the spring. It mentions it in the next chapter neat the end.

[e]right…forgot about that

[f]Also Qing Lin should be the same level as the Little Fairy Doctor. It’s mentioned offhandedly at one point

[g]I remember that she usually appear a little weaker

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