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Chapter 1526: Destroy With The Flip Of A Hand

“Protector Mo?”

This sudden unexpected occurrence had caused everyone to halt. Those figures of the Hall of Souls contained a dense fear as they looked at the headless corpse. Fresh blood shot out of it while a bloody head fell from the sky and rolled a couple of times on the ground. The expression on the head still retained the dark expression from before his death. This caused many to tremble despite not feeling cold…

“You… who are you? This is the territory of the Hall of Souls!”

That frozen man, whose position seemed to be much higher than the others, glanced at the two figures that had appeared in the air with a frightened expression. He suddenly cried out sternly a moment later. It seemed like he was planning to use this method to swallow the fear within his heart.

“The limbs of the Hall of Souls have actually extended this far, huh…”

The man’s and woman’s figures gradually solidified in the sky. Surprisingly, they were Xiao Yan and Xun Er, who had broken out of the demonic flame realm. Xiao Yan’s eyes glanced at the dozens of black-clothed individuals from the Hall of Souls. A chill was surging within his dark-black eyes.

The chill that surged within Xiao Yan’s eyes caused the man’s limbs to turn icy. Even the Dou Qi within his body seemed to have solidified at this moment. The other party was able to randomly kill Protector Mo, a five star Dou Zong. It was likely extremely easy for him to deal with the rest of them.

“He is too strong, withdraw!”

The man acted decisively after this thought flashed through his heart. He did not utter anything unnecessary as his body pulled back. He only cried out loud after withdrawing a hundred steps.

The remaining individuals revealed a different expression after seeing that he man turn around and flee. They ignored commander Liu’s group as they turned around and fled like mice.

Commander Li quickly sighed in relief after seeing them run. The feeling of surviving a calamity caused the members of his group to feel as though they were about to collapse from exhaustion…

“How can it be so easy to leave after you have killed so many people? It is not easy to kill someone from the Sky Mansion…” Xiao Yan’s eyes glanced over those black figures fleeing in random directions with indifferent eyes. He gently pressed his foot against the air beneath him before an invisible ripple spread with lightning-like speed.

“Puff puff!”

After this invisible ripple spread, those dozens of fleeing individuals suddenly stilled. After which, their heads flew toward the sky a pillar of blood accompanying them. Finally, they landed on the ground with throbs. Fresh blood dyed the ground until it appeared extremely bloody.

A chill rose into the hearts of commander Liu’s group upon seeing this act. They were unable to see just how Xiao Yan had attacked. Those experts from the Hall of Souls, whose strengths had far surpassed theirs, had all become headless corpses.

“Elder, thank you for rescuing us. We are from the third large unit of the outer alliance of the Sky Mansion Alliance, the Xuan Unit. We will not forget the favor you have done us by rescuing our lives!” Commander Liu was an intelligent person. He swiftly suppressed the fear within his heart and respectfully bowed to the two individuals in the air. Although these two appeared extremely young, this was a world where the strong were honored. The ability to kill an elite Dou Zong with ease was enough to to address him as an elder.

“Outer alliance…”

Xiao Yan felt a little surprised after hearing this person’s words. It seemed that the Sky Mansion Alliance had significantly developed during these years.

“Distribute these medicinal pills. Those who still have a breath left will likely not die.” Xiao Yan flicked his finger. A jade bottle landed in the hands of commander Liu. Commander Liu grabbed it and his eyes immediately widened. The medicinal pills within the jade bottle were all filled with a dense spirituality. The medicinal fragrance that trickled out of them was something that even the highest tier pill they had come across, a tier 6 medicinal pill, could not compare with.

“I wonder about the background of this elder. He is actually so generous. Even if all of us were to sell ourselves, our worth would not even compare to one of these medicinal pills.” Commander Liu trembled as he held this jade bottle. He hurriedly took out the medicinal pills and distributed them to his seriously injured brothers. After which, he lead a couple of core members from the unit to the man and woman, who had landed from the air, in a frightened manner.

“Tell me about what has happened ever since the demonic flame realm had shut back then.” Xiao Yan randomly gave an order after landing.


Commander Liu respectfully replied after hearing this command. He was an intelligent person and knew what he should or should not ask. Hence, after arranging his thoughts, he summarized the big events that he knew had occurred within the Central Plains during the last two years. The few of them continued to secretly observe the young man in front of them as they spoke. They vaguely felt as though this person appeared a little familiar for some unknown reason.

“The Shi clan has vanished?”

Xiao Yan nodded as he heard about the various events that had occurred across the Central Plains during the last two years. Both Xiao Yan’s and Xun Er’s expression drastically changed after commander Liu mentioned that the Shi clan had mysteriously vanished.

“That’s right, the way the Shi clan disappeared is the same way the Ling clan did. However, such an occurrence has not happened since this occurred one year ago. It might be due to the three ancient clans forming an alliance…” Commander Liu explained.

“How unexpected. There have been so many changes during these two years…” Xiao Yan’s expression was grave as he softly muttered to himself. Within two short years, the Sky Mansion and the Hall of Souls had begun an all out war, the Shi clan had vanished, and the three clans had formed an alliance. These earth-shaking events had all gathered together. It was really an extraordinary lively period in time.

“This elder…”

Commander Liu’s eyes swept around him after Xiao Yan started to ponder the news he had obtained. Commander Liu hesitated for a moment before carefully opening his mouth to say, “There is a branch hall of the Hall of Souls a short distance from here. It is possible for them to detect the death of a Protector. Hence, we should hurry up and leave… the Hall of Souls’ branch hall within the Demonic Flame Plains is very strong. There is even an elite Dou Sheng from the Hun clan guarding it. Many of the experts from our Sky Mansion Alliance have died to the hands of that Dou Sheng during this two year war.”

“Oh? How many stars is this Dou Sheng?”

Xiao Yan lifted his brows and asked upon hearing this information.

“One star…” Although Commander Liu did not understand why Xiao Yan had asked this question, he gave an honest reply. An expert of that level merely existed in legends to them.

“One star, huh…”

Xiao Yan fondled his chin and slightly nodded. Commanded Liu and the others felt a slight joy upon seeing him nod. They thought that had convinced this elder to leave when they were stunned by his next words.

“You know where it is, right? Bring me to that branch hall.”

Everyone became quiet as they looked at the smiling young man in front of them. Commander Liu’s lips began to tremble. This Hall of Souls’ branch hall had been viewed by them as a frightening forbidden ground. Everyone normally kept themselves far from that region. Who had ever thought of going to it?

“Let’s go…”

Xiao Yan merely smiled as they remained silent. He placed his hand on commander Liu’s shoulder. Before commander Liu could speak, space fluctuated and the three of them disappeared. The other members of the unit displayed pale faces once those three disappeared. Heading to the Hall of Souls’ branch hall was seeking death…

“It is over this time around…”

A member of the unit revealed a depressed expression. They had managed to retain their lives after much difficulty, yet they were going to deliver themselves to death now.

“What should we do?”

“Don’t panic. That Elder does not appear to be an ordinary person…”

“There is an elite Dou Sheng present in that branch hall. Regardless of how strong that elder is, he is still very young. How can he be a match for that old demon?”


This large group of people faced each other. They finally became dispirited after a discussion.


Space itself once again fluctuated while everyone was quiet. Three figures quickly appeared. It was Xiao Yan and the other two, who had only been gone for less than ten minutes…


Everyone rejoiced after verifying that the three of them were alive. They hurriedly swarmed forward.

However, commander Liu merely looked around with a dull expression as everyone swarmed over. No one who had witnessed a legendary old demon Dou Sheng randomly turn into mincemeat by a random strike from this young man would be able to remain calm.

“Commander, is the old demon absent from the branch hall?”

Commander Liu finally recovered after hearing the slight sounds around him. He shook his head as he suddenly said, “In the future, the Hall of Souls’ branch hall will cease to exist within the Demonic Flame Plains. The renowned Saint Hun Qing will also disappear…”

Everyone was startled upon hearing this news before they suddenly recovered. Soon after, disbelief appeared in their eyes. A branch hall belonging to the Hall of Souls had actually ceased to exist within a short couple of minutes?

“Let’s go…”

Xiao Yan smiled after seeing the comical expressions on these people’s faces. He turned around, stepped through empty space, and slowly headed into the distance.

“Go and find the person in charge of this region once you return. In the future, you will all be Di class members of the Inner Sky Mansion Alliance…”

Everyone present trembled slightly after hearing the faint voice that spread. The members of the Inner Sky Mansion Alliance were divided into Tian, Di, Xuan and Huang. Even though their contributions this time around would be quite great, they would at the very most become Inner Alliance Huang members. There was a great distance to reach the Di class. How could one sentence from this person…

“Elder, may we know your name?”

Commander Liu was startled. He suddenly knelt down and cried out in a respectful voice.

“Tell them that Xiao Yan has asked all of you to find him…”

A soft laugh was transmitted along with the wind before a voice slowly echoed by everyone’s ears.

“Xiao… Xiao Yan…”

Everyone suddenly lifted their heads. Their eyes were shocked as they stared at the blurry figure, who was stepping through the air, until the figure vanished. It was a long while later before a voice, which was trembling due to excitement, appeared.

“He… he is actually the junior… junior alliance chief…”

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