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Chapter 1525: Demon Flame Plains

A fire baby that could unleash the Extermination Lotus Flame, Xiao Yan naturally understood what this meant within his heart. He would no longer need someone to help delay his opponent during a fight in the future. As long as he thought about it, this little thing would be able to create the fire lotus extremely quick.

This fire baby will become Xiao Yan’s biggest aid!

Xiao Yan and Xun Er exchanged glances. They could see some joy in the other party’s eyes. Clearly, the evolution of the Heavenly Flame had exceeded their expectations.

“Yi Wa Yi Wa!”

The little thing played with the Extermination Fire Lotus that was floating around his body. After which, the baby widened his mouth and swallowed the fire lotus before once again extending his flabby little hand to hug Xiao Yan’s arm. He began to rub it again. By relying on the strange feeling he felt, he appeared just like a small pet, which viewed Xiao Yan as its closest kin.

Xiao Yan smiled as he observed this fire baby. His hand gently rubbed the baby’s small head. The baby narrowed his eyes in comfort and continued to cry out joyously.

Xiao Yan softly laughed upon witnessing this reaction. Although the Heavenly Flame had morphed into this mysterious form, it was fortunate that Xiao Yan was still able to control it. This little thing would immediately carry out his order as long as he gave it a thought. From a certain point of view, there was merely an additional intermediary between Xiao Yan and the Heavenly Flame. Moreover, this mediator was able to unleash the full might of Xiao Yan’s Heavenly Flame.

“This thing seems to possess an intelligence. There will be a lot of room for development in the future. Perhaps we should give him a name?” Xun Er smiled and revealed her thoughts.

“Yi Wa Yi Wa!”

The fire baby rubbing Xiao Yan’s arm quickly lifted its head, appearing as though it understood Xun Er’s words. Those large eyes contained some anticipation as they stared at Xiao Yan while his mouth emitted a tender ‘Yi Wa Yi Wa’ sound.

“Name… since it likes to cry out Yi Wa Yi Wa, I’ll call it little Yi.” Xiao Yan spread his hands and randomly gave the baby a name.

“Yi Wa!”

The fire baby immediately became dejected once he heard the name Xiao Yan randomly choose. His mouth cried out ‘Yi Wa’ in protest, but Xiao Yan merely laughed when he heard this objection before saying, “Little Yi, quickly go back. We are about to leave this place…”

Little Yi could only dejectedly lay against Xiao Yan’s hand after hearing that this matter had been settled by Xiao Yan. After which, his body turned into a cluster of pink flames that returned to Xiao Yan’s body.

“You even body a little child.” Xun Er helplessly shook her head and chided.

“Ha ha…” Xiao Yan laughed. He lifted his head to look at this realm, which was filled with flames. He said, “It is time to leave…”

“Aye.” Xun Er slightly nodded. Their training had spent quite a bit of time. The clan was probably about to turn upside down.

“Xun Er…”

Xiao Yan suddenly lowered his head. His eyes were extremely gentle as they caressed the beauty in front of him. Xun Er’s face immediately became flushed beneath his boiling hot eyes. She lowered her head and softly asked, “What is it?”

“I will find a time to head to the Gu clan to propose marriage once we return. We will hold a big wedding after I rescue my father. What do you say?”

Xun Er’s delicate figure trembled. Her exquisite face revealed her embarrassment, but her eyes were filled with excitement and happiness. She had waited many years for this day and this sentence. Fortunately, her heart was still leaping like a little deer from how excited and anxious she was after hearing it now.


Xiao Yan involuntarily laughed out loud as he looked at the beautiful figure nodding her head with a flushed face. With his current strength, he could head anywhere he wanted in the world. He need not even fear an ancient clan with a long inheritance like the Gu clan because that trash from the Xiao clan had become a peak existence of this world!

“Let’s go!”

Xiao Yan extended his hand and wrapped around Xun Er’s soft, delicate, seemingly boneless waist, pulling her into his embrace. His other hand ripped through the space in front of him as a pink flame surfaced on his finger. He pointed his finger and this space, which had caused many five star Dou Sheng to feel helpless, was forcefully split, forming an enormous crack line. Xiao Yan hugged Xun Er closer and stepped into it without hesitating. His body swayed and he disappeared along with that spatial crack.

This demonic flame realm finally became completely silent after Xiao Yan and Xun Er left. This realm would also never appear again in the future. It would gradually be forgotten in the long river of time…

The Demonic Flame Plains was a lush green mountain range two years ago, but it had turned into white plains two years ago. Many ten-thousand-foot-long cracks spread across the plains like enormous centipedes. Waves of great heat rose from the depths of these cracks, resulting in this region appearing unusually dry.

These plains had been created after the Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame had descended two years ago. The many mountains in this region had turned into nothing in an instant while the land had transformed into lava. However, when the demonic flame realm subsequently closed, the lava is this region had gradually solidified. Finally, the land turned into the plains that could be seen today. Based on common sense, the land where the demonic flame had raged would remain extremely desolated, but a group of adventuring mercenaries had discovered a mysterious crystal that was filled with wild and violent fire affinity energy in these plains, causing this land to become extremely lively.

The individual crystals that were filled with a wild and violent fire affinity energy were called ‘Demonic Flame Rock’ because these crystals seemed to possess an extremely faint trace of remains from the demonic flame. Although this lingering demonic flame had been diluted thousands of times over, it was still an absolute treasure for those who practiced fire affinity Dou Qi and alchemists. As long as one was able to absorb the energy within these Demonic Flame Rock, one’s Dou Qi would not only become stronger, even the flame that an alchemist summoned would also grow more powerful than before. Hence, these plains had attracted many factions who had established territories and began to mine the Demonic Flame Rocks two years ago.

The Sky Mansion Alliance was naturally one of these factions. Moreover, the area they occupied was the spot within the plains packed with the richest veins of Demonic Flame Rocks. With the strength of the current alliance, no one would dare to do anything foolish even if they felt jealous.

Any place the Sky Mansion Alliance went meant that the Hall of Souls was close by. This had basically become common sense known by everyone within the Central Plains. The two big factions had fought an unusually heated war during these two years. A fight would definitely break out when both parties met. Hence, soon after the alliance had spread to the Demonic Flame Plains, the Hall of Souls had established a branch hall there as well. Some of those factions who were greedy for the Demonic Flame Rocks but did not dare to oppose the Sky Mansion Alliance alone quietly joined the Hall of Souls. During this past year, the Hall of Souls had exchanged blows with the alliance’s troops stationed in this land time and time again. Although both parties had suffered losses and injuries, the Demonic Flame Rocks that they had obtained also allowed them to taste the reason they stayed. Hence, the Hall of Souls and the Sky Mansion Alliance skirmished within the Demonic Flame Plains every three days and fought a larger battle every five days, causing this region to appear extremely lively.


Two heavy swords surrounded by powerful Dou Qi violently clashed against each other, forcing parks to shoot away. One of the swords clearly appeared weaker than the other. The sword owner’s body was forced back dozens of steps. His face paled and a mouthful of blood was spat out, but he did not bother about his injuries. His eyes swiftly swept around him and his eyes became bright-red after seeing the seriously injured brothers.

“Tsk tsk, commander Liu, hand over the Demonic Flame Rocks. We have been monitoring you for over half a month…” That human figure, who had wounded the other man with his sword, stepped through the empty air and strangely laughed. He was wearing black robes. From the looks of the badge on his chest, it seemed like this person was someone from the Hall of Souls.

“Commander, you should hurry and leave. Those Demonic Flame Rocks are resources that our Xuan Unit dug up while risking our lives for a month in order to obtain. They must not land in the hands of these people from the Hall of Souls!” A blood-covered man some distance away roared out. However, his roar had only just sounded when a longsword penetrated him from behind, preventing him from uttering those last few words.

“A group of fools from the Sky Mansion Alliance dares to mine for the Demonic Flame Rocks in the territory of my Hall of Souls. You are seeking death!”

A dark, cold laugh was emitted from around them. The rushing sound of wind appeared and many black figures materialized in the sky above, surrounding those dozens of blood-covered individuals.

The man called Commander Liu revealed a completely pale face upon seeing these figures.

“The Sky Mansion Alliance does not possess any cowards. Commander, we will cover your escape. As long as you turn over these Demonic Flame Rocks to the superiors, we will be able to become inner alliance disciples!” Those dozens of human figures surrounding commander Liu roared in low voices. They appeared just like ferocious wolves that had been forced into a corner as they prepared for an all out fight.

Hearing this, the hand holding commander Liu’s weapon trembled. He touched a bag near his chest. There were ten Storage Rings there, each filled with Demonic Flame Rocks. This was what their section had obtained after searching for months and risking their lives. If they were able to successfully bring them back to the alliance, everyone in their section would be raised to an inner alliance disciple. At that time, their positions would be completely different.

However, their current state had caused everyone’s excited moods to turn icy-cold. They would definitely have to pay an extremely terrible price if they wished to break free of this encirclement with their strength.

“Brothers, we have all survived many battles all the way here. There are good days waiting for us after this. Therefore, pick up your weapons and charge with me!” Commander Liu swung his heavy sword and cried out with a ferocious voice. After which, he took the lead to charge forward.


Those dozens of individuals began to pant heavily after hearing this command. After which, their eyes reddened as they charged toward the encirclement.

“Kill all of them! Hang up their heads and deliver them to the Sky Mansion Alliance.”

A shady-looking elder indifferently glanced at these stubbornly resisting individuals from the air while he spoke in a faint voice.


A man behind the elder revealed a sinister expression as he respectfully replied. He was about to take a step forward when he discovered that his body had suddenly stilled. This man reacted quickly. He hurriedly turned his head to look at the old man with the highest status, but all he saw was that indifferent-looking elder’s head fly off without a reason. Blood shot into the sky like a pillar.

“Hanging heads and delivering them to the Sky Mansion. The current Hall of Souls… appears quite bold.”

The space behind the headless old man slowly fluctuated under the shocked eyes of the man. A man and a woman slowly appeared…

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