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Chapter 1521: Refining the Demon Flame!

“Xiao Yan ge-ge, are you ready?”

Xun Er sat in the air. Her tightly shut pretty eyes were slowly opened. She looked at Xiao Yan, who had suddenly stood up beside her, and rolled her eyes. Finally, she let out a sweet smile.

“I am.”

Xiao Yan nodded. He looked at the formation above his head. This formation had been formed by connecting some faint lines of fire, but there was a vague chill being emitted from it.

“This is the Cold Fire Formation. This kind of chilling Dou Qi is not an ordinary cold fog. Instead, it is something that is produced after the temperature has been raised to a certain level. Normally speaking, it is a somewhat unique cold fire. Although this formation is not as terrifying as the one placed by the Purifying Demonic Lotus Saint, it will still be able to slightly suppress the Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame.” Xiao Yan pointed at the formation above his head and explained it to Xun Er, who had revealed some doubt in her pretty eyes.

Xun Er nodded with a sudden understanding after hearing this explanation.

“I am about to act to refine this Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame. Xun Er, help me take a look!” Xiao Yan smiled. His eyes shifted to the Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame as he spoke with a grave expression.


Xun Er’s face became a lot more solemn. Refining the Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame would not be an easy task. If it was not done properly, one might even be refined by the Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame into ashes.

Xiao Yan was naturally aware of such a risk, but he did not have the time to consider all the dangers at this moment. His hand seals changed and the formation in the sky began to rapidly rotate before an unusually dense cold air erupted within the formation. After which, it shot to where the demonic flame lotus was located through Xiao Yan’s control. Under the influence of that cold air, the magma below emitted a crack sound and solidified. Only the demonic fire lotus continued to slowly rotate as its many petals were covered by a thin layer of frost.

Xiao Yan sighed in relief within his heart after verifying that the formation was of some use. He clenched his hand and a pink jade bottle appeared in it. The jade bottle was tilted and a pool of pale-red liquid slid out. Finally, it fell onto the Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame.

This pale-red liquid was called Drunken Demon Saliva. It boasted an extremely intense numbing effect. Of course, Xiao Yan did not hope to completely numb the demonic flame. He only wished to borrow the medicinal effects of this thing to cause the Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame to remain lazy. In this way, the demonic flame’s strength would fall slightly and increase the refinement effect.

The fire lotus slowly spread after the Drunken Demon Saliva fell into the lotus. Even the flower petals had an additionally scent of laziness. Currently, the Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame might still possess some spirituality but it did not possess any true intelligence. It still needed to have contact with humans for a period of time before it would become as intelligent as the previous Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame. Now, however, was the best opportunity for Xiao Yan to strike…


Xiao Yan did not stop after completing this step. He took out another medicinal pill from his Storage Ring. This medicinal pill immediately caused a bone-piercing cold fog to surge out. This medicinal pill was naturally the Nine Yin Yellow Spring Pill Xiao Yan had prepared!

Xiao Yan flicked his finger and the Nine Yin Yellow Spring Pill flew forward. It swiftly melted upon contact with the Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame and formed layers of ice on the surface of the demon flame, but this ice had only just appeared when it was vaporized by that terrifying high temperature. Thus, wave after wave of a sizzling white fog continued to rise from the body of the Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame.


Xiao Yan exhaled a deep breath of air as he stood in the sky. He turned his head and nodded to Xun Er. After which, he suddenly turned his body. His body flashed and appeared in front of the Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame. At this moment, the lotus flower petals on the Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame’s body had drooped, revealing a cluster of pink flames in the middle. The cluster of flames looked like a newborn baby. A high temperature that caused one’s soul to flutter radiated from the pink cluster of flames.

Xiao Yan’s eyes were extremely heated as he stared at this cluster of pink flames. This was the true demonic flame essence!

One could not underestimate the small size of this fellow. This tiny cluster could incinerate those experts at the sixth star of the Dou Sheng class into ashes if they accidentally let it into their bodies. There was no need to doubt its frightening strength.

Xiao Yan stared at this cluster of demonic flame essence. The Heavenly Flame within his body began to wildly circulate. Finally, it agglomerated on the surface of his body, but this powerful Heavenly Flame, merged from many Heavenly Flames, appeared a little sluggish as it gathered on the surface of his body, but his Heavenly Flame appeared much dimmer since it was being deterred by the Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame. The top three flames on the Heavenly Flame ranking were all the kings of the Heavenly Flames. An ordinary Heavenly Flame lose its strength after meeting one of those kings. Even though Xiao Yan’s Heavenly Flame was the merger of five Heavenly Flames, it was not able to fight this Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame.


Xiao Yan did not have the time to worry about the dimness of the Heavenly Flame on his body. He slowly extended a trembling hand in front of Xun Er’s anxious eyes and reached into the fire lotus. After which, he grabbed the cluster of pink flames.


The moment Xiao Yan’s hand touched the pink flames, those tiny flames began to swell in an instant. They turned into fierce flames that wrapped around Xiao Yan’s body. A terrifying temperature that caused even the sky to change suddenly erupted.

“Xiao Yan ge-ge!”

This unexpected change startled Xun Er. She hurriedly stood up. Her pretty eyes were incomparably anxious as they stared at the cluster of pink flames.

Xiao Yan’s face became distorted because of a pain that pierced his heart as he stood within the burning flames. He crazily urged the Heavenly Flame on his body to mitigate the damage from the high temperature of the Purifying Demonic Lotus Flame. Although he had made a lot of preparations, Xiao Yan could clearly sense just how terrifying the third-ranked Heavenly Flame on the Heavenly Flame ranking was…

“Hu hu…”

An intense panting sound was emitted from Xiao Yan’s mouth as wave after wave of fresh bright-red blood seeped out of his pores, but this blood had only just appeared when it solidified into a cuticle that firmly adhered to his skin. This caused Xiao Yan to appear as though he was wearing blood-colored armor.

“Ha… ha ha… I have put in so much effort for this day. This little pain will not be able to stop me!”

Fresh blood dripped from all over Xiao Yan’s body as his hair turned to ashes, leaving behind a round bald head. At a glance, he appeared extremely comical and miserable. His eyes were still open, but blood flowed in front of them until his eyesight became a little blurry. He stared at the pink flames above his palm as a ferocious smile formed on his face. After which, he stuffed the flames into his mouth in front of Xun Er startled eyes and swallowed them into his body.


The clothes formed by the Ancient Insect Emperor on Xiao Yan’s body instantly turned into ashes the moment the demonic flame essence entered his body. His skin rapidly vanished, revealing the flesh underneath. One could vaguely see some scales beneath his flesh. These scales were from the Phoenix Dragon Ancient Armor hidden within his skin, but at this moment, even the extremely hard ancient armor had become dull.

“Flame Mantra, refine it!”

An intense pain that could not be described reached every part of Xiao Yan’s body. That intense pain would usually cause one to go crazy, but Xiao Yan’s eyes merely turned bright red. He relied on his perseverance to endure as a mad roar sounded within his heart.

The Dou Qi within Xiao Yan’s body fearlessly charged toward the cluster of demonic flames. After which, the Dou Qi forcefully wrapped around them and began to circulate them along the Flame Mantra’s path!

“Hong hong!”

The demonic flames essence seemed to have detected something when they felt the refinement process of the Flame Mantra, causing them to put up an intense struggle. The temperature of the flames became more terrifying, causing some of the weaker veins in Xiao Yan’s body to turn into dust. Even some of his bones were showing signs of weakening.

Xun Er cautiously watched the madly roaring and struggling Xiao Yan from the magma world in a startled manner. His body had shrunk by half and appeared quite frightening.

“Xiao Yan ge-ge…”

Xun Er bit her lower red lip. Drops of bright-red blood seeped out of the corner of her mouth, appearing extremely glaring. Every low roar from Xiao Yan was like a blade that cut her heart. That pain made even breathing difficult for her. This was the first time she could watch Xiao Yan swallow a Heavenly Flame. Although she did not feel it herself, she could had gained an idea of the indescribably intense pain that came from refining a Heavenly Flame. Xiao Yan had trained by himself over these years. Others might witness his shocking training speed, but they were unaware of the price he had to pay for his strength.

“Refine it!”

Xiao Yan’s hissing roar once again echoed from the monstrous flame, but regardless of how much effort he put in, his body continued to become damaged. The strength of the Purifying Domoic Lotus Flame was far too vast and mighty. It was impossible for him to endure it alone. The terrifying flame permeated every part of his body and also filled his heart. It was impossible to expel these flames. Sooner or later, Xiao Yan’s body would be incinerated from inside out.

“If this continues… Xiao Yan ge-ge will definitely die!”

Xun Er’s hand rubbed away a crystal tear that had fallen from the corner of her eyes because of her heartache. A golden flame suddenly surged out of her body. Her body drew a pretty arc in the sky before landing in the cluster of flames that was torturing Xiao Yan to death.

“Xun Er, you!”

The person who had suddenly barged in caused Xiao Yan to recover some of his mind, which had been overtaken by an intense pain. His eyes parted as he furiously cried out, but the beautiful figure who had charged into the flame embraced his body like a shake after he cried out. That soft touch and serene fragrance was like a spark that immediately lit a wild flame within Xiao Yan’s body.

“Xun Er!”

Xiao Yan firmly hugged that beautiful, delicate, jade-like figure. He heavily panted while his eyes recovered some reasoning. He clearly understood just what was going to happen if this continued. It was the same as that time with Medusa back then, but he had been unconscious at that time. This time, however, he was still awake.

“Xiao Yan ge-ge, you can only refine it if we are together…”

Xun Er’s revealed an extremely pretty face. Her teeth gently bit Xiao Yan’s earlobe while she enticed him with a bewitching voice.

Those soft words finally caused Xiao Yan’s eyes to turn bright red. He let out a low beast-like roar. With a ripping sound, soft clothes were wildly torn apart before they turned into ashes because of the high temperature. A romantic atmosphere soon covered this realm

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